ATWT Update Tuesday 11/18/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 11/18/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Hughes House) Alison arrives in order to help Casey look for a job on the Internet but Casey doesn’t want to look for a job because he doesn’t think anybody will give him one since he has a prison record. Alison encourages Casey to think of a something that would excite him so he leans in to kiss her. A startled Alison backs away from Casey saying that she doesn’t want to ruin their friendship. Casey tells Alison that he wanted to kiss her and thought it would be fun to have some meaningless sex. Alison tells Casey that she just wants to be friends and not friends with benefits. Casey tells Alison they should go to Yo’s shoot some pool so they can have some fun and forget their troubles.

(Farm) Brian arrives to tell Luke about Lucinda’s mastectomy surgery today and he gets angry to find that Luke has a hang over. Brain tells Luke that his grandmother told him that drinking again could kill him because it will damage his one good kidney. Brian tells Luke that his grandmother can handle whatever happens now she is just afraid that she won’t wake up from the surgery. Brain tells Luke that it would break Lucinda’s heart to know that he was drinking again. Brian advises Luke to clean up his act before he goes to the hospital to see his grandmother. Brain also tells Luke to quit drinking for his own sake as well as for the family that loves him.

(Al’s Diner) Liberty arrives to tell Janet that Bonnie called her to let her know that she will have to testify in the custody hearing tomorrow. Liberty doesn’t want to testify against Janet in court tomorrow. Janet tells Liberty not to worry because Jack has a plan and if it works they won’t even have to go to court.

(School) Sage's teacher tells Carly that Jack picked Sage up a few minutes ago. Carly calls jack and leaves a message telling him that if he doesn’t call her immediately to let her know where Sage is she will ask the judge to prevent him and Janet from seeing Sage. Carly tell Jack that she knows that he is trying to persuade Sage not to tell the judge that Janet hit her.

Jack ignores the call from Carly as he walks with Sage to the ice cream shop to get some ice cream and talk to her alone.

(Ice cream shop) Jack and Sage have ice cream while Jack explains to Sage that he lost his job for a while because he lied and did something illegal. Jack tells Sage that he couldn’t live with the lie anymore so he had to tell the truth. Jack tells Sage that lies hurt people and no matter how hard people try to hide the truth it always comes out. Sage tells Jack that sometimes the truth ruins everything and Jack wonders why Sage thinks the truth ruins everything.

(Al’s Diner) Carly arrives demanding that Janet tell her where Jack and Sage are but Janet tells her that she has no idea where Jack took Sage but she is safe with her father. Carly tells Janet that she knows that but she has to keep Sage away from her. Janet tells Carly that she would never hurt Sage and asks Carly to face the fact that Sage is lying to her. Carly doesn’t believe Janet and tells her that she can’t take the word of someone who would hit her own daughter. Liberty tells Carly that maybe she deserved to get hit. Carly thinks that Liberty is talking like the typical victim. Liberty tells Carly she isn’t a victim and advises Carly to face the fact that Sage lied and get a life of her own. Carly tells Janet that after tomorrow she won’t be allowed near Sage and then storms out of the diner.

(Holden and Lily’s house) Lucinda arrives to tells Lily that she is having a mastectomy today Lucinda tells Lily that after talking with her doctor and Brain she thinks this is the best option for her. Lily cries and is hurt that Lucinda talked to Brian about her decision but didn’t tell her about her treatment options before she made a decision. Lucinda tells Lily that she didn’t want to see the worried look on her face. Lily reminds Lucinda that she doesn’t have to protect her anymore. Lucinda tells Lily that she will always be her little girl and she will always protect her. The two women hug and cry and Lily heads to the hospital with Lucinda.

(Ice Cream shop) Sage tells Jack that he and Carly had gotten back together until she told him she didn’t have a brain tumor so Carly telling the truth ruined things for them. Jack explains that no matter what happens in court tomorrow he and Carly will never get back together so she should tell the judge the truth. Sage tells Jack she gets the point and wishes that he had never left her alone with Janet on their dad daughter day. Janet arrives and tells jack about her argument with Carly and offers to give he and Sage a ride home before Carly comes to make things worse. Jack tells Sage that Janet offered to drive them home and Sage refuses to leave with Jack and Janet. Carly arrives and tells Sage to wait in the car for her then Carly tells Jack that Janet will never come near Sage again. Carly also tells Jack that if he takes Sage without her permission again she will have him arrested for kidnapping.

(Hospital) Holden arrives followed by Brian. Lucinda gives, Lily, Holden and Brian a hug and a kiss before she goes to surgery. Lily tells Brian that he doesn’t have to stay but Brian tells Lily he wants to stay because he loves Lucinda who is the bravest woman he has ever known. Luke arrives to see Lucinda and is pleased to see Noah arrive with flowers for Lucinda. Luke smiles and tells Noah he is glad that he decided to come back to him because he needs his support now. Noah makes it clear that Holden told him about the surgery and he wanted to do something for Lucinda but it doesn’t mean they are back together. Brain interrupts and Noah asks him to give the flowers to Lucinda and let him know how things go with the surgery. Brain offers to go for a walk with Luke but Luke wants to be alone since he is hurt that Noah rejected him again.

(Al’s Diner) Janet tells Liberty what happened at the ice cream shop and despite Liberty’s efforts to cheer her up Janet fears she has lost Jack for good this time.

(Carly’s house) Jack arrives and apologizes to Carly for taking Sage without her permission. Jack tells Carly that he knows in his heart that Janet would never hit Sage. Jack pleads with Carly to think about things and if she doubts that Sage is telling the truth about Janet she should put an end to this whole mess. Jack tells Carly that forcing Sage to choose between them will hurt her and destroy their family for good. Carly insists she is only trying to protect her child and resents that Jack is making her the bad guy. Jack blames them both for not being able to let go of each other so each other so now Sage has the impression if she just gets Janet out of the way they will be a family again.

(Hospital) The doctor tells Brian, Holden and Lily the surgery went well and advises them all to get some rest so they can be better able to help Lucinda. Brian insists on staying with Lucinda and sends Holden and Lily home to be with the kids. Lucinda awakens and asks Brain to marry her because she doesn’t want to waste time being alone anymore. Brian tells Lucinda to ask him again when the drugs wear off and Lucinda falls asleep again. Brain calls Lily to tell her Lucinda woke up for a few minutes she is fine and she has gone back to sleep. Lily is upset that she wasn’t there when her mother woke up but Brain promises to call her in a few minutes.

(Holden and Lily’’s house) Lily tells Holden the news and sounds annoyed that Brain is always with Lucinda. Holden thinks it’s wonderful that Lucinda has such a good friend. Lily worries that Luke might be so depressed he will drink again. Holden advises Lily to give Luke time to figure out how to fix his own mistakes. Holden tells Lily that Luke won’t start drinking again so she shouldn’t worry so much.

(Yo’s) Luke shows the bartender a fake ID and begins to get very drunk a few minutes later Casey and Alison arrive and try to persuade Luke to go home with them. Luke starts yelling for them to leave him alone and they all get thrown out of the bar. Casey and Alison want to drive Luke home but he yells he is fine and they should mind their own business. Luke walks away and Casey calls Noah to tell him Luke is in trouble and needs his help.

(Hospital) Lucinda awakens again and asks Brian to marry her one more time and assures him she knows what she is doing. Lucinda tells Brian she loves him and he says the same to her before he accepts her proposal of marriage.

(Carly’s house) Jack asks Carly to call Sage downstairs.  If they both encourage her to tell the truth, he is sure Sage will do the right thing. Carly goes upstairs and then comes down a few minutes later to tell Jack that Sage is asleep and she doesn’t want to wake her. Jack thinks that Carly is secretly hoping that Sage will break up he and Janet because she wants him back. Jack reminds her that he wanted her back too but she kept pushing him towards Janet and now she wants him back just because someone else wants him. Jack warns Carly that if she insists on going to court tomorrow he will use her past against her and she will lose the children.

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