ATWT Update Monday 11/17/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 11/17/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

At the police station, Margo is on the phone with the Commissioner assuring him she will cooperate even if it is a member of her own family. They have no more leads on the Spencer McKay case. Brad and Katie drop by and Brad tells Margo that he saw that dead body in Chicago walking around. He called her name and she turned and saw him and took off like a bat out of hell. He figures with all the businesses around there must be some security cameras somewhere that might have captured her. Margo announces that she has no jurisdiction there and the medical examiner has already pronounced Spencer dead, so they better scoot before she arrests them for annoying her.

Dani stops by Metro and persuades Henry to bring out a bottle of wine, something special, his finest. When he returns, he finds her bending over behind the bar. He assures her that she is not going to find the dead body back there. She starts to make an excuse of dropping something, but he tells her not to bother. Sheís a horrible investigator. She blurts out that she was looking for a name or a number, something to lead her to that dead body. He tells her she better get more savvy what she says and who she says it to. Now get out of the bar. She pleads that she was given this open and shut case and now the evidence is gone. If he knows anything, he needs to tell her. Her career could be over before it even gets started. He says she can stop wasting her time investigating him and he really didnít do it.

Josie drops in on Dusty who has been working out and is hot and sweaty and needs a shower. She says she woke up with a brainstorm and wonders if she can use his computer? Sheís tired of waiting around for answers so she is going to look herself up on the internet. If she has a family or committed a crime or has a chateau in France, she wants to know. She reminds him that he kissed her once and sheíd like for him to do that again, but she doesnít know if she is married or not. He informs her heíd checked already and there is nothing out there on her. Thereís no marriage license, not even a driverís license, no high school yearbook, past addresses, nothing.

Emily gets back to her office only to find Paul there on the phone. He sneers that next time she summons him, donít keep him waiting. Better yet, donít summon him anymore. Quickly she says she has a proposition for him Ė two words Ė Josie Driver. Sheís got a plan to get rid of her. He says great, let him know how that turns out. Heís going home to his wife, that is if she still is when she finds out he lied to her to come to see Emily. She scoffs that this isnít like the first time he has lied. He remarks that he is trying to change. She quips well change later. Right now she needs the old Paul Ryan. He questions Ė whatís wrong? Dusty likes Josie now more than he does Emily. She should be telling her diary that, leave him out of it. She lays out her plan, trying to prove that Josie is a gold digger. All Paul has to do is offer her a million dollars to leave town. Not actually give it to her, just make the offer. And he is sure that she wants Dusty to hear this. Emily agrees. All he has to do is meet Josie in some public place and make the offer as she is upsetting his mother. Emily will make sure that Dusty hears it all. He guesses, so then Dusty will find out about Josie and Emily can have Dusty all to herself. She confirms that is what she is hoping for. He tells her to count him out. Heís not jumping through any more of her hoops to help her get Dusty back. She gets a phone call relaying the message that Josie is now in Dustyís suite. Heís still skeptical that even if Josie is out of the picture that it will mean that Dusty will want her again. But she is sure he will. She reminds him that he too has a stake in this. His own mother likes this Josie. Next thing you know she will be riding out of town with Dusty and his motherís money. He asks how does she know Josie will take the bait? She replies because she is a fake and fakes are greedy. Thereís only one reason that she is pretending to be the personification of Dustyís dead wife. So she can be Dustyís new wife and can have half of everything he owns.

Josie is surprised that Dusty had her checked and did not tell her. He says he just found out a few days ago. It was Emily who did it. Again Josie is surprised, and now Emily is suspicious of her connection to Jennifer like everyone else. She asks if he is involved with Emily and he replies he was, but it didnít work out. He wasnít in love with her, but just trying to get back what he had with his wife. She offers that would hurt, falling for a guy when his heart is somewhere else. He says that Emily recovered. She asks if he has? He shares that his wife wanted him to move on without her. Maybe that is why Josie is here, to help him do that. Josie wishes that she had a direct line to Jennifer. There are some things sheíd like to ask her. Sheíd ask where his son is, and how she did it Ė how she made everyone worship the ground she walked on. Dusty tells her there must be plenty of people out there that love her too. She wonders why they arenít looking for her then. She tells him to go ahead and take his shower. She will just hide out here for a while.

Emily wants to know why Paul canít do this. He relays that itís not a good time to rock the boat. Heís finally got his life back, a shot at a familyÖ.a shot at lasting happiness. Heís not going to jeopardize that for one of her crazy schemes. He is also sure his mother can take care of herself. But if they do this, it has to be today. Find out where Dusty and Josie are right now.

Not giving up, Brad and Katie want to talk to Margo again. Margo tells Brad that he needs to drop this. He is still the prime suspect and anything he says can be held against him. He insists, and he doesnít need a lawyer. When she finds out they went to Chicago and were turned down for new positions at stations there, she surmises that maybe he was just depressed and seeing things. Even Katie has to admit that Brad told her, but she didnít actually see Spencer either. Brad wonders if Katie is doubting his story also. He announces that he is not imagining this. He is going to find Spencer and prove it. Katie stays and conveys to Margo that Brad did not steal the evidence. Margo thinks it is all well and good that Katie believes in and is supporting her husband, but if she wants to save Brad then she needs to tell Margo everything she knows.

Brad tells Henry that he knows there is no body, as he saw Spencer in Chicago. He knows Henry knows people there and he needs his help. Anybody pretending to be dead and still walking around would need a fake ID, and they know she has a suitcase of money. Henry says he can do this, but these people might want to call in a favor too. He comes back and tells Brad that he put the word out, but not even a big city mobster can find a ghost. Brad still canít figure out the angle of why Spencer would try to mess up his life like this.

Dusty tells Josie they are not going to stop trying to find out who she is. On some level, she is bound to remember. She agrees to be hypnotized at the hospital if it will help, and Dusty be there with her. Dusty gets a phone call from Emily who insists on seeing him now; perhaps the lounge as soon as he can. Josie tells him to go ahead, she will catch him later. As she leaves, Paul catches her and says heíd like to have a little chat with her. They sit and he gets right to the point. Everybody except Dusty knows why she is in town Ė for money. The man may be in mourning, but heís not stupid. Sooner or later he will figure her scam, so Paul is offering her a way out. She thinks itís unbelievable that he will offer her a million dollars to leave town right now. She slaps him just as Emily and Dusty walk up to their table. Looking frightened, she tells Dusty that he doesnít have to hit Paul, but she would like to get out of here. Paul argues that Dusty can play the fool if he wants to, but heís not going to let Josie hurt his mother by pretending to be his dead sister. Dusty says Josie is not hurting anyone. Josie lashes out that she is not pretending to be Jennifer. Why canít they leave her alone? Itís them, they are in this together. Dusty demands an explanation. If she knows something, how they are together in thisÖ..then she must tell him. She doesnít know. Itís just a feeling she has. She blurts out that Paul tried to keep a mother away from her child. Again Dusty is incredulous how she could know that. She doesnít know. It just came out. None of this is making any sense. Paul accuses her of feeding Josie all of this. He hopes Josie takes him for everything he has. Emily states that she canít believe Dusty is taking a complete strangerís side over her own. She doesnít think Josie is as innocent as all think.

Dani comes to the diner for a burger and fries and comments to Henry that heís good. With that bumbling thing that he does, heís really smart. He doesnít let a lot of people see that, and that is very smart. He says the same to her, sheís good at that ďIím pretty so please underestimate meĒ thing. He says her secret is safe with him. He walks her through that before Spencerís body disappeared, she did see it. She says yeah, she was standing right next to the medical examiner when he was doing the report. Sheís dead so no one could have seen her in Chicago today. Poor Brad, heís going off the deep end.

Brad returns home. He comments to Katie that she might find a job better without him. She assures him that she loves him, and wonít consider that. He says he loves her too and Henry just reminded him that Spencer was trying to break them up and in some ways maybe she is doing that. He feels there is only a small window of opportunity so he needs to find her now before she disappears again. She says they will do this together.

Dusty doesnít find Josie at home but finds her standing at Jenniferís graveside. She says she was not led here by some premonition. Jennifer was sort of famous so her funeral announcement wasnít hard to find. She has to tell him why she is here. She needs to find out why she knows more about Jenniferís life than she does her own. She states that she is not helping Dusty and she is upsetting Jenniferís family so maybe she should just disappear. Yet she knows Paul and Emily are in this together and she wants to hurt Josie. She doesnít know how she knows all of this, these feelings come and she canít stop them. And somehow they all lead back to Jennifer. He confesses half the time he thinks she is scamming him. But he likes her, so much that he doesnít want to think that she is lying to him. She admits she is. She is not telling him the entire truth. She is not leaving because of him. She doesnít know what Jennifer felt when she first met Dusty, but what she felt, she can not walk away from.

Paul and Emily donít know how this happened. It backfired. Instead of pushing Josie away and getting rid of her, now Dusty believes Josie more than ever. Dusty thinks she has some second sight, and suddenly they are the bad guys. How could she know what they had planned? Whatever happens to Josie Driver, he wants to wipe his hands clean right now. He storms out.

Brad sits with a pad and pencil and wants to write down everything they know about SpencerÖ.places she talked about, people she knew, figuring she could not have done this alone. Henry calls and gives them some good news. He got a call about the thug that delivered Spencer the music box and when his associates locate him, then he will let them know. Spencer tells someone on her cell that it wasnít her fault. She could not possibly know that Brad and Katie would be in Chicago. But itís okay, he only saw her for a second. The mysterious caller is Dani. She tells Spencer that she better make sure Brad never sees her again or else Spencer might end up as a real dead body next time. Katie gets another instant message. It says to tell Brad to back off. As long as the body is missing, Brad is off the hook. Keep asking questions and it might just reappear.

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