ATWT Update Friday 11/14/08

As the World Turns Update Friday 11/14/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

Brad encourages Katie to order some food although she has no appetite. Since eating only jail food, he can't get enough. And she shouldn't mope as at least he is not in jail anymore. She's glad about that, but reminds him that evidence and dead bodies don't just disappear. Whoever did this has some serious power, and she is afraid of what they will want in return. Brad states that he thinks they caught a mega break here and they should rejoice and try to get their show back.

Carly walks into the police station and wants to speak with Jack. He's due in court and has little time. She laments that Sage is really freaked out and didn't even want to go to school today. Jack advises that perhaps they need to send her to a therapist and find out why she is lying. Carly takes offense at this, and does not believe her daughter lied about Janet hitting her. They bicker and when Jack says Janet would not do this, Carly accuses him of being in denial. He tells her he would give up Janet in a minute if he thought any of this was true. She throws it in his face that he would not give up his "brownie slinging sex toy." He dismisses her and doesn't want to talk any more if she indulges in these fantasies. Likewise she wants his promise that when he sees Janet, she does not want Sage anywhere around. She hurls that if he doesn't believe their daughter, then he doesn't deserve to even see Sage and she'll make sure he doesn't. There is nothing she won't do to keep her daughter safe.

Liberty catches Janet looking at an old Dream Wedding Scrapbook she drags out occasionally. She tells Parker that the farther her mother gets into it, the worse it is when she is snapped back into reality. Janet doesn't want Liberty to badger Parker about this. She thinks they should go work on their food project for the needy. Liberty gushes to Parker that they should just let the grown-ups solve their own problems with no interference. And they will remain friends no matter what happens.  Jack drops by, and Janet hates to hear that she is the cause of so many problems between him and Carly. She would never do anything to separate him from his children, and she will continue to do everything she can to get Sage to like her.

Kim is happy to see Brad and Katie, but cannot give them their jobs back as Brad is still under suspicion. They just need to give it some time though in their view this feels like being blacklisted. They go to Chicago and look up sweet Dave, but he too turns them down as this being much too soon and Chicago is too close to Oakdale. All their potential new viewers would know about the murder and Brad's involvement with the victim.

Carly asks Bonnie for advise if she can get a restraining order against Janet. Not easily, says Bonnie and this would start a war as Jack would be there in court to answer any charges, and this would get ugly. Carly maintains the war has already begun, she just wants to win it. She drops by Janet's and officially tells Jack that he has been served. Jack thinks it is a joke and Janet begs Carly not to do this. Carly sneers this is no joke, she will do anything to keep her daughter out of an abusive situation. It's a standoff. They glare at each other and he says no one tells him how to treat his children. He fires that he had ample opportunity when she left her kids to be with Simon Frazier, he could have taken them away from her, now he wishes he had. If she wants a fight, she's got one! She maintains that she is not trying to keep him away from his kids, but away from HER. He warns her if she goes before the judge, every dirty thing Carly has ever pulled will be mentioned and then who will be cut off from her children? She thinks he is bluffing, he wouldn't do that. Emphatically, he tells her then just take him to court and find out. Just remember it was her that started this, not him. Janet tells him that if he goes to war over this, his children will never forgive him, but he feels he has no choice.

Janet then says they must call off the wedding. She will not be the cause that Jack loses his children or that Carly can't see hers. He convinces her that he loves her and he is not going to lose her like this. Carly gives Bonnie the bad news that Jack would not back down. Bonnie reminds her this will be brutal in court. As her lawyer, she will tear Jack to shreds if she has to, but she better make 110% sure that she is right in all her accusations.

While Katie is getting coffee, Brad sits in his car and suddenly spies Spencer crossing the street. He calls out her name and she turns and runs. He tells Katie they have to stay in Chicago to find Spencer so they can prove she is not dead.

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