ATWT Update Thursday 11/13/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 11/13/08


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(Holden and Lilyís house) Lily cries as she tells Holden that Luke got expelled for stuffing the ballot box so that he could win the election. Lily doesnít know why winning the election was so important to Luke that he would risk his future. Holden and Lily head to the farm to have a long talk with Luke.

(Farm) Noah packs his things to move out and struggles to understand why winning the election at all costs became more important to Luke than their relationship. Luke tells Noah that he wanted to win the election to correct the injustice that was being done to him when they wouldnít have the gay festival at school. Luke yells at Noah that they promised to always stand up for each other and he wonders why that promise didnít matter to Noah.

(Fairwinds) Paul is happy that Meg stayed and waited for him, and he tells Meg that he went to therapy and then took a long drive. Paul thanks Meg for staying with him and helping him deal with how having Josie in town makes him feel, and Meg is happy that she could help him. Paul tells Meg that he and Barbara were just beginning to cope with Jenniferís death and Dusty bringing Josie to town is going to make things worse. Meg tells Paul she was trying to order baby furniture but then hung up the phone when she couldnít give an address to which the furniture could be delivered. Paul tells Meg that therapy has taught him that he is very pushy and doesnít stop until he gets what he wants no matter who gets hurt. Paul tells Meg he is trying to be less pushy and, even though he wants her to move back in the house, he knows it is her decision. Meg tells Paul that she likes the new version of him, and the two kiss each other and make love.

(Lakeview) Josie tells Dusty that the kiss was good but it was a mistake because she doesnít know if she has a husband and children somewhere, and until she finds out, she canít connect with him. Dusty understands and tells Josie not to worry because she didnít hurt him. Dusty also agrees to give Josie as much space as she needs though he also wants to help her discover her past. Emily tells Barbara that they both must protect Dusty from Josie because she is only after his money. Barbara tells Emily that Josie never said she was after Dustyís money and she is just a poor lost girl who needs help. Barbara yells at Emily to stay out of Dustyís life because he deserves better than her. Barbara tells Emily that she hates Josie because Dusty is interested in Josie and not her. Susan arrives and yells at Barbara to stop calling Emily names. Barbara tells Susan to call off her pit bull daughter and tells Emily once more to stay away from Dusty. Once Barbara is gone, Susan tells Emily that Barbara is right.

(Farm) Luke compares Noah to his father because they were both only capable of thinking in black and white and canít see shades of gray. Luke is upset with Noah because Noah couldnít trust him enough to lie for him. Noah tells Luke he loves him but he was unable to lie for him because he is the only thing about which he canít lie. Noah tells Luke that he wonít settle for Luke being less than the person he knows he can be. Noah grabs his things and heads out the door. Holden and Lily arrive to talk to Luke, and both of them agree that Noah did the right thing by telling the truth. Lily and Holden tell Luke that he threw away his future to win an election. Lily wonders why winning the election was so important to him, and Luke admits he doesnít know why the election was so important to him. Holden and Lily wonder if Luke wants to go back to college, and he tells them that school is more important to him than anything. Lily tells Luke he must admit that what he did was wrong and take responsibility for his actions. Lily thinks that maybe she can persuade the Dean that his punishment was harsh if Luke agrees to make amends. Lily then decides to talk to the chancellor since her family has contributed a lot of money to the school. Holden wonders if Luke wants his motherís money to get him out of trouble. Luke responds he doesnít but he doesnít know what to do to make things right.

(Worldwide) Dusty tells Emily that he wants to go to the conference in New York, and he admits that his priorities have been messed up. Emily reminds Dusty that she has bought a non-refundable ticket and she must go with him. Dusty reminds Emily that they are only going to New York on business and nothing else. Once Dusty leaves, Emily makes a room reservation and is told there is only one room available, and she tells the person on the phone that is fine with her.

(Fashions) Barbara thanks Josie for her help with the show and wonders if she has picked out a dress for herself. Josie asks Barbara for a job instead of a dress, and even though Barbara is hesitant, she decides to give Josie a part time job. Josie tells Barbara working with her feels right although she canít explain why.

Luke apologizes to Noah and tells him he had a long talk with his parents and they made him realize what he did was wrong. Luke tells Noah that what hurt him most was that his parents didnít get mad at him; they just had a disappointed look in their eyes. Luke pleads with Noah to come back to him because he canít fix his mistake without him. Noah tells Luke he loves him but he canít come back to him until he figures out his feelings for Kevin and why it was so important for him to beat Kevin in the election.

(Fairwinds) Paul tells Meg she is beautiful, and Meg tells Paul she is hungry and has a craving for a burger from Alís and a salad.

(Fashions) Lily tells Barbara that Lucindaís cancer has returned and she wants to get her a dress to help her feel pretty. Lily tells Ethan to wait for a few minutes and, if he is good, they will do something fun later. Josie starts talking to Ethan and offers to take him out for ice cream while Lily looks for dresses. Barbara introduces Lily to Josie and Lily agrees to let Josie watch Ethan.

(Hospital) Emily tells Susan that she is going to a conference with Dusty and she has been reading the book ĎThe Secretí, so she is determined to ask, believe and receive. Susan is worried that Emily will get hurt again, but Emily refuses to listen to Susan.

(Old Town) Josie eats an ice cream cone with Ethan and sings him the same Lullaby that Jennifer used to sing to Johnny. Dusty is shocked when he hears this and immediately calls Emily to tell her he isnít going to the conference. Emily asks the limo driver to turn the car around because she has decided not to go on the trip. Dusty waits for Lily to pick up Ethan and then tells Josie they must talk.

(Alís Diner) Paul is surprised to see Meg eating so much food, and he is also surprised to see Barbara talking to Josie, and he doesnít like it. Paul tries to warn Barbara not to get too close to Josie because she is an imposter. Barbara is determined to help Josie who she considers a lost soul. Barbara leaves, and Meg persuades Paul to let this go and remember that he isnít the old Paul.

(Old Town) Lukeís friends tell him that Kevin isnít going to be as good a president as he would have been but he did give them free beer. Lukeís friends offer him beer and he drinks it to try and forget his troubles.

(Lakeview) Emily arrives and is mad when she sees Dusty with Josie. She moves in closer to listen to their conversation. Dusty tells Josie he tried to give her space but when he heard her singing the lullaby that Jennifer uses to sing to Jennifer he realized that he is connected to her and canít leave her. Josie tells Dusty that she also wants to figure out how they are connected. Emily calls Paul to tell him they must get rid of Josie.

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