ATWT Update Wednesday 11/12/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 11/12/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Old Town) Alison remembers how she yelled at Casey at the hospital for not caring about his life and not thinking before he makes decisions. Alison looks at her phone and sees a text message from Casey but doesn’t answer the message.

(Java) Casey checks his phone for a response from Alison and he closes his phone after he sees that she hasn’t responded to his message. An employee tells Casey that Noah left because he got a call from the dean at Oakdale University asking him to go down to the school to talk to him.

(Oakdale University) Noah apologizes to Luke and leaves and the dean tells Luke they need to have a talk.

(Lakeview) Brian tries to persuade Lucinda to look at the research he collected about the reoccurrence of breast cancer but Lucinda wants to forget about cancer for today and concentrate on Brian. Brian tells Lucinda that he has an appointment and when Lily arrives both she and Lucinda wonder if Brian has ambushed them.

(Fashions) Josie tells Dusty that she can’t allow him to buy clothes for her and he insists that she let him by the clothes because he is tired of looking at her in the same outfits. Dusty gets a call from Emily saying she needs him to approve the budget before the meeting this afternoon. Dusty heads to the office leaving Josie his credit card and telling her that she can spend as much money as she wants to spend on new clothes.

(Worldwide) Emily’s assistant tells her that she has been at the office all night looking through databases and there is no information at all on Josie Mathews Driver. Emily tells Dusty when he arrives that she has been unable to find any information about Josie anywhere. Emily tells Dusty that she is worried that Josie who is obviously a con artist who is after his money will hurt him. Emily thinks Dusty is making a joke of Jennifer’s memory by being with Josie. Dusty tells Emily to watch what she says about Jennifer. Emily tells Dusty that he isn’t the only one who lost Jennifer because even though she didn’t know Jennifer for long Jennifer’s life inspired her.

(Fashions) Barbara is upset when she sees Josie looking at dresses from her trunk show this afternoon. Barbara orders Josie to leave and stop following her. Josie tells Barbara that she isn’t following her and she looks at a beautiful dress and describes the fabric and how the dress was made. Josie asks Barbara if she can buy the dress from her and explains that Dusty loaned her his credit card. Barbara sells the dress to Josie,  saying that she wouldn’t want to stand in the way of Dusty’s latest toy. Barbara wonders how Josie knew so much about the dress and Josie tells her that sometimes things just pop into her head and she can’t explain them.

(Lakeview) Lucinda can’t say a word to Lily so Lily guesses that the cancer has returned and Lucinda just nods her head in response to Lily’s question. Lily wonders why Lucinda didn’t tell her anything and Lucinda explains that she didn’t want to obligate her to care about her. Lily reminds Lucinda that she is her daughter and will always care about her. Lily cries and tells her mother that she will be there for her and isn’t going anywhere. Lily tells Lucinda that Brian is a good man who seems to care about her and she should let him help her. Lucinda and Lily share a heartfelt hug and Lucinda asks Lily if she can see her grandchildren. Lucinda and Lily head to Lily and Holden’s house to see the kids.

(Oakdale University) The dean confronts Luke about his cheating and admits that he is disappointed in him because he thought that Luke would be a good student body president who would actually make some positive changes at the college. Luke asks the dean what Noah told him and the dean tells him Noah told him that Luke agreed to Casey’s plan to stuff the ballot boxes. The dean encourages Luke to admit what he did before he has to bring experts in to figure out what happened with the election. Once Luke has admitted him the dean expels him from school.

(Java) Casey yells at Noah for not lying for Luke this time and forgetting that Luke lied for him for months when he was married to Ameera. Casey doesn’t think that Noah loves Luke.

(Holden and Lily’s house) Brian arrives to see how things went between Lucinda and Lily but Luke tells him Lily isn’t home. Luke admits to Brian that he was expelled from school because he cheated to win the election. Brian tells Luke he will work things out but Luke worries that his actions will hurt contributions to the foundation. Brian tells Luke to stop beating himself up so much because it won’t help things. Lucinda and Lily arrive and Luke tells them that Ethan and the girls just left to go to the park. Brian and Lucinda leave to catch up to them. Luke struggles to find the words to tell his mother he was expelled from school. Luke reminds Lily about the video and tells her what Kevin’s guys did to Alison. Luke cries as he tells Lilly that he got expelled from school because he couldn’t let Kevin and his friends get away with the bad things they had done. Lily wishes that Luke had thought about the possible consequences before he threw away his future.

(Oakdale University) Casey tells the dean it was his idea to stuff the ballot boxes and Luke had nothing to do with it. The dean believes that both Casey and Luke were involved so he expels Casey from school as well.

(Fashions) Barbara has a crisis when her seamstress doesn’t show up to make alterations and last minute adjustments to the dresses for her show this afternoon. Josie tells the sales girl to put her clothes on hold and she will be by to pick them up later.

(Worldwide) Dusty tells Emily he doesn’t care if Josie is a con artist he is going to help her. Dusty tells Emily she should move on and she tells him the same thing. Emily kisses Dusty but he stops her from going to far and warns her to stop sticking her nose in his business or it will be the end of their friendship. Emily tells Dusty that when this con job falls apart it will be like losing Jennifer again. Dusty tells Emily that he has nothing to lose by seeing where this thing with Josie goes but Emily tells Dusty he could lose her. Dusty smiles and tells Emily he knows she doesn’t mean that because no matter what happens he will never lose her.

(Lakeview) Josie offers to help Barbara with the dresses since Barbara has no other choice. Josie apologizes to Barbara if her presence brought back memories of Jennifer. Barbara shows Josie some of the dresses she made from some sketches she found that Jennifer had drawn. Josie looks at a picture of Hal and thinks he looks like a rough around the edges cop with a kind heart. Barbara is touched by Josie’s accurate description of Hal and smiles at Josie. Dusty arrives and Barbara tells him everything is fine Josie is just helping her with her trunk show this afternoon. Dusty leaves them to work and when he gets in the hallway Dusty smiles because he is happy that Barbara seems to like Josie.

(Java) Alison apologizes to Casey and he apologizes to her for their fight and then Casey tells Alison both he and Luke got expelled. Alison decides to take Casey to have some fun to forget his troubles.

Alison takes Casey skating and he admits to her that he told the dean what he did because he wanted to prove to her that he cares about his friends. Alison is surprised that Casey listened to her and wonders if Casey stuffed the ballot box so he would get expelled. Casey admits to Alison that he never liked school it was something his parents wanted for him.

(Lakeview) Josie refuses to take money for helping Barbara but she does accept a dress as payment. Once Barbara leaves Josie picks one of Jennifer’s designs and tries on the dress in the bathroom.

(Holden and Lily’s house) Noah arrives and Lily leaves to call Holden and tell him the situation. Luke yells at Noah for getting him expelled and Noah insists he did the right thing because he is unable to lie about anything that concerns him. Luke thinks Noah lied because he was jealous of his feelings for Kevin. Noah denies that accusation and tells Luke that the election turned him into a different person someone who only cared about getting revenge on Kevin. Noah tells Luke that he told the truth because he loves him. Luke tells Noah he can’t stand to look at him. Noah thinks that they should take a break from each other and Luke yells that if he doesn’t want to be there he should leave. Brian and Lucinda talk outside and Brian tells Lucinda he will wait until she is ready to be intimate with him. Brian makes it clear that he wants to be with Lucinda and doesn’t care about her breasts. Lucinda laughs and thanks Brian because laughter is healing.

(Lakeview) Dusty is stunned when he enters Barbara’s room and sees Josie in one of the dresses Jennifer designed. Dusty starts to tells Josie she looks like Jennifer but then stops himself and just tells Josie she looks beautiful. Josie wants to change her clothes because she is bringing back memories of Jennifer. Dusty tells Josie not to change and gives her a kiss.

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