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Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

Downtown, Casey and Alison are skateboarding having a great time.  She thinks since he has been suspended, he has too much time on his hands.  He was suspended through January, Casey admits.  What will he do.  He is going to watch her bust her butt, Casey jokes.  Kevin walks over being sarcastic about the election results, and Casey comments about him just being bitter over Luke’s win.  Kevin wonders if they can call what happened with Luke really a win. 

At Java, Luke finds Noah and wants to know where he has been hiding himself.  He had to work the early shift, Noah answers while his eye avert Luke’s stare.  Luke wants him to come out to dinner with his family to celebrate his win.  Noah tells him that he didn’t win – they stuffed the ballot boxes so Kevin wouldn’t win.  He knows he is mad, but he wonders how long it will last.  Can he do something to fix this.  Noah tells him that he can – he wants him to come clean.  

At home, Jack comes to see Sage.  Carly and Jack are joking around, as she wonders what all this sudden one on one is about with Sage.  Jack wants Sage to learn that she can’t keep sabotaging the wedding because it is going to happen.  Carly admits that she did have a talk with Sage too.  Carly wonders if Janet has said anything to him.  Jack wants to know what happened.  They had a minor disagreement, Carly confesses.

At home, as Janet and Liberty prepare boxes of food for the Food Drive, Janet tells Liberty what Carly was saying during their fight and how she told her off – but she was wrong.  She couldn’t believe that Carly asked Jack to postpone the wedding because of the kids.  Liberty agrees it is a bit much.  Janet wants the truth though, as she asks Liberty if she is a bad mother.  Liberty wants her to define bad.

Jack asks Carly what she and Janet got into it about.  Sage, who comes downstairs, interrupts them.  She is ready to go, but she hopes that it is going to be just the two of them today.  Jack tells her that it will be her, him and the horses.  Sage is thrilled and offers to go wait in the car.  Carly teases him by saying good luck.  He can handle her.  He wants her to do something for him regarding Janet; he wants her to apologize.  Carly apologizes to him for saying good luck in handling their daughter.  Jack laughs; he is not the one who needs the apology – he hopes she will apologize to Janet, as Carly stares at him.  Why should she.  She accused her of neglecting Sage while trick or treating.  She did.  That is what Sage wanted them to believe.  Carly answers that Janet took one look at a former flame and forgot Sage existed.  That is not what she did and where is this newfound hostility coming from, Jack asks.  She wants to know if she took Liberty to Yo’s and left her there, would he be asking Janet to apologize to her.   He doesn’t want Sage to think if she keeps at this she will get the results she wants.  No apology from her will change that.  If Sage sees her go out of her way to be nice, she will do that too.  Sage comes back in because it is cold in the car.  Jack is ready to leave and tells Carly a simple gesture will make all the difference.  Carly smiles and tells him that she will think about it to appease him.  She waves while Jack and Sage leave while she mumbles to herself, “That there will be pigs in the treetops before she apologizes” to her. 

Janet tells Liberty that she knows she wasn’t the typical mom always home in the afternoon or at night to tuck her in all the time.  She knows she couldn’t provide a stable boyfriend to hang curtains or to cook a home cooked meal with; she did the best with what she had.  However, she did have love.  That is what gave her the strength to help her stay up when she had the flu or the Chicken Pox.  Liberty cuts her off; she was there when she did all those things, and she is a great mom.  She loves her, but his kids don’t.  JJ never said a bad word, Parker only is a grump because of her and she will win Sage over.  Yeah, she will – how, she wonders.

At the farm, Jack and Sage are getting apples for the horse.  Jack wants her to save some because Janet wants to make candied apples with her later.  Sage frowns – she doesn’t like candied apples.  Jack teases her because she almost won the contest at the fair last year.  He doesn’t think she is being fair because all Janet wants is to be her friend.  Just because he likes her doesn’t mean she has to, Sage answers.  True, but news flash –he loves her and that is why he asked her to marry him.  Janet is going to be a part of their family; all she wants to do is love her, is that so bad,  she thought today was supposed to be only about them – can he please stop talking about Janet, Sage growls. 

Liberty heads out with the boxes of food and Janet tells her that she needs to relax about this because worse case scenario they will just have to postpone the wedding until Sage is better about this.  Liberty jokes about making her peanut butter bars; she always liked her better when she had a sugar high.  Janet jokes with her telling her to go get lost, as Liberty laughs and leaves.

Luke tells Noah that it won’t change anything if he turns himself in.  It will; he won’t be president and Kevin will.  Kevin will feel that he has some divine right then.  He can’t control what Kevin thinks and feels or how many people voted for him.  When they posted the stuff about him in that video, that wasn’t about the race, that was about him, Luke explains.  It was his chance to rise above it, but he didn’t.  Luke sarcastically answers that his fairy wings were not working that day.  Noah thinks he sounds like Kevin and his crew now, as he tries to walk away.  Luke stops him; they made Alison undress and humiliate her, they made fun of him on the Internet.  He wants him to feel bad about what he did after that, Luke questions.  What about what he did to everyone else - the other people – the ones that really voted.   He is getting pretty moralistic on him. Luke thinks. Luke wants to know when his boyfriend is coming back because he would really like to talk with him.  Noah tells him that he feels the same way.  Can’t he just let this go.  Noah looks at him and tells him to have a nice time at dinner.  Luke can’t believe that he isn’t coming; what is he going to tell his mom.  He will find a way to justify it; he is getting very good at that. 

Downtown, a student approaches Kevin and tells him that he had the election won – he was robbed.  Kevin thanks him, as Alison and Casey watch nearby.  Casey wants to leave, but Alison wants to know what Kevin thinks he knows.  Casey tells her that he is just running his mouth because that is what people do when they lose.  He isn’t talking trash, as Casey tells him that the election is over and he lost.  Kevin tells Casey that Luke shouldn’t get too comfortable as president because there is going to be an investigation.  Casey wants to know what he did.  He wants answers.  He wants to know how 98% of the student body showed up to vote and most of them for Luke when last year, only 26% showed up.  Casey thinks he isn’t as popular as he thought.  Noone likes a sore loser.  If he really did lose.  He heads off and Alison asks Casey if he knows what he is implying.  Does Luke have anything to be worried about, as Casey says nothing. 

Janet comes into the kitchen at the farm where Jack and Sage are, as Sage groans about it supposed to be only her and him today.  Janet tells her that she knows it is father daughter day, but she wanted to drop off some brownies.  Jack thinks it is very nice, as he asks Sage what she thinks about that.  Sage rolls her eyes and tells them whatever.  She is going to give the apples to the horse.  Janet laughs; she just loves her doesn’t she.  Janet thinks that she just shouldn’t try so hard.  They kiss, as they giggle.  Jack gets a call and has to go to the station.  Sage comes back in and hears this; she is upset that he is leaving.  He will be back soon.  She wants to go home, but Jack tells her that she can’t because her mom is at work.  She can go to the neighbors then, Sage snaps.  Janet offers to watch her, but Sage doesn’t want her to.  Jack is appreciative and tells her that he will be back soon.   Jack kisses Janet and she tells him to wish her luck.  She won’t need it, as Janet laughs.  After he leaves, she tells Sage to have a brownie.  Sage says nothing.  She adds she can give her with ice cream with it.  Sage tells her that she can’t eat the brownies because she is allergic to peanuts and could die.  Janet’s eyes widen – they definitely wouldn’t want that.  Does she want to play a game because she knows she likes that.  Sage seems to have an idea and tells Janet that she will play a game with her.  Janet it thrilled, as Sage looks like she is cooking up something.  She tells Janet that Emma keeps all the board games in the closet, as she points it out.  Janet tells her that she can’t see anything.  Sage tells her that they are in the back.  Janet goes further into the closet.  Sage closes and locks the door behind her.  Janet hears this.  Very funny, she laughs.  She tries the lock and it won’t open.  She made her point now she can let her out now, as Janet tries to sound calm.  She will when she promises that she won’t marry her dad.  Sage grabs a chair and sits down outside the door – what is she going to do.  Janet tells her that she knows it is hard and noone likes change, but her parents aren’t going to happen.  It is because of her.  Her parents aren’t getting back together and she knows it isn’t because of her.  Janet tells her that if she lets her out of there now then she wont’ tell anyone.  Sage isn’t moved into helping her.  Janet starts to get upset and tells her that it is not funny anymore; it is getting hot in there and it is dark… not to mention that it is too tight to move around in there.  Sage is holding onto the brownie dish, as she tells her that she shouldn’t make any more brownies then.  Sage heads for the trash and throws them out.  Janet is very upset and starts to raise her voice.  She then tries to cam herself down.  She doesn’t want her to get sick or die in there.  She wants her to go away and leave her father alone.  She can’t do that if she is locked in the closet, as Janet is fanning herself.  She tells her angrily if she was her daughter then she would take her over her knee and give her a spanking.  Sage seems to get an idea from this, as she heads for the door and leaves.  Janet hears her leave.  She apologizes to her pleading with her to let her out.  Outside, Sage stops and slaps herself in the face leaving a bright red mark on her cheek.  She then calls her mom.  Carly wants to know what is wrong.  Sage sounds upset, as Carly wonders where Jack is.  He is not here; Janet hit her, as Carly’s face darkens upon hearing this. 

Casey tells Alison that Kevin is just trying to make himself feel better; he is just unable to get over losing to Luke.  He really thinks he didn’t lost.  It is called denial.  Alison reminds him that they were talking about stuffing the ballot box.  It was just talk wasn’t it.  Luke says nothing.  Alison is stunned when she realizes they went through with it.

Luke asks Noah to look at it from another way instead of trying to make him feel bad – maybe he could look at it from a different perspective. How else is supposed to see this.  He had good ideas going into the election.  The diversity statement – the Dean wants to meet with him because of it.  The film festival will be a done deal.  So they are back to the ends justify the means.  He can make this work.  Who is he trying to convince because it isn’t him, Noah answers.  Luke thanks him for his infinite faith in him.  He is not a cool with this as he pretends to be.  How he got there is not him; he knew what he did.  Some people wanted him to win.  He should be proud of himself.  He is.  He wishes he could respect him for it.

Alison is angry; he told her that he wouldn’t do it.  The truth will come out and Luke will be in trouble.  He is already suspended so they can’t do anything to him.  What about Luke; he is supposed to be his friend.  He helped him.  That is her opinion.  Who actually put the additional ballots in the box.  Casey explains that he did – so what.  That is his answer for everything – he gets arrested, he gets in a fight and now this.  Casey sarcastically tells her that he is sorry he disappointed her again, as Alison tells him to grow the hell up, as she stomps off.  Casey watches her go sadly. 

At Al’s Liberty is bringing in the food, as Parker sees and helps her.  She wanted to help with the food drive.  This is important to she and her mom because there were times when they didn’t have a lot of food.  Parker asks how her dad is.  It was tough for a while.  She thanks him for being nice to her.  He jokes about her making it tough.  He doesn’t want to be her stepbrother.  Their parents are going to get married and there is nothing they can do about it.  Parker thinks she should tell that to Sage. 

Janet is still trying to get Sage to open the door, but she won’t.  Janet is angry again telling her that when her parents hear about this they are going to tan her hide.  They wouldn’t do that because they love her.  Carly calls out to Sage and Sage goes running over to her, as a distraught Carly looks at the mark on Sage’s cheek.  Janet hears Carly in the kitchen and pounds on the door to get her attention.  Carly asks Sage if she locked her in the closet.  She just didn’t want her to hit her anymore.  Janet hears this and tells her that she didn’t hit her and that Sage shouldn’t be lying.  Carly stares at the door and then tells Sage to wait in the car now.  Carly races toward the closet and pounds on it violently yelling about Janet hitting her kids; she should pick on someone her own size.  She can stay in the closet forever for all she cares, as she turns around and stomps out.  Janet calls out for her to come back.

Downtown, Casey is sitting around looking down and Luke comes around very angry kicking things.  Casey wants him to know that Kevin asked for an investigation because of such a high turn out.  Luke is worried, but Casey wants him to relax.  Luke gets a call interrupting them; Luke hangs up and tells Casey that the Dean wants to see him.  Luke tries to hide his worry but claims he will be fine.

Liberty and Parker are working on the food drive, as Liberty teases him about getting involved when he is a big tough hockey player.  His real dad always got involved in causes like this and this is his way of remembering him.  Then he teases her about not telling anyone because he has a reputation to uphold.  Liberty thinks it is sweet and smiles warmly.  He thanks her for staying with him.  It was the least she could do to thank him for all he has done.  He tells her that if she wants to thank him then he can help take the boxes over to his mother’s house.  Liberty teases him about not being able to carry big boxes.  Parker looks at her and smiles.

At the police station, a furious Carly marches in hand and hand with Sage.  She tells Jack, who doesn’t look up at first, that she wants her arrested.  Jack looks up and wonders whom she is talking about.  Janet.  For what, an exasperated Jack wonders.  She wants her arrested for child endangerment, child abuse whatever; she hit Sage.  Jack jumps up and rushes over to Sage asking her if Janet hit her.  Sage immediately apologizes.  Carly cuts her off; she has nothing to be sorry about.  He sees her face is red.  Jack wants to know what happened.  Janet hit her.  Why.  She didn’t want to play a board game with her.  Jack looks suspect.  That is why.  Carly doesn’t like is tone.  He reminds her that when he left she wasn’t too happy to be staying with Janet. Carly demands to know what he is doing.  He is trying to get to the bottom of this.  Carly demands that he look at her face.  Sage apologizes again.  Jack promises it is going to be ok.  Carly wants him to do something.  He will look into it.  He better do more then that, Carly spits.  Where is Janet.  Carly tells him that she is right where she left her – in the closet out at the Farm.  Jack wonders what is going on.  Carly promises that if Janet tells him that she didn’t hit Sage then she is lying. 

Jack races out to the farm calling out to Janet.  She hears him and calls out to him.  Jack rushes over and lets her out.  Janet hugs him happily.  She tells him that Sage locked her in the closet.  Why.  She told her that she wanted to play a board game and told her it was in the closet.  Then she locked her in and wouldn’t let her out unless he agreed not to marry him.  Then Carly came and wouldn’t let her out either because she said she hit Sage.  Jack wants to know what happened.  She doesn’t know, but she guesses it has something to do with the reason she locked her in there to begin with – she doesn’t want her anywhere near you.  She is making this up; she did not hit Sage.  How could he ask that.  He saw her face; how did she get the mark on her face.  She was locked in the closet.  Jack stares at her for a moment; Janet promises him that she would never hit his daughter – ever.  Jack says nothing. 

In the Dean’s office, he tells Luke that he takes these allegations seriously; they cannot ignore it.  Luke is sorry that Kevin went to him with this.  They just noticed that student turn out was much higher then last year, but he is hoping that this is just sour grapes on Kevin’s part.  He has his assurance that everything is good then there is nothing to worry about.  Luke assures him of that.  They shake and Luke heads out.  Once outside the door, Luke calls Casey; he tells him that he thinks they are in the clear. 

At the hospital, Casey comes to see Alison; he wants to tell her the Dean talked with Luke and nobody is in trouble.  He wants her to know noone is getting in any trouble.  She is worried because he already is in trouble and he doesn’t even see it.  Casey stares at a concerned Alison.

At home, Sage is eating ice cream and Carly wants to know if she feels better.  She does a little.  She wonders if they are in trouble because they had to go to the police station.  No they are most definitely not in trouble, Carly answers.  They are interrupted when Jack and Janet walk in, as Carly is incited that he would bring her there.  She wants her out.  Jack wants her to calm down.  Carly wonders if Janet is claiming that it was her idea that Sage lock her in the closet.  Jack shakes his head no.  Carly wonders if Janet told Jack about their disagreement.  Janet wonders if she wants to get into this now.  Carly tells Jack that Janet thinks that she put the kids up to disliking her and causing them trouble for their wedding.  Janet tells her that they have to learn it from somewhere.  Carly thinks that they spent time with her and got to know the real Janet.  Janet thinks that they are afraid to get close to someone new because they have abandonment issues.  Jack doesn’t know what to do and is watching them go back and forth fighting.  Meanwhile, Liberty and Parker are bringing in the boxes.  They ask what is going on.  Janet starts to say Carly thinks, but Carly corrects her and says she knows.  Jack interrupts them to ask Sage to go upstairs.  Carly agrees, and Sage leaves.  Jack wants them to stop the cheap shots; they have to figure out how to handle this.  There is nothing to figure out.  Jack says Janet told him that she didn’t hit Sage.  Carly tells him that Sage said she did.  Parker pipes in wanting to know if Janet hit his sister.  Janet promises no.  Jack reminds them that Sage has been acting out; she is having a tough time; she tends to exaggerate.  The mark is not an exaggeration, Carly snarls.  She knows that Sage called her very upset because his nightmare if a fiancée is out of control.  Janet angrily repeats that she is not out of control – what about her child and her for that matter.  Sage locked her in a closet and she left her there; she could have suffocated.  She deserves a lot more then that because she raised her hand to Sage.  Janet yells that she did not hit Sage – she has never hit anyone in her life.  Parker starts to say that is not, but his voice trails off and everyone looks at him.  Jack wonders if there is something he wants to say, as he looks at Liberty, as does Janet knowingly.

At the farm, Noah is sitting quietly at the table when Luke walks in.  They say nothing at first.  Luke sits and tells him that he loves him even though he is mad at him and even though he doesn’t respect him right now.  He is sorry; there is nothing that he can do about that now.  He needs to know if they are ok, as he goes to touch him but backs off.  Noah tells him that he just got a call from the Dean’s office; he wants to talk to him.  Luke wonders what he is going to say.  If he asks him if he cheated, he doesn’t know.  Luke can’t believe him.  What does he want him to say.  As far as he knows, he ran a clean campaign, Luke answers.  He wants him to lie, Noah is surprised.  Luke hems and haws and then says yes.  He is asking him to please lie.  He doesn’t think he can; he is the one thing he doesn’t think he can lie about, as Noah hangs his head and leaves.  Luke is in disbelief that this is happening. 

Parker wants them to forget it.  Janet tells him that he doesn’t need to cover for her.  Carly wants to know.  Janet tells them that she has hit someone – Liberty.  Carly wants to know what kind of mother is she.  She is a lot like her own mother.  She would slap her – not beat her just slap her.  She did slap Liberty though.  Carly asks Jack if this is the kind of woman he wants raising their child.  Janet tells them that she did not hit Liberty though.  Carly tells her coldly that she doesn’t believe her.  If she comes anywhere near Sage again, she will do a lot more then slap her.  Jack wants her to stop.  Jack doesn’t think this is the time to discuss this.  Carly wants her out of her sight. Jack and Janet leave as Liberty sadly watches her go. 

At the Dean’s office, Luke paces outside and tries to listen at the door.  He sits nervously and waits. The door opens and Noah comes out with the Dean’s hand on his shoulder.  They look at each other without a word, but Noah’s face is somber.

Outside, Liberty tells Parker that the night that her mom slapped her, she made it worse then it sounded.  She kissed a boy and then really pushed it with her mom.  She has been raising her alone for so long and what happens to her feels like it is happening to her too; she just lost it.  Parker reminds her that she scared her a lot.  Liberty thinks that when her mom marries his dad, she will be ok and won’t be alone and she won’t lose it.   Parker looks like he doesn’t know what to say, as Liberty thanks him for not making his mother look worse then it was; he could have done it to screw things up so they don’t get married – she knows that is not what he wants.  Why didn’t he.  He knows it is not what she wants.  Liberty looks grateful.

At home, a somber Janet walks in with Jack trailing behind; she tells him that she can’t do this.  She can’t live like this; it is not good for any of them.  He is still there.  For so long she just wanted to love, marry and wake up next to him.  Maybe she wanted it too much.  He wanted it too.  She ignored the warning signs; the red flags are everywhere.  They are living in a war zone.  He agrees.  She would never hit Sage.  If he can’t believe her then he is going to have to walk away.  He tells her that he believes her, as they hug.

Carly and Sage sit on the couch; she tells her that it is just the two of them – she needs to ask her what really happened today.  Did Janet really hit her.  Sage pauses for a moment; she looks unsure but then she tells her that she did hurt her.  Carly tells her that she believes her.  She will never let her hurt her again. 

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