ATWT Update Monday 11/10/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 11/10/08


Written by Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne
Proofread by Anoma

At home, Brad and Katie kiss and talk about his release. She canít believe he is there. Did someone confess? Did they catch the real murderer? Katie wonders. Brad thinks she knows but Katie says she doesnít. He just wants to know how a body disappears. Katie sits back and thinks about the message she got from the anonymous sender saying they could get Brad out of jail.

At their room, Vienna and Henry are in bed playing good cop/bad cop. They are interrupted when Margo lets herself in. They ask, embarrassed, how she can barge into their room. A search warrant says she can, she says as she holds it up, and Henry and Vienna frown.

Katie tells Brad that she canít believe he thinks that she would be involved with removing a corpse. She was at the studio and then with him. He is happy that she has an alibi. He asks who she got to do the honors. She tells him nobody. She couldnít have pulled it off by herself. She didnít do it. Who else would care if he were convicted of Spencerís murder? Katie remembers the IMís. Brad thinks that Henry might have done it. He didnít say anything to her. They both agree that neither knows anything and that that is for the best since they can tell the truth when questioned. Katie just wants to be happy he is home, as they hug, both looking unsure.

Margo wants to know where they got the police uniform. Vienna answers that they got it at the costume shop. Margo wants to know if that is what Henry wore when he went to the station and took the evidence. He didnít do that, both of them declare. Margo thinks that since it wasnít Katie as she has an airtight alibi, it leaves them. They may think they are helping but they are doing Brad and Katie a disservice. Both assuredly tell her that they were not involved. They wouldnít do it Ė not this time. Vienna claims that Henry would never use the officer outfit outside the bedroom; it would almost be like cheating. Henry smiles and nods in agreement. They are 100% innocent.

At the farm, Paul comes by with boxes. Meg wonders what he wants. He brought her some of her warm clothes since it is turning cold outside. She laughs, telling him the clothes from last year wonít fit because she is too big. He thinks she is beautiful and glowing. He starts to leave, but Meg stops him, asking him if he wants tea. He stays and she asks him about how therapy is going. He is learning how to let go, but some things are hard. She asks him what he means. He tells her that Emily told him that Dusty is running around with a woman from Ohio who has curly red hair and is a spitting image of Jennifer. Dusty seems to think she is the reincarnation of his sister Ė so that is hard to let go of.

At her room, Josie looks at her sketches when there is a knock. It is Dusty. She tells him that she doesnít get it. She doesnít know what he sees in her drawings Ė it is scribbling. He says it is not at all scribbling and it is good. It reminds him of his wifeís work. She did drawings like this all the time. She tells him flatly that it is spooky and he is a jerk. Dusty looks taken aback. Everything is a test with him. She starts explaining that she has red hair and she looks like his wife, so what does that mean? We have a connection but is she scamming me? She says she is tired of it. Dusty wonders if it is because he didnít tell her that is what his wife does. He acts like he is the only person who has a problem. She doesnít remember half of who she is, and when he talks about Jennifer she admits to a strange bond. She would like to know what it is. He would too. He would like her to meet someone and asks if she can come to the lounge in a few minutes. Dusty heads out, and she stops him to tell him if they donít work out and there is no connection between her and Jennifer, she doesnít want him to think she is ripping him off because she isnít - that is her. He thanks her for saying that.

Paul massages Megís back a bit, and she is thrilled when the baby kicks. She places his hand on her stomach. They stand together holding each other, feeling their baby move. After a moment, Meg wants to talk about Dusty. Just because this woman has red hair doesnít mean he thinks she is Jennifer. She met her through the psychic who sent him to Ohio. She wonders why Paul is having a hard time with this. He tells her that he is worried about his mom Ė she is already having a hard time with Dusty being alive again, and he doesnít want Dusty regaling her with stories that Jennifer has come back too.

In the lobby, Barbara is getting her mail when Dusty approaches her. They hug, and she tells him how much she missed him. He says he missed her too. She takes it he didnít have luck finding Johnny. He says almost Ė but no. He isnít giving up. She says she knows she will find him. He has been looking for her since he got back. She was in NY. He wants her to meet someone. She asks if he has met someone new. He tells her there is no one other than Jennifer for him. As Jenniferís mom, she loves hearing that, but as someone who cares, she thinks he should move on. It has been a year and a half. Dusty asks if she has moved on. Does a day go by that she wouldnít give to get back what they had Ė with Jen, Johnny and her playing Nana? They have to both help each other move on, Barbara proposes. Who does he want her to meet? A work associate. He tells her that he wants her to wait and just see for herself. They go to get a table, but Dusty gets a call and has to take it outside when he has trouble hearing. Barbara heads for the lounge.

Margo tells Vienna to get dressed so she can search the room. They wonder what happens to Brad if there is no evidence. She had to let him go. They are thrilled and start to kiss. Margo tells them to stop until she leaves. She wants to question them separately, so she asks Vienna to go to the bathroom and wait. Margo asks Henry what he is doing. He didnít do anything. She tells him that he should have thought of Vienna because if he goes to jail, she will be devastated.

Katie takes the anonymous note out of the trash to look at it again. She reads the words from the unknown person telling her that they can help solve her problems. Brad comes in the room, and she hides it. Brad is on the phone with Liberty, telling her that the charges were dropped. He hangs up finally and tells Katie that he needs a shower. Katie tells him that she wants to email Kim to thank her for her support. She convinces Brad to go get clean and she will join him soon. She races to the computer and emails the person. She tells them that Brad is home. She wants to know who they are and what they did. She waits impatiently but gets a message back saying the email could not be sent. She quickly goes to call someone at the station to ask them if she gives them an email address, can they can tell her who it is. The person on the other end says they can, and she starts to give them the email address.

Barbara is sitting at a table going over her mail when Josie comes in. She walks around and then sees Barbara. She asks her if they have met. Barbara smiles and tells her that she doesnít know her. She looks really familiar- or more like she seems familiar, Josie continues. Barbara tells her again that she doesnít know her, but Josie persists telling her that she feels like she knows her from somewhere Ė maybe the salon or her old neighborhood. She even jokes about them getting drunk together. Barbara is losing patience with her, and Josie apologizes because she just feels like she is someone who was important to her. Dusty walks in and is happy to see that they have met. Both women look at him and then at each other, confused. Dusty introduces them. Barbara is surprised. Josie asks if she has been to Ohio. She hasnít. What is this about? Josie is interested in fashion, Dusty explains. Barbara asks to speak with Dusty alone. Once out in the lobby, Barbara whips around on him Ė who is she? Dusty smiles thinking she feels it too. Who does she remind her of? ďA crazy personĒ, Barbara answers coldly. Dusty assures her that she is not crazy. She asks if he is sure. Dustyís smile fades. What is he so interested in her for? He reminds him of someone he used to know.

Meg tells Paul that Dusty would never hurt Barbara. Meg thinks he should talk with her first. He could swing by tonight. He should take her out to dinner and get into it casually. She could go with him. Paul asks if she would do that for him. She jokes about whenever food being involved she is in. Paul smiles, as he waits for her to get her coat.

Margo has searched their room and found nothing. Henry asks her if she is happy that there is no weird evidence and no dead bodies. She asks why he would say that. How did he know Spencerís body is missing? Vienna jokes about her being a vampire. Margo is losing her patience and wants them to come downtown. What for? For having costume sex. Vienna tells Margo that Henry would only steal a kiss or two. Margo orders them to get dressed. Vienna asks if they are going to be put in a cell. Why? She wants to know what shoes to wear, as she looks coyly at Henry. Henry starts to tell her to wear the high-heeled boots, as Margo cuts them off . She doesnít want to hear anymore talk like that. She orders them to go get dressed separately.

Katie learns that the email address doesnít belong to anyone. How is that possible? She learns it came from an Internet cafť in Berlin. She doesnít know anyone in Berlin. She thanks the person and hangs up. The phone rings soon after as Katie is standing there furrowing her eyebrows with concern. It is Henry. He is calling because Margo is there to take him and Vienna downtown to talk, he whispers. Katie tries to tell him not to say anything, as he tells her that there is nothing to say. He thinks they should meet at Metro as soon as possible to get their stories straight . She tries to ask him if he sent her the email, but Margo is knocking on the door telling Henry that his time is up and they need to go. He hangs up quickly. Brad comes out of the shower, asking Katie who was on the phone, but then says, with a grin, he doesnít care and just wants to go to bed. They will, but first they may have to cover up a crime, Katie answers nervously.

He doesnít buy into this psychic stuff, but Dusty explains there are a lot of coincidences. Therefore, he went and brought her home from Ohio. Is she living with him? No. Doesnít she remind her of Jennifer? Not besides the red hair. The initials are not that compelling either. When he found her, she was reading the poem from Jenniferís memorial Ė it is strange. He asks if that doesnít remind her of Jenniferís work, as he holds out her sketches. Barbara doesnít want to see them. He is just looking for anything to try to find a similarity between this woman and Jennifer because he canít let go of her. He isnít doing that because Jennifer is with him every minute of every day. He was supposed to raise her son. She doesnít blame him, Barbara answers. She needs to find him and he will go through psychics or anything else he has to, Dusty explains. Canít she just give this a chance? She doesnít want to. Josie walked straight up to her. They need to look into this. So she can grieve again, Barbara snarls. She is done grieving. She grieved for her daughter, then a grandchild she may never see again and then him. After everything she has been through, he let her believe he was dead, Barbara angrily yells. He is sorry about that. He wants her to believe that her daughter is living on through some girl in Ohio that a psychic led him to, Barbara snaps. He doesnít want her getting that upset. She is upset, she says as she starts to get very emotional. Paul and Meg race over, as Paul wants Dusty to leave his mother alone. Barbara is glad to see Paul and Meg there together. Dusty tells Barbara that he is sorry that he hurt her. Barbara tells him that she wonít discuss it again. Paul wants Dusty to leave her alone. He knows all about his pet project. Jenniferís memory is sacred to him and his family. Did he get brain damaged when he was gone? That would be the only reason he would have to desecrate his sisterís memory. Dusty angrily wonders why he thinks he would want to hurt his family. Paul knows why he would want to hurt him. Meg cuts them both off and suggests they give Dusty a moment to explain. Josie comes out and wants to know if everything is ok. Paul wants to know if this is the girl he wants them to accept. He wants him to get her out of there. Dusty glares back at him.

Brad tells Katie that he isnít going anywhere. Katie thinks that if Henry did something, he only did it to help. He doesnít want any of them to go to jail, so they shouldnít be seen together. Brad is worried they are all going to go to jail anyway. Katie wonders suddenly if Vienna ever mentioned knowing anyone in Berlin. She knows people all over. What does it have to do with this? She wants to go, but Brad doesnít want to go anywhere until she talks with him. It is nothing, but Brad thinks she doesnít trust him because she warned him and he did it his way and now Spencer is dead because he acted dumb. He isnít dumb Ė just impulsive. He wants the truth Ė no more hiding. She wants to tell him but doesnít want to get him in more trouble. He knows she is smarter and better in dealing with people, but he is bigger and needs to protect her, and if she doesnít let him do that, they are going to have trouble. Katie says nothing, and Brad walks away.

At the station, Margo wants to know if Henry used the uniform to gain access to the morgue. Was Vienna a part of it, or did she just cause a distraction or simply wait in the car. Henry denies it and tells her that she keeps accusing them of the same stuff just worded differently, but the answer is still the same - no. Vienna wants to speak for herself. Why would she think she would ever get into a car with a dead body? She would never touch Henry if he touched Spencerís slimy body. Henry tells Margo that is her statement, and he will take a lie detector test if she needs him to. Vienna offers to take one too. She tells them that they can leave but they are not to leave town.

Dusty wants to know why Paul is being rude. No one can replace his sister. He would never do that. Paul thinks that it is Josieís idea then. She is not trying to do that. Dusty wants them to stop, when Barbara wonders as well what Josie hopes to gain. None of this was Josieís idea. She runs off crying, and everyone watches after her.

At Metro, Henry and Vienna meet up with Brad and Katie. They all hug, and Brad thanks them for getting him out of jail. Henry tells him that thanks goes to Katie. Katie is alarmed that he thinks she would touch a dead body. Vienna thought Henry did it, and Henry thought Vienna did it, and they realized in the station that neither one of them did it. They wonder who did it then. Henry suggests that Jack had a change of heart, but both Brad and Katie are adamant that Jack would no way do that. There is a mystery person who set him up and a mystery person got him off. Henry hopes that they are two different people. Vienna wonders why. If they are one and the same, then the person that helped Brad is also a killer. Everyone stares at one another nervously, but no one more so than Katie.

Dusty asks Paul if he thinks he cherishes Jenniferís memory more than him. Meg thinks he has good intentions. Dusty explains that Josie has no reason to lie. Barbara reminds him that he is a wealthy man. She knew nothing about him. He is a CEO of a multi-national company, and she could look him up at the snap of her fingers and find out his net worth, Paul answers. Josie doesnít want his money. Barbara wonders how he knows that. She wants what he wants Ė answers.

Vienna thinks this mystery is all beginning to sound like a great adventure. Henry thinks they need to investigate. Brad thinks it sounds like a good idea, but Katie wants to drop it. Brad reminds her that whoever murdered Spencer, and the body, are still out there. Henry completes his thought Ė if the body shows back up, then Brad is back on the hook for her murder. Vienna wonders if she ever mentioned anyone in her past. Katie snaps about wanting to stop talking about this. Henry wonders if she is ok. Katie covers by saying she just thinks they should let the police do their jobs and she and Brad have the house to themselves tonight. Vienna tells her to say no more. They should go have fun. Brad thanks them and hugs Vienna. Katie hugs Henry, as he whispers to Katie about what is going on. She is fine, but Henry thinks if she doesnít want to tell him, then she should tell Brad.

Dusty hopes Barbara can give Josie a chance. Paul answers for her saying that she canít. He wasnít talking to him. She is done talking about this. She needs to go for a walk. She leaves, and Paul tells him to stay away from his mother. She deserves better. She deserves the truth, whatever that is, Dusty answers as he leaves. Paul tells Meg that he is sorry because he keeps telling her that he has changed and then he goes and bites Dustyís head off. He will get her a cab back to the farm. She asks about dinner with a smile. She still wants to stay after that. The least he can do is buy her a sandwich after that.

Dusty comes to see Josie up in her room, and she tells him that she is glad that her bags were still packed. She is leaving. She stayed because of him, but she would be better in Ohio, and he must be suffering from memory problems, too, if he didnít forget the very angry people downstairs - the ones related to his late wife. They had no business being rude. When she woke up, things were hazy, and he and the angry people downstairs made her feel like there was some connection. It is like she recognized them and felt more than she did in Ohio. Just because she felt a connection doesnít mean they felt one. She doesnít want to make them miserable. They donít want her there. She starts to tear up. Dusty tells her that he does want her there though, as he stares intently at her.

Back at home, Brad wants her to tell him what is wrong, but Katie tells him that she doesnít want to. She wants them to be happy and this to be over. He wants to do his job as her husband. He knows something is wrong and wants to know what it is. Katie pauses for a moment before she agrees. She knew it wasnít Henry and Vienna that made the evidence disappear. She knew before they told them. It was her then. No, she was at the studio when she got this IM telling her that they could help get him out of jail and then suddenly he was. Why didnít she tell him? She wanted it to be some simple explanation like it was Henry and Vienna. Brad finishes her thought, saying and not some stranger. ďA scary strangerĒ, Katie adds.

Back at the suite, Vienna tells Henry that she was thinking about how he was willing to take the blame if he thought she took the evidence. He was thinking more like spiriting her away to a country without extradition. She tells him that she loves him, as he does her. She would never let him go to jail unless she was the one who put him there. She reaches into a bag and takes out a police hat. Henry laughs and succumbs to her advances.

She just wanted him out of jail and it gave her hope, Katie explains. He knows she was desperate. What did they say? Did they threaten her? No, but they said they may want a favor someday. Then they talk about how the connection was lost, and now the email address doesnít exist. Brad thinks for a moment before he tells her that they should chalk it up. Maybe this person has something to do with the evidence, or maybe they are a nut. There is no way to find them now, so they need to stop thinking about it. How are they going to do that? Brad thinks he can fix. He takes Katie into his arms and kisses her, as they fall onto the couch. Nearby on the laptop that was left open and on, an IM pops up on the screen telling them that they are glad that everything worked out and they will see them soon.

Paul is lying back on his couch, as Meg tells him that she wishes he would eat. Why? Because if he doesnít, then she will have to eat his sandwich, too, and then she will feel fat. He tells her she is beautiful no matter what she does. Meg tells him that he had every right to be upset. He doesnít like Dusty and probably never will. What is he doing to that girl about pretending that she is a pipeline to Jen. He doesnít know that is what he is doing because he never even gave him a chance to explain. He doesnít want to talk about Jennifer, though. Why is that the case, since he loved her? When he betrayed her was when his life changed. Before that, her life was beautiful and she was happy. He would give anything to go back and not hurt her. Meg reminds him that they all have regrets. However, he has to live with that because Jennifer is dead, and he can never tell her that he is sorry or make it right. He tells her that she should go home, but she wants to stay there with him tonight. Not because she feels sorry for him, he hopes. No, she wants another back rub or two, as she takes his arm and places it around her, and they sink down on the couch. They sit happily in each otherís arms, and Paul rubs her face gently.

Josie wants to know what Dusty hopes will happen if she stays. Dusty stands close to her and is about to touch her face when he decides he wants to show her something. He holds out a picture of Jennifer. Josie stares at her photo and smiles. She asks if this is his wife. Dusty nods. She is very beautiful. Dusty agrees, as he tells her that he loves her very much. So, he is not on the rebound. No, he says as he takes the photo away. He wants to find out who she is and about her past. She would like that. He touches her face. He wants her to try to help him find his son. She could try, but just so they are clear, she says she could never be Jennifer. He takes her hands and tells her that he knows. He tells her he will see her tomorrow as he slowly leaves with a smile.

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