ATWT Update Thursday 11/6/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 11/6/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Al’s Diner) Brad calls Henry from jail to ask him to talk to Katie and find out if she believes that he didn’t kill Spencer. Brad tells Henry that he went to Spencer’s room hours before she died but assured Henry he didn’t kill Spencer. Henry tells Brad that he knows Katie believes that he would never be capable of killing anyone but he agrees to talk to Katie and find out how she is feeling about the situation.

(Police Station) Dani informs Margo that the fibers found underneath Brad’s fingernails match fibers from Spencer’s scarf. Dani also tells Margo that the only fingerprints found on Spencer’s body is from Brad. Dani tells Margo that for now all the evidence is circumstantial but Margo wishes that all the evidence didn’t point to Brad.

(Brad and Katie’s house) Liberty wonders where Brad is because he promised to help her study for a chemistry test. Katie lies and tells Liberty that Brad was already gone when she got up so he must be at the station. Katie tells Liberty that Janet made lunch for Jack but must have forgotten it when she went to work. Once Katie is gone Liberty leaves a message for Janet to let her know that she will take Jack’s lunch to him on her way to school.

(Hospital) Paul tells Bob that therapy is helping him very much and he is working hard to get better so that he can be with his family. Bob is happy that Paul is feeling better and offers his help with anything that he might need. Emily arrives a few minutes after Bob is called away and claps because Paul gave a wonderful performance. Emily advises Paul to take therapy seriously for the sake of his child. Paul reminds Emily that she advised him to pretend to do what Meg wanted so that he could have a chance at saving his marriage. Emily is positive Paul has a plan and is determined to find out what it is but Paul insists that he is only concentrating on getting his family back.

(Lakeview) Josie thanks Dusty for helping her and reminds him that she is not Jennifer in someone else’s body. Dusty tells Josie he is well aware that she is not Jennifer but he is sure that she and Jennifer have a connection and he must find out what it is even though he isn’t sure why he feels this need to discover her past. Dusty and Josie head to the hospital to see if Bob can help with her condition.

(Al’s Diner) Henry gives Katie a hug when she arrives and asks her if she thinks Brad killed Spencer. Katie hesitates a little and says of course Brad didn’t kill Spencer. Henry tells Katie that Brad might be a dope and a hot head but he has a big heart and he could never kill anyone. Henry is convinced that Spencer’s killer set up Brad and they must find a way to prove it to the police. Henry asks Katie if Spencer had any friends or family. Katie remembers that Spencer’s brother that came to town to give her a music box which she (Katie) broke which led to a big fight with Brad. Henry tells Katie they need to search Spencer’s room for any information they can find about Spencer’s brother.

(Police Station) Liberty arrives and puts Jack’s lunch on his desk since Jack is out on a call and then she sees Brad in handcuffs. Liberty wonders why Brad is there so he explains that the police think that he killed Spencer and then he explains what happened the last time he saw Spencer alive. Brad assures Liberty that everything will be okay because he will prove that he is innocent. Liberty yells at Margo that she should be doing more to help her sister’s husband. Liberty hugs Brad before he is taken to a holding cell and she cries as she watches her dad leave the squad room.

(Lakeview) Emily meets Josie and Dusty tells Josie to get a table and then Dusty tells Emily that he followed her advice and was open to what the Physic told him and that is how he found Josie. Emily tells Dusty that she didn’t tell him to bring home a total stranger. Emily thinks Dusty’s hero complex has gone too far and he needs medical help. Emily thinks Josie is a con artist who is after Dusty for his money. Dusty insists that Josie doesn’t want his money and tells Emily Josie is a good person who needs help.

(Hospital) Kim drops by to cancel lunch plans with Bob and she gets a call from her source at the police station to inform her that they are holding Brad for questioning in Spencer’s murder but he has not been formally charged with the crime.

(Lakeview) Josie tells Dusty that she thinks he is nuts for helping her and his friends also think he is nuts. Dusty tells Josie that he doesn’t care what anybody thinks he is going to help her recover her memory.

(Fairwinds) Emily confronts Paul about hiring a Jennifer look alike to drive Dusty crazy. Paul swears that he did no such thing but Emily thinks he is lying to her. Paul tells Emily that even though he hates Dusty he would never do something as low as use Jennifer’s memory to hurt Dusty. Paul even offers to do some research on the Internet to see what they can find out about Josie Mathews Driver. Paul and Emily are shocked that they are unable to find any information about Josie and think that Josie doesn’t exist. Paul is determined to stop Josie who he thinks is a con artist before Barbara meets her.

(Hospital) Bob runs tests on Josie and tells her that there is nothing physically wrong with her and she should not fight her memories when they come she should just let them come naturally. Bob tells Josie she might never get her memory back. Josie tells Dusty that she will not sponge off him anymore. Dusty and Bob go out to the hallway to talk. Dusty wonders if Bob noticed the resemblance between Josie and Jennifer and Bob says he did but he reminds Dusty that Jennifer is dead and can’t return to them no matter how much they miss her.

(Al’s Diner) Parker sees Liberty crying and she tells him Brad has been arrested. Parker tells Liberty that Margo is tough and won’t go easy on Brad. Parker promises to talk to Jack and see if he will help Brad without crossing the line this time. Liberty gives parker a hug and thanks him for being her best friend.

(Lakeview) Henry and Katie begin to search Spencer’s room but are caught by Dani and even though Katie begs her to let them prove a hunch she and Henry have Dani refuses and takes them to the station to talk to Margo.

(Police Station) Katie explains to Margo that she and Henry were trying to prove Brad’s innocence. Margo has Henry searched to see if he took anything form the scene but Henry is clean. Brad pleads with Margo not to arrest Henry and Katie or he will claim that he asked them to search the room. Margo gives Henry and Katie a warning but doesn’t arrest them. Margo allows Brad and Katie to talk before he goes back to his holding cell. Brad and Katie kiss for a few minutes and then Brad makes Katie promise not to try and help him because he loves her too much to see he in jail. Margo warns Henry that if she catches him playing armature detective or she will arrest him.

(Lakeview) Josie tells Dusty it is best that she go back to Ohio and she thinks that one of them should be realistic and not expect her to recover her memory.

(Police Station) Katie gives Brad a kiss good-bye and assures him she isn’t giving up on him.

(Java) Kim gets a call informing her that they are holding Brad on suspicion of murder. Kim feels badly for Katie and thins Brad is a loose cannon. Bob and Kim wonder why they have been unable to find any of Spencer’s relatives. Bob tells Kim about Josie and admits that he is worried Dusty will get attached to her because she looks like Jennifer.

(Lakeview) Dusty tells Josie he got her a car to the airport and a ticket to Ohio Josie thanks Dusty and gives him a hug good-bye. Dusty notices that Josie left a sketchbook on the bed where she has sketched some clothing designs. Dusty rushes to catch Josie and asks her if she likes to design. Josie tells Dusty she likes to draw and he pleads with her to stay in town longer. Josie agrees to stay in Oakdale longer to try and figure out her connection to Jennifer.

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