ATWT Update Wednesday 11/5/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 11/5/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At home, Carly hears the doorbell and calls to Parker to get it, but he doesn’t hear her since he is listening to his music. Carly calls again to him and this time he gets up and goes to the door; it is Liberty. He sarcastically asks her where her new boyfriend is. Liberty wants to know if he is trying to mess with her mom’s engagement to his dad. Parker pretends that he doesn’t know what she is talking about. She wants him to know it is working however, as Carly listens.

At Al’s, Janet sees a bouquet of flowers and Jack steps forward and tells her that they are from him; he got her lavender roses – her favorite - they are hard to find. Jack admits that Sage set her up and wanted her to be caught with George. How did she know he was her ex, Janet wonders. He is still trying to figure it out. Janet realizes Sage must hate her, as Jack tells her that she is just trying to get used to it. She hopes that she gets used to it fast because she would like her to be flower girl at the wedding. Jack says nothing, as Janet wonders if she even wants to go to the wedding. Jack explains that Carly suggested that they put off the wedding until the kids feel better, and he thinks she might be right. Janet frowns, as she comments sarcastically how sweet of Carly that was to think of that.

At the hospital, Lucinda is waiting when she gets a phone call; it is from Brian. He thinks she forgot about him. She is busy, she answers shortly. He was worried about her since she cancelled the other night, but Lucinda cuts him off telling him she has to go, as a nurse comes in. The nurse suggests that she read this pamphlet on reoccurrence of breast cancer. Lucinda tells her that she is going to go get some coffee first. As she is walking away, Lily sees her. Once Lucinda is gone, Lily asks the nurse why her mother is in an exam room. The nurse answers that she can’t tell her.

At home, Katie tells Margo that Brad went to see Henry because he figures if anyone could get through to her then it would be him. Margo jokes about Henry being a marriage counselor. Henry wasn’t there and Brad apparently got a phone call; the bartender heard him say the name Spencer before he left. Margo can’t believe he did that. However, Katie doesn’t think it necessarily means he went to see her. Margo thinks Katie should talk to Brad before his temper gets the best of him. Katie goes to call him and it goes to voice mail because as we see a shocked Brad is staring with his mouth wide open at Spencer lying motionless on the bed on her back. Margo is worried that he went to see Spencer again. Katie thinks if he is there then it is because Spencer figured out another way to get back at him. If that is what happened, Margo implies.

Brad finally tells Spencer to get up and stop messing with him. Spencer doesn’t move so Brad walks toward the bed telling her that she is getting an Academy Award for this performance. He approaches the bed and tells her that she should be careful with the scarf, as he pulls it away from her neck where it seems tightly wound. He sees dark red marks on her neck and starts to panic. He takes the scarf off of her and tries to wake her up.

Margo thinks that Katie needs to entertain the possibility that Spencer’s story might be true. Katie is adamant that Brad would never do that. Things have been tense between them since Spencer came to town. Katie realizes it is true, but she can’t go there. They are interrupted when Brad calls Katie, who answers quickly praying that he is not with Spencer. He can’t say that because he is and it gets worse – she is dead, as Katie’s mouth drops open. Katie asks him to repeat what he said. She is dead. How. He doesn’t know. Brad hears Margo in the background and pleads with her not to say anything and to come meet him at Spencer’s room. Katie hangs up and tells Margo that Brad is upset and he wants her to meet him. Margo offers to drive her, but Katie quickly turns her down and runs out the door.

Lily is standing in the waiting room for Lucinda to come back. When she does, Lily says hello, but Lucinda walks right by her without a word leaving Lily standing there unsure.

Parker tells Liberty that she can’t believe he tried to hurt his mom. She didn’t accuse him of that, but it was very coincidental that they bumped into George and he said he would be staying at the Lakeview and that is where Sage took her mom when she wanted to go trick or treating. Who goes to a hotel to do that. Parker claims he has done that before, but Liberty looks skeptical. Parker tells her that it is a small town and people run into one another a lot – like they do. Liberty thinks that isn’t much of a coincidence sometimes either, as he looks embarrassed. She is leaving, but Parker wonders where she is going. She is going to Java to do homework. She can do it at his house, but Liberty tells him that she is not in the mood to hang out with him. Parker shakes his head and goes inside when Carly walks over to him. She was listening, he snaps. She wasn’t intentionally listening to his conversation. Did he try to interfere with his dad’s engagement. Parker says nothing.

What does it matter who came up with the thought; they just need some time to get used to this, Jack tells Janet. Did Carly give him a time frame as to when they can get married, a sarcastic Janet wonders. Jack tells her that they didn’t get into it. She doesn’t care about Sage trying to make her look bad in front of him – that is just kids being kids. She didn’t do anything else. Jack looks down and then tells her that the time she lost her ring, Sage saw that the ring was left in the gloves and didn’t say anything in hopes he would call of the wedding since he would be so mad. Jack doesn’t want her to take it personally. No matter how many times he and Carly tell Sage that they aren’t getting back together, she won’t accept it. Janet thinks it sounds like she isn’t the only one.

Carly is yelling after Parker to come back downstairs. Parker slowly comes back. Liberty was right – he found out about George and recruited Sage since she doesn’t want him married either, Carly surmises. He doesn’t know what she is so mad at - it is not like she wants them married either.

Katie comes to Spencer’s room, knocks and Brad pulls her inside. She sees Spencer and gasps in horror. What happened. It sure wasn’t natural causes, as Katie walks back away from him; what did he do. Brad is stunned that she would think that. He came here and found her that way with a scarf around her neck – he pleads that she believes him. Margo is suddenly behind them with her gun drawn telling them not to move. She tells Katie and Brad to step away, as she checks Spencer’s pulse. She was dead when he called and she didn’t tell her, Margo snarls at Katie. Brad pipes in that Katie is not involved. Katie pipes in that Brad wasn’t involved either. Margo strongly suggests they both stop talking, as she picks up the phone and calls the station to report a homicide at the Lakeview; she needs forensics over there right away.

At his office, Brian is working when Lucinda comes in. Brian asks her to go out for drinks, but Lucinda thinks there is work to do. They can do work over drinks. Lily walks in and Lucinda flatly asks if she is following her. She is because she blew her off at the hospital. Brian offers to leave them alone, but Lucinda tells Lily that she made it perfectly clear that she wants nothing to do with her so she was just obliging. She betrayed her and now she is acting like she is to blame, Lily growls. She can’t believe she was worried about her. She can’t either considering she is dead to her, Lucinda says. Lily snarls that she doesn’t know why she bothers, as she turns and leaves. Brain wants to know what business she had at the hospital. She is on the board there. She can snowball her daughter all she wants, but he isn’t that easy. Her daughter finally opens up to her, she has been waiting for that opening, and she sends her packing. He wants to know what is wrong. Lucinda drops her head not wanting to make eye contact.

Jack and Janet are sitting at one of the tables at Al’s when Janet reminds Jack that Carly tried to stop him from marrying Katie too. That is not what she is doing. Janet stares at him for a moment before she apologizes. She was so excited to get married and now, as he voice trails off. If getting married right away means that much to her then he will make his kids get on board – at least maybe not as a flower girl, he adds quietly. He would do that for her, Janet asks. He wants her happy. He won’t be happy though if his kids aren’t behind this; she tells him that she will wait. Is she sure. No, but she is trying to be a good sport. He needs to get back to work. He leaves and Janet smells her flowers, but then talking to herself that Carly will suggest her right out of a husband if she lets her. She heads out the door.

Carly tells Parker that if she is being honest then Jack and Janet are tough to swallow. Honesty is a first, Parker replies obnoxiously. She accepted that Jack is happy and that is all that matters because this isn’t about her. It is about him making his sister involved in manipulating someone. It is not like he had to twist her arm. He shouldn’t have encouraged her to lie and he did it for selfish reasons to make matters worse. She is going to lecture him about this, a disbelieving Parker asks. She knows that when Jack gets married to Janet it will limit his possibilities with Liberty. He is not talking to her about this, as he stomps out the door. Carly yells after him that she is not done talking with him. He bounds out the door, as Janet is standing there. Janet tells her that she has her hands full; it is a good thing Jack and she are back on track – one less thing for her to worry about. Carly asks her if they are ok. Why wouldn’t they be. She thought after what happened, Carly starts. After she accused her of ditching her daughter to hook up with an ex, Janet answers. Carly tells her that she knows what happened now. Janet cuts her off – Jack told her and from the way that Parker wouldn’t look at her, she figures that he was in on it too. Carly apologizes because it is her kids and she doesn’t mean for them to cause Jack and her headaches. Why should she apologize – they were just doing what she asked them to, as Carly’s face drops angrily.

Dani is collecting evidence as Brad and Katie watch. Katie asks Brad why he didn’t stay away like he was asked. Margo tells Dani that the scarf was around her neck. But why wasn’t it still there now, she wonders. Margo tells her that the scene was contaminated, but she rattles off all that Dani needs to do to secure the scene and gather evidence. Margo tells Katie and Brad to come with her, as Brad starts to talk, but Margo cuts him off ordering him not to say a word. As they are leaving, Brad takes a backwards glance at Spencer lying on the bed before he walks away.

Carly asks Janet if she really believes that she would use her kids to make trouble. It wouldn’t be a first. Now thanks to Sage, she has a good reason for Jack to put off the wedding. Janet doesn’t want her to say anything after what she did. Carly is annoyed - her conscience is clean, but can she say the same because when it came down to it, she dumped her daughter for some ex, Carly snarls. She did not do that. She left her kids in a lobby of a busy hotel while she hung out in a bar. No wonder why her kids are concerned with her being their step mom, plus the way she pounced on Jack without even knowing him. They don’t think she is good enough for him and now either does she. And who is good for Jack – her. She didn’t say it. Janet realizes it was all an act – pushing her and Jack together – she told her that she was the best thing for Jack. She really wanted to know that Jack still loves her best. She doesn’t need her to psycho analyze her, Carly snaps. Is she ticked off she is right or because her plan didn’t work, Janet asks with a smirk. Jack and she are getting married whether she likes it or not and they will do it when they decide and not her. She heads for the door with a backwards shot of telling her to ‘walk away bitch - this time for good.’ Carly snarls as she looks after her saying to herself that Janet is charming to call her a bitch.

At Java, Parker comes to see Liberty. He had to see her. He already did. She was mad when she left. She was. He didn’t try to hurt his mom. Did he remember the promise that they made one another about never being like their parents or sneaking around. He does – then he pauses before he tells her that he did it. She knew it. He wasn’t trying to hurt her mom; this stepsister thing is a nightmare. She knows that is how he feels, but it already changed before this. They aren’t going to go back to the way it was. She is not trying to hurt him, but this is how it is going to be. Parker doesn’t want to hear it so he gets up and walks away from her and out the door. Liberty watches after him not knowing what to do. Parker watches her back through the window.

She doesn’t owe him an explanation, Lucinda tells Brian. He knows her too well; there is something she doesn’t want Lily to know. Lily is not his business. Her relationship with him is his business unless she is going to deny that now. They are partners. He kissed her and she kissed him back. Is he a horrible kisser or is there another reason she is pushing him away. Lucinda laughs – he is a great kisser so she will tell him and then he can walk away –she adds with a smirk.

Downtown, Carly is rushing when she bumps into Lily. Is she ok, Lily asks. She just has an emergency. Lily hopes it is not the kids. It is Janet. Does she need another dress for the ball, Lily laughs. She wont’ be asking her. Did they have a falling out. She thinks Janet is talking with Jack right now telling him that she used her kids to come between them. Did she use them. Carly looks at her funny then they start laughing – Lily reminds her that she is known for that. Did she. No, she didn’t this time – especially since they are engaged. Emma told her; is she ok. She will be if her kids would stop freaking out and Janet thinks she is out to destroy her and Jack’s happily ever after. She needs to get to Jack. She shouldn’t do that because it will just make her look guiltier. She needs to try something – what does she recommend. She tells her to come with her; they are going to a bar for two or three drinks. It sounds like she is having a bad day too. She nods. Does she want to go, Lily says. Carly tells her first they have coffee and now drinks, she might be careful or she is going to think they are friends again. Is that a yes, Lily adds with a smile.

At the station, Margo wants to know what Brad was doing at Spencer’s room. She called him saying she was sorry that things got out of hand; she wanted to make things better. He went because his career is in toilet and his marriage in shambles. They were supposed to meet in the lounge and when she didn’t show up, he went looking for her. He thought she was messing with him; he took the scarf off and preformed CPR – he couldn’t let her die. Margo tells him that the cameras will show what time he was where. Any evidence on her body will show who murdered her. He hopes it does. He did not kill her. He did not throw Leo into the reservoir either Margo reminds. He assaulted his daughter. It shows a pattern. Katie is outside telling Jack she can’t believe Brad did this; he went to make things right and they got into an argument and her blouse got ripped. Jack doesn’t want her angry, but if there is any chance that Brad could have slept with her - they had been working closely and they were having problems. He didn’t kill her. Katie admits that she might have had suspicions, but she can’t believe he would do something like that. Can’t or don’t want to believe it.

At the Lakeview bar, Lily and Carly are having martinis. Lily remarks that Janet really gets to her. She can’t help it. Did she take her advice and go talk to Jack. She did, and he said would you marry me. Lily’s eye widen, as Carly explains that Jack was asking Janet and she walked into the middle of it. It was pathetic and she still gave it her best shot even afterwards. Lily thought they were going to work it out this time. When she found him on that island, he wanted to give them another try, but she was scared and pushed him away, Carly explains. Lily adds that she pushed him right into Janet’s arms. Carly laughs and thanks her for reminding her. Lily toasts to failed relationships. Carly thought she and Holden were working things out. She was talking about her mother. She stuck her nose in where it didn’t belong and this time she had enough and pushed her out of her and the kid’s life. It must have been hard because they have been so close. She thought she could play God with her life – when they were arrested for Dusty’s death she stood by and did nothing. Carly understands. She forgot all about that though when she saw her at the hospital. Did she tell her why she was there. No, she hardly even acknowledged her, but it is no surprise since she has been brutal to her recently. Carly smirks she can understand – she has been dishing that out to certain people recently. Lily smiles – it is not like some people didn’t deserve it. She knows she deserved it, Carly says quietly. The stare at one another for a moment before Lily tells the bartender they need more drinks.

Lucinda jokingly tells Brian he is going to regret asking her what is wrong. He wants hr to stop telling him what he will regret. She slowly tells him that she is a cancer survivor – or was one, but the cancer is back. That means a mastectomy – another one. She has to do that or she will die probably. She thought she had beat it and now she doesn’t know if she can win this time. She has to believe she can, Brian answers. Lily has cut herself off from her and that way they will be spared any goodbyes. She is not going to say goodbye to Lily, to him to anyone – he won’t let her. Lucinda laughs at his comment. He is not going to let her, she smiles – she is a sick old lady. He corrects her – she is a beautiful, brilliant and bold woman who will get through this and he is going to be there to see this happen. She doesn’t think he wants to see the hair falling out and the nausea. He doesn’t care. She does. She starts to complain and tell him all the reasons it won’t work, but he cuts her off and tells her to shut up.

Dani tells Margo, Katie and Jack that Spencer’s room only contained two sets of fingerprints – Spencer and Brad’s. Katie reminds them that Brad was in the room before. There is no other evidence that puts anyone else in the room. Katie is sure that someone wore gloves. Time of death, Margo asks. It is between 5:15PM and 5:45PM. Margo asks her about the surveillance cameras and Dani tells them Brad was seen in the lobby and then bar at 5:28PM and then he is seen leaving right after, as her voice trails off and Katie starts to tear up. Dani apologizes to Katie, but she is still denying he could have done this. Margo leaves to go get Brad. Janet comes in and tells Jack that she needs to talk with him about Carly. Katie puts her face in her hands and Janet asks what is wrong. Jack tells her that it is Brad. Margo brings Brad out who thinks he is getting released, but Margo tells him that she has no choice but to arrest him in the death of Spencer McKay. Brad’s mouth drops open, as Katie looks distraught. Jack, Janet and Katie stand by looking shocked. Janet tells Jack that he can’t let this happen. There is nothing he can do for him this time, Jack says. Margo needs to bring Brad to his cell, but Katie asks for a moment. Inside the interrogation room, Brad pleads with her to believe him. She doesn’t know what to think anymore. He did not seduce or sleep with Spencer, and he did not kill her. Someone is playing a sick game with him. Who, Katie asks. He doesn’t know, but if she doesn’t believe him or isn’t behind him then he has nothing. Katie stares at him for a moment before she tells him that she believes him. Brad and Katie hug tightly. Outside, Janet tells Jack that she has known Brad since high school and there is no way he is a murderer. Jack tells her that a month or so ago he never would have thought that, but now he doesn’t know.

Brian tells Lucinda that she thinks she has him all figured out. He doesn’t scare off that easily. He is going to be there with her when she has chemo; he will hold her hand and he is going to read her magazines articles that will probably bore her to tears. He will even help her fit a wig. That isn’t necessary. He is not doing this out of pity; he is doing it because he likes her – a lot, and he thinks she likes him too. Lucinda stumbles over her words, as she tells him that is not what it is about. He knows she has trouble trusting people. Yes. He wants to help her get over that. It is the last time she has to bring him up to speed on what the doctor’s say because it was the last time she will go to a doctor’s appointment without him. Lucinda stares at him impressed and warmed it seems by his strength and confidence in handling what she told him.

Lily tells Carly that she hates being like this, as Carly answers - cold, withholding and stubborn. Lily’s eyebrow lifts – does she have anything else she would like to add. She is just calling them like she sees it. She learned that being cold and withholding makes people work harder to get back into your good graces. Like with Holden, Carly asks. Lily adds and her mother. And people like her, Carly says. How is she doing – is she making progress, Carly asks. Maybe. So despite the coffee and drinks they are still not bosom buddies. Nope, Lily answers. Carly smiles – that is ok because she can wait.

Brad asks Katie if she is with him. She is. He is glad because together they can get through anything. Margo comes in and has to take Brad to his cell. Brad kisses Katie passionately and then leaves. Brad walks away and then gives her one backward glance as Katie gives him a confident nod and then he leaves. Afterwards, Katie starts to break down and Janet rushes over to support her, as Katie cries in her arms. Jack asks Margo what she thinks about this. Margo shakes her head – Brad left a trail of evidence that leads right to the crime scene. She hopes for Katie’s sake that he is innocent, but she thinks he is going to have a really hard time proving it. Jack looks nervous and upset, as he looks over at Katie who is sobbing.

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