ATWT Update Tuesday 11/4/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 11/4/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Brad and Katieís place) Katie encourages Brad to tell Kim that Spencer tried to seduce him but he is hesitant because he doesnít want to be a tattle tail. Katie asks him if he would advise her to do the same thing if the situation was reversed and he tells her he would kill the guy. Brad decides he will go talk to Kim about Spencer.

(TV Station) Spencer cries and tells Kim that she canít believe that Brad would try to force himself on her. Kim canít believe it either but Spencer is very persuasive and tells Kim she had to fight Brad off and leave Chicago. Spencer tells Kim she canít work with Brad anymore. Kim tells Spencer to go home and calm down because she will talk to Brad and settle the situation. Kim calls Brad and tells him to come down and talk to her about Spencer. Brad tells Kim she must have read his mind and he will be at the station in a few minutes to talk to her.

(Hughes house) Casey tells Margo it felt good to vote in the presidential election for the first time. It took the sting out of not being able to vote in the school election. Margo tells Casey that he wouldnít have gotten suspended if he would not have had a fight with Mark. Casey tells Margo that he did the right thing defending Alison from Mark. Margo insists that Casey and Alison should have told her about the incident and let her handle things instead of going after Mark on their own. Margo tells Casey that he should concentrate on getting a job since she doesnít want him wasting time at home since he isnít in school. Margo leaves and Casey plays a game of guitar hero.

(Old Town) Luke talks to voters about his ideas and is getting people interested until he finds out that Kevin is promising people who vote for him a party and a mini keg of beer for each person who votes for him. Luke is angry that Kevin is promoting under age drinking and goes to Java to confront Kevin.

(Hughes house) Alison arrives and wonders how Casey can stand to play his game so loudly. Casey turns the game off and makes a joke that Alison sounds like his mother. She doesnít think the joke is funny. Alison tells Casey they should go help Luke campaign cleanly on the last day so he can win the election. Casey doesnít think Luke has a chance to win if they donít fight dirty but goes with Alison to Old Town to help Luke campaign.

(TV Station) Kim tells Brad that Spencer accused him of making advances toward her and also said she had to fight him off and leave Chicago. Brad tells Kim that the situation happened in reverse and that it was Spencer who made advances toward him but he gently made it clear to Spencer that he loved Katie and nothing was going to happen between them. Brad tells Kim that he left the room and flew back home to tell Katie what had happened with Spencer. Brad sees the expression of doubt on Kimís face and asks her not to take Spencerís word over his word. Kim explains to Brad that the station canít afford a lawsuit so he is to have no personal contact with Spencer and behave professionally at work. Kim tells Brad she hopes the situation will resolve itself because if it doesnít he will lose his job.

(Old Town) Luke tells Casey and Alison what Kevin is doing to get votes and Casey thinks they should fight dirty to get back at Kevin. Alison tells Luke not to stoop to Kevinís level and show Kevin his dirty tricks didnít work, because he will win the election fairly.

(Java) Luke confronts Kevin and tells him that he shouldnít be promoting under-age drinking to win an election. Kevin tells Luke that he just wants the students to have fun and not be so serious all the time like him. Kevin tells Luke that he should just concede the election now because he has already lost. Luke tells Kevin that he shouldnít think he has won yet because all his dirty campaign tricks including the ďhomophobicĒ video wonít work because people are above all those dirty tricks.

(Old Town) Noah tells Luke he should be proud of what he achieved no matter who wins the election. Noah agrees to meet Luke later at Alís Diner. Casey and another friend of Lukeís suggest they stuff the ballot box but Luke refuses to cheat to win the election.

(Police station) Katie tells Margo about Spencer sexually harassing Brad in Chicago and wishes that Margo would arrest Spencer.

(Alís diner) Luke and Casey plan the rally and Casey and his friends continue to pressure Luke to stuff the ballot box while Alison and Casey advise Luke not to do it. Casey and Alison go talk outside while Noah wonders why winning the election against Kevin is so important to him. Luke explains to Noah that if Kevin loses it will be a great thing for the school. Luke doesnít think that Kevin should be rewarded for his dirty campaigning. Luke explains to Noah that from the start of the campaign Kevin made fun of him because he was different and he feels that if he wins the election, he will be doing it for everyone who has ever been teased for being different. Luke tells Noah that Kevin makes him feel like a non-person just like he did in high school when he came out as gay. Noah tells Luke that he shouldnít let a hypocrite like Kevin change the person that he is because he is great. Noah points out to Luke that he wonít really win the election if he cheats. Luke reminds Noah that Colonel Mayer always said that winning is what is most important no matter what the cost. Noah tells Luke that he canít believe that he just heard him quoting the colonel.

(Police Station) Katie tells Margo that she would feel better if Spencer was gone for good because ever since she came to town she has been trying to steal her life. Margo tells Katie that she hopes she isnít planning revenge against Spencer. Katie tells Margo she is sure Kim will fire Spencer and the problem will be solved. Margo wonders what would happen if Kim doesnít fire Spencer. Katie tells Margo that she and Brad will come up with a back up plan because Brad isnít going to let this go.

(Lakeview) Spencer takes out the bra, panties and cover up she used to try and seduce Brad in Chicago and then quickly puts it back in her duffle bag when Brad arrives to talk to her. Brad yells that Spencer is insane and demands that she go tell Kim the truth because he lost his job because of her lies. Spencer tells Brad he has no right to just burst in her room and that he is the crazy one who sexually harassed her. Spencer pushes Brad towards the door and he pulls her off of him and he blouse rips at the shoulder. Brad warns Spencer she better make things right and leaves the room. Spencer smiles and tells herself she will make things right.

(Police Station) Margo tells Katie to go home and relax and celebrate with Brad that this situation is almost over. Spencer calls and Katie asks Margo to put it on the speakerphone. Spencer tells Margo that Brad barged into her room and attacked her and ripped her clothes. Margo tells Katie to go find Brad and make sure he doesnít get into any more trouble and she will go talk to Spencer.

(Lakeview) Spencer tells Margo that Brad grabbed her by the shoulder s so forcefully her blouse ripped and she fought him off and made him leave.

(TV Station) Katie asks Brad if he attacked Spencer because she called Margo to report the attack. Brad explains that he talked to Spencer and demanded that she come and tell Kim the truth. Bead explains that her blouse accidentally ripped when he was trying to pull her of f of him. Katie tells Brad that he could be in big trouble and this time Jack wonít be able to help him. Katie leaves and Kim is angry because Brad ignored his instructions about no personal contact with Spencer and fires him.

(Alís Diner) Lukeís friend comes to get him and asks him to come with him to see something very important.

(Java) Luke arrives at Java with his friend and is angry to see Kevin already celebrating his victory.  He then tells his friend to go ahead and stuff the ballot box.

(Old Town) Casey runs into his friend, who is on his way to stuff the ballot box. Casey wonders if Luke approved this and when he finds out he did, Casey decides to go stuff the ballot box himself.

(Java) Kevin begins his acceptance speech but then is shocked when his campaign manager shows him the results of the election.

(Alís Diner) Alison arrives and wonders if they have the results yet. Casey arrives a few minutes later and tells everyone that Luke won the election. Alison is happy they ran a clean campaign. Luke smiles but then gets serious because he feels guilty that he cheated to win the election. Noah walks by and is about to go inside.  However, when he sees the look on Lukeís face, he knows he cheated to win the election.

(TV Station) Katie learns from Kim that she fired Brad. Margo arrives a few minutes later to tell Katie that Spencer is pressing charges against Brad. Margo tells Katie they should go find Brad before he makes another stupid move.

(Metro) Brad arrives to drown his sorrows and orders a boilermaker. Spencer calls and apologizes to Brad for coming on to him in Chicago. Spencer asks Brad to meet her at the Lakeview lounge so they can talk. Brad tells Spencer he will be there in a few minutes.

(Lakeview) Brad arrives and canít find Spencer in the lounge, so he calls her room.  She doesnít answer the phone, so he takes the elevator upstairs to Spencerís room. Brad finds Spencerís lifeless body face down on the bed, wearing the clothes she was using to try and seduce him in Chicago.

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