ATWT Update Monday 11/3/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 11/3/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At the farm, Emma shows Meg some baby clothes she found in the attic. Emma can see something is bothering her as they look at them. Meg thought that the clothes she would get for the baby would be brand new. They are like new, Emma offers. She just wanted this baby to be fresh new start; she feels Paul has changed and she still thinks it could be that way. Emma wants to change the subject. If she had seen him at the hospital, he was so sweet and not angry at all. She has seen that side of him before but it never holds, Emma counters.

At her daughter’s graveside, Emily talks with Jennifer about how if she had survived she feels her life would be so different. Suddenly, she sees Paul there; why is he there. Did she really think he would forget the day he lost his daughter. She thought since he is having another baby, as her voice trails off. They had Jennifer together and named her after his sister together. Emily starts to cry about how Jennifer never cried or took a breath. They sit in front of the gravestone and comfort one another.

At home, Brad snidely asks Katie why she can’t go food shopping – since she has nothing else to do. Thanks to him, Katie snaps back; they both fought on air and Kim had no choice since he didn’t even defend her. If she wants to blame him for everything then fine, Brad growls. If he wants groceries then he can get then himself, Katie snarls back. He will, as Brad stomps out the door. Katie mumbles to herself about how she has to get busy, as she strips out of her bathrobe and heads for her bedroom to get dressed.

At the hospital, Dusty is looking for Josie with a bouquet of flowers in his hand. A nurse stops him and he tells her that he is Josie’s husband. She is glad that he found her, as she directs him to where she is. Dusty approaches her at the gazebo and tells her that he wanted to apologize. She doesn’t know what got into her and why she freaked out over his wife; she apologizes too. What did he mean she was in a vision, Josie wonders. He was hoping she could tell him.

At Fashions, Katie is shopping for clothes. Her back is turned when Spencer comes in talking about needing an outfit that is revealing such as sexy underwear, as Katie listens nearby.

Josie hands back the flowers – she is tired of people answering her questions with a question. He didn’t mean to sound mysterious. She tells him that she was in an accident and felt like she was asleep for a long time, but apparently, it had been only a day. She remembers only very small pieces – her name and where she is. She is alone – so it seems. She wonders who he is. He introduces himself, as they shake. His shake is strong, she notices. Who is she to him. Does she know psychics, Dusty answers. No, she doesn’t think so. One sent him to her. She doesn’t see him as believing in those. His wife died a couple years ago after she was very sick. He puts his head down and shakes his head sadly; he is sorry to bother her, as he starts to walk off. She stops him – they should talk it through since he is already there. Talking won’t bring his wife back. What does he want. He wants his son back. After his wife died, someone took him. Why did the psychic send him to her. Her initials are JMD. He doesn’t know what he thought though. Did he think he would find his wife, Jennifer reincarnated. She is sorry she isn’t.

Back with Emily and Paul, she says that It seems so wasteful to carry a baby all those months and then she is gone… what is the point, an emotional Emily asks. Has she ever thought about having another, Paul wonders. She has Daniel. She asks how it is going with Meg. He took her advice – toe the line, not push and give Meg space. It is not easy, but he loves Meg. Emily wishes him luck. He hopes that Emily can tell Meg that she saw him, that he has changed and that he will make a good husband and father. Emily tells him that she can’t.

Emma reminds Meg that Paul has promised to change many times before and it always turns out the same. Meg thinks it is different this time; he knows he will lose the baby and her if he doesn’t. They are everything to him – he will do anything he can do keep them. Meg decides that she wants to go baby shopping otherwise she will want to start cooking, as they both laugh. What about taking Derek. She isn’t taking him shopping. What if she runs into Paul. She won’t. Emma tentatively wishes her a good time.

Katie hides as Spencer tells the sales clerk that it is her big break with this guy in Chicago and she needs to make a big impression, as she grabs the few items and tells the woman she will take these. She hopes these items work and if they do, then she will be back for more. Katie leaves quickly afterwards mumbling about needing a new life.

Dusty apologizes for barging in on Josie’s life; can he do something for her before he leaves. They can do something for one another. He should have seen it coming – she is in on it from the beginning, a suspicious Dusty snaps. No, she just meant that if he ever was back to the area and he needed to talk, but she takes back the offer since he is a grouch. He lives in Illinois, Dusty answers quietly. She starts to get emotional. He is sorry to upset her. He made her feel something – hearing about his wife and son – made her feel like she knows what it is like – maybe she lost someone too. Does she want him to find someone. No, she doesn’t know where she would start. She thinks he needs to go to find his son now and she feels he will. If she is ever in Oakdale, she should look him up, Dusty tells her. She wheels herself away. After she does, a doctor approaches Dusty thinking he is her husband; there are some things he needs to know about her condition.

Emily wants to know why she has to be the one to help him – what is in it for her. She can get Dusty because once he realizes Meg is taken then she will be all he cares about. Emily slowly shakes her head – she is through trying to get Dusty to want her. Besides Meg isn’t her competition – it is Jen. He says that, a skeptical Paul answers. There will never be anyone he loves more then her – not her or Meg. He is in love with a ghost and some things people can’t get over. She wishes, as she looks down at the grave. He understands. Emily is going to leave, but Paul tells her that he is going to sit with her a bit longer.

Katie walks in and sees Brad with bags packed; is he leaving her, a nervous Katie wonders. Is she crazy. He knows things have been rough for them, but he is not going anywhere and he hopes she feels the same. She does. She starts to mention how she saw Spencer, but then asks him where he is going. He has an assignment and then he changes the subject back to Spencer – did she talk with her. No, she saw Spencer, but she didn’t see her. Katie explains that she is up to something, as Brad cuts her off. He doesn’t want to hear it. She can’t give up on this. They are fine, but he can’t get into another discussion with her about Spencer; she has to let this go somehow. He has to get to Chicago, as Katie makes a realization that he is the one that Spencer is meeting in Chicago. Yes, they are covering the election. The hell he is, Katie snaps. She tells Brad that he needs to call Kim and tell him that he can’t do this, as she holds out the phone and Brad stares at her.

At Fashions, Meg is shopping when Emily walks in and wonders why she isn’t somewhere with her feet up. The walls are starting to close in, Meg admits. She knows the feeling, as Emily looks emotional. Meg expresses how it must be a rough day for her today since it was 2 years ago that she delivered her baby; she is sorry. Emily thanks her. Most people don’t understand when you tell them your baby was stillborn – but she had a birthday, Emily laments. It is the same with a miscarriage Meg empathizes; they expect you to get over it easily, and they say stuff like it was for best and Emily adds that it is God’s will. What it really is awful. She showed a lot of courage getting through it, Meg says. Emily tells her that she is brave to do it again - she couldn’t. She didn’t give it a second thought – she wanted to have Paul's child, but now she isn’t sure she even wants to know him. Maybe she made a mistake. She didn’t, Emily smiles.

The doctor tells Dusty that they did extensive testing – physically there is nothing wrong with Josie. What is going on with her memory, Dusty wonders. There are notable gaps, but that is normal with trauma. What kind of trauma. They don’t know because she was unconscious when she was admitted and all she knows is her name. They can’t do much more for her now so she is free to be released. Dusty tells the doctor he will tell her. The doctor is about to leave when he hands Dusty the bill since she told him that she didn’t have any insurance.

Brad ignores Katie and asks her if she has seen his cell phone charger. Katie tries to tell him that she heard Spencer talking to the salesperson at Fashions about how she is meeting a guy in Chicago. Brad wants her to stop – Spencer is not into him. She has no reason to be jealous of her. Is it possible that she misunderstood what she was talking about. She is scared, Katie admits. Brad tells her that she has no reason to be scared, as he kisses her and then heads out.

Josie is unsure because she is getting essentially kicked out of the only place she can remember. What will she do. He will drop her off at her home. She is at a cheap hotel up the road. She was going to start looking for a job, but she has to figure out what to do about the hospital bill now. The social worker gave her a list of shelters so maybe she can stay there until she figures it out. She hopes Dusty driving her back there is not an inconvenience. He tells her that they will swing by the place she is staying to pick up her belongings because then she is coming home with him. She is surprised by this offer – she doesn’t know him. She doesn’t know anyone. She could say she never takes handouts, but she doesn’t know, she laughs. She doesn’t know anything about him. She knows she can trust him. She can and she doesn’t know how. It is instinct, Dusty says.

In Old Town at a bench, Emily sits with Meg and tells her that when she was at Jenny’s grave, Paul was there. Meg is happy to see he was there. He was grieving for Jennifer too, and he wants to be a father. Does she think he is capable, Meg wonders. If he is given a chance, Emily answers. She left him there and he might be still at the gravesite. Meg smiles appreciatively and heads off.

At the hotel, Spencer tells Brad at least they had one room of theirs to get ready. Brad is happy to go over their questions somewhere quiet. Spencer is thrilled that they are here; she thinks they should celebrate. He tells her they could afterwards because they have tons of research between Presidential and local elections. Spencer shakes her head in coy disapproval. Brad doesn’t think they should. He is so tense. She will be right back, as she heads into ht bathroom. Brad is going over his notes and trying to pop the champagne when Spencer comes out in a lacy black and blue bra with thigh-highs. Brad stares with his mouth open. He wonders what she is doing. She approaches him and puts her leg seductively up on his chair. Brad jumps back telling her to get dressed – they have to work. There is plenty of time. He is married. He and Katie don’t get along and they do. He won't cheat on his wife. She wants him to help her out of her bra. He knows they have been spending a lot of time together, but Oakdale Now will be back and then there won’t be spending all that time together. She thinks he can handle two women, as she kisses him. Brad stares at her with his eyes wide open, as she kisses him.

At WOAK, Kim is telling Katie that she had to make another tough choice –she could have browbeat her and Brad to be nice onscreen or she could have given them a break to save their marriage. She was just trying to help, Katie realizes and she starts to cry. Kim hugs her. Are things better between she and Brad – she hopes so. Things won’t be better between them until Spencer is gone, an emotional Katie tells her.

Spencer is cornering Brad, who is backing up away from her. She knows he wants this, Spencer says, as Brad wants to know why she thinks that. He has protected and comforted her. He is always trying to find a way to touch her. He hasn’t. He would touch her arm and stuff like that. It is a two way street, as she grabs at him. He is sorry he sent mixed signals, but she needs to let this go. His phone rings and he answers it, much to the chagrin of Spencer. He is thrilled that it is Greg from the crew and he tells him that he will be right down. Spencer tells him that he is not going anywhere. They have to go because people are waiting for them; she is a nice girl and they can fix this, as he starts to walk by her. They will do the assignment and then they will talk in public. She isn’t going anywhere until he takes her into his arms and says they are meant to be together. He is meant to be together with Katie – his wife - only. What is she then, Spencer frowns. She is the woman he does a TV show with. She needs to get dressed and they will forget about this. Or what. He will leave and she can do the show alone. He is not going to pass up the chance to be a national star covering the Presidential election – he would never do that. Watch him, as he grabs his bags and heads for the door.

Meg finds Paul still at Jennifer’s graveside. He is surprised she remembered. She wouldn’t forget. Emily told him that he was there. He can give her time alone. She doesn’t need that; she was looking for him. She told Jennifer all about him and their baby, Paul admits. He told her how when they got together she was a nurse and needed to take care of him and since then he has made it all about her healing him. Meg tells him that she wants more then that. He does too; he knows she can’t fix him and that he has to make himself better. She wants him better, and she wants him to be a part of their child’s life. It hurts when she thinks of them not together. Paul tenderly touches her cheek – they will be – but he has to earn that right to be a family and he will on his daughter’s grave.

At the Lakeview, Dusty introduces Josie to the front desk manager. He wants to get her a room – preferably on his floor, unless she wants different. Whatever they have, but then adds, if it is possible to have a view of something other then an alley. How long will she be staying. Dusty tells him – indefinitely, as Josie looks at him, while Dusty is writing out a check.

At the farm, Meg walks in and Emma talks about how she thought she would come home armed with baby clothes. She started at Fashions, but then she went to see Paul she adds slowly. Emma shakes her head in disapproval. Meg explains that he is having a sad day because it is the anniversary of his baby’s death. Emma bets he wasn’t surprised to see her. He didn’t ask her to come and he didn’t use it to his advantage either. She wonders how her mom can have compassion for everyone else but him. Emma tells her simply it is because she is her baby. Soon, she will know about that. Meg smiles – that is a sneaky way to win an argument. She is going to make her tea. Paul calls to make sure she got home ok. She did. He doesn’t want to bother her. He didn’t, as they say their goodbyes. Emma is unsure still; she thinks he might have wanted to make sure that she wasn’t with Dusty or some other man. Meg thinks she is reading too much into that call. She thinks he finally understands how much she loves him and will learn to trust in that and then they can finally make it.

Katie comes home with some groceries and finds an empty home, as she starts to get upset. Brad comes rushing in from behind telling her that he missed and loves her. She smiles, kisses him back and jokes about buying groceries for him. He tells her that she was right and he just couldn’t see it. Katie interrupts him – she wants to know what happened – why isn’t he in Chicago. He was, but she was right – Spencer was out of control. Katie realizes she is talking about the underwear. He saw it. He was working and going over the polls and she was all over him saying that she wouldn’t work unless, as his voice trails off. Katie interrupts wanting to know what he did. He came home and couldn’t wait to see her and tell her how wrong he was. He hopes she forgives him. She wants him to forgive her. She should have been less defensive and concentrated on just loving him. They kiss, but Katie stops it telling him that he needs to call Kim and tell her what happened.

At WOAK, Kim is alarmed to see Spencer there and not in Chicago. What happened, an alarmed Kim wonders. She couldn’t stay there after what happened with Brad; she completely misjudged him. They got there, there was only one room available at the time, and so they took it to wait. Brad wanted to have champagne to celebrate being there and he was being such a kid; she didn’t feel right, but she didn’t want him to feel bad. He opened the champagne and then Brad wanted her to take her clothes off; Kim can’t believe it. She thought he was kidding and she tried to talk him out of it. He refused to go to work unless she had sex with him. She pleads with Kim to do something about Brad.

Upstairs in the room, Dusty wonders what Josie thinks. Josie tells him that it is great; she could fit three of the rooms she was staying at in this one. She is a little tired from traveling though. He gives her all of his numbers in case she needs it. She remarks about his private jet, this room and paying her medical bills. She needs to pay him back. It is not necessary because he isn’t broke. He thinks she would do that same. She doesn’t think based on the word of a psychic that she would do that for stranger. She wonders if he would move into a room paid for by a stranger. Probably not. Does she think they made a mistake. If they did, it is huge. They both smile at one another.

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