ATWT Update Thursday 10/30/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 10/30/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Java) Alison doesn’t want to explain the details of her attack to Emily, but after some coaxing, she tells her the details of her attack. Alison tells Emily that since the men were wearing masks she couldn’t identify them. Emily is upset because she thinks Margo is refusing to help Alison because she is her sister and heads to the police station to give Margo a piece of her mind.

(Police Station) Casey is annoyed with Margo because she made him spend the night in jail for defending Alison. Margo reminds Casey that they had no evidence to prove that Mark and his friends attacked Alison. Margo apologizes to Casey that without evidence there is nothing she can do. Margo tells Casey that his parole officer is willing to look the other way if Mark doesn’t press charges against him. Margo tells Casey that she will try to get the charges reduces to a misdemeanor charge. Mark arrives to press assault charges against Casey.

(Al’s Diner) Kevin arrives to get something to eat. Luke tells Kevin that he didn’t think he was the type of person to order his friends to hurt Alison. Kevin tells Luke he had nothing to do with what happened to Alison because all he wanted was to run a clean campaign. Kevin once again apologizes for the video and Luke apologizes for using Alison to spy on him. Kevin advises Luke to drop out of the campaign and admit to himself that the real reason he wanted to run was to beat him and get back at him for not returning his feelings for him.

(Hospital) Meg arrives for her sonogram appointment and Paul arrives to tell Meg that he just finished an appointment with Dr. Michaels and he feels better he also makes it clear to Meg he is committed to getting better. Meg is so happy for Paul and so moved that he is getting help that she tells him that he can stay to see the sonogram. Paul is happy that Meg allowed him to stay to view the sonogram.

(Lakeview) Dusty sees the physic and asks her why she is stalking him and she explains to him that Lisa hired her to entertain thee guests. Dusty tells the psychic to let Paul know that he knows exactly what he is trying to do to him.

(Hospital) Paul tells Meg that she and the baby mean everything to him and he won’t stop until he is well enough to be with them again.

(Police Station) Margo questions Mark, who denies everything that Alison told her about him and his friends. Emily arrives and interrupts the interrogation screaming that Margo shouldn’t take out her hatred for her on Alison. Emily is so angry she says Margo’s full name and Mark realizes Margo is Casey’s mother. Margo demands that Emily leave so she g9es to the hallway and Margo and Emily scream at each other. Margo insists that she wants justice for Alison just like she does for any other woman who is assaulted. Margo explains to Emily that there is nothing that she can do since the guys wore masks and Alison can’t identify them. Emily tells Margo that since she won’t do anything to catch these guys she intends to write a story in the paper about what happened to Alison.

(Hospital) The doctor tells Meg and Paul the baby has a strong heart beat and is growing normally so she should keep up the good work to make sure the baby is born healthy. Meg asks the doctor for two sonogram pictures and then leaves them alone for a moment. Paul is happy that the baby is doing well and puts his hand on Meg’s stomach and once again thanks her for letting him share this moment with her. Paul leaves Meg to get dressed and she tells him he can walk her out. Dusty arrives accusing Paul of sending the physic to talk to him about Jennifer and Johnny. Paul tells Dusty he is sorry that the physic reminded him of Jennifer and Johnny but he had nothing to do with it because they called a truce. Dusty insists that Paul is trying to drive him crazy and then Meg arrives to break up the war of words. Dusty explains everything to Meg and tells her the physic told him Lisa had hired her but he doesn’t believe her. Meg defends Paul and advises Dusty too talk to Lisa before he accuses Paul of doing anything. Dusty tells Meg he will find out the truth and return with proof that Paul is setting him up.

(Police Station) Margo tells Alison her men found her clothes and cell phone, but there were no fingerprints on any of the items, so she still can’t prove Mark and his friends attacked her. Margo asks Alison to help her persuade Mark not to press charges against Casey. Margo and Alison go into the interrogation room and Margo tells Mark that Alison has agreed to do a voice identification of him. Mark refuses to read any of the sentences that Margo wants him to read telling her that she can’t make him do anything. Margo tells Mark that a judge can make him read the sentences for the voice identification. Mark tells Margo he won’t press charges against Casey because it isn’t worth it. Margo tells Casey he should thank Alison for his freedom and tells him that she doesn’t want to arrest him again.

(Lakeview) Emily tells Dusty that she heard Lisa say she was hiring a physic to entertain the guests. Dusty is surprised that Paul told him the truth. Emily advises Dusty to find some way to let go of Jennifer and Johnny. Dusty tells Emily he is fine and doesn’t need a life coach.

(Farm) Paul thanks Meg for allowing him to bring her home and for defending him to Dusty. Paul tells Meg that he will get better so that he can have her and the baby back in his life.

(Lakeview) Dusty holds Jennifer’s wedding ring and remembers their wedding in the hospital before she died.

(Al’s Diner) Casey thanks Alison for helping him get out of jail and also apologizes for getting her involved in this mess. Casey tells Alison he never would have been able to forgive himself if those guys had hurt her. Luke arrives and also apologizes to Alison. Luke also informs Casey that he has been suspended from school because of his fight with Mark. Casey worries about how he is going to break the news to his parents. Luke considers dropping out of the election but Alison and Casey encourage him to stay in the election and fight to win. Luke vows to do whatever it takes to win the election.

(Java) Kevin tells Mark that it was a stupid idea to attack Alison and he is glad that the whole mess is finished. Kevin also tells Mark that he doesn’t care that Luke is gay and he should stop concentrating on that part of Luke’s life. Mark tells Kevin politics is a dirty business and he should be willing to play dirty if he wants to win.

(Lakeview) Dusty remembers when he and Jennifer got engaged he also remembers the day she died. Dusty asks himself why he can’t seem to let Jennifer go.  He lies down on his bed.

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