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Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At the station, Margo is talking with some officers about Mischief Night and how they shouldn’t get too concerned with kids acting out as long as it is harmless fun; kids aren’t normally arrested unless they do something really bad. It is not like this is the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. Tom laughs behind her as she talks with these young officers who know nothing about that or Al Capone. Margo wonders why he is in such a good mood. Casey is out at a party and they have the house to themselves. Margo smiles coyly.

At Yo’s, a drunken Casey is looking for his costume, which he can’t find and no one seems to know anything about it. He asks Kevin about where ‘his new girlfriend’ is (Alison) pretending he doesn’t know her. Kevin, who is abrupt with him, says he doesn’t know.

In the car, Alison is upset and freaked out to have a pillowcase pulled over her head. They tell her to stop struggling or she will ruin the surprise. At a dorm room, the pillowcase is taken off and Alison asks them what they want. They have seen her movies and were hoping an autograph on a body part of her choosing. She doesn’t think it is funny, as she is surrounded by four guys in masks. She wants them to let her go and she wants to know who they are. They are her biggest fans.

At Carly’s home, Liberty arrives, dressed as a hippie when Parker opens the door. Parker goes to kiss her, but Liberty back off a bit when a giddy Jack and Janet come in. They need to talk with Carly, as she comes out from the kitchen after hearing voices. Jack wants to talk with her alone, as Parker suggests that he and Liberty go upstairs as each adult chimes in no and Liberty suggests they go outside. Janet tells her happily that it is official – they are engaged and it wouldn’t have happened without her, as Janet holds out her hand. Carly tries to look ok with it, as Jack looks a bit uncomfortable while they exchange quick looks. She knows they have had their moments, but she has been so nice to her and since they are almost family, she wants Carly to know she appreciates all she has done. Carly awkwardly thanks her, as they hug. Jack suggests they tell the kids quietly, as Carly goes to get Sage while explaining that JJ is at a friend’s house. Jack and Janet share the news about their impending marriage, which Parker already knew about. Liberty jokes about her having no control while they were outside. He looks unhappy and Sage looks stunned and wonders if her mom knows. She does, Jack assures her and she is happy for them. Jack goes on to tell them how happy Janet has made him from the very first day; she is a wonderful person, mom and now fiancée. He hopes they will welcome her and Liberty into their family and grow to love them as much as he does.

Carly is sadly listening from the kitchen. Parker wants to head out quickly and his displeasure with this announcement is not hidden well, as he heads for the door and Liberty follows him. Janet looks down as they head off. Outside, Liberty is thrilled that her mom found the perfect guy in Jack. Parker thinks it is a nightmare; she will be her stepsister. It will just be horrible; they are like family now. She thinks it is cool. He does not like this at all. Inside, Janet sits Sage down on the couch and tells her that she loves his dad and wants to make him happy. Does she want to see the ring, she wonders. Sage has no reaction, as Jack looks worried. Janet wants to talk with her alone so Jack steps back. She knows she loves her mom and she is not trying to replace her because she is Liberty’s mom already and she is a handful, she jokes. She is just going to have three parents instead of two; does she know what is good about that - when she wants something that her parents don’t want her to have like a new outfit, pair of shoes or a piercing – she can come to her and she will take her. She teases her that she draws the line at tattoos though, as she smiles at Jack and Jack smiles back. Sage barely smiles though and a dejected Carly, who has been listening from the other room, tries to keep it together before she takes a deep breath and walks out with some drinks. She puts on a fake smile, as she puts the tray down. Sage immediately walks over to her and asks her why she is letting this happen. Carly looks at Jack who looks back at her saddened. Janet looks at them both.

Casey wants to talk with Kevin, but he isn’t in the mood since he is talking with a girl dressed as a cheerleader. Casey explains that it is personal. The girl gives them time. Where is the girl he was with, Casey asks. Why is he so interested. He thought she was hot, Casey answers as he continues to pretend to not know Alison and so does Kevin.

Alison tells the guys that she isn’t who they think she is; she gets it a lot because she supposedly looks like this girl. They snicker and put in the movie telling her that they will see. Once the movie starts, they declare she is one in the same. Alison’s cell phone rings, as she tells them that it is her boyfriend and if she doesn’t answer then he will know there is a problem. One of the masked guys grabs the phone and mentions how she is dating a Casey. Alison adds that he is a cop. The guy laughs and tells her that they know it is Casey Hughes and he is not a cop. She pretends to not know whom they are talking about. They know she knows Casey since they saw her talking with him and the ‘Fairy Boys’. Alison is angry – this is about the election. No. Alison tells them that they screwed up and now the police will know what this is about if anything happens to her. Nothing is going to happen to her – she is going to do something to them – not like she hasn’t done it before. She is not that girl, Alison continues. They need more evidence so they should see more of her to know. The two other guys grab her and she pleads with them to not do this because she won’t tell anyone. They want her to do what she did in the movie – except live and in person. Alison struggles with them and then slaps another one. He pushes her to the wall and she falls. The four masked men then tell her that she is going to strip to the music, as they hold up a camera phone. Alison glares at them but then slowly starts to undress. Then she stops and tells them that she can’t as she tries to get out of the door. One of them grabs her and whispers that it is show time. She can’t get out the door because it is locked, as they all stare at her and force her to continue telling her to undress to the blaring punk rock music – like a stripper would. She reluctantly starts to undress again. She takes off her shirt and then her pants. She covers herself nervously, as she stands there in her underwear and angrily asks them if they have had their fun now, as she tries to leave again. The same masked man grabs her and tells her that she might want to relax because she is going to be there for a while.

At the Lakeview, Margo tells Tom that she is glad that he convinced her to come out on a date; they haven’t done that in a long time. They joke about everyone being healthy and finally happy. Also, that Emily is out of their lives. It seemed too easy and they wonder if Casey was just trying to annoy them. They are glad that is the extent of it these says. They also remark to each other about being glad that he is involved in this student election because he is at school, going to classes and focused now. Tom thinks he is staying out of trouble – maybe he has grownup. Margo jokes about not going that far.

Outside Yo’s, Casey tries to reach Alison by phone to no avail. He tells her on her voice mail that he is worried about her because Kevin was acting strange and he hopes she just left early and is heading home, but he wants her to call him.

Janet is collecting the empty glasses and putting them back on the tray to take to the kitchen, as she asks Sage if she wants to help. No thanks she answers, as Janet jokes about leaving all the fun to her. Jack and Carly sit down with Sage. Jack tells her that he loves her and he knows that she is upset, but how many times did he and Carly tell her that they weren’t getting back together. He is just asking her to give Janet a chance because she is going to be a big part of their lives. Carly chimes in that it might be nice to have someone like Liberty help her with the boys. Sage smiles weakly. Jack asks Sage to go help Janet in the kitchen; Sage is reluctant, but Carly convinces her to go. Jack thanks Carly for all she did. Carly smiles sadly and tells him that they have to hand it to Sage because she doesn’t give up easily. Jack smiles and remarks about whom Sage got that from, as they both smile at one another. In the kitchen, Janet tries to talk with Sage and joke more about how she can always do the dishes at her house when she comes for a visit. Sage is backed up against the wall not really responding when Janet asks her with help in getting the gloves off her hands. Sage helps pull them off. Janet tells her that she isn’t going to push her, but she needs to know that she loves her dad and wants to make him happy. She heads out of the room and Sage goes to put the gloves on the counter when she feels something inside. She turns them upside down and Janet’s engagement ring comes out, as Sage looks at it and smirks.

Outside on the porch, Liberty tells Parker that no matter what happens, Parker will always be special. She doesn’t love him, Parker answers shortly. She is 16 and he is younger. Does he embarrass her. No, they are in different grades, have different friends and will most likely be going to different colleges. They will probably end up in different places, but it is ok because they will always be family. He doesn’t want that and she is happy about this because she is breaking up with him. She isn’t because they will be family so they will be together forever; this is what it has to be. He doesn’t want it that way; this is totally all on her, as he is getting more worked up. Jack opens the door to ask if everything is ok out there. Everything sucks now and it is all because of him, Parker snaps as he stomps off. Liberty starts to tear up, as Jack looks upset.

Kevin is talking to the same girl dressed as a cheerleader and wants to know if she wants to go somewhere private. She agrees, and as they are about to walk off, Kevin’s campaign manager, Mark, comes back. Kevin wants to know where he was. He smugly answers that he was taking care of a problem. Kevin pauses, but then tells him that he will see him later.

In Old Town, an out of it and shocked-looking Alison, dressed only in her underwear, with mascara running down her face, opens a gate and peers out. She sees Casey walk by and calls to him. He sees her state and quickly takes off his coat to cover her. Is she hurt. Alison shakes her head. Is she sure. Alison shakes her head again, but Casey wraps her in his jacket and tells her that he will get her out of there, as they head off.

At home, Casey is waiting for Alison to come out; she is now dressed in some of his clothes. She thanks him for the clothes. She wouldn’t have known what she would have done if he hadn’t found her; she would have had to gone to Al’s in her underwear. Casey thinks that they need to call his mom, as Alison is adamant that they not do that because she hates her. She does not, Casey assures her. She is Emily’s sister. This has nothing to do with that; she won’t blame her for what those guys did. She wants the cops left out of this. She sits down and Casey asks her tentatively what happened. It was awful. Casey slowly asks if they hurt her. Not physically. Did they hurt her other ways. They kept saying they were going to, but they didn’t. Casey wants to know why they would do this. Alison tells him that they had one of her movies there and they told her that they wanted her to do the stuff in the movies to them, but they didn’t in the end. Casey still can’t understand why they would do this to her. They said to her that they knew who she was and what she was up to. Casey realizes it has something to do with the campaign, but Kevin was at Yo’s the entire night… it must have been his friends, he surmises. She never saw their faces. Did she remember their voices. She thinks so. Did she see the place. It was like a dorm room with blue walls and she could hear cars. Casey realizes which dorm it is. Alison remembers that the guy in charge had a key to the room. Casey is stunned that he would bring her to his own room. Alison wants to head over there now, but Casey thinks she needs to rest. She wants to do this now while it is still fresh in her mind. Is she sure, they shouldn’t call the police. No. Casey agrees to go, but before he does, he apologizes again. It isn’t his fault. He asked her to spy. He apologizes again. Once he leaves, Margo and Tom come home and are surprised to see Alison. She jumps up and tells them that she is just waiting for Casey. Casey comes in and tells them quickly that they are headed out for another party. They head out with a quick goodbye. Margo remarks about another Stewart woman. Tom laughs – they are just friends. Margo tells him that she was wearing his clothes. Tom’s face drops. Margo remarks about so much for not getting into trouble.

At Al’s, Jack walks in to find Parker sitting at a table alone. If he is trying to hide, he should have picked a less conspicuous place. That is not what he is doing. Liberty told him what happened. Does he mean the part that she blew him off because he and Janet are getting married now. That is not how she put it; she is upset. He doesn’t understand why they have to have a completely new relationship since he and Janet have a different one now. They are young and they will go through 10 different paths before they decide which one they chose. He asks Parker if he is the person he wants to be when he grows up. Parker says nothing but appears to understand his point. That is how Liberty feels right now and if in the end they decide they want to be together then nothing will keep them apart…other then the fact that she is older and wiser, Jack jokes. He is sorry because he didn’t meant to mess things up for him. Parker wants to know if this whole thing with Janet is going to work or is his mom going to mess it up like always, as Jack says nothing.

Janet promises Liberty that Parker will come around. Liberty worries about when they get married and they are in the house on the same night for a sleep over. Janet is quick to tell her that they will work out a schedule for that. Liberty giggles because sharing a bathroom with Parker would be disturbing. Janet wonders if Jack’s kids will ever not hate her. Liberty reminds her that Sage is young and has always wanted her parents together and Parker wasn’t thinking if her. She thinks given time, they will come around and learn to love her like she does. Janet thanks her for her support. How long does she think it will take, Janet asks. Ten years tops, Liberty jokes. Janet makes a fist and jokes about giving her one on the kisser when Liberty notices her ring is gone. Janet looks down and is panicked to see she is right – her ring is missing.

Carly asks Sage if she wants to play a game of monopoly. No. Jack and Parker come back and Carly is glad Jack found him. Jack says goodbye. After he leaves, Carly asks Parker if he would he like to talk. No. Would he like to play a board game with them – even less, Parker answers. Parker leaves and Carly wants to talk with Sage. She knows she got her hopes up because she and Jack were getting along – she did too, she admits. She was wrong though and they aren’t going to get back together. She always tells them not to give up, Sage answers. She also knows when to be realistic; you have to be able to recognize when something you really want is not going to happen, Carly counters. They aren’t married yet; what if Janet does something that makes her dad really mad, as we see her secretly unclench the ring in the palm of her hand unbeknownst to Carly. Carly asks Sage what she knows that she doesn’t.

At the dorms, Casey and Alison arrive, but she can’t tell the floor exactly because they had the pillowcase over her eyes. Casey wants her to close her eyes and try to remember. She thinks all dorms smell the same, but then she hears music playing. It is a metal punk rock type and Alison recalls that was what they were playing - she will never forget it. Casey pounds on the door and Mark answers. He tries to abruptly close the door on him, but Casey pushes in asking him if he is surprised. Alison stands at a safe distance behind near the doorway. There is another guy in the room that steps back and out of the way. Casey heads for Mark, hits him across the jaw and knocks him down. Mark gets up and Casey hits him again, as the other guy heads out the door. They start to fight, as Casey yells about him beating up on a girl, but Mark pretends to not know what he is talking about. Alison yells for Casey to stop, as security and a few other kids show up. The security guard asks Casey if he lives in the dorm and when Casey says no, he is hauled away. Mark tells the guard he wants to press charges and then taunts Casey by telling him that he is going back to jail. Alison glares at him for a moment before she leaves.

Tom and Margo are sharing a bowl of ice cream when Margo’s phone rings in a cop siren. Margo laughs explaining that Casey personalizes her rings – it is the station. Tom thinks she should let it go to voice mail because the mayor’s car probably got egged, but Margo feels she has to get it. She answers it, and soon is very unhappy to be getting the news she gets. She tells the person on the other end that she will be right down and hangs up. Tom worries about what is wrong. Casey beat up a student, the security guard arrested him, and he is now downtown. Tom is irate because that is a violation of his probation – he could go back to jail. Margo shakes her head commenting about that not taking long.

Janet is feverishly looking through a trashcan, as Liberty tells her that the ring isn’t in the car. It has to be somewhere because she didn’t go too many places. The doorbell rings and Jack announces himself through the door. Janet doesn’t want Liberty to tell him what happened or she won’t get the new shoes she wanted. Jack comes in and immediately can tell something is wrong. Janet breaks down and tells him that she lost the ring – she knows he won’t forgive her and no wonder his kids hate her. He wants her to stop thinking like that, because his kids don’t hate her – they just need time to adjust to the fact they are getting married. They aren’t getting married, Janet snaps because she lost the ring. They will find it, Jack promises. They won’t – it is an omen that they shouldn’t get married so she doesn’t ruin his life like she did her own, as Liberty wants to know what that means. Jack wants her to slow down; she can’t talk him out of marrying him – she is stuck with him, as they hug.

Carly tries to tempt Sage with chocolate cookies. She is not hungry. She has to stop hoping that Jack won’t marry Janet because they love each other. Sage closes her hand and looks down at it telling her mom that they will see. Carly sees this and wonders what she has in her hands. Sage hesitates, but then shows her. Carly is stunned when she sees the ring. Why does she have it. It fell off in her glove when she was doing the dishes and she didn’t see it. Why didn’t she tell her. Her dad hates when they lose stuff, Sage answers. Carly realizes what she was doing. Sage says that her dad would be really mad at Janet. Carly finishes it and tells her that she thought he wouldn’t marry her. She knows how wrong this is and it isn’t going to work, Carly tells her.

At the station, two officers are holding Mark and Casey apart, as Margo and Tom walk up and Mark yells about Casey being an animal and attacking him – he has witnesses. Casey yells back about him kidnapping Alison. Tom wants to know if Casey has been charged. Mark tells him that he better be. The officer explains how security pulled Casey off of Mark and there are witnesses, as he points to them standing nearby. Margo snarls for them to get Mark out of there. She will get his and his friends statements in the morning. After everyone clears out, Margo demands that Casey to tell her what happened. Casey tells her about how they blindfolded and kidnapped Alison; they almost raped her. A concerned Margo hears this and asks Alison if she was raped. No, but they almost did. Casey adds that they made her take off all her clothes. Alison mentions that they through her into a wall and she hurt herself. Margo wants to know why Casey had to go after them. Alison was able to bring him right to their dorm room. Margo wonders if she could identify them in a line up. Alison sadly shakes her head and tells her that she doesn’t think so because they wore masks. Casey is irate – they did it because she was trying to get information about Kevin’s campaign for Luke; they work for Kevin. Margo wants to know if that is true. Casey chimes in that he asked her to do it. Margo isn’t surprised. Thy brought her back to their own dorm room. He is dumb to react like that and go after them considering he is on parole. He is in big trouble. Alison doesn’t think it is fair because he was only going after them because of her. Margo corrects her – Casey did that because he never thinks before he reacts. She snaps that he will have plenty of time to think about what he did when he goes back to jail to serve out his full sentence. Casey stands there staring at her with a stone face.

At Brad and Katie’s, Carly rings the bell, as Liberty answers while Jack and Janet are busy looking for her ring. Carly walks in and Jack wonders if everything is ok. It is, but she knew they might be looking for this, as she produces the ring. Janet is ecstatic and hugs Carly thankfully. Carly explains that it was in the gloves when she did the dishes. Jack thanks Carly, as they glance at one another. Carly starts to make a quick exit but stops when she hears Janet ask Jack to put the ring back on her hand while Liberty watches. Once he does, Carly heads out silently without a word.

Margo and Tom direct Casey to the interrogation room while Alison promises that Casey was just protecting her. She may not be able to swear to it in court, but she knows it was them. They knew who she was, the movie she made and they knew what she was doing for Luke’s campaign and Mark is the Kevin’s campaign manager – it can’t all be a coincidence. Alison and Casey are upset that he is the one who is getting punished. Margo explains Mark and his friends have evidence and they don’t. She wants Alison to go home and get some rest and maybe she can think of something that she didn’t remember tonight. Alison wonders what will happen to Casey. He has to stay there tonight and then they call his PO in the morning. Casey is upset that she is doing this. Margo tells Alison she will have a uniformed officer take her home. Alison promises to see Casey in the morning; she kisses him on the cheek and thanks him. After she leaves, Margo demands to know what he was thinking. Casey yells that he was thinking his friend got kidnapped, threatened and humiliated and he is the one getting arrested.

At his dorm room, Mark shows Kevin the video of Alison being forced to strip down to her underwear. Kevin slams the laptop shut. He can’t believe her did this, as Mark is proud of himself – he thinks it is ‘hot.’ Not to mention what he has on his laptop is evidence. If they find this he will get arrested – he has to get rid of it now, Kevin warns.

Casey tries to explain what it was like to find Alison dumped in Old Town with no clothes. That is why he took her home and gave her something of his to wear. When they came home, why didn’t they tell them, Margo asks. Alison didn’t want him to tell because she knows how she felt about Emily and she didn’t want her to think she was another ‘crazy Stewart woman.’ Tom and Margo don’t think that is fair. Margo reminds him how she feels about abused women; she never would have disregarded Alison because her last name is Stewart. Casey tells her honestly that he doesn’t know what she would have done. Therefore, they go and act on their own and violate the terms of his parole, Margo yells. He didn’t think it out that far in advance. He never does – instead he just assumes that she and his father will clean up his messes. Margo glares at him before she opens the door and calls for an officer to come and take Casey to his cell. Casey can’t believe she is doing this, as the surprised officer takes him out of the room. Casey looks back at her, but Margo closes the door on him.

Jack and Janet are sitting on the couch as Janet admires her ring. Jack apologizes for how his kids treated her. Janet has empathy – Sage is young. What is Parker’s excuse, Jack asks. Janet remarks that his girlfriend is about to become his stepsister. They both make a disgruntled noise. He promises that they will come around. She is not worried because when he makes a promise he keeps it, as they kiss.

Carly comes home to find Parker and Sage playing a board game. Both are pretty silent as Carly talks. She knows this news is hard to take for a lot of reasons. They all love their father; he is happy because of Janet, and she is not going to let them ruin it for him because he is not doing what they want him to do. Has she made herself clear, as both of them nod. She tells them to head upstairs. Parker stops to speak with Carly after Sage leaves and tells her that he doesn’t believe her. She can say as many times as she wants that she wants Jack to be happy with Janet, but they both know that will never be true. He heads upstairs after, as Carly stares ahead knowing he speaks the truth.

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