ATWT Update Tuesday 10/28/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 10/28/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Old Town) Someone in a Halloween costume and black mask takes down one of Kevin’s campaign posters. Alison sees the person and tells the person to stop doing that because it isn’t fair and there is no need to take down the poster since there is plenty of space on the window. The person takes off his mask and Alison is shocked to see Casey under the mask and wonders why he is fighting dirty since Luke would want to run a clean campaign. Casey explains that politics is a dirty business and Kevin has already taken the low road making fun of Luke’s sexual orientation. Alison wonders if Luke has seen the video and Casey tells her he doesn’t think so or he would have called them by now.

(Farm) Aaron sees Luke dressed as a pirate and Noah dressed as a cowboy and wonders if they are going to a costume party. Luke explains to Aaron that they are having a Halloween party at Yo’s and he is taking the opportunity to make a statement by wearing a pirate costume to tell the voters that he will make things right at school if they vote for him. Luke and Noah notice that Aaron is sad and they invite him to come to the party but he refuses because he knows Alison will be there since she has been helping them with their campaign. Casey calls and tells Luke they must meet at Java to talk campaign strategy. Luke and Noah head to Java before going to the Halloween party and both wonder why Casey wants to meet with them before the party.

(Worldwide) Brian tells Lucinda that it is hard to find ideas that Luke Likes to do for the foundation and Lucinda tells Brian it is because Luke has such big ideals. Brian wishes that Luke were a cynic so he wouldn’t set such a high bar for the foundation. Lucinda tells Brain that she misses being with her grandchildren today and watching them pick out and dress in their Halloween costumes. Brain suggests to Lucinda that they both go out and have some fun and forget about their troubles for a while and Lucinda happily accepts the invitation.

(Java) Luke and Noah arrive at Java. Luke is puzzled because several guys from school ask him why he isn’t wearing his tutu. Luke tells Noah that maybe he should have worn an Indiana Jones costume instead of a pirate costume. Casey tell Luke and Noah that Kevin’s campaign posted a video on the internet that shows Luke in a tutu and tells the voters that if they vote for him he will impose his sexual orientation on them and they will all be like him. Luke demands to see the video and gets very angry just by watching two minutes of it. Luke tells Casey they should fight dirty now and Casey agrees while Noah and Alison think that they shouldn’t give Kevin the satisfaction of stooping to his level. Luke asks Noah if they can talk outside so they go outside to talk about the next move in the campaign. Noah tells Luke that he shouldn’t fight dirty against Kevin but instead do nothing, which will make Kevin look like a jerk and force him to run a clean campaign. Luke thinks Noah is scared to help him fight Kevin because he has always been scared to defend their lifestyle. Casey and Alison fight because Casey wants her to flirt with Kevin and use her charm to persuade Kevin to take the video off the Internet. Alison feels uncomfortable about this and tells Casey she promised herself she would never do anything that reminded her of her old life. Casey insists that he doesn’t want Alison to prostitute herself at all just flirt with Kevin a little bit to help Luke with his campaign. Casey also tells Alison he never judged her for what she has done in the past. Alison agrees to talk to Kevin and try to persuade him to take the video off the Internet. Casey and Alison promise Luke that they will go to the party and help him campaign tonight.

(Hospital) Aaron asks Susan to give Alison a wedding present from their friends in Seattle who don’t know they are getting a divorce. Susan tells Aaron that Alison is very upset that she h8urt him and doesn’t want to hurt him anymore. Susan tells Aaron that she thinks Alison has no idea how she feels about him and encourages him to go to the party at Yo’s tonight and talk to her.

(Yo’s) Alison flirts with Kevin and asks him to be his date and she gladly accepts his invitation.

Brian takes Lucinda skating and she tells him although she didn’t have a happy childhood she did enjoy skating on the one day the pond near her house froze. Brain tells her that a lot of young men must have done anything they could to watch Mary Ellen Walters do figure eights on the pond. Lucinda is surprised that Brain knows her real name and he explains that he did his research on her but he didn’t want to tell her because he was afraid she would never reveal the interesting parts of her life to him. Brian and Lucinda take a few steps on the ice and Lucinda falls and since Brian is holding her he falls on top of her they quickly get up and Lucinda apologizes for falling. Lucinda thinks she is too old to skate and says that they should go and get some hot chocolate. Brain tells Lucinda he doesn’t believe that people are ever too old to have fun. Brian leans in and gives Lucinda a kiss and after the kiss she tells him that he is sweet for trying to cheer up a sad sack like her. Brian tells Lucinda that he is with her because he wants to be with her because he likes everything about her and to make it, clear he gives her another kiss. Brian asks Lucinda to try and have a relationship with him so she decides to give it a try by accepting an invitation to have a glass of port with him in his room. Lucinda gets a call from Susan asking her to come to the hospital right away because they need to talk about her test results. Lucinda tells Brian that something came up and she will meet him later at the Lakeview.

(Hospital) Susan tells Lucinda that the tests show he cancer has returned and she must see her oncologist as soon as possible. Susan tells Lucinda that she beat cancer once and she should not give up hope now. Susan advises Lucinda to reconcile with her family because she needs their support now. Lucinda calls Brian to tell him he has been very sweet with her but they should end their personal relationship now because if she went to his room tonight they would both regret it.

(Yo’s) Alison tells Kevin she is majoring in Biology, so he says he is majoring in Political Science and this campaign is good practice for him. Alison tells Kevin she saw the video and she thinks it will make him look like a jerk and he should run a clean campaign. Kevin tells Alison that he had nothing to do with the video and walks over to Mark his campaign manager and demands that he take the video off the Internet. Mark isn’t happy and thinks that that girl (meaning Alison) is a bad influence on him. Mark asks his friend Joel if he knows the girl sitting with Kevin. Joel tells Mark that the girl is Alison Stewart, and she has been hanging around with Casey, Luke’s campaign manager.

Aaron arrives and is upset with Alison and accuses her of flirting with strange guys before her divorce papers are even final. Alison tells Aaron to "go to hell" and storms out. Casey takes Aaron aside and explains to him what Alison is doing to help Luke and Aaron feels awful because he blew it with Alison again. Luke and Noah arrive and Luke tells Noah to wait for him inside because he needs a few minutes to get himself together. Nate tells Luke that what Kevin did was awful and he should do something to get back at him. Kevin arrives and Luke angrily confronts him about posting a video that uses derogatory words like "faggot" and "fairy." Kevin tells Luke that he had nothing to do with the video and has ordered his campaign manager to take it down from the internet. Luke tells Kevin it is too late because the damage has already been done. Kevin insists he isn’t a gay basher and learned his lesson when Luke rescued him from drowning at the lake. Luke accuses Kevin of getting revenge on him because he had a crush on him in high school and was brave enough to tell him even though he knew that Kevin liked girls. Kevin tells Luke that homosexuals always think that people who don’t share their opinion about their lifestyle. Kevin also calls Luke a bigot against people who don’t share his opinion about his lifestyle.

Casey explains to Alison that he told Aaron what she was doing for Luke. Alison tells Casey not to get in the middle of this and Noah tells Casey to stop using Alison as a spy for Luke’s campaign. Mark tells Kevin that Alison has been spying on him for Luke’s campaign. Kevin is hurt and tells Mark he doesn’t care about Alison and they can do whatever they want to her. Casey convinces Alison to try and ask Kevin about his speech. Alison goes to ask Kevin about his speech and he is angry since he knows the truth so he doesn’t say a word and ignores her. Luke tells Noah that Kevin accused him of being a bigot against people who don’t share his opinion. Noah tells Luke he is making a big deal over nothing because deep down he still has feelings for Kevin. Noah tells Luke he is going home now because he is sick of talking about the campaign. Kevin’s friends play a drinking game with Casey, and while Casey is distracted Mark steals Casey’s costume. Alison sees Mark in Casey’s costume and assumes it is Casey and since Mark remains silent she gets in the car with him.

(Farm) Noah thinks that Luke has feelings for Kevin even though Luke tells Noah that he doesn’t. Noah tells Luke to think carefully about why he is running against Kevin and make sure he isn’t trying to get back at Kevin for not feeling the same way about him. Casey wonders where his costume is and who could have taken it.

Alison notices that “Casey’s” face mask is the wrong color and wonders what is going on. Joel pops up from the backseat and puts a bag over Alison’s face.

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