ATWT Update Monday 10/27/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 10/27/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At Al’s, Spencer walks in and Henry wonders if she is here to make trouble. She just wants breakfast; she thinks they have gotten off on the wrong foot. Katie really likes him and she likes her job, so she wants to get them to get to know each other and be friends. Henry is suspect and jokes about her keeping her enemies closer. Spencer laughs; it is not that nefarious. He will think about it, as he puts in her order. He heads in the back and Spencer sees a man through the window. She heads outside telling Henry she will be right back. Henry quietly follows her outside, as she asks the man what is taking so long because she has been dead a month. He promises he that she will get her money. Henry heads back inside and pretends to just be bringing Spencer her breakfast when she comes back inside.

At home, Janet is admiring her ring smiling. Jack arrives to see Janet, as she jokes about him changing his mind. He jut wanted to see how his fiancé was doing, as she asks him to keep calling her that. He wants to have lunch at the Lakeview; she wants to show off her ring and he wants to show off her. They agree to meet later. After he heads off, Janet sees Katie coming into the kitchen. She wants to tell her something, as she ha a broad smile on her face. She and Brad are such a great example of the perfect couple and she wanted her to know that she took her advice. She is interrupted when Brad comes into the room and barely looks at Katie, as he says hello to Janet. In a blink of an eye, Brad leaves without a word and a saddened Katie watches him go.

At the farm, Meg opens the door to Dusty who wants to know what she is doing there. If she isn’t sick then she shouldn’t stay at the hospital. He was going to pick her up. She got Holden to do that; he doesn’t need to worry about her. She is a priority. The doctor just told her to avoid stress. She needs to stay away from Paul, Dusty tells her. She will. Meg appears to want him to leave when she tries to rush him out. Is she trying to get rid of him, Dusty teases. She is just tired. He heard Paul came by the hospital; she should have called him. So, she could watch them go at it – that is stressful. She doesn’t think he should come by anymore. When she left Paul, she thought it would force him to get help, but it has made things worse. What did he do to her, Dusty wonders. It is what he will do to him – she is worried that if he doesn’t stay away from her then Paul will hurt him.

At Fairwinds, an irate Emily walks in wanting to know what happened with Meg. It went terribly, Paul answers. How did it go with Dusty. Badly because she yelled at him. Paul and Emily decide that Dusty doesn’t like women with backbones. Emily remarks that he likes them helpless and vulnerable. Paul has decided that he is going about it the wrong way. He has a solution, as he heads to the desk and takes out a gun holding it with a pen through the trigger area. Emily wants to know if he plans on shooting Dusty. Yep, Paul casually answers. He has lost his mind. Where would that leave her if he shot Dusty. She already lost him because he is too busy chasing Meg around. He needs to think this through because if he hurts Dusty, Meg will hate him; he will lose Meg and his child. He is very confident that he can get away with this, and when he does, it will be like a 10,000lb weight was lifted off of him; Dusty deserves to be in the ground.

Meg is getting more worked up – Paul is dangerous because he already and then she stops talking. Dusty worries that he did something to her; she can tell him. Meg tells him that Paul tried to hire Derek to plant drugs on him. That is so amateur and it wouldn’t have worked, Dusty answers. Derek told her so they wouldn’t know if it had worked out. Paul is on the edge and she doesn’t want to give him any reason to have him go off. Dusty thinks she should calm down so as to not hurt her baby. He needs to stay away. He isn’t doing that. She loves Paul and she wants him to get better. If something awful happens before – as she cuts her self off again. She wants him to be careful. He made a promise to Jennifer to take care of her son like he is his own. He will not break that so, he won’t be dying anytime soon, but he is worried about her. Paul loves and wouldn’t hurt her.

Janet realizes Brad and Katie are fighting still. They are fighting all the time – even on TV when they were simply carving a pumpkin, Katie explains. Kim took their show off the air for a while and all that is left is Brad and Spencer and their show. She is about to say more, but then starts to cry, as Janet wonders what else. Katie worries that she has never seen Brad this mad at her and she doesn’t know how to fix it.

At WOAK, a preoccupied Brad walks in and Spencer walks over with a bag telling him happily that he will never guess what she has. Brad tells her not to worry about things because he is fine and she doesn’t have to cheer him up. Are he and Katie still fighting because of her, she asks. He and Katie are not fighting because of her; they aren’t because they aren’t even talking. Spencer offers Brad a bag full of candy. They have a show on Halloween safety. Like a kid, Brad grabs some candy and puts it in his mouth. Brad wonders if she has a certain candy and Spencer tells him that she has everything there that he would ever want, as Brad looks at her strangely.

Katie is worried that Brad isn’t going to hear an apology or explanation. She is worried that he might even move out. Janet is sure that would never happen because he loves her way too much. Does she really think that. Absolutely. There was a time when she wouldn’t have said this, but there is no other person for Brad. Katie realizes how much that means. She is sure that they will work out because she wants them as happy as she and Jack are. Katie wonders if everything is ok with them again. They are great, as she sticks out her ring finger and waves it at Katie triumphantly. Katie tells her that she is so happy for her, as she starts to cry and runs out of the room. Janet is unsure what to do but she grabs her coat and heads out the door.

Emily tells Paul that he is crazy; doing something to Dusty is not the answer. He is not crazy and he won’t have her call him that. He wants Meg in his home, in his bed and to raise their child together; that is not crazy. She knows how much he wants to be a father and they came close with their baby Jennifer. He thinks about her all the time, Paul admits. She does too, and though they may not be good together, he will make a good father. Why is she saying that. She is thinking about James and how much he isn’t like him; he will love his children, and take care and protect them. He will never bully them because that is the easy way out. Killing Dusty is not an easy out, but it is a necessity. Where will that leave Meg and his baby though. Every time Dusty is around, Meg doesn’t even look at him. Everything Dusty does makes him look weak. He doesn’t want Meg to see him like that. Then he needs to be strong – to be there to raise his child whether Dusty is in the picture or not. Paul tosses down the gun – she is right. Emily promises him that they will find another way, as she gently puts her hand on his shoulder. After she leaves, Paul hears ‘James’ ask him what kind of man is he; he just let her talk him out of something he needs to do. Paul turns around and sees ‘James’ sitting on the chair. He is not real – he is in his head. He is making him crazy. He doesn’t need his help for that – he is doing a fine job with that. He is trying to make him into a real man and not hide behind a woman’s skirt. What does he want. He is trying to get him to keep his wife; he should take the gun and realize what he needs to do with it.

At the station, Brad and Spencer joke as they talk about ordering in for lunch. Janet interrupts and wants a second of his time, as Spencer introduces herself, but Janet seems to be only interested in talking with Brad. After Spencer leaves, Janet tells Brad that she has news and she wanted to be the one to tell him, as she excitedly shows him her ring; she and Jack are engaged. Brad has a cautious reaction, as he looks at the ring. She wants his blessing; she is happy and she wants him to be happy for her. Brad tells her congratulations, as she is relieved. Nothing is going to change especially with Liberty because she is old enough to know what is what and to decide where her time will be spent. She really thinks she and Jack can make it. Brad is glad someone can out there can and then wonders if that is it, because he is busy, but Janet looks concerned – no it is not. She wasn’t sure she should say anything because it isn’t her business, but he looks as miserable as Katie. Brad is surprised to hear this – Katie is unhappy. Yes, and it is a happy day for her so she doesn’t want anyone to be unhappy. She has one thing to say to him - he is a complete idiot.

At the station, Katie comes to see Margo. She sees Jack and he wonders if he can help. She doesn’t even know if Margo can help, as she starts to tear up. She apologizes, as Jack wants her to come into the interrogation room to sit down. She is just going to go home; Margo filled him in on the break-in at Spencer’s room. She is upset that Margo told him. It is an active case. Is this why she and Brad are having problems. Why would he say that. She is there looking upset wanting to talk with Margo instead of crying on her husband’s shoulder. What is wrong. Brad doesn’t love her anymore, she blurts out. If she believes that then she is an idiot, as Katie looks at him surprised.

Janet tells Brad that she and Jack are having a celebratory lunch and she wants him to come along and she will invite Katie. They will get caught up in the romance and the happiness of the moment. Then he can take Katie’s hand under the table and squeeze it, as Brad laughs and cuts her off. He knows how to seduce his wife. She laughs now too – he can seduce for lunch and follow through after dinner. Brad stalls. Does he love Katie. Yes, of course and he will see her at the Lakeview. Janet leaves and then Brad tells Spencer that he is going to have to take a rain check for lunch, as he heads off and Spencer looks annoyed to hear this.

Jack asks Katie if she still loves Brad. She does and she doesn’t want to divorce him. She will love him forever and if he wants to leave her then he is going to have to move to another universe. He feels the same way about her; Katie realizes he does. What does it matter if Spencer has a suitcase full of money under her bed; it has nothing to do with her or their marriage. Katie realizes he is right. He thinks she should drop it and Henry too. She will if only she can get Brad to talk to her again. He has an idea; he is meeting Janet for a celebration lunch at the Lakeview. Katie cuts him off; she is so sorry to be wrapped up in her problems, as she congratulates him on his engagement. He wants her to come and he will call Brad and have him meet them over there. Katie isn’t sure Brad will want to come. He will come; Janet is so over the moon about this engagement that Brad won’t be able to help but be won over. He really loves Janet, Katie remarks. He does. She is glad they are happy; she will see him later.

At Java, Derek is having coffee when Dusty drops some cash down on the table wondering if that will cover it. It should since he is eating light recently. If he had taken that job with Paul then he would have been facing drug charges now and he would be living more easily. Why didn’t he do it, Dusty asks. There are a lot of things that he won’t do for money. He wants to pay him for not doing it. He doesn’t need a hand out; he is looking for a job. What kind of job. He has a record so he worries. He has to do what he has to survive. Derek sees a suspicious man with a baseball hat on step in the doorway and then step out. Dusty wonders what he saw, as Derek tells him about the man. Is he being followed. He doesn’t think so, but he doesn’t know. Derek warns him that Paul might want to follow in his father’s shoes, but he apparently isn’t as good at it. Dusty tells him that if he wants a job then he has one for him.

At the Lakeview, Paul drinks his coffee and looks around. He pulls out his gun under the table, looks it over, and then puts it back. Soon after, a woman dressed in an evening gown approaches him. She is sorry to interrupt. Paul wonders if he knows her. She just needs to tell him that whatever he is planning on doing, he shouldn’t. Paul stares at her.

At her office, Paul walks in to see Emily. He thinks putting Dusty out of his misery is not such a good idea. She thought that he was already not going to do that. He slightly changed his mind after she left. So, he wants her to hold on to his gun for safekeeping. She will pick it up after work, as Paul pulls it out right there. She is stunned that he is walking around town with this; he shouldn’t be doing that. Paul unloads the gun and gives her the gun and the clip. Emily puts it in her desk, locks it and then puts the key in the other drawer. Paul doesn’t think it will work if he knows where the key is. She takes the key out of the drawer and puts it on the corner of the desk. He knows that she has been worried because of the weird thoughts floating around in his head, but he feels confident that he will get better. Emily is suspect because she doesn’t think he will get better without professional help. Paul wonders if she thinks he is crazy, as Emily answers quietly that he isn’t acting like that at this time. He will be ok, as Dusty interrupts and wonders why they have been spending so much time together recently; is there something he should know. Paul tells him that there is.

At the farm, Meg opens the door to find Derek. He had a conversation with Dusty. Did he thank him for saving him. He thinks so. She wants to thank him for saving Paul and Dusty as well. Will Paul and she get back together. She doesn’t know, but she loves Paul and she doesn’t want anything bad to happen to anyone. If she means that then she won’t mind if he hangs out for a little while. Meg realizes that Dusty hired him as her bodyguard. She tells him that Dusty is beyond stubborn. Derek tells her that she is probably right, but if she can hang in there for a while, he needs the work. Meg tells him that she can’t say no after hearing that.

Paul tells Dusty that he wanted to talk with him. He is in Emily’s office though. Paul tells him that he owes him an apology. He spiraled out of control after everything that happened with his dad. He was out of line when he accused him of trying to steal his inheritance. Dusty smirks, as he adds that he also accused him of trying to steal his wife. Emily wants Dusty to give Paul a chance. Paul tells them that he is right; he is sorry. He hopes he can accept his apology. He wants to know what he hopes to gain by this apology. Paul answers simply - Meg; he misses and wants her back. She won’t come back if he keeps attacking him. He is calling a truce. If he says so. He means it, as he leaves. Emily wonders what he thinks. Dusty thinks it is a joke. Emily frowns.

At the station, Janet comes in and Jack wonders what is going on because he thought they were meeting at the Lakeview. She smiles widely and tells him that she needs a minute to bask, as she turns in circles and holds out her ring, as Jack smiles. She is here at the station of her new fiancée with her pretty ring, as she holds it out again. Jack laughs, as he tells her that she is so cute and they hug and kiss. Janet wants him to hold onto that thought – that part about her bring cute – when she tells him what she has to ask him. She knows they were supposed to celebrate alone, but Katie and Brad are miserable and fighting and she thinks they should ask them to come along. Jack laughs and tells her that he just talked with Katie and was about to ask Brad next. Janet laughs; they are already starting to think alike; they must be made for each other. Was there any doubt. She thought he might have thought that. No way; he is so lucky that she loves him, as he dips and kisses her.

At the Lakeview, Henry catches up with Katie wondering if she checks her messages. She does, but the minute she heard him say Spencer’s name, she deleted it. She can’t be involved with anything more regarding her. She wants to make up with Brad and to do that she needs to end this. Henry wants to tell her what happened with Spencer this morning, but she does not want to hear it. They are interrupted when Henry’s attention is diverted away from her to the suspicious man that is leaving a package at the front desk. Katie wonders why he is so interested in this guy. He could tell her, but then that would mean that he would have to talk about you-know- who. The man asks to leave the package with the front desk manager. He heads off and Henry tries to tell her that was the man Spencer was talking with earlier about getting something after someone dies. Katie doesn’t want to hear what he has to say so she plugs her ears and sings like a 4 year old would when they don’t want to hear something. Brad shows up and looks at Katie and Henry. She is glad that he is here. He is glad that she is there too. She apologizes and then Brad does as well. They want a clean slate, as they kiss and head off while Henry watches them go and then heads over to the front desk and quickly grabs the box that was left there.

Brad and Katie talk about Janet and Jack’s engagement; Katie thinks it is so surreal that moment you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with that person. Brad tells her that he still feels that way. Why are they sweating the small stuff then. He doesn’t know, but he wants it to stop, as they kiss. Henry is in the lobby opening the box; he finds a red antique looking jewelry box. He can’t imagine that is all that this is, as he turns it around in his hands. He drops it as he is investigating it and it breaks into pieces on the floor. Henry is picking up the pieces when Spencer walks over yelling that he stole it – her grandmother’s jewelry box. Brad and Katie hear the commotion and come in from the other room, as Henry tries to deny the obvious. Spencer glares at Katie; she should have known she was involved. Katie promises that she had noting to do with it. She looks at Brad, who is looking at her suspiciously. She is adamant she had nothing to do with it. Brad wants to know what he was doing. He saw Spencer with this tough looking guy this morning talking about someone dying and he had to investigate. Spencer snaps that person was her brother and the person that died was her grandmother, as she turns on the water works. Henry doesn’t think they look alike. He is her brother, and that was the only thing that she had from her grandmother and he destroyed it. Brad promises Spencer that they will find a way to fix it. Henry explains that he misread it. Brad is furious with Katie; she promised. She didn’t do anything. She pretended to make up with him so Henry could do this. Henry tells Brad that Katie had nothing to do with this; she actually told him not to do it. Brad thinks that means she knew something was going on. She didn’t. Brad doesn’t know why he should believe her. It is because she is his wife and she said so.

Emily wants to apologize, as Dusty tells her to forget about it. She doesn’t want to be just co-workers; they mean more then that. He doesn’t want to lead her on. She shouldn’t have gone off on him. Meg is his friend, who is married to a lunatic. She realizes that is how he feels. She wants him to be able to confide in her as his friend too.

Katie reminds Brad that they talked about starting with a clean slate; they still can. She had nothing to do with this – either he believes her or he doesn’t. Brad doesn’t want to talk about it right now. He offers to take Spencer upstairs to her room; maybe he can fix the jewelry box. Brad heads upstairs without a word to Katie. Henry promises her that he doesn’t mean this. A dejected Katie looks down and then walks away, as Henry follows.

At the farm, Paul, armed with a large bouquet of flowers, encounters Derek at the door. He tells him that he can see that he is not there for a visit. He is there to look after Meg. Paul tells him that he brought her some flowers. Derek acknowledges they are nice, but he can’t let him see Meg. Meg is in the kitchen listening by the window.

Dusty doesn’t know if they can be friends after some of the things she said. She knows she said some mean things about Jen and Johnny. She was just being honest, Dusty realizes. Emily tells him that Meg is pregnant and vulnerable – just like Jen. She makes him feel needed. So what; she doesn’t replace his wife and neither does she. Is she waiting for him to wake up one day and realize she is it for him. Emily quietly tells him no. She wishes it could be her; he wishes he could forget about Jen, but he can’t. She needs him to know that she doesn’t have any friends. When they get to know her, they don’t want to know her. That is their loss. He wants his space and she will back off. She will be his friend and nothing more; she hopes he will consider that. He wants to make sure that she doesn’t want something he can’t give. She knows there are no expectations, no promises and no worries. Dusty agrees – friends it is. Does he want to kiss and make up, as he kisses her on the cheek and heads out the door, as Emily sits down on the edge of the desk and starts to cry.

Paul tells Derek that he does not intend to try to see Meg because she doesn’t want to see him. He has to respect that, but he was just going to leave the flowers by the door. Derek offers to take them to her. Paul asks him to tell Meg that he loves her and he will do what she asks and get some help so he can be ok – not just for her but for the baby too. Meg is listening, as she seems moved.

At the Lakeview, Dusty is drinking, when the same woman that approached Paul earlier, approaches him. She wanted him to know that she had a feeling about him, as Dusty smiles thinking it is a pick up line. It is not that kind of feeling, she explains. She is a psychic. He politely tells her that he doesn’t believe in that kind of stuff so shouldn’t waste her time. She understands that people are skeptical. He doesn’t need advice from a stranger. He should know this much that the one he should be focusing on is his wife. Dusty’s smile fades – his wife is dead. The woman sadly smiles at him, as she tells him that he is as well, isn’t he, as she walks away.

Meg is arranging the flowers in a vase as she remarks about how beautiful they are. Did she hear what Paul said. Yes. Does she believe him. She hopes he means what he says and he gets help because there is nothing more that she wants then to have her husband by her side when she gives birth.

At home, Paul arrives to find ‘James’ there wondering if he thinks he is so smart. He knows he is; he always underestimated him. He is waiting for him to tap into the Stenbeck genes he gave him – the ambition, the element and the strength. He is going to be real proud of him because he knows exactly what he is doing this time, a smug Paul tells him, as James slightly smirks.

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