ATWT Update Thursday 10/23/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 10/23/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Old Town) Jack waits patiently down on one knee for Janet to give him an answer to his marriage proposal. Jack jokes with Janet that if he waits much longer he is going to need a new replacement. Janet explains to Jack that she wasn’t expecting this and has no idea how to answer his question. Janet then notices Carly looking at them in shocked silence and then Jack notices she is distracted so he turns and sees Carly as well. Jack wonders what Carly is doing there and Carly apologizes to Jack and Janet for interrupting their moment then walks away. Janet tells Jack she has to think about this and she will talk to him later about his proposal.

(Farm) Meg tells Holden she should have listened to everyone who warned her about Paul. Meg admits to Holden that she realizes that Paul will never change but she can’t help but still love him. Paul knocks on the door and tells Meg he wants to talk to her but Meg goes to her room and Holden answers the door. Holden refuses to let Paul see Meg and advises him to get professional help if he wants another chance with Meg. Paul tells Holden that Dusty is after Meg and he must find a way to stop him. Holden tells Paul that Meg and Dusty are just friends because Meg doesn’t love Dusty. Paul wonders if that is what Holden told himself when Dusty was with Lily and Holden tells Paul that Dusty is no threat to his marriage. Paul warns Holden that Dusty may go after Lily since he can’t get anywhere with Meg so he should be prepared to fight Dusty for Lily. Holden throws Paul out of the house and Meg tells Holden she heard everything and hopes that Paul will listen to somebody and get some help.

(Worldwide) Dusty tells Emily that he is going to New York city to persuade investors that the company is as strong as it has always been even with new management. Emily wants to go with Dusty on the trip and invites herself along but Dusty makes it clear that he doesn’t want her to go with him to New York. Dusty explains to Emily that she has been a great friend with Benefits but she shouldn’t expect more from their relationship. Dusty tells Emily that he has gotten involved in relationships that have no future to try and forget his true love Jennifer. Dusty tells Emily that he still loves Jennifer and he doesn’t want to hurt her by getting her hopes up about their relationship. Emily tells Dusty good-by and good luck on his trip and hides how hurt she is by Dusty’s words to her.

(Java) Jack wonders why Carly didn’t walk away when he saw he and Janet Carly tells Jack she was shocked and it was an accident that she saw them. Jack tells Carly that Janet didn’t give him an answer to his proposal because she ruined the moment for them. Carly advises Jack to give Janet a romantic proposal and he tells her to stop giving him advice about Janet.

(Brad and Katie’s house) Janet tells Liberty about Jack’s marriage proposal and Liberty hugs her mother and starts talking about wedding plans because she assumes Janet accepted Jack’s proposal. Janet tells Liberty she hasn’t said anything to Jack because Carly showed up and she thinks that is a bad sign. Janet admits that she is afraid to get hurt like Katie did if Jack decides to go back to Carly again. Liberty advises Janet not to give up on the dream she has had all her life of finding the right guy to marry because Jack is the right guy for her. Liberty reminds Janet that she isn’t Katie and Jack asked her to marry him because he knows that he doesn’t want Carly anymore. Janet hopes that Jack will propose to her again but fears she may have blown her chance with him.

(Java) Jack tells Carly that Janet isn’t the hearts and flowers type of woman and Carly tells him that just because Janet settles for less doesn’t mean she doesn’t want some romance. Jack tells Carly he has no idea what women want and Carly assures him that he does know what women want and he shouldn’t sell himself short. Jack leaves for work and Carly tries to hide how sad she is that Jack is proposing to Janet. Holden arrives and tells Carly that he is happy that she and Lily are finding a way to be civil with each other. Carly tells Holden that she ruined Jack’s proposal to Janet today. Holden advises Carly that if she still loves Jack, which he is sure she does, she should find a way to tell him before he gets engaged to Janet.

(Fairwinds) Paul tells Emily that Dusty is after Meg and she must tell him what Dusty is planning so he can stop him. Emily refuses to believe that Dusty wants Meg. Emily admits to Paul that Dusty broke up with her because no woman can ever replace Jennifer in his life. Emily tells Paul to stop acting like his psychopathic father James and come up with a plan to get Meg back with him. Paul has no idea what he should do next so Emily advises him to do what Meg wants and get some professional medical help. Paul insists that he isn’t crazy so Emily tells him to get a therapist and fake it so that Meg will consider giving him another chance.

(Farm) Dusty stops by to check on Meg and have a cup of decaffeinated coffee before he leaves for New York. Meg tells Dusty about Paul’s visit and that she didn’t see him. Dusty tells Meg that she is doing the right thing for herself and her baby. Meg has a cramp and Dusty helps her to sit down in a chair. Meg has another cramp a few minutes later so Dusty cancels his trip and heads to the hospital with Meg.

(Police Station) Jack tells Margo what happened when he proposed to Janet and asks her if he should propose to Janet in a more romantic way. Margo wonders if Jack really wants to marry Janet and he won’t hurt her like he hurt Katie. Jack assures Margo that this time its different because he and Carly talked about getting back together and decided it wouldn’t work. Margo is happy for Jack and gives him the rest of the day off to plan a romantic proposal.

(Brad and Katie’s place) Janet gets a call from Jack telling her to dress up and meet him at the Lakeview room 206. Liberty hugs her mother and wishes her luck. Janet gets dressed and looks beautiful Liberty wishes Janet luck before she leaves to meet Jack. Carly arrives and apologizes to Janet for ruining her moment with Jack. Janet tells Carly she is on her way to meet Jack at the Lakeview. Janet notices that Janet has written room 206 and then tells Janet she has hives on her face. Janet looks in the mirror horrified that she has gotten hives due to stress again. Carly leaves Janet calls Jack to tell him she is running late and he tells her to take all the time she needs because he isn’t going anywhere. Janet sends Liberty to the drugstore to get some antihistamines. Liberty returns and Janet pops two pills in her mouth and lies down on the couch telling Liberty to come get her in five minutes.

(Hospital) Dusty and Meg arrive and Meg tells the nurse she is having cramps and she waits to get into o a room. Emily and Paul also arrive and are not happy to see Dusty and Meg together. Paul asks Emily to create a distraction so that he can get into Meg’s room. Emily screams at Dusty that he wouldn’t take her to New York with him but he drops everything to bring Meg to the hospital. Dusty grabs Emily’s arm and takes her to the stairwell to talk because she is making too much noise. Paul sneaks in to Meg’s room to check on her but she yells at him to leave because if he continues to upset her she could lose the baby. Emily accuses Dusty of trying to replace Jennifer and Johnny with Meg and her baby even suggesting they call Meg’s baby Johnny the 2nd. Dusty gets angry and tells Emily to stop it and shut up now.

(Brad and Carly’s place) Liberty is unable to wake her mother who has passed out so she calls Jack and tells him about the hives and the pills Janet took that causes her to pass out. Jack thanks Liberty for calling to let him know. Carly arrives with Special champagne for Jack special evening. Jack tells Carly Janet is sick and won’t be coming so Carly invites herself to dinner so that the beautiful dinner won’t go to waste.

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