ATWT Update Wednesday 10/22/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 10/22/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

In the school parking lot, Carly walks up to Lily, who is scowling as she looks at the deflated tire on her car. Is she ok, Carly wonders. She is worried about getting home in case it blows. Carly offers her a ride home as soon as she goes inside and drops off Sage’s lunch. Lily tells her that it is ok. She gets into her car and prepares to leaves, as Carly watches sadly.

At Java, Luke and Noah are hanging out when Casey walks over to tell Luke that he has his vote. Noah thought he was just thinking about running; he didn’t know the decision had been made. Casey tells him that Luke’s name is already on the ballot. Noah remarks sadly about apparently being the last to know.

At the Lakeview, Aaron meets with Alison to tell her that he met with a lawyer and wanted her to be aware that there will be a packet coming in the mail. Alison is surprised to see that he is going forward so quickly with the divorce. He reminds her that she was the one who said they never should have gotten married; he doesn’t think the divorce should last longer then the marriage. Alison looks at him sadly. She understands.

At the farm, Holden brings Jack a bottle of wine to celebrate him being back on the force. Jack thanks him, as he is going to wait and share it with Janet since she was a big force behind him getting back on the force with Margo. Does that mean that they are back together. Yes, for the most part. He asked her to move in, but she said no. He thinks she wants more then a roommate, but after everything that has gone on, he is fine with the way things are and moving slowly. Isn’t he worried about Janet not being fine with taking things that way, Holden asks. He thinks they will be able to work things out, as Holden casually tells him good luck with that and Jack looks at him funny.

At home, Janet asks Liberty to ask her why she is so happy. Liberty bites and asks her. Janet quickly answers that Jack asked her to move in with her. They are both happy. She said no though; she is holding out for more then a simple townhouse; how does an emerald cut diamond sound. Liberty’s smile vanishes, as she warns her mother not to get her hopes up in case there is a very big fall coming.

Lily is trying to reach Holden, who has his phone turned off. Carly, who is starting to drive off, sees her and offers a ride again. She called Holden and he will be along as soon as he gets the message. Carly teases her about not being so stubborn and promising not to tell anyone that she let her be nice to her.

Aaron wonders if Alison is ok. She is, but the word divorce is strange. It is not like she wants to stay married – does she, Aaron asks with some hope still in his voice. She looks at him for a while before she says no. Aaron looks down and tells her that she will get the papers in the next few days. Alison can’t believe they are over just like that sitting at some table in a restaurant. They were over the day she went to Chris’ room and slept with him before their wedding. She knows he is mad but can't they be friends. No, he doesn’t want to be friends with her; he wants to be her husband and the man she wanted to grow old with. They aren’t going to make it as friends alone – they never did.

Sitting at a table in Java, Casey tells Luke that he didn’t meant to cause trouble with him and Noah. Noah has a break and comes over to the table and Luke apologizes; he should have told him first, but it happened so fast after Reg called him to ask if he was really serious. Is this really what he wants to do. Why does he seem so worried about this. He just doesn’t think it is a good idea He thinks keeping the gay festival up and running won’t be worth all the grief it might cause. It started with that and then he realized the student government is a joke and it doesn’t truly represent the students. He just wants to make sure he is doing it for the right reasons, Noah states. He isn’t doing it because of Kevin. Casey adds that Kevin is a tough opponent – popular, athletic and straight and that is why is probably won’t win Luke adds.

Janet knows Liberty means well, but she is too young to get this. She saw all the times she thought some guy was Mr. Right and he was Mr. Dead Wrong. She is not jumping in this time blind; she is going into this with her eyes wide open, Janet explains. Jack is different from all the others too. Liberty is worried because Parker thinks his parents slept together again because he found his dad’s watch by his mom’s bedside table. Janet tells her that it is none of her business but something almost did happen, but they stopped it before it went too far and she believes him. Liberty rolls her eyes. Janet thinks she needs to go to school now. She is worried that she is going to wind up old and alone because she isn’t seeing this for what it is. After Liberty leaves, Janet looks nervously into the mirror.

Jack wants to know what Holden meant by his smart aleck good luck. They may both not be on the same page, but it is ok. Women always end up calling the shots it seems, Holden says. He thinks if Janet and he get back together, it will be on her terms. Holden jokes about not listening to him because what does he know. He knows a lot since he and Lily found their way back together, Jack counters. What about he and Carly, Jack wonders. Holden cuts him off – it was never meant to be. Jack laughs there is a lot of that going around – he and Carly decided they aren’t going to make it a go anymore either. Holden is surprised after the island. Jack admits that for a while, he thought so too, but they decided against it in the end. Now that he and Lily are back together, maybe Lily will forgive Carly and be friends with her again, Holden doesn’t think it is going to ever happen.

Carly stops in front of Lily’s house, as they make awkward conversation about Parker and Faith being in high school. Lily thanks her and starts to leave but then stops with the door half open. Lily asks her if she wants to come in for a cup of coffee. Carly looks stunned. If she is sure, because it is been a long time since she has been welcome in her house – not that she deserved to be. Lily nods in agreement, as they both head inside.

Aaron comes out to the farm; Jack mentions briefly about getting his newlywed advice on marriage. He doubts it, as Aaron sits down sadly. Holden walks a confused Jack out as he wonders if everything is ok. It is a long story, Holden answers. Jack shakes his head, and then he thanks him for scaring him – at least the ‘m’ word hasn’t come up yet. Holden jokes about him giving it time. Holden heads back inside and asks Aaron if he is ok. No. Did he see Alison. It used to make his day to see her, and now it tears him up. He told her that he went to see a lawyer. Did she try to talk him out. Not at all. He doesn’t know which is worse being cheated on or Alison not wanting to lift a finger to save their marriage.

Alison walks over to the table with Casey, Luke and Noah and wonder what they are talking about. Luke tells her that his pals don’t think he can get elected as student body president because he is gay. They didn’t say that; they just said he wasn’t popular. Alison jokes about with friends like that. Noah and Casey clarify what they mean; he doesn’t run with friends like Kevin has – the athletic, fraternity preppy type. He runs with a different pack, Casey adds. What is the pack he runs with - the gay wolf pack, Luke asks. Alison excuses herself to get coffee, as Casey sees that Alison is depressed as she gets up. She tells him that Aaron filed for divorce. He is sorry about that; he would love to buy her a coffee, but he is broke. She laughs about that really helping. Kevin and his friend walk in, as Kevin approaches Luke; is he going to support him in the election. He hasn’t heard Luke wonders; he is talking to his new opponent. Kevin doesn’t skip a beat when he tells him good luck and may the best man win. Luke wonders who Kevin’s sidekick is. Casey answers that it is Kevin Vero. He is Kevin’s frat brother, campaign manager and sidekick; he is kind of a jerk, but really slick. He needs someone like that on his side. Noah thinks that Luke already does – him. Casey looks at him stunned and tells them no way.

Lily and Carly make awkward small talk about the change in her decorating at the house. Lily tells her that she invited her in because she wanted to tell her something; she and Holden have decided to take a leap of faith and give their marriage another real try. Carly tells her that she is happy for them. They are trying to put the past behind them – that means Dusty and her. She won’t forget what happened, but she needs to learn how to trust Holden again. Carly tells her that she is sorry that she is part of the reason she stopped trusting. She is too. Carly tells her that if she ever decides to forgive her, she is a little short on friends and she could use one, but then she cuts herself off and simply tells her that she is happy for the both of them. Lily asks her why she needs a friend. Carly jokes about giving her one guess. Lily smiles – Jack. She wanted to call her so many times. She missed talking with her too, but she doesn’t know if she can be friends with her again. Carly understands, as she heads for the door. Lily looks sad as she watches her go; she then stops her and tells her that she could try being friends with her again and see how it goes. Carly smiles slightly.

Janet is looking in the mirror hearing Liberty’s voice telling her that she doesn’t want her getting her hopes up because she could end up alone. She has a daydream or should I say waking nightmare about her sitting alone in a wedding dress cobwebs all around her on the table, settings and wedding cake, as she listens to a message from Jack telling her that he is not ready to get married yet. She picks up a silver platter and looks at her reflection in it; it is one of a withered old woman, as she screams out.

At the station, Jack is getting back to work as an officer welcomes him back. Liberty walks in and over to his desk. Is everything ok with Parker. He is fine. Is her mom ok. No. What happened. Him. Jack doesn’t look like he understands. They walk into the interrogation room to talk. Her mom said that he asked her to get a place together. He thought it would be nice to spend a lot of time together; he didn’t analyze it. Her mom did. She said no though. She said she didn’t want anything temporary and he told he respected that. That was the problem because now she thinks she is worth stepping up for and that maybe he may not want anything now, but with time, he will and then he will come and sweep her off her feet like a, as Jack finishes her thought – the fairytale. She has this whole dream of someone riding up on a white horse and saving her from a life of single motherhood, but it doesn’t seem like he is going to be doing that anytime soon. This is between her mother and him, Jack explains. Is he going to step up and make it forever. He has been married many times and he doesn’t think it would be for the best. If it were Carly, would he do it, Liberty asks. Carly is none of her business. She is just saying the best thing is for him to break it off. That is not her decision to make. Someone has to do it because her mom is going to wait for him to do it and then she won’t bow out gracefully. She is not the big girl he thinks she is when it comes to that; she has seen her mom go through this her entire life so if he is not going to be able to step up then can he let her go because it will be harder in the long run. She heads out and as she does he phone rings. It is Janet, as Jack listens nearby. Janet is upset that the school called and she didn’t show up. She had to take care of something. Janet sighs, as she pleads with her that she didn’t go see Jack. Liberty says nothing and tells her that she had to clear up a few things. She shouldn’t have. Whatever happens, it will be ok, as Liberty hangs up. Liberty heads out as Jack watches sadly.

Carly tells Lily that she did try to push Janet and Jack together as if to repent for her past sins. Jack didn’t see it that way though, Lily surmises. Jack thinks she was pushing them together because she was afraid to give them another chance. Was he right. He was – she was afraid of making the same mistakes; she hurt him enough. Lily understands because of all the past times she hurt Holden, but she knows this. Carly reminds her that they got past it though. They are trying, but it is not easy. She doesn’t need to worry about trying with Jack because they decided to steer clear of one another and now he has Janet. She doesn’t feel that good as she thought. She knows it is for the best because she wants him happy and it is more peaceful with them then when he was with her. Does she think he loves Janet. She thinks he cares about her and can’t help notice how good she is for him. Lily looks at her funny. Does she think that part of the reason that she pushed Janet on Jack so much is because she didn’t think Janet was a real threat deep down because Jack would never love Janet like he loves her. She wishes she hadn’t said that. Why. Maybe that is exactly what she did.

Jack is sitting at the station thinking of his conversation with Liberty when he picks up his phone to make a call, but he gets a call at the same time so he switches over and it is Janet. She is nervous as she says hello. She needs to see him. He needs to see her too, as they agree to meet in Old Town.

Holden asks Aaron if he could have lived with what Alison did; could they have they started over. He could live with what she did more then he could live with being just her friend. How could she give up on being a couple and just be friends; they were planning a future together and now they can’t go back. It kills him to see her. It is not easy when he lives in a town this small. The best way to avoid the pain is to avoid her any way he can, Holden suggests.

Luke thinks Noah makes a great suggestion about Casey; he has access to people that won’t vote for him. The straight crowd, Casey wonders. No, the people that think that gay is a dirty word, Luke answers. Alison wonders if Casey is afraid that people will question his sexuality. These people were thinking more then that when he had to play Luke’s ‘friend’ when Noah was with Ameera. Noah thinks he can take it. Luke asks him to think about it. Noah needs to get back to work, as Luke follows him back to the counter and tells him that he is sorry again. It is ok, Noah promises. Alison tells Casey that she thinks it is a good idea that he get involved with Luke’s run. Why does she care she doesn’t even go to OU. Luke is her friend, Luke is Aaron’s brother, and it is about time something good happens to their family. She wants him to do this to alleviate her guilt over Aaron, Casey figures. Mark, Kevin’s friend and campaign manager, comes back over to say hi to Casey to invite them to a rally for Kevin at Al’s. As Mark is saying hello, he is eyeing Alison though. Casey doesn’t think he needs him, but Mark thinks so even though Luke may be a cream puff, Kevin needs all the help he can. Alison tells him that Luke is a tough candidate. If Luke gets voted in, his first duty will be to change the mascot from a bulldog to a French poodle, Mark jokes. Casey laughs it off while Alison glares when he walks off. After he does, Casey tells her that made up his mind - he will do it under one condition – she does it with him. He just said she doesn’t go to OU. Either does he, he teases. Do it for Aaron’s family, Casey tells her. Now he is using that. Do it to forget about Aaron or to wipe the smirk off that jerk’s face, Casey teases again. What would she have to do. Go to the meetings and see what Kevin and Mark are up to. Does he want her to spy. They need a fair fight. Alison heads out with a smile. Casey tells Luke that he is going to take him up on his offer, as Luke is thrilled and he even has a secret weapon – Alison, Casey hints.

Outside of Al’s, Alison watches the group inside when Kevin walks up behind her. He flirts with her, as he introduces himself and asks her to stay – she won’t regret it. How come he has never met her before. OU has a big campus. Alison agrees to go in with him. As they walk in, the group applauds him. Mark talks right off the bat about Luke. Mark thinks if Luke is elected then he will bring back the concept of homecoming queen, as most people laugh and Alison frowns subtly. Kevin cuts him off wanting to just get on with the meeting. Mark talk about Luke wanting gay porn to be reinstated in the quad. Alison is getting more upset, as she tries to hide it. Kevin even seems uncomfortable. Mark goes on about football being scrapped for naked men’s water ballet. Kevin continues to not smile at his comments but still allows him to talk. Mark continues; he talks of the videos they are uploading onto ustube showing what will happen if Luke is elected with, his friends of Dorothy– which won’t happen while they are on the watch. Alison has had her fill and can’t hide it anymore when she walks out, as Kevin and everyone else watches.

Carly tells Lily that if she is being honest then she might never be ready to give up Jack entirely. It might be for the best, but she doesn’t think she will ever ready be able to see him love someone else. She is glad she finally sees it Lily smirks. Carly realizes she saw it all along. It is easier on the outside. What does she do now, Carly wonders. She needs to stop being Janet’s cheerleader and tell Jack how she truly feels before it is too late. Does she think Jack could actually fall in love with her, Carly wonders nervously. It happened with Katie when he thought they were through. Carly has a terrible realization; she has to go, as she heads for the door. She thanks her for all her help. Lily tells her to call her and tell her what happens. Does she mean that. Lily nods and Carly smiles, as she heads off.

In Old Town, Jack and Janet meet up, as she tells him that she knows Liberty talked with him. She didn’t ask her to do that. He knows. She said a lot of things; she has a great protector in that girl, Jack answers. Liberty doesn’t want him messing with her head. That is not what he is doing. He hopes she knows that. He just doesn’t want what she does, Janet simply states. Was she talking about marriage. Yes.

At the station, Carly rushes in to see Jack. She talks with an officer. She heard Jack is back and she wanted to congratulate him. She just missed him, he answers. Does he know where he went. The officer doesn’t say anything so Carly pleads with the officer to tell her where he went because it is important.

Alison comes back to Java. Mark is such a creep. They need to get used to some serious homophobia; it is going to be the whole campaign. Kevin didn’t do anything to stop him, Luke wonders. She didn’t see him do anything. Everyone shakes their heads. Alison thinks there is nothing they won’t do to get Kevin elected. Noah can’t believe that this is the guy Luke was in love with in high school; what did he see in him, as Luke says nothing.

Kevin tells the people gathered that Mark is doing what any good campaign manager would do, but Luke is a good guy and has every right to run as much as he does. Mark leans into him; does he want to win this or not. He doesn’t want it by trashing his opponent. That is how they play the game. That is not how he is going to do it; he wants to do it the right way or not at all.

Luke explains he was different in high school; most people didn’t know he was gay. Kevin knew and he is handling about the same as he did back then, Noah says. Noah reminds him of what Alison said about the meeting; it is only going to get more ugly. He thinks if he runs then he can take some of that ugliness away. Why does he feel it needs to be his responsibility, Noah asks. Does he remember the guys who stopped on the side of the road – the ones who wanted to beat them up. He isn’t running against them. If he can prove to one of those losers that he has ever right to be in this race or to live in the world the same as them, then it is worth it. He can’t argue with that, but he just doesn’t want him getting hurt, Noah answers. He will be fine as long as he has him by his side. Casey asks Alison if she can do the spying game a little longer for the sake of the bigger picture. She agrees to this, as they all place their hands on top of one another in a show of unity.

Holden is shocked to learn that Lily not only let Carly drive her home, but also then invited her in for coffee. Lily smiles; she wouldn’t have had to if he had remembered to turn on his phone. Maybe it was a good thing. Maybe. He is glad. She is too. She thinks they are moving forward. He doesn’t want her to expect the same thing. Have coffee with Carly, she asks. Have coffee with Dusty, as they both laugh and hug.

Janet tells Jack that he doesn’t have to feel guilty; she will be fine. Liberty said she would say that. They don’t want the same things, and that is ok. She also doesn’t want to talk someone into marrying her. Jack tries to interrupt. However, she keeps babbling because she also doesn’t want to end up being that old woman who is waiting around forever for her man to step up. While she is in the midst of this rant, Jack drops to one knee, as Janet realizes this and wonders what he is doing. If she closes her mouth for thirty seconds, she would find out. Janet’s mouth drops open, as she quietly says she can’t believe this is happening. Jack grins and asks her to marry him, as Carly is standing nearby behind him with a look of devastation on her face.

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