ATWT Update Tuesday 10/21/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 10/21/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Police Station) Margo and one of the policemen remark on how much they wish Jack were still on the force because they need him. Dani arrives and tells Margo she just needs her approval in order to get the job as profiler. Margo wonders why Dani just didn’t ask her aunt Emily to call the mayor and ask him to give her the job. Dani tells Margo that wasn’t her idea and asks Margo for a chance to prove what she can do. Margo tells Dani she is way too busy to deal with her right now.

(TV station) Brad sees Spencer looking at a newspaper and she explains to him that she wants to find her own place so crazy strangers won’t break into her room. Brad explains that Henry and Vienna were just being overprotective of him because they thought that she wanted to take him away from Katie. Spencer laughs and tells Brad he and Katie are the perfect couple and it would be useless for her to even try to come between them. Brad tells Spencer to stop selling herself short because she is smart funny and beautiful and any man would be lucky to have her.

(Al’s Diner) Katie arrives to tell Henry and Vienna to let go of their suspicions about Spencer and leave her alone. Henry and Vienna tell Katie they found a locked suitcase under Spencer’s bed but they didn’t have time to search it because Spencer came in the room. Katie is confused about what to do because she doesn’t want to break her promise to Brad but she is very curious about what Spencer is hiding in the suitcase. Katie tells Henry and Vienna not to go back to Spencer’s room but makes it clear that they are both adults and can do whatever they want to do.

(Farm) Janet arrives just as Jack gets sprayed with water from the kitchen faucet, which Holden hasn’t fixed properly. Jack slips on the floor and falls to the floor so Janet helps him get back up. Janet tells Jack she has spent all morning trying to figure out a way to thank him for catching the man that mugged her. Janet gives Jack a kiss and starts to take off her coat to reveal his surprise when they are interrupted by a visit from Margo. Janet quickly closes her coat and leaves Margo AND jack alone to talk. Margo gives Jack a lecture about going off on his own to catch Janet’s mugger. Jack thinks he is in trouble but Margo thanks Jack for his help and asks him to come back on the force. Margo tells Jack she can overlook his mistake if he promises not o do it again. Margo also tells Jack that he will have the same benefits, pay, and desk he had when he left the job. Jack tells Margo he can’t come back to his job because he doesn’t think it is the right thing to do. Margo gives Jack one day to say yes but makes it clear that if he says no this time she won’t ask him again. Janet tells Jack she overheard the conversation and she tells Jack that being a cop is in his blood. Jack still confused about what he should do so Janet tells Jack to remember the reason he became a cop in the first place. Jack explains to Janet that when he was little his mom made a lot of mistakes and since he was too little to help his family he decided that when he grew up he would help people who found themselves in the same situation. Jack tells Janet that he realized that being a cop is in his blood when he caught the mugger. Jack thanks Janet for helping him make sense of a tough situation and takes her hand and asks her to come with him to talk to Margo.

(TV Station) Katie arrives and Spencer tells her that Brad explained everything to her and makes it clear to Katie that she will never come between her and Brad. Brad tells Spencer that Katie spoke to Henry and Vienna and they won’t bother her again. The conversation makes Katie feel guilty because she knows that Henry and Vienna are searching Spencer’s room. Katie however doesn’t say a word just stands there silent and guilty. Katie invites Spencer to lunch so that she won’t walk in on Henry and Vienna again. Spencer wants to go lie down because she is feeling sick but Katie persuades her to grab a quick lunch with her and Brad.

(Lakeview) Henry and Vienna break into Spencer’s room and begin to open the suitcase. Brad, Katie and Spencer arrive at the Lakeview and Katie suggests they go to Chicago for lunch. Spencer and Brad want to have lunch at the Lakeview so that Spencer can have a quick lunch and go up to her room. Spencer excuses herself to go to the bathroom and Brad wonders why Katie still doesn’t trust Spencer. Katie avoids the question and goes to check on Spencer in the bathroom. Katie calls Henry and Vienna to warn them that they are downstairs and Spencer is feeling sick and wants to go up to her room. Vienna quickly opens the suitcase and she and Henry are both shocked to discover the suitcase is full of money. Henry relays the information to Katie who is caught by Spencer talking on the phone. Katie pretends that she is talking to her made Hazel and tells Hazel to clean up the spot quickly and leave things the way they were in the room. Henry grabs a stack of money and smells it before he and Vienna clean up the mess they made in the room. Spencer tells Brad and Katie she will have lunch with them some other time and heads upstairs to her room. Brad demands to know what is going on and Katie tells Brad that Vienna and Henry found a suitcase full of cash in Spencer’s room. Brad tells Katie that Spencer isn’t interested in him and that she is the only woman he loves.

(Police Station) Jack tells Margo he is taking back his job and he can start bright and early tomorrow morning. Margo is happy and Jack wonders what his surprise could be so Janet opens her Jacket slightly to reveal that she is naked. Jack wonders how Janet could be naked all day and not tell him. Jack and Janet head to the Lakeview bar to have a beer and celebrate his return to the police force.

(TV Station) Brad refuses to believe that Spencer is doing anything wrong and accuses Katie of being resentful that he can be a success on another show without her. Katie reminds Brad that she encouraged him to do the new show and has been his biggest supporter. Brad thinks that might have been true until she got jealous that Spencer substituted for her for one day on Oakdale Now Katie wants to talk to Margo about Spencer and the money but Brad tells Katie she is making a big deal out of nothing. Brad feels like he must protect Spencer because she is his partner. Katie reminds him that she is his partner too inn life and he should believe her. Katie leaves to go talk to Margo about Spencer and the money.

(Police Station) Katie arrives to talk to Margo but finds Dani, whom Katie assumes is a cop. Dani offers to help so Katie tells Dani about the money Henry and Vienna found in Spencer’s room. Dani offers to go talk to Spencer and Katie tells Dani she will put in a good word for her with Margo. Dani asks Katie not to tell Margo that she offered to help her.

(Yo’s) Jack asks Janet to live with him but she says no because he told her he wanted to take things slowly. Jack wants to know what Janet needs and Janet tells him that she is an all or nothing kind of woman. Janet explains to Jack that she wants the home, the husband and the kids because he made her believe that she was worth more. Janet tells Jack that she never thought that happily ever after was possible for her until she met him. Jack tells Janet that he doesn’t know about the future but he wants to be with her now. Janet tells Jack she doesn’t want to pressure him but she won’t settle for less then a happily ever after ending.

(TV Station) Spencer walks in angry with Katie and opens the suitcase in front of Brad and Katie and tells them the money is fake because it is a present for autistic nephew who loves to count things. Spencer is hurt that Katie doesn’t trust her and would send the police to question her about the money. Katie apologizes to Spencer who storms out of the station. Brad is also upset that Katie sent the police to question Spencer and he asks Katie to tell Henry and Vienna to stop bothering Spencer and mean it this time.

(Al’s Diner) Katie arrives to tell Vienna and Henry to back off because the money in the suitcase was fake. Henry tells Katie that the money was real because he touched and smelled it. Henry and Vienna tell Katie that Spencer must have switched the real money for fake money.

(Police Station) Dani tells Margo that she is the best person for the profiler job and tells her she saved her time by helping Katie today on something that turned out to be nothing. Margo agrees to consider Dani for the profiler job.

(Old Town) Jack wants to go to the Lakeview with Janet so he can unwrap his surprise but Janet tells him they can take a rain check on that because he needs to be up early for work tomorrow. Jack wonders if there is still a way that he and Janet can live together. Janet tells Jack that maybe there is a way and gives him a kiss and leaves him to figure it out.

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