ATWT Update Monday 10/20/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 10/20/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At Worldwide, Lily finds Dusty working at a desk. Why is he there, she wonders. He is doing some work with her mom. Should she prepare a black dress for his funeral again, Lily sarcastically asks. No. He has already apologized and if she can’t accept it then he doesn’t know what is left, Dusty answers. He thought they evened the score when he got her mom out of jail. Lily smirks and then tells him that it is not any of her business what is going on between he and her mom, as she heads out. Dusty stops her; she needs to know that he bought Worldwide as of yesterday.

At Fairwinds, Holden comes for a visit with Meg. He just wanted to check in with her. She is fine. How is the baby. Fine too. How is Paul. It was tough at first, but he has put it all behind him. He sold his shares at Worldwide; he has a lot of free time to focus on her and the baby now so that makes them both very happy.

At Java, Paul meets with Emily. How did Dusty get involved in buying Worldwide. She doesn’t really know, but it seems like they just want him out of the company but that it doesn’t necessarily matter that Dusty is now in. Paul immediately wonders if this was a set up by Meg and Dusty because she is the one who pushed him to sell and spend more time with her. Emily doesn’t know about that. He thinks Dusty is using Meg as a tool to get to him. He isn’t going to take it anymore; he is going to make sure he doesn’t do this again.

Dusty explains that he bought controlling interests because Paul wanted to sell it and Lucinda didn’t want to buy it back. Lily reminds him how he said that he just wanted to find his son. He has more resources to do that this way. How can he find Johnny and run a major company, an annoyed Lily asks. Dusty assures her that it won’t affect her. She sneers – he does what he wants when he wants, but she always seems to be the one picking up the pieces.

Emily tells Paul that if he wants Dusty to stop interfering in his life then he should keep Meg occupied. She thinks he should take his wife and start their life over somewhere else. He doesn’t want to do that this time. Emily is growing concerned; what is he going to do with Dusty. He doesn’t want her to be concerned, as he starts to leave. She is not letting him leave until she finds out what is in store with Dusty. Paul won’t answer. He is going to take care of him, as he pushes by her. Emily tries to stop him, but Paul leaves in a huff.

Meg tells Holden that the lying and manipulations are knee jerk reactions to what his dad has done to him. Holden thinks it is not that easy to stop. She knows that he will be tempted, but he knows he will lose her if he does that again; he is going to make an effort for her. Holden is happy to hear that Paul is trying to focus on her, but he thinks he should have done it for himself. Meg explains how happy and relieved Paul was as soon as the sale went through. She feels very confident that everything will be fine. Holden accepts what she says and tells her that he is happy for her then. Meg teases him about how easy that was – usually he fights her. He is just going to be happy for her. Paul has learned form his mistakes Meg is sure.

Lily tells Dusty that he has no idea what she went through when he supposedly died. He was her best friend, her first lover and holds a special part in her that no one can touch. Holden tried to make it better, but he couldn’t and it killed him. Then, the box of his belongings showed up and she couldn’t let it go; she felt like she was losing him all over again. Lily is irate; how could she blame Holden for his affair with Carly because he wasn’t there for him. He hopes this is making her feel better, Dusty answers as Lily rails at him. She and Holden were making their way back together and then he comes back and acts like there was nothing ever between them. It is hurting her. Now, he is there and sticking around working at her mother’s company. It has nothing to do with her. She got that, Lily snaps. They should keep it that way for her and Holden’s sake. She heads out, as Dusty watches her go.

At Metro, Derek walks in; Bonnie is glad to see he is actually alive. She hasn’t seen him in a long time. He was out of town, but he thought 10 times a day to call her. That makes her feel great, Bonnie answers sarcastically. Why is that. He doesn’t know her Derek begins.

A quiet Lily comes home and Holden wants to know what is wrong. She was at Worldwide. Holden thinks she ran into Lucinda because Meg told him that Paul was trying to sell the company. She met the new part owner – Dusty; he is staying in town. Holden sees this upsets her. Is he staying because of her, Holden asks. He says it is not, but she is still upset about this. Is it because she still has feelings for Dusty. Her feelings for Dusty are in the past; her future is with him; she wants one with him. However, she is afraid. Holden thinks it is because she is worried her feelings for Dusty will resurface. No, that he will think they will resurface. If she tells him that they won’t then he has to take her at her word. She doesn’t know if he will accept that. She doesn’t want Dusty to come between them. He is tired of Dusty’s shadow hanging over them. She thinks that since he is staying in town, he is always going to see him like that. Plans can change, Holden says decisively, as he heads for the door. Lily wonders what he is going to do. He will be back, Holden assures her.

At Worldwide, Holden goes to see Dusty; he wants some answers. What kind of game is he planning. He spoke to Lily, Dusty sees. Did he think she wouldn’t tell him. Dusty explains that he got an opportunity and took it. He knew that would put him in closer proximity to his wife, Holden replies. If he tells him no, will he believe him, Dusty asks. Lily suffered enough because of him. After what he and Carly put her through, should he really be judging him, Dusty asks him. Which do you think hurt her more, him working here or Lily being humiliated in front of all the people she loves, Dusty asks.

At home, Lily sees Faith; she heard them talking and she wonders if she is going to leave her dad for Dusty. She doesn’t want to leave him; they want to stay together as a family. If they want to stay together, why is it so hard, Faith asks. She wishes she had an answer, but she doesn’t. She wants her to know that they are trying harder then ever though, Lily promises. She just wishes everyone could be happy. Lily smiles – she just wants her to have a little faith, as she gently touches her face.

Holden tells Dusty that he is not going to stand there while he judges him. He is not doing that; no one is perfect - temptation is hard and he gets that. He just needs him to stay away from his wife. This isn’t about his wife – he didn’t come back for Lily. Why did he come back. Because of Meg. She was in trouble and called him; he owed her because she saved him from James. Lucy and Johnny are halfway across the world though so why is he still here. He is there for Meg to make sure she is ok. He stole Paul’s company from under him; he doesn’t see how that is helpful. The less Paul has is better so he can focus on his family, Dusty answers. He won’t see it that way. This is Paul’s opportunity, Dusty responds. Does he think that he is God dispensing opportunity, as people should take these opportunities he gives to them; his help tore his family apart. He stopped being a factor in his family along time ago, Dusty reminds him.

Derek explains that he left town so it would make it hard to get to know. What is it he doesn’t want her to know. He met James in prison. James hunted him down and blackmailed him into helping him because he knew things and he had no idea how he found that stuff out. So he pretended to be a loan shark and kidnapped a bunch of people for James. Yes. However, he did have a big attraction for her and did want to get to know her, but she deserves better then him. A furious Bonnie tells him that she does deserve better from him so he should leave. A dejected Derek does.

In Old Town, Derek bumps into Paul, who tells him that he has a job for him. He isn’t interested. Paul assures him that he pays better then his dad did. How would he suddenly have money. Does he not think James wouldn’t leave him an inheritance. Paul flicks a roll or money in his face. What does he want. He wants Dusty Donovan set up. He wants him to plant some drugs on him. What makes him think he can do that. He owes him; he kidnapped his wife and unborn child. He didn’t press charges. However, that could change. Emily is watching them from around the corner, as he hands him the wad of bills. Derek leaves and Emily stomps over threatening for Paul to call it off or she will tell Dusty everything. She won’t tell him anything. She takes out her phone. If she tells him, she will have to admit that she went behind his back. She just overheard a conversation, Emily counters. He will tell Dusty she helped him. He wouldn’t do that because that would leave himself vulnerable to Meg. Meg won’t leave him because they are having a baby – can she say the same about Dusty. If he goes to jail for drug possession then she will lose him anyway. He has tons of money and lawyers who will get him off. Then what is the point. This is part of the plan to discredit Dusty. She thinks that Paul believes that if Dusty gets arrested then Meg will see him differently. Drugs are a big deal. Emily reminds him that he has been arrested for far worse and Meg still stays with him. It has to work because he says, as he grabs her arm. Emily thinks he is crazier then she ever thought.

At Fairwinds, Derek walks in and Meg orders him to leave or she will call the police. He doesn’t mean her any harm. Paul will be down in a minute, but Derek tells her that he knows that is not true because he was just with him in Old Town. Meg thinks he is lying because Paul would never talk to him after what he did to her. Paul wants him to do something for him and she needs to know what her husband us up to.

Holden comes home and tells Lily that he and Dusty talked but it went nowhere. Lily wonders if it is always going to be like this – with this strain between them. Dusty is not his favorite subject. Lily doesn’t think they can avoid Dusty. She sits beside him on the couch; she hates that she hurt him. Holden tells her that it isn’t just about that because he realizes this is how she feels about Carly. Lily admits that it isn’t easy because of what they shared and how intimate they were. They agree they can forgive, but it is hard to forget. She hopes this isn’t what the rest of their lives are going to be like. She doesn’t want that; he doesn’t either.

Meg doesn’t think she should believe him after what he did for James. He was forced to do things for James that he didn’t want getting out. He wants to make up for what he did though. He sees that he messed Paul up, her and her unborn child as well. Paul is getting better, Meg thinks. She must be dealing with it better then he is because that is not what he sees. What did he do. He gave him this, as he places the wad of money down on the table. He wants him to plant drugs on Dusty Donovan. Meg looks stunned.

Emily tells Paul that she is not helping him. Paul stalks after her babbling on about how she is bitter because Dusty is going after his wife now and seems to have lost interest in her. He is being vicious. He snarls that she just needs to keep her mouth shut. She should just play the role of concerned girlfriend as Dusty is being hauled off. She thinks it could get crowded because Meg will find out and be right there advocating for his release, as she cries her eyes out. Paul orders her to shut up, as Dusty walks over and tells Paul not to talk to Emily like that. Paul stares at him, then Emily and then calls her bluff, as he tells her to tell Dusty. Emily looks nervous, as she tries not to look at Dusty. She will tell him then; the reason Paul is annoyed with her is because she told him that he needs professional help and it offended him. Dusty thinks Paul should learn how to talk to a lady. Paul sneers at him and then asks him if he has saddle sores from riding around on his white horse. Emily cuts him off and tells Dusty to ignore him. Was he going somewhere, Emily asks. He is going to the Lakeview. Does he want company. He would. They walk off, as Emily shoots him a backwards glance.

Derek tells Meg that there is over $3,000 and part of him wanted to keep it, but he owes them. Can he help he asks her. He was there and he saw Paul’s father really did a number on him. She wishes she could blame James for this because it would be a lot easier. She thinks he should go before Paul gets back. Derek wishes them well, as Meg watches him go. She sits down holding the money when Paul walks in telling her how much he misses her. He goes to kiss her, but she stops him. She has something for him, as she takes out the money. Derek brought this by she tells him. Whatever he told her, than he is lying. She knows he hired Derek to set Dusty up – does he really think she is that stupid because he is the one who is lying.

Holden thinks he and Lily should find a new way to really trust one another. He thinks they aren’t really doing their best because they keep tiptoeing around and afraid to tell each other how they really feel. She remembers when she used to feel safe with him – not afraid that he would walk out the door. He remembers that feeling too; that is the kind of trust he means. They can’t question each other’s every move. He has loved her his entire life and everything he knows comes back to that. She loves him that way too. It is not about figuring out whether they really love one another it is about believing it. He needs to take the first step; he wants to stop focusing on Dusty; he wants to let his life be about her and the kids. If she says it is over then it is. It is over and it has for a long time, Lily responds. He asks that she give him the same benefit of the doubt of with Carly; if he says it is over then it is. She can.

Meg is furious; she thought he was done with this. He made a mistake and he is sorry. She thinks he was sorry he got caught. He needed Dusty out of his life. Dusty didn’t do anything. He stole his inheritance. James did that. James didn’t steal his company. Meg doesn’t understand. Paul explains that it was a trick and Dusty bought the company after he offered it to Lucinda. Dusty has stolen everything from him and he won’t let him take her or his baby. How many times does she have to tell him that wasn’t going to happen. He wants to believe her; he just doesn’t trust Dusty. He is acting like James. He is nothing like James, Paul snaps back. He hired actors to play Lucy and Johnny and now this. The only reason Dusty is in their lives is because he is obsessed. Paul promises that he will do whatever she wants. He can’t do anything because he is sick. She should have seen this coming and listened to Bob; she should have kept him in the hospital. He just needs her, Paul pleads. She thought he was enough, but she isn’t. He loves her and that is all that matters; they can fix this, Paul tries. She loves him too, but she can’t help him anymore, as she walks out.

Holden tells Lily that she was the one he always loved. She loved him so much and it hurt her so much to see how far away from her he was. He never wants to go back to that. Neither does she. She is the one that always had his heart, as did he from the minute he jumped out of that hayloft, she adds with a laugh. It seems like a lifetime ago. But it is their lifetime and she wouldn’t trade it for anything. Holden thinks being apart doesn’t work for them; she is the only one he wants and needs, as they kiss.

Meg is packing when Paul tries to stop her; she can’t leave her, as he desperately grabs her arms. She promised him that she would never leave. She swings on him and reminds him that wasn’t the only promise broken today. He is sorry he repeatedly tells her; he will do whatever it takes. She wants him to check back into the hospital. He can’t do that. She can’t live like this. Paul begs with her to stop and remember that he makes her happy; she snaps back that she isn’t happy. She isn’t now because she is angry, but he will make everything right. She isn’t angry because she is too sad to see what he is doing to himself and them. She can’t do what it takes to trust him anymore; there is too much stress on her body and the only choice she has is to leave. Paul takes a deep breath and sighs exasperatedly.

Derek comes back to Metro and tells Bonnie that he was thinking about what he said. She does deserve someone decent, honest and someone who respects her and she can respect in return. She doesn’t think that man exists. He takes her by the arm and tells her that he had the choice today to do something wrong and make a lot of money or do something right and see how it feels. What did he choose, she asks. It feels good to make the right choice, Derek answers. How does she feel about giving him another chance. She admits a person or two gave her another chance. Can she give him another one. She thinks she can, as they smile at one another.

Back at Dusty’s room, he tells Emily that he wants Paul to keep his distance from her. They work together, she reminds him. Not anymore. She realizes Dusty is now her boss and not Paul; it seems strange. He needs to take what he did seriously - the real reason he bought Worldwide was for Meg and Paul will not let that go. He doesn’t care. She doesn’t want him to retaliate. He is not worried. She wants him to be safe because they both know Paul isn’t playing with a full deck.

Paul hugs Meg from behind and tells her that he isn’t letting go; the baby they made is everything to them, as Meg seems torn by this reminder. She can’t walk away from that, as a horn blows outside. That is her cab – she has to go. Paul starts to get more emotional – what is he supposed to do now. He needs to figure things out for himself and make a decision as to whether this obsession he has with Dusty is worth losing everything he has. He needs to find a way to make it stop and until he does, she can’t be his wife and he can’t be a father to this baby, as she grabs her bags and leaves. Paul drops to the bed and James is sitting in the chair behind him. He is going to just let the mother of his child walk out on him, James snarls. What is he supposed to do a dejected Paul talks out loud. She is going to go straight to Dusty. He doesn’t want him to start now. Real men take action. Like what. If something is in the way of something he wants, then he needs to get rid of him for good. He is right and he knows exactly what to do, Paul answers.

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