ATWT Update Thursday 10/16/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 10/16/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Brad and Katie’s house) Brad wants to stay home with Katie since she is still feeling weak and sick. Katie persuades Brad to go and prepare t he show for tomorrow. Spencer knocks on the door and Katie asks Brad to send her away because if she sees her face right now she might kill her. Brad tells Katie to hide if she doesn’t want to see Spencer and he will send her away. Brad opens the door to Spencer who brings Katie’s favorite flowers and a box of chocolate for Katie. Spencer wants to say hello to Katie but Brad tells her that Katie is still not feeling very well and maybe she should come visit her tomorrow.

(Al’s Diner) Carly stops by to get dinner for her and Parker and Janet thanks her for letting her talk to her about Jack yesterday. Janet goes to prepare two plates of lasagna and some chocolate chip cookies for Parker and Carly. Janet tells Carly that Jack and she have decided to take things slowly but she is hopeful that things will work out between them. Jack arrives and Janet decides to include some of her famous Italian wedding cookies in Carly’s order for Carly and Parker. Carly tells Jack she is happy that he and Janet are finding their way back to each other because she is good for him. Jack tells Carly that he is determined to move on without her just like they had discussed yesterday. Carly leaves with her take out order and once she is gone Janet kisses Jack and tells him she stopped my Carly’s house yesterday to talk. Janet tells Jack that for a while she thought that Carly had a male visitor upstairs and that she had a feeling it was he. Jack can’t stand to lie to Janet and tells her that he was at Carly’s house yesterday while she was visiting her.

(Brad and Katie’s place) Katie tells Brad that she asked Liberty to go to the TV station yesterday and look for the leftover food in the trash but Liberty didn’t find anything. Brad thinks Spencer is a nice kid and would never try to hurt Katie. Katie is hurt that Brad is taking the side of someone he just met over her and reminds him that she is his wife. Brad tells Katie he will always be on her side but she should reconsider about Spencer because she seems like a nice person. Henry arrives just as Brad is heading out to the station. Brad asks Henry to stay with Katie since she still isn’t feeling well. Katie tells Henry about the Chinese food Spencer brought her and how she thinks Spencer poisoned the food in order to steal her husband and her job. Henry tells Katie that it is perfectly understandable that she would think that since she feels guilty about doing the same thing to Molly Conlin years ago. Henry tells Katie that she also feels a little paranoid because she doesn’t feel she deserves the life she has now. Katie asks Henry to drive her to the station so she can search the trash and find the container of food. Henry doesn’t want to do it because Brad will be mad at him. Katie tells Henry she will call Vienna if he doesn’t drive her to the TV station. Henry and Katie head to the station to search the trash.

(Al’s Diner) Jack explains to Janet that Carly wanted to talk to him about her and encourage him to work things out with her. Janet wonders why Jack didn’t come out and say hello to her. Jack explains to Janet that he was in Carly’s bedroom and he felt embarrassed and awkward. Janet remember that Carly was in her robe in the middle of the day and is humiliated to know that she interrupted Jack and Carly’s love making. Jack tells Janet that he is glad that she interrupted them because it made them both realize they were making a mistake. Janet asks Jack if he would have made love to Carly if she had not interrupted them. Jack admits that he doesn’t know what would have happened between him and Carly. Janet cries and tells Jack that she deserves better then to be a replacement for another woman in his life. Jack tells Janet that he wants to be with her and not Carly because she unlike Carly always tells him the truth. Jack also tells Janet that she gives him calm and peace and he likes her because they have fun together. Jack tells Janet that yesterday happened because he misses being a cop and his old life with his family. Jack also tells Janet that he knows things with him and Carly would never work because the only thing that he and Carly seem to do is hurt each other. Janet tells Jack to give her a call when he decides if he wants her or Carly because being with him now when his heart is torn just hurts too much.

(Carly’s house) Carly arrives home with the food and Parker wonders if she has finished the design for the t-shirts because his coach called him to say he needs the design for tomorrow. Carly tells Parker that the sketch is upstairs in her room and sends him to get it. Parker comes back downstairs with the sketch and shows Carly Jack’s watch, which he found on Carly’s bedside table. Parker asks Curly if she and jack are having Sex and she tells him that she and Jack sometimes forget they are not good for each other but luckily yesterday they stopped things before they made a mistake. Parker tells Curly he isn’t hungry and decides to go for a ride on his bike.

(TV Station) Spencer sees Katie digging through the trash and Katie covers by saying that she lost her pen and was looking for it. Spencer starts to dig through the trash looking for the pen when Brad arrives and is upset that Katie isn’t resting at home. Katie tells Spencer not to worry about the pen and Brad sends Spencer to try on shoes in wardrobe. Brad asks Katie to go home and rest and they will talk about Spencer when he gets home. Once Katie leaves Spencer tells Brad that she gets the feeling Katie doesn’t want to be around her.

(Metro) Henry tells Vienna that Katie suspects that Spencer is trying to poison her and Vienna is also suspicious of Spencer. Vienna comes up with the idea to break into the Lakeview and search Spencer’s room. Vienna calls Janet and asks her to take the diner receipts to the bank since she and Henry want to have some fun.

(Carly’s house) Janet confronts Carly and wonders why she pretended to be her friend when all she wanted was to use her to help her stay away from Jack. Carly tells Janet that Jack was happy with Katie and she ruined his happiness so she saw this as her second chance to make things up to Jack. Carly tells Janet that she truly believes that she is good for Jack that is why she tried to make sure that they got together. Janet tells Carly that she doesn’t want to be used like that again and she encourages Carly to go after Jack if she wants him but to stay out of her business. Janet also makes it clear to Carly that if she wants to have a relationship with Jack it will be on her terms not because of Carly’s encouragement.

(Lakeview) Henry and Vienna break into Spencer’s room and Vienna finds a locked metal box but before they can open it Spencer arrives home. Henry and Vienna pretend they were making love had no idea this was her room. Henry and Vienna leave quickly ; Spencer has a surprised look on her face.

(Farm) Parker arrives to give Jack his watch back and asks him what he is doing with Carly and Janet. Jack tells Parker not to get his hopes up because he and Carly are not getting back together. Parker reminds Jack that he told him to respect girls and be mindful of their feelings. Parker tells jack that he isn’t being respectful of Carly and Janet and advises him to leave both of them alone until he chooses one of them.

(Brad and Katie’s place) Brad wonders if Katie is jealous of Spencer. Katie says no but admits that she is worried that Spencer will develop feelings for him just like she did when they first worked together on Oakdale now. Brad tells Katie he loves her and nobody will ever take her place in his heart. Brad asks Katie to try and get along with Spencer because he really enjoys doing two shows and bringing home two paychecks. Katie and Brad kiss and Katie promises to try and get along with Spencer. Spencer arrives crying and tells Brad and Katie that she found Henry and Vienna making love in her room. Spencer wonders if Katie sent them to spy on her but Katie tells her that she didn’t send them to spy on her. Katie tells Spencer that Henry and Vienna are strange but lovable and harmless.

(Farm) Parker says hi and good-bye to Carly because he senses she and Jack need to talk. Jack tells Carly that Parker is right it is wrong for him to be with Carly while he is with Janet. Jack tells Carly that they would have made love if Janet hadn’t interrupted them. Carly advises Jack to give Janet a chance to be in his life. Jack and Carly hold each other even though they have no idea why they are doing this and know they should stop before someone gets hurt.

Janet is on her way to the bank when somebody grabs her and puts their hand over her mouth. Janet fights the person so they won’t take the money and the person punches her and knocks Janet to the ground. Janet is still fighting the person and holding on to the bag of money but she passes out and the person takes the bag of money.

(Farm) Carly and Jack consider getting back together but since they would hurt too many people unless they were sure their relationship was going to work they decide its best to end things before they go too far. Carly tells Jack that they are not together and Jack cries a little bit as he watches Carly walk out the door.

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