ATWT Update Tuesday 10/14/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 10/14/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Al’s Diner) Liberty tells Janet that she doesn’t want to go on the boring school field trip and asks her to sign a note for her. Janet is distracted and signs the note without saying a word to Liberty about not going on the field trip. Liberty can tell that Janet is very sad about her break up with Jack because she isn’t acting like herself at all. Henry and Vienna are also worried about Janet because she is getting orders wrong and Vienna guesses that Janet is having man trouble. Janet sends Liberty home because she thinks Henry and Vienna are going to fire her for not doing her job correctly. Vienna tells Janet she can tell she is having man trouble and encourages her to tell her the problem. Janet tells Henry and Vienna that Jack is upset with her because she talked to Margo about giving Jack his job back without first discussing it with him. Henry threatens to fire Janet but Vienna pleads with him to give her another chance.

Spencer compliments Brad on their latest story and Brad continues to encourage Spencer by telling her that she is learning very fast.

(TV Station) Kim asks Katie her opinion on Brad and Spencer’s latest story for Oakdale 411. Katie tells Kim that she is concerned because she doesn’t think Brad and Spencer make a good team. Katie admits to Kim that she is worried that Spencer is becoming two dependant on Brad. Katie tells Kim that she probably doesn’t want a reporter who needs someone else to prop her up. Kim wonders if Katie is concerned about the new show or if she is worried that Spencer is spending too much time with Brad.

(Al’s Diner) Janet is bringing an order to a customer when she sees Jack walking on the street.  He sees her, too,  but instead of going into Al’s, he goes into Java to avoid her.

(Carly’s house) Sage is excited about the school field trip and tells Carly that she should invite Jack over while she is gone so that she won’t be alone. Carly gently reminds Sage that Jack has a girlfriend and they won’t get back together. Sage tells Carly that Jack broke up with Janet so now she can be with him again. Janet calls Carly to inform her that Jack broke up with her because he is mad at her because she asked Margo to give him his job back. Carly tells Janet not to worry because she will help her reconcile with Jack.

(Al’s diner) Janet tells Henry and Vienna about her phone conversation with Carly and they both can’t believe that Carly is going to help her reconcile with a man that Carlly once loved. Janet defends Carly telling Henry and Vienna that Carly has been very supportive of her relationship with Jack. Vienna proposes that Janet borrow Henry in order to make Jack jealous insisting that she won’t get jealous at all because Henry is helping her make Jack Jealous. Janet and Henry share a passionate kiss to prove to Vienna that she will be jealous and they prove their point to her. Vienna tells Janet that she will find someone to help her make Jack jealous so that he will come back to her.

(Java) Carly calls Jack on the phone and tells him that he should probably come to say good-bye to Sage because she is leaving for her field trip today. Jack tells Carly he will be right over because he has nothing better to do anyway.

(TV Station) Katie worries that Brad is late and they are doing the show live today but Kim assures her that she just got word that Spencer and Brad are on their way back from their shoot. Brad and Spencer arrive and Katie tells Brad to change his shirt because he doesn’t want to wear the same shirt for two shows. Spencer brings Katie her favorite dish sesame chicken from Mr. cho’s restaurant where she and Brad just got finished taping their story. Spencer leaves to go put away the equipment and Kim tells Katie that Spencer is eager to impress her not Brad and asks Katie to give Spencer another chance.

(Carly’s house) Sage tells Jack that he should keep Carly company this weekend so that she won’t get lonely. The car arrives to pick up Sage so she tells Jack and Carly goodbye then as Jack watches Sage walk to the car she tells him to have fun this weekend. Jack is puzzled because he thought Sage had given up on the idea that he and Carly would get back together. Carly explains that Sage found out that he broke up with Janet and that is why she is playing matchmaker again. Jack tells Carly that he doesn’t know where his relationship with Janet is headed right now. Carly encourages Jack to forgive Janet for talking to Margo about him. Carly reminds jack that Janet cares about him and is tired of seeing him so miserable without his job. Jack tells Carly that if he goes back to the police force it will be his decision neither her nor Janet have anything to do with it. Jack also tells Carly to stop pretending to care about his relationship with Janet and admit that she wants him back in her life. Carly changes the subject and wonders what Jack is doing today and he tells her that he has a job interview with a security firm that does special operations for the government. Carly smiles because she knows Jack intends to go see the movie batman again. Jack admits that Carly is right and heads to the movie theater because he doesn’t want to miss the previews

(TV Station) Katie takes three bites of the food Spencer brought for her then throws the container in the trash. Spencer sees Katie throw the food in the trash and wonders if she liked the food. Katie tells her she appreciates that she brought her the food but she is just very full. A few minutes later Katie feels sick and runs to the bathroom to throw up. Katie tells Brad that she is very sorry to leave him to do the show alone but she must go home. Katie asks Spencer to get an intern to drive her home. Brad doesn’t want to do the show without Katie and suggests they show an old show. Kim doesn’t want to do that during sweeps week so she asks Spencer to substitute for Katie.

(Movie Theater) Jack is eating popcorn and watching Batman when Carly arrives insisting she had a craving for popcorn. Carly tells Jack that they should go enjoy the beautiful day outside so they go to the Snyder pond.

(Snyder Pond) Carly admits to Jack that she is thinking about Holden because they are standing in the same spot where she and Holden ended their relationship. Jack wonders what attracted her to Holden and Carly admits that she doesn’t think it was love it was a feeling of peace and calmness that Holden gave to her. Jack also adds that Holden isn’t a judgmental jerk like he has often been to her Carly tells Jack that he isn’t a jerk but Jack knows that he has been very judgmental with Carly and apologizes to her. Jack wonders how much longer Carly is going to deny the magnetic pull that exists between them. Carly tells Jack that she intends to fight it and ignore it because she knows that going backwards and hurting each other again isn’t good for either of them. Jack thanks Carly for saving his life and tells her that even that is proof of how much they will always be connected to each other. Jack leans in to kiss Carly but she pushes him in the pond and tells him that he better swim because she is done being a lifeguard.

(Brad and Katie’s place) Liberty arrives home and is ready to watch some TV when Katie arrives home and tells Liberty that she is very sick. Katie tells Liberty that she has thrown up twice and is probably sick because she ate some bad food. Katie lays down in her bed and Liberty wonders if Katie could be pregnant but Katie says that is impossible. Katie asks Liberty to turn the show on for her because she wants to watch Brad do the show alone. Katie is not happy when Brad introduces Spencer as a substitute for Katie since she is sick at home. Katie and Liberty both notice that Spencer is flirting with Brad from the time they introduce today’s topic what leads to sexual attraction. Katie tells Liberty that she is feeling better and stands up to get ready to go to the station but gets light headed and almost passes out. Liberty tells Katie she will take her to the hospital.

(TV Station) Spencer persuades Brad to go have a beer at Yo’s with her and the crew. Brad wants to call Katie before he leaves to check on her condition but Spencer tells him Katie is probably sleeping. Brad thinks Spencer is probably right so he decides not to call Katie.

(Hospital) Katie asks Liberty to call Brad, but his cell phone goes directly to voice mail so Liberty leaves several messages for Brad. Katie asks Liberty to sneak into the TV station and get the container with the left over food that she threw in the trash because she must prove that Spencer poisoned her.

(Yo’s) Brad has a beer with Spencer and the crew and is unable to hear his phone because the music is very loud.

(Carly’s house) Jack arrives very wet and Carly tells him that she can help him get out of those wet clothes. Jack grabs Carly and gives her a passionate kiss and although she fights it at first she soon gives in and they soon end up in her bedroom. Carly and Jack are in bed starting to make love when they are interrupted by the doorbell. Carly quickly gets dressed and opens the door to Janet who arrives to return the dress that Carly let her borrow. Janet also brings a pie that she made with the apples that she and Jack picked with Sage when they spent the day at the Snyder orchard. Janet is depressed and wants to talk to Carly about Jack. Janet tells Carly that Vienna suggested that she get another man to make Jack jealous but she didn’t want to do that because she promised him she would never lie to him. Carly tells Janet she has to go upstairs to turn off the shower but she goes in her bedroom and tells Jack that Janet is downstairs and she wants to talk to her about him. Carly asks Jack if she wants her to tell Janet that he is there right now in her bedroom. Carly has her hand on the door and before she leaves Jack asks Carly to lie to Janet. Carly tells Jack that she just got her answer that he doesn’t want to go backwards ether.

(TV Station) Brad and Spencer arrive, and Kim is surprised that Brad went to Yo’s to have a beer when Katie is sick. Spencer leaves to check the tapes for the latest story of Oakdale 411. Kim makes it clear to Brad that his first priority should be Oakdale now and his wife not the new shows. Brad listens to his messages from Liberty and tells Kim that Katie is in the hospital apparently from food poisoning. Spencer wonders if the doctors know the cause of Katie’s illness. Brad tells her the doctors don’t know yet and Spencer wants to go with Brad to the hospital but Kim stops her because Brad can take care of Katie.

(Hospital) Brad arrives and Katie tells him that she thinks Spencer is trying to poison her because Spencer wants both him and her job. Brad thinks Spencer is a sweet girl who would never hurt her. Brad also points out that nobody else from the crew got sick when they at the restaurant today. Katie tells Brad she will soon have proof and Brad tells Katie they can discuss it again when he shows her the proof. Brad leaves to talk to the doctor about Katie’s condition.

(TV Station) Liberty arrives and Kim tells her that Brad finally listened to his messages and went to the hospital. Kim gets a call and Liberty looks in the trash can but the container of food is not there. Katie calls Liberty and Liberty informs her that the food container isn’t in the trash.

(Carly’s house) Jack shows Jack the pie that Janet made for him and tells him that Janet deserves another chance. Jack heads for the door but before he leaves he asks Carly if she is sure that he should go back to Janet. Carly tells Jack this is the way it has to be and this is best for both of them.

(Al’s Diner) Jack arrives and asks Janet to serve him a piece of pie so she gets the slice of pie for him. Jack tells Janet he wants to take things slowly with her and Janet tells Jack that slowly is fine with her.

(Carly’s house) Carly recalls the scene earlier when she told Jack to go back to Janet and cries as she eats pie to try and make herself feel better.

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