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As the World Turns Update Monday 10/13/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At Java, Luke meets up with Noah; Noah wants to go to a student government meeting at Al’s because some people are complaining about the film festival. Luke is upset that people are bothered with the gay content. Dusty walks in interrupting their conversation; he wants to have a word with them if they don’t mind. Luke cuts him off; they don’t have anything to say to him. Noah now cuts Luke off when he tells him that he can speak for himself. Luke looks back over his shoulder at Noah looking uncomfortably surprised.

At home, Holden opens the door to find Lucinda. He thinks she doesn’t know when to quit because Lily told her that she wasn’t welcome. Where does he get off, an irate Lucinda wonders. She tried to make peace with him; she reached out to him. He doesn’t want to get in the middle of this. Why did he do it, she asks suddenly. He doesn’t know what she is talking about. After Margo talked with him, she came right over and talked with her. Holden thinks Lucinda shouldn’t be surprised if Margo surmises it was she who helped Dusty. She wants to know why, but then Lily walks into the room, Lucinda turns to her and asks her if she was the one.

At the station, Margo and Dallas are looking into Lucinda’s bank accounts. They see she transferred millions of dollars out of her account into two other accounts. Margo tells Dallas to look into this further.

Dusty tells Luke and Noah that he wants to apologize for what went down. He realizes he caused his parents a lot of hassle. Luke tells him that he knows that he was supposedly looking for his son; so, when his parents were being questioned for his murder, did he find his son, Luke sneers, as Noah asks him to stop. Dusty tells them that he is sorry and he won’t bother them again, as he walks away. Noah tells Luke that he will meet him at Al’s. Luke can’t believe this; he thought he was on his side. He is, but he wants to talk with Dusty even though he may not. Luke stalks off.

Holden tells Lucinda that Lily didn’t do anything. Lily doesn’t understand. Lucinda tells her that someone said something that put her in the line of fire with the police and Holden was the last person to see Margo. Holden reminds her that Margo didn’t have to figure too much out to realize that Lucinda is the only person in this town that would have the ability to help Dusty with his great escape. Lily wonders about Margo questioning Lucinda, but Lucinda tells her that it was just a fishing expedition. She is trying to get her to slip up. She did it though, Lily responds. She realizes that, Lucinda replies. Dusty’s plan was already in place when he came to her though. She may not have been the mastermind, but she is an accomplice; she doesn’t think she should go to jail for that, as Lucinda narrows her eyes as she stares back at her. Lucinda wonders if she thinks she deserves to be in jail. Did she or Holden deserve to be in jail when they were accused of Dusty’s murder. Lucinda stops her; she never would have let Holden go to jail and have him taken away from her or the kids. Lily snarls that she doesn’t believe her. Holden tells Lucinda that she should hire a lawyer. She already has one, but she needs a family. Does she have one of those because if she doesn’t, then what is the use. Lily stands with her back to her looking upset.

Dallas tells Margo that they found something. The wire transfer Lucinda made right after Dusty ‘died’ was to an account in Chicago that is under the name of Ernest Ronan, the director of Oakdale Funeral Home. Margo realizes that is where Dusty was supposedly buried and since Barbara paid for the funeral, there would be no reason fro Lucinda to be paying for anything unless there was no body to be buried. Margo asks about the other money transferred to a bank in Singapore because now she remembers that Dusty said that he was tracking Johnny to Singapore when James kidnapped him. It was for $3 million and that account was under the name of Jonathan Burke. Margo mumbles the names for a moment before she realizes that Jonathan stands for Johnny and Burke could stand for Burke Donovan, who was Dusty’s stepfather. Dallas thinks that is where too much of a coincidence. Another officer walks over and tells them that they have Lucinda’s flight plan from the night Dusty died. Margo sees that Lucinda’s plane filed a flight plan to Singapore.

Lucinda stares at the back of Lily before she tells them that she won’t bother them again. She starts to walk out the door when Holden stops her and offers to call Tom. She thanks him, but tells him not to bother; she won’t come around anymore, as Lily paces nearby. Finally, Lily asks her what she is going to do. Does she care, Lucinda wonders. The girls will have questions. The doorbell rings and Dallas is there; he tells them that he has an arrest warrant for Lucinda for obstruction of justice and conspiracy to commit fraud. Everyone looks stunned but Lucinda is indignant. Dallas handcuffs her. Does she look dangerous, Lucinda asks. It is procedure. Lily looks upset as Dallas leads Lucinda away, after she asks him not to drag this out because her grandchildren are in the other room. After Dallas leaves with Lucinda, Lily remarks about how she can’t believe he arrested her. Holden tells her that after he checks on the kids, they will figure out what to do. After Holden leaves, Lily paces some more and then heads for the door and leaves.

At Al’, Luke sees an old Friend, Reg. Why would the school be pulling funds with the festival, Luke asks. He thinks that they are worried that supporting homosexual activities would be sending the wrong message. Brian walks up wanting to talk interrupts them. He wants to know why he has been fielding many calls about the foundation’s pamphlets being handed out at the gay film festival. Luke explains that he told him that they were going to have a booth there and probably pass out literature. Brian reminds him that he had told them that they shouldn’t do that. Luke tells him that foundations support the arts. This is exactly what they don’t want. He thinks that the pamphlets could have been distributed around campus instead. The film festival is on campus. If the school backs out on their commitment, Luke wants Brian and the foundation to back it next year. Brian tells him that they can’t. He didn’t sign on to oversee this. He wouldn’t support a gay film festival, Luke challenges. No, he simply is saying that if he keeps taking this in this direction, then he is on his own, as he walks away and Luke watches him go.

Dusty apologizes to Noah telling him that he hopes he didn’t cause any problems with he and Luke. It is ok. They seem tight – are they finally together. They are. He wanted to thank him for telling him not to give up on Luke because he would come around. It means a lot after everything his dad did to him. He was not responsible for his dad. Noah tells him that his dad drowned and he was there when it happened. He is sorry for him. He is sorry for all that happened with his son and Luke didn’t mean what he said either. He realizes that. Dusty promises that he won’t give up until he finds Johnny. Noah is glad for that, but soon Noah’s boss needs him for a moment so Noah excuses himself. Dusty tells him that he can call him if he ever needs anything. After he leaves, Lily approaches Dusty; Lucinda has been arrested for helping him. He is sorry to hear that. He needs to get her out of this. Is she sure she wants his help. This is his fault her mother got involved in this. Lily and Dusty walk, as she tells him that she knows that he did this to try to find Johnny and her mother was very clear on why she helped him. Dusty smiles and reminds her that her mother doesn’t want him in her life. It wasn’t her decision to make or his, but she shouldn’t take the fall for this. Margo won’t let him near her, Dusty tells her. Is there proof to connect her, Lily asks. He thinks if they dig deep enough they might find something if she wasn’t careful enough. Lily rolls her eyes and Dusty tells her that he would do anything for her, as there seems to be a catch in his voice, as Lily realizes something is coming next. He wouldn’t be any good to Johnny or on his way to help Johnny if he was in jail. Lily is angry – why did she think he would help her. He is her best friend, that is why, and he wishes he could. He can, but he won’t, Lily snaps. She helped him even though she shouldn’t have. She put her freedom, her kids, her marriage and life all on the line for him when he was in trouble with that hooker. She did it because all she could see was this beautiful sweet boy she had fallen in love with; he owes her.

Luke walks back over to Reg and he asks if Luke is ok. Yes, Brian and he are just having a disagreement. Reg realizes it is about the foundation. He read that he started one. Luke wonders if he thinks the school would really cut the funding to the festival. He thinks so because he thinks The Board of Directors are worried about freaking out the benefactors. Luke smirks that this is coming down to rich uptight people that have no idea what it is like to go to school there. Reg thinks that they are being more careful then that. They are letting the student body president decide that. Isn’t there an election coming up. That is why they are there laying out their ideas. Luke thinks that a student wouldn’t want to cut funding, but Reg doesn’t think he should count on that because he thinks the guy running is a dunce. Who is running, Luke wonders. Reg directs his attention to a nearby table where Kevin is sitting having coffee. Luke reacts surprised. Based on his non-verbal reaction, Reg asks if he knows him. He does, as they both stare at one another.

At the station, Margo walks into the interrogation room and tells Lucinda that she has found some stuff, as she places a folder in front of her. Lucinda opens it and tells her that this is her private account. The judge didn’t think so. Margo comments about how much money she has been going through lately. Margo wants to know why she paid the funeral director where Dusty was supposedly buried. Lucinda tells her that the man owns horses and she bought one. Margo asks for the name of the horse. It is Catch Me If You Can or something to that effect, a cool Lucinda responds. She would love to see the horse. Lucinda doesn’t miss a beat when she tells her that the horse is in Florida because they have great training facilities down there. Does she have horses in Singapore too. Lucinda says nothing. $3 million dollars was transferred to an account there. She was buying some property there; it has a great coastline. She has an answer for everything, Margo responds sarcastically. Who is Jonathan Burke. Lucinda tells her that she has no idea. Why is that man’s name on the account she transferred money into in Singapore. He is also listed as a sole passenger on her flight to Singapore the night Dusty disappeared. Lucinda says nothing.

Luke and Kevin share an awkward moment as they say hello. How is he, Luke asks. He just joined the soccer team and a fraternity and of course, there are the girls, Kevin adds with a smirk. He hears he is running for student body president. Is he going to vote for him. It depends on his platform – what is it. Kevin tells him with a laugh that it will be that college is fun so stick around. Luke tells him he is sure it will be a landslide. What has he been up to, Kevin asks. Not much, Luke stammers for a moment before he quickly rattles off that he is involved in the gay film festival because his boyfriend is a curator who hopes to have a short in it next year. Kevin asks him if he heard that the festival may not be around much longer. He did, but if he becomes student body president, he wouldn’t cut funding to the arts – he loves movies, right. Doesn’t he remember all the movies they crammed in watching in his grandmother’s pool house. Kevin smiles awkwardly and tells him that was high school. Noah walks over interrupting them and Luke introduces them, as everyone seems uncomfortable.

Margo walks out of the interrogation room and tells Dallas that Lucinda wants to talk to her lawyer. Dallas smirks. Holden walks in wanting to talk with Margo, but she doesn’t have time right now. He was there when she arrested Lucinda and he thinks Lily might be here. She isn’t. Holden thinks that Margo should rethink arresting Lucinda because is it really that big of a deal because the only people she really hurt was himself and Lily. She hurt the department too, Margo answers. Holden tells her that he knows that she doesn’t really want Lucinda – she wants Dusty. So why doesn’t she leave Lucinda out of this and focus on him. She thinks the quickest way to get to Dusty is through Lucinda. Dusty walks through the door right then… if she wants him, then here he is – surprising Holden, Margo and Dallas. Is he ready to tell her the truth, Margo asks. He has nothing to hide. Margo wants to speak with him in private, as Lucinda is escorted out. Lucinda’s confident smile fades when she sees Dusty. After Dusty heads into the room with Margo, Lucinda asks Holden what Dusty is doing there. Holden explains that he said he was there to talk. He swore he would never do that; he is taking a risk. Holden reminds her that he swore he wouldn’t come back so Dusty’s promises mean nothing; he wants him to talk so maybe he will be out of their lives for good.

Noah is standing alone with Luke, as he comments about Kevin being the one he was in love with in high school. Luke reminds him that he was the one that freaked out when he found out he was gay. Noah remarks that he has clammy hands, as they both laugh. Why is he there. He is running for student body president. Noah shakes his head realizing he is the one who will determine if the film festival is cut. Reg comes over to Noah and Luke to say hello to Noah; Noah instinctively puts his arm around Luke, who smiles strangely. Kevin is watching this unfold. Reg wants to know if Luke got anywhere with Kevin. Luke thinks he sounded non-committal. Reg thinks he might not be any longer because he saw his face when Noah put his arm around him; he is not with them.

Margo relays what Dusty has told her about how he went to Lucinda for help to find Johnny and Lucy. Margo thinks it was generous of her since she helped Lucy and Johnny flee to begin with. She had her own reasons. Margo knows it is about Lily. She never heard from him again after flying him to Singapore. She kept his undead status a secret though. Margo wants to know about the man that injected him with the experimental drug. Did Lucinda fund that too, she asks. Dusty thinks it doesn’t matter what Lucinda did. Margo thinks it all matters because the department spent countless hours investigating his supposed death. She arrested people that never should have been arrested… all the while Lucinda said nothing. All that matters to him is he kept Craig from getting his hands on his son and doing to Johnny what he did to Bryant. Margo doesn’t want him to go there. She is forgetting that Evan Walsh did try to kill him, but he was a step ahead of him – where was the department when that all went down. Margo slowly walks over and opens the door to tell Dallas to tell Lucinda that she is free to go. She closes the door and tells Dusty he is free to go too. She reminds him that they go way back because of John. Is that why she is cutting him a break. She once told him that he could come to her with anything… she hopes now he will remember that.

Kevin waves weakly to Luke as he leaves as Noah watches this. Reg comes back over to the table ranting about how the meeting was pointless because they hardly talked about the film festival except to talk about the Board’s worries. They have to be on the Board or student body president like Kevin will probably be to do anything. Luke wants to stop worrying about Kevin; they go to school there too and they can’t cut the film festival because of some scared donors; that is discrimination and censorship. They joke about him being student body president. Luke decides he wants this, as Noah worries if this is what he wants to do. Censorship is wrong and he needs to stand up for them.

Downtown, Lucinda and Dusty are talking about how she was protecting him for the police. Dusty smirks – she was protecting herself. It was the same in the end, Lucinda counters. Dusty reminds her that she thought he was bad for Lily. He was; he was worse then the pills because she didn’t hide him – she flaunted him. He never wanted Lily to get hurt. She did and it was horrible when she overdosed. He didn’t even know about that. She would do it all again to protect Lily though – even if at the end, she is going to lose her. Dusty promises that she won’t lose her because Lily came to him to protect her. Lucinda is annoyed; Lily used her to go to him; he better not use that to get her to depend on him. He would not do that; his priority is finding his son. Lily loves her and in time, she will forgive her, as Lucinda smiles appreciatively.

At home, Holden walks back in calling out to his mom, who was watching the kids. Lily walks out and tells him that Emma went home. He wonders where Lily went. She didn’t mean to worry him. He thought she went to the police department to see Lucinda. Emma said that is where he went; how was she. She is fine; Dusty came forward with the whole story and Margo let both Lucinda and Dusty go. He sees that Lily is not surprised. She knows that Dusty would not let Lucinda got to jail for him. Holden realizes suddenly that Lily must have gone to Dusty to ask him to come forward. Lily quickly admits to it and apologizes. Holden frowns.

At the office, Lucinda walks in to find Brian brooding at his desk. Does he have creative burnout. No, and his mood has nothing to do with her. She seems to be in a better mood, he notes. Lily said some awful things to her, but when push came to shove today, her daughter stood up for her. Lucinda doesn’t want to push Lily, but she wonders if she just left her a message thanking her then that might not be too much. Brian tells her not to because it would be a mistake.

At the farm, Luke and Noah come in and Noah wonders if he is really serious about running for student body president. He is. He doesn’t want to look back on his college years and feel he wasn’t accepted for who he was; if he runs maybe, he can change that. It isn’t about anything else then, Noah wonders. Kevin perhaps. It is not about him. Is he sure. He is a non-issue. He saw how he was around him. Is he sure, he isn’t trying to get back at him for how he treated him. Luke jokes about making Kevin cry like a girl, but ultimately he is doing it for Noah; he always wanted to do a film and his father said it would be worthless so he wants to prove him wrong. What does he need to do to get his vote, he jokes. Luke walks closer to Noah to kiss him, but Noah tells him that he wants to know what happened earlier with him and Dusty.

Holden wants to know why Lily went to Dusty. He knows why – he is the only person that could help her mom and who knew the truth. They both know the truth, but Lily thinks if they had gone to the police then they would have thought it was just hearsay. Therefore, she went to someone who has been nothing but trouble to the both of them, Holden counters. He is making it seem like she was using this as an excuse to see him. Was she. No, what else could she have done. She could have gone to him and they could have come up with a solution together. There wasn’t any time. There was time to go to Dusty. She is sorry. This is a constant problem for them – they turn to other people when they need help. He is making this into something like a betrayal. She went to Dusty because he could help. She asked him help. He risked going to prison for her. Whatever is between them must still be huge if he did all of this for her. She didn’t go to the police station with him and she is not with him now; she came home to him; she doesn’t want him to turn this into something that it isn’t. The doorbell interrupts their conversation. Lily goes to answer it to find Dusty there. Lily quietly tells him that he shouldn’t have come there. He did what she asked – Lucinda is out of trouble. He owed her, but now they are even, as he says nothing more and leaves. Lily closes the door and Holden just stares at her.

Brian pours Lucinda a cup of coffee, as he tells her that she is as frustrating as her grandson; they are both so smart, but they don’t think they just react. Lily asked her to stay away, and the first sign of a thaw and she is ready to pounce. Lucinda admits to the mistake. Why is he so edgy today. Luke is publicizing the foundation in a way that is going to cost them a lot of money despite advising him not to. He thinks it is reckless and it could sink them. If he feels so strongly then she will talk with him. He doesn’t need her fighting his battles. He spoke with Luke and he hopes after consideration that he will not do anything further, but he told him if he did, then he will be leaving. Lucinda is shocked that he threatened to quit – he can’t do that. Is it because she forbids it, Brian asks. No, it is because Luke needs him; he is young and needs all the help and guidance he can give him. She needs him too, as they both smile at one another.

Noah gets why Luke is angry, but Dusty did what he did to find his son. Luke explains that Dusty really hurt his family and he isn’t sure that it is over yet. He didn’t mean to hurt them. Luke understands. The crack about Johnny was low, he admits. Noah hopes that being friends with Dusty won’t cause him a problem. He doesn’t have a choice he realizes. Dusty is his friend and the only one who rallied beside him when he was hurt. He tells Luke that he encouraged him to fight for him. Luke didn’t realize that. He will always be grateful to Dusty, but he will always be on his side. They seal it with a kiss. Luke only has one more thing to say on the subject and then he will drop it; he only hopes that Dusty stays away from his mom because he really hurt her. Noah backs up with a guilty look. What is going on. Noah slowly tells him that when he was leaving Java, his mom showed up because she was looking for Dusty. Luke looks crestfallen.

Lily tells Holden that she hopes that is proof to him that there is nothing still going on. They said they were going to work on trusting each other again. Holden explains the other day that he asked her if it was the lies that hurt her or the fact that she still had feelings for Dusty and she said she didn’t know. He just saw that it is over, Lily answers. Dusty was the one that made that decision not her, and if that is the way that it gets decided, then he is not sure that they are going to work, as he leaves the room. A dejected Lily sits down on the couch with her face in her hands.

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