ATWT Update Thursday 10/9/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 10/9/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Hughes House) Casey plays guitar hero very loudly to make himself feel better but Margo arrives and turns the game off and says its time for them to have a talk.

(Hospital) Emily arrives for her after surgery check up and runs into Susan who wonders if Emily has spoken to Dusty. Susan wonders how Emily could speak to Dusty after all the pain he caused her. Emily explains to Susan that she had to get some answers about why Dusty faked his own death. Emily tells Susan that Dusty had his reasons to fake his own death but she doesn’t tell Susan the reasons. Susan wonders if Emily is done with done with Dusty and Emily tells Susan that she and Dusty are friends. Susan senses Emily is headed for trouble once again and tells her daughter to be careful. Emily tells her mother that she always looks s for trouble but this time she shouldn’t worry about her. A nurse tells Dusty that since he has a slight fever his gun shot wound may be infected but the doctor will be in soon to look at the wound. Dusty calls Meg to let her know that all of Paul’s debts to Worldwide are paid because he transferred the money this morning. Meg thanks Dusty for helping her and Paul and Dusty makes it clear that he did it for her sake not for Paul. Dusty asks Meg if she is okay and Paul is behaving himself she tells him that Paul was in such a good mood he went out by himself. Dusty asks Meg if she has people around the house to make sure that she is never alone with Paul. Meg tells Dusty not to worry because there are always people in the house. Dusty worries that Paul may get angry with her if he discovers she asked him for help paying his debts.

(Worldwide) Paul arrives to ask Lucinda to persuade the board of directors to allow him some time to pay off his debt with interest. Lucinda is puzzled by Paul’s request and shows him proof of the wire transfer of the money he owed to the company. Paul tells Lucinda that he didn’t pay the money and neither did Barbara and he is determined to find out who paid his debt. Lucinda advises Paul to be grateful for his good luck but Paul leaves the office determined to find out who came to his rescue.

(Farm) Aaron tells Holden about Alison’s affair with Chris and Holden advises his son to find out how Alison feels before he makes a decision about his marriage. Holden also tells Aaron that he must decide if he still wants Alison in his life. Aaron tells Holden that he loves Alison and he has always loved Alison. Aaron wonders if Holden has forgiven Lily for her affair with Dusty. Holden remains silent and tells Aaron that he has to trust Lily if their marriage has a chance of survival and he is trying his best to trust Lily.

(Hospital) Alison hugs Dusty because she is so happy to see him and has missed him very much. Alison tells Dusty everything that has happened in her life since he left ending with her affair with Chris. Alison wishes Dusty had been around to give her his advice before she made so many mistakes. Dusty gives Alison the same advice Holden gave Aaron to first figure out what she wants to do and then find out how Aaron feels about the situation. Alison tells Dusty that she will pay back the money he left her for nursing school but Dusty tells her the last thing he needs is more money so she doesn’t need to pay him back. Alison is shocked when she sees Dusty’s gunshot wound and fins out Paul shot him. The doctor tells Dusty his wound is infected so he prescribes some antibiotics and an ointment. Alison goes to the pharmacy to fill Dusty’s prescriptions and asks him to stay there and she will bring them to him. Dusty goes out in the hallway where Susan warns him to stay away from Emily or she will kill him herself and this time he will stay dead.

(Lakeview) Paul calls Meg and tells her somebody paid off his debt and it wasn’t Barbara he also tells her he thinks the person that paid is debt is setting a trap for him so he wants to catch the person before they spring the trap.

(Fairwinds) Meg calls Dusty to let him know that Paul knows somebody paid his debt. Dusty assures Meg that there is no way that Paul will find out about him or trace it to her.

(Hughes House) Margo explains to Casey that women Emily’s age sometimes don’t want to have more children. Casey is upset that Emily made the decision without consulting him. Margo reminds Casey that it is Emily’s body therefore it’s her choice. Casey is upset that Emily risked the future of their relationship. Margo points out that this may have been Emily’s way of telling him she didn’t see a future for their relationship. Casey tells Margo he would have preferred and I told you so instead of the advice.

(Hospital) Alison is shocked that Dusty left the hospital without his medication and she goes out into the hallway to see if Susan or Emily has seen Dusty. Emily says no but Susan admits she saw him earlier they argued and he left. Alison and Emily are worried that Dusty left without his medication. Susan is worried that Dusty has that strange hold on both her daughters again. Alison and Emily both laugh at their mom and Emily tells Alison she will give Dusty his medication. Alison gets a call from Aaron who wants to meet at Java to talk.

(Java) Aaron tells Alison that he doesn’t care how many mistakes she has made he loves her and wants her back in his life. Alison cries a little and tells Aaron that he deserves to be loved by someone who would rather die then hurt him Alison tells Aaron that the only way for her to stop hurting him is to end their marriage. Aaron is hurt and tells Alison he just wanted to hear her say the words then he gets up and leaves Java. Casey arrives and Alison unburdens herself to him about Aaron saying that her marriage to him was a mistake. Alison tells Casey that she thought marriage would solve all of her problems. Casey wonders if Alison will tell Chris about it and get back together with him. Alison tells Casey that Chris was what she used to escape from Aaron. Casey tells Alison to follow him because they both need an escape from their problems.

(Holden and Lily’s house) Lucinda arrives to ask Holden to persuade Lily to forgive her and make her understand that she helped Dusty in order to save her marriage. Holden tells Lucinda that he won’t ask Lily to change her mind. Lucinda tells Holden that Lily is very angry at Dusty deeply, sexually angry and that could cause a problem in their marriage. Lucinda angrily walks out telling Holden she won’t help him or Lily anymore. Margo arrives a few minutes after Lucinda leaves to ask Holden to help her make sure Dusty pays for his crimes. Margo rattles off the long list of Dusty’s crimes for Holden. Margo is convinced that Holden knows who helped Dusty but Holden refuses to give her any information.

(Lakeview) Paul asks Emily to use her skills as a reporter to help him find out who paid his debt to Worldwide. Emily refuses to help Paul until he threatens to fire her from the newspaper. Emily tells Paul to ask Meg who paid his debt for him. Emily brings Dusty his medicine and they decide to try to have a relationship that is more then friendship. Emily offers to put the ointment the doctor prescribed on Dusty’s shoulder.

(Fairwinds) Paul demands Meg tell him who paid his debt to Worldwide so Meg admits to him it was Dusty. Meg explains to Paul she went to Dusty because she didn’t want him to go to jail when he was so sick. Meg is surprised when Paul hugs her instead of being angry with her. Meg gives Paul a kiss and his medicine and then tells him to hurry upstairs. Meg calls Dusty to tell him Paul knows everything and isn’t angry with her.

(Lakeview) Emily hears the call from Meg and when Dusty has finished the call she thinks that Meg should be their helping him put on the ointment because she is a nurse. Dusty tells Emily that he is happy she is with him and they make love. Dusty and Emily lay in bed and Dusty tells Emily he trusts her and that is a lot for him because he hasn’t trusted anyone in a long time.

(Yo’s) Casey and Alison console each other by playing a game of darts.

(Worldwide) Margo arrives to question Lucinda and makes her think Holden told her everything. Lucinda is to smart and doesn’t fall into Margo’s trap. Lucinda tells Margo she is too busy to answer any questions.

(Fairwinds) Paul is surprised Dusty helped him and is sure he did it for her sake. Paul wonders if Dusty is going to give him back the rest of his money. Meg tells Paul Dusty only took the money to help him pay a private investigator to start a global search for Johnny and Lucy. James ghost tells Paul he is ashamed of him and that he is weak. James ghost makes Paul believe that Meg is giving him those pills to make him crazy so she can put him in an institution. Paul refuses to believe James but James insists that this is the only way a classy woman like Meg would be free to be with the man she truly loves Dusty. Paul takes the pills and wonders why he still sees James ghost. Paul decides that the only way to get rid of James is to set a trap for Dusty. Paul looks inside Meg’s purse for information and then puts the purse back in is place when Meg comes downstairs to get it. Paul asks Meg for permission to go on a one-day business trip alone. Paul promises to take his medicine as prescribed and follow all of the doctor’s instructions. Meg tells Paul he has been doing so well that she trusts him to go on his business trip alone. Meg goes back upstairs and Paul looks at a piece off paper with the name of Dusty’s lawyer written on it, which he took out of Meg’s purse.

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