ATWT Update Wednesday 10/8/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 10/8/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

Brian stops by the farm to give some brochures to Luke and Noah. Hot off the presses "get up, get involved", Project Greenup. Luke is delighted, he thinks they are fantastic and will be perfect at the booth for the gay film festival. Noah chips in that yes there will be lots of booths, food and lots of press for young filmmakers. Luke opines they can get their message out a little bit and potentially get some new donors. As delicately as he can put it, Brian states that he's not sure this festival will reach the kind of investors they need.

Lily is in no mood to see her mother and tells her she can let herself right back out as she will not let her take the girls. Lucinda tries to explain that she feels Lily's pain and she's truly sorry. Again Lily says okay, she is moved, but now leave. Lucinda yammers but Lily isn't buying it. So Lucinda thinks Lily should be grateful for her lies. Just look at all the miracles they accomplished, Lucinda saved her marriage, Lily never went to Iva's and Holden never turned to Carly. She knows Lucinda says she is sorry and expects Lily to forgive her one more time, but it isn't going to happen. Forcefully, she tells her again to just leave. Lucinda begs Holden to talk to Lily. He says it will do no good as he doesn't understand it either. He tells Lily that he understands that she is very upset, but why is this time so unforgivable?

Dusty take the Stenbeck book from Emily. She can't believe he is not interested in it since Gunnar was his father making Dusty the real son, not James. The entire Stenbeck fortune could go to him. Dusty is cynical, what wait around for the lawyer to offer him what James didn't steal? He shrugs it off as James trying to buy the last word.

Paul takes a phone call from his accountant and snarls at him to deal with it. That's what he pays him for....and don't call again. Ghost James scolds Paul that ignoring this won't make it go away. He shames him that Dusty would handle it. Meg speaks with Barbara on the phone. She tells her that she can not get Paul to see that Dusty is not a threat. She hangs up quickly when Paul comes to find her. He doesn't want to lie down without her. She reminds him it is time for his medication and that will help him sleep. Sullen, he doesn't want it. He doesn't like the way the pills make him feel, he can't think straight. She says she will adjust the dosage, but he can't stop cold and end up back in the hospital. He gets another phone call from Mr. Bergman. Now perky, he tells Meg to put on her prettiest dress, they are going to the party of the year - the reading of the last will and testament of James Stenbeck. Meg can't believe Paul is serious. He should not be interested in James' sick legacy. Paul spurts after all that James did to him, he deserves some money. Shocked, Meg reminds him that she almost died this time and would have taken his baby with her. She does not want any part of that money in their house. He still insists that he kept pouring more and more money into James' pockets and had Paul spinning around looking for some treasure that didn't exist. Not to mention the money he took from Barbara, so Paul is getting all of that back. She realizes his mind is made up. He wants her to come with him and she agrees after he takes his medication. With back turned, he tosses it in the wastepaper basket.

Dusty still feels the reading or his being there is a joke. Emily reminds him it could have a million-dollar punch line. He says she is sounding like the reporter she is, but better not write that story before she knows the headline. She replies that even if there is not a ton of money, it's something anyone would want to see. She would, people have been waiting on this for years. He invites her to go with would save him from having to tell her all about it later....and it would be nice to have a friend along. She cringes - friends, well all right.

Luke smarts at Brian's remark and spars with him with Noah trying to keep him quiet. Brian explains that he is only concerned how the public will view the foundation. They are in the very early stages and they don't want to come off as.......Luke tells him that he can't even say the word "gay". Brian corrects it to political. This film festival of Luke's is aimed at very specific demographics, and as the foundation they want to reach as large a spectrum of people as possible. Luke is still ruffled and asks Brian why he can't say the word. Why must he bend over backward to describe it any other way? Brian fires back that Luke is so determined to define himself by this one thing. But if he thinks he has it so tough, if being gay is the biggest hardship he has to face in life, "then hell, kid, you have it a lot easier than the rest of us." Luke declines a ride and says he will take his own car. Noah asks if Luke is okay. He shouldn't let Brian get under his skin like that. Luke is not put off; Brian must think he is some self-absorbed spoiled brat. Noah explains all Brian was saying is there is more to Luke than just being gay. He's a writer, a big brother, a college student, an athlete. Noah says he loves him and it has little to do with him being gay. Luke grins and says he thinks it might help. He puts his arms over Noah's shoulders and gives him a quick kiss. He says he is also Lucinda Walsh's grandson and he's going to hand out those brochures whether Brian likes it or not.

Paul and Meg enter a room and are met by a Mr. Strindberg who is in charge of the reading of the will. Paul immediately recognizes an urn. The figures on it were on the cards his grandmother used to send him when he was a small boy. Mr. Strindberg says that would make sense since it his family's crest. Paul is surprised to hear another party is coming as he doesn't know anyone else who would care if James was dead. He's upset when he sees Dusty and Lily walk in. He's got nothing to do with his father's will. Dusty tells him that he was invited. If he has a problem then take it up with his old man.

Lily explains to Holden that she feels she has a right to feel this way. Her mother has always been this bulldozing force in her life. She's always forgiven her, but not this time. Yes, she is done with her mother. For once in her life, she'd like Lucinda to face her consequences. Lucinda stops by the office, clearly in a huff. Brian and Luke listen as she explains she is now persona non grata. Luke says she is not doing anything so terrible, but maybe she didn't think it through clearly. He doesn't think she was malicious. She tells Luke how much she loves him and hopes he can do something for her. A little favor, maybe talk to his mom. Not to negotiate or ask for forgiveness, but it's for the girls. Lily can not just cut them out of her life, they need her. Luke says of course he will go right now. Brian offers for Lucinda to talk to him about her rough day. If she gets anywhere near hatred, he'll put a stop to it before there is permanent damage. He'd do that for her in a heartbeat. She talks away and Brian never interrupts. Is it because he is appalled at what she is saying? He replies no, he's just trying to digest it all. No offense, but she really is one controlling bitch.

Dusty asks the lawyer to get started and get it over with, he doesn't want to be here. Mr. Strindberg start the video tape from James. He starts that he hopes they are in fine spirits. He knows he is going to be sorely missed. And to have no doubts, he is truly dead. No parachutes or tricks this time. He tells Paul to calm down and for Dusty to wipe that smirk off his face. Since back in Oakdale, his actions have been specific and precise. He needed to be sure that the Stenbeck fortune went to the proper heir. For centuries the Stenbecks have been warriors, one winner, one loser. Winner takes all. He realized he could not do it all himself, only set the stage....between his son, Paul and Dusty Donovan, the true Stenbeck heir. And if Dusty is sitting there, it means he is alive. He won. "Congratulations, what's mine is now yours, yet once again. Paul, farewell." Paul is livid and shouts that the money is his. What in the hell is going on here? He doesn't care what his father's wishes were. He's dead now and the money is Paul's. Meg tries to say it doesn't matter. Paul shouts it is not okay, James is stealing from him. He tells Dusty to shut up. The only reason he is alive is because he
didn't bother to kill him on that stupid island. Dusty tell him he needs to see a shrink. Meg has to separate the two going at each other physically. His last word is for Dusty to stay away from Meg. He grabs the urn and tells all that he is taking this so he can look at it every day and celebrate that the son of a bitch is dead. Emily quips what is she supposed to call Dusty now - Prince Dustin von Stenbeck? No, just Dusty Donovan. He wants to get out, he needs a drink.

Lily is surprised when Luke stops by as she thought he had a meeting with Brian. He tells her about Lucinda stopping by. Lily says Lucinda had no right to get him involved. He says Lucinda took a very big risk, but he knows how concerned they all were for Lily then and for his grandmother to do something so extreme. She does love Lily more than anyone in this world. Lily doesn't know if she can talk to Lucinda or forgive her. If she gives in once more, there is no telling how far she would go the next time. Holden says whatever she decides to do, he's behind her 100%.

Dusty isn't quite in the mood to celebrate after all. Emily laments that he just inherited a royal fortune, a smile wouldn't hurt his reputation. He surmises that he guesses he could use the money to find his son. He's really worried about Paul's next move. He's been on the edge for years, but it's a bit different now. And Meg is right in the line of fire. She accuses him of not changing. He always has to have some woman to save. He declares that Meg is married to Paul. If that isn't a cry for help, he doesn't know what is. Emily states that Meg loves him and from what she can tell, he loves her. So find another woman to save, not that will fill that big fat old void inside him. He quips "thanks Doc, can I get off the couch now."

Paul won't quiet down. He fumes that they will sue Dusty. They'll get all that money back. He shouts, "that money is my money. It's our money. Dusty has no right to that money." She says she does not want James' blood money. She tries to take the urn and tells Paul it is not going to help him. He sneers that sleeping isn't helping either. He storms off with urn in hand. She gets a phone call. It's Paul's accountant. Even though Meg says this is not a good time, he warns her this is urgent. They are in serious trouble. To cover personal debts, Paul borrowed from Worldwide illegally. As a result they are about to lose everything.

Ghost James questions Paul of what he is going to do, sprinkle him around the garden like the Duran girl? He tells Paul he brought all of this on himself. He had the chance to get rid of Donovan and didn't do it. Paul accuses him of cheating him out of the money. Buried treasure, James, quotes. He really got a kick out of that, all to impress his wife and the lovely Mother Snyder. Dustin wouldn't have been that stupid! He taunts, Meg will leave him for good when she finds out what a loser Paul is. Meg checks in on Paul and says she has a couple of errands to run. He assures her he is all right and will be right there lying down when she returns. He stops her before she goes and says he really loves her. She returns and kisses him and says the same to him.

Lily interrupts Brian and Lucinda and asks to speak with Lucinda alone. She wonders how Lucinda could send Luke to clean up her mistakes. And if Lucinda thinks Lily is going to pretend that all is okay, then she is mistaken. That is not going to happen, she is done. She puts it even more firmly. She does not want to see Lucinda anymore nor her to be near her children. Luke is an adult so he can make up his own mind, but she means the other children. Lucinda affirms that she loves them, just the way she loved Lily. Lily says she is sorry, but she doesn't know of any other way to stop Lucinda from keeping things from her that she should know. So it stops now. This is the way it has to be.

Meg needs to speak with Dusty. Emily goes to the powder room. Dusty sees Meg has been crying and asks what Paul did to her. She explains her phone call from accountant, and Dusty realizes she is talking about embezzlement so that is why Paul insists on having that money. Now Dusty is the only one that can help them now. She's willing to swallow every ounce of pride to ask him to help them. He caresses her chin and says he does understand and he will take care of her. She gives him a hug, Emily see this. He asks Meg to call him and give him the name and number of this accountant without Paul finding out. She doesn't have to thank him, but he will get his money and help her. He just wants her to take care of herself and the baby and not worry about anything else. She hugs him again and gives a quick kiss on the cheek. Emily returns and tells him that was cozy, but whatever he is intending to do, it's probably a big mistake. After James, Dusty is the last person that Paul would want to bail him out. If he is doing this for Meg, she will be caught in the crossfire and the whole thing is going to backfire.

Lily fills Holden in and he states again that he is on her side whatever she does. If it is to get away from her mother's interference that is one thing. But if it is because her mother took Dusty away from her and there are unresolved feelings, that's something entirely different. She needs to figure that out.

Lying next to Meg on the bed, Paul admits he screwed up today and he is sorry. It was awful sitting in the lawyer's office watching Dusty get all of that money, the one thing his father could have left him that would have helped. Meg tells him to forget the money. His recovery is all she cares about. She loves him and Dusty can keep all the money. She just wants to put James Stenbeck and all the misery he has caused behind him. Paul vows that is all he wants too.

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