ATWT Update Tuesday 10/7/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 10/7/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Carly’s House) Sage is excited about going to pick apples in the Snyder orchard and tells Carly she wants to pick one hundred apples. Sage wants to invite Jack to come with them to pick apples but Carly tells her Jack probably has plans with Janet. Sage tells Carly that Janet shouldn’t be Jack’s girlfriend and then offers to help Carly break up Jack and Janet. Carly reminds Sage that she and jack can’t be together anymore and tells her that Janet is a nice lady that makes Jack happy. Carly asks Sage to give Janet a chance and Sage promises to try and accept Jack’s relationship with Janet.

(Al’s Diner) Jack invites Janet to play hooky from work and go hiking with him so that maybe they can have a little romance under warm fuzzy blankets. Janet tells Jack she would love the idea but Vienna would kill her if she left work. Janet tells Jack she just can’t give up her job for him and then immediately takes back the remark because it reminds Jack that he gave up his job for Brad. Jack is annoyed and tells Janet that it was a bad idea and he will let her get back to work and return to pick her up at five o’clock. Janet tells Vienna she can’t stand to see Jack so sad because she is so in love with him she writes his name on all her restaurant order pads. Vienna asks Janet if she is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure Jack is happy and Janet says yes she just doesn’t know what she should do.

(Lakeview) Emily tells Dusty that she wanted to tell him so many things before he died and now it is to late to have that conversation. Dusty suggests they go upstairs to his room and have some burgers and beer and have that important conversation Emily says no at first but then changes her mind after Dust gives her a kiss and the couple heads upstairs to Dusty’s room.

(Hospital) Paul begs Meg to get him out of the hospital because James is dangerous and he needs to protect her from him. Meg assures Paul that James is dead and can’t hurt them anymore. Paul screams at Meg that he isn’t crazy and all he wants is to go home so he can be with her. Meg goes to get a nurse and James ghost tells Paul that if he wants people to believe he isn’t crazy he must stop acting crazy. The nurse returns and Paul apologizes to Meg for getting frustrated and promises Meg it won’t happen again. Meg tells the nurse that Paul doesn’t need a sedative and she will call her if there is any trouble. Paul tells Meg he has prayed to have her close to him and he can’t believe she is finally there. Paul asks Meg what they did with James body and she tells him she has no idea what they did with the body. Paul wonders if he will be arrested for shooting Dusty and Meg tells him that Dusty made sure he wouldn’t be arrested. Paul tells Meg how much he wants to be home with her and the baby and asks her to persuade Bob to allow him to go home. Meg agrees to talk to Bob but doesn’t guarantee that Bob will let him go home. Meg leaves the room to talk to Bob and James ghost tortures Paul once more by telling him that Dusty is his own man and a better man that he could ever hope to be. James tells Paul that being coddled by women all these years has made him week. James encourages Paul to take control of the situation before Dusty takes Meg away from him. Meg asks Bob to allow her to take care of Paul at home because after all she is a nurse and can handle taking care of Paul. Bob reminds her that Paul suffered a psychotic break and Meg promises to make sure that Paul takes all of his medication. Meg also promises Bob that she will bring Paul back to the hospital if she sees that he is in serious trouble. Bob agrees to let Paul go home and Paul is glad that he is going home to be with Meg.

(Lakeview) Emily tells Dusty it is too late to tell him what she wanted to say before he faked his own death. Dusty apologizes for causing Emily so much pain and reminds her that she knew that he was falling in loved with her before he left town. Emily explains to Dusty that knowing he loved her made it harder for her because the last words she said to him were angry words. Dusty asks Emily to forgive him and she says she doesn’t know if she can forgive him for leaving town in that way. Emily asks Dusty to forgive him for the angry words she said to him before he left town. Dusty smiles and tells Emily he has forgiven and forgotten that a long time ago. Emily wonders if Dusty still loves her and he tells her that he isn’t sure how he feels about her now. Emily admits to Dusty that when he left town she tried to fill the emptiness with work and a brief relationship with Casey that just ended.

(Police Station) Janet admits to Margo that she was the one that destroyed the evidence in the Leo Morrissey case so since Jack wasn’t responsible for the evidence being destroyed she should consider giving Jack back his job. Janet also tells Margo all the details of why Jack took the evidence from the police station. Janet advises Margo to act like Jack’s friend and not like a cop when she considers if she should give Jack back his job.

(Snyder Orchard) Jack meets Carly and Sage at the orchard and decides to enjoy the day picking apples with Sage. Carly wonders when jack is going to tell Sage that he quit his job. Jack tells Carly that he will tell Sage soon but he thinks they should let Sage have a happy family day. Jack admits to Carly that he is bored not working and he misses being a cop very much. Carly advises Jack to go talk to Margo and ask for his job back. Sage arrives after picking some apples and starts to pick apples next to her parents and Jack tries to grab an apple that Sage is also trying to pick. Jack and Sage both pull the apple down and then Jack and Sage have a playful struggle for the apple. Sage tells Jack she sees a spider and Jack backs away since he is scared of spiders. Sage throws the apple to Carly and smiles as she tells her daddy that she didn’t see a spider but was only kidding to get the apple. Sage tells Jack that Carly told her he is afraid of spiders. Jack tells Carly to give him his apple and they almost kiss but Carly bites the apple to break the moment and then the Snyder’s head to the farmhouse with two baskets full of apples.

(Farm) Jack, Carly, and Sage arrive happy with their apple picking expedition and Sage asks Jack to help her put her basket of apples in the car. Janet accuses Carly of wanting Jack for herself but setting her up with Jack just because she enjoys fighting somebody for him. Carly gets angry and tells Janet that they were only trying to show Sage that even though she and jack are not a couple anymore they could still be friends. Jack gets a call from Margo and heads to the police station.

(Police station) Margo offers Jack his job back and reveals that Janet told her everything because she cares about him and hates seeing him so sad. Margo explains to Jack that he would be on probation. Jack turns the offer down telling Margo that he can’t forgive himself for what he did that was against the rues.

(Farm) Jack yells at Janet for going to talk to Margo without letting him know what she was going to do. Janet apologizes but explains to Jack that she felt responsible for him quitting his job. Janet leaves and Carly tells Jack that he was too hard on Janet that she was only trying to make him happy again. Jack yells at Carly and tells her that he is tired of her and Janet butting into his life.

(Police Station) Margo leaves a phone message for Jack telling him to stop being an idiot and return to work.

(Lakeview) Dusty tells Emily that he doesn’t know how long he is going to stay in Oakdale but he could use a friend. Emily agrees to be Dusty’s friend and they kiss for a few minutes. Dusty receives a package and inside is a Swedish family Bible in which Emily finds a letter. Emily tells Dusty that this could have something to do with his real father Gunter Stenbeck and the family fortune. Dusty reminds Emily that Burt Donavan and John Dixon raised him and he has no interest in the Stenbeck fortune. Dusty tells Emily that he needs to sleep so Emily leaves taking the family bible with her.

(Al’s Diner) Emily asks Vienna for help with the family names inside the bible and also to read the note. Vienna tells Emily that it is possible that Dusty is royalty and the note asks Dusty to contact a lawyer who will explain everything to him.

(Fairwinds) Meg and Paul arrive home and Meg goes in the kitchen to get Paul something to eat. Dusty arrives and Paul takes a fireplace poke and screams at Dusty that if he doesn’t leave now he will kill him with his bear hands. Meg arrives and takes the fireplace poker away from Paul and asks Dusty to leave now. Meg assures Paul that she loves him and Dusty isn’t a threat to their marriage. Meg encourages Paul to concentrate on the baby and his family.

(Lakeview) Emily tells Dusty that she asked Vienna to help her and found out that he could be royalty. Dusty s upset that Emily stuck her knows in his business. Emily tells Dusty that she called the lawyer who put the note inside the bible. Emily tells Dusty that he could be an heir to the Stenbeck fortune.

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