ATWT Update Monday 10/6/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 10/6/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

Kim springs a new star for the network to Brad and Katie. Spencer will have her own new show and Kim wants Brad to help co-host. He’s reluctant and doesn’t want to leave Katie, but she encourages him to give it a try and he must not feel he is leaving her or their Oakdale Now. Katie is surprised when Kim says she has great plans for Katie too. She will branch out to hard news with the primaries.

Alison finds Casey in a funk at the diner and gets him to talk about it. They commiserate that he’s broken up with Emily because she does not want a baby and Alison is having some problems with Aaron because she does want one. He tells her that he knows she slept with Chris the night before she married Aaron, but he thinks Aaron will eventually come around. She confesses she wanted a baby for all the wrong reasons and she doesn’t blame Aaron for being mad. She freaked when they got married, of not being the wife he deserved, of letting him down like she always had let him down. Casey says so she pushed him away before he could walk away.

Emily corners Susan and accuses her of knowing Dusty was alive and probably the one who helped him fake his death. Susan is livid. Dusty better stay away from both of her daughters or he is going to be dead. She will kill him for real with her own bare hands. Emily says her first reaction was to slap him when she saw Dusty. Susan asks what was her second thought? She’s disappointed that Emily insists on seeing him after what he did by sleeping with her sister. And now here she is ready to jump from the frying pan right into the roaring flame. She accuses Emily of the worse the guy is, the more she has to have him. Emily vows not this guy, not ever again. Susan hopes she will listen to her mother this time. The guy could break her heart.

Lucinda and Dusty exchange some interesting points and she warns him they must keep their distance so as not to raise suspicions. She hopes that will include him staying away from Lily too, but he says no can do. If he avoids Lily, she will think he doesn’t care. Lucinda thinks good, she doesn’t want Lily to care for him again. She hopes she will utterly despise him. Lily can not handle her feelings for him. She was abusing drugs and lost her moral compass. He seems genuinely happy to hear that Lily and Holden are rock solid again. He’s surprised when she offers legal help when a second ago she wouldn’t even recognize that she knew him. He reminds her they are charging him with fraud. Apparently faking your death is illegal.

Miffed at Holden, Lily still wants him to go with her to see Dusty. She feels he should have told her Dusty was alive. Holden says Dusty should have told her. And to let her grieve for so long was cruel. She asks that he try to understand that Dusty wanted to try and search for his son without tipping Craig off. She tells Holden that she is hurt though that Dusty couldn’t trust her enough to tell her. Holden is sure that Dusty will tell her just what she wants to hear and will justify it all. She says she can not run from this, but she has to hear what Dusty has to say if she and Holden are to make it. He repeats it, “if we are going to make it?” She says he will have to trust her. She is not going to do anything crazy as she is not that person anymore.

Lily and Holden walk in as Dusty is telling Lucinda about faking his death. She had just told Dusty that things were sensitive between her and Lily, and she better not find out about her part in any of this. Lily demands to know how long Lucinda has known and then is livid too when she finds out almost from the beginning. Lily tells her mother that she didn’t help and she wants her out of her sight.

Alison is beyond shocked when Susan tells her that Dusty is alive. Susan says she doesn’t know nor does she care where he was, as long as he stays away from her two daughters. Alison says she can not do that. She wouldn’t even be in nursing school if Dusty had not left the scholarship money for her. Susan is happy that at least Alison is married now. But Alison has to tell her that isn’t going so smoothly. Susan can’t understand why. They just got married. Alison doesn’t want to explain as it will only make her feel more guilty. She will be happy someday, just probably not with Aaron. Susan advises her to not give up so easily. Aaron is the best thing to happen to her, save her marriage.

Chris breaks the news to his mother that he’s thinking of leaving Oakdale. The Global Heath Association is looking for good doctors who are willing to work in Africa. She understands it is good work, but figures the added bonus is getting away from Alison Stewart. She reminds him this is a major commitment and he shouldn’t make it just after one failed relationship. He says he thinks of Alison all the time and he has to get out of this atmosphere. If he stays, it scares him, there is no telling what he will do. He’s turned into a guy he doesn’t like. One that would wreck a career, destroy a marriage, ignore what she wants and only sees what he wants. That isn’t love. If he puts 8000 miles distance between him and Alison, then maybe he can find that guy that his mom raised him to be. She finally gives him her blessing.

Brad and Katie take Spencer to lunch so she can bounce some ideas off of them. Katie realizes Brad is putting on the dumb act to defer to her opinions. He smooches her and announces that he doesn’t want her to be left out. She tells him this is his show and she promises she is not jealous. He asks even if he is doing it with another woman? She says, “no, no, no, you’re working with another woman. You’re not doing it with anyone but me. Got it?” Brad wants to get out of there and calls the lunch short.

Casey drops in on Emily and apologizes for the harsh words he said a few days ago. He was wrong. She understands, a guy his age would want children. He confesses he wants her, and a decision about her body should be her decision not his. He wants to lock the door and make up. She has to stop him. Something he said the other day did make sense. They really don’t belong together. She points out that she cares for him, but they want different things in their lives and keep butting heads, and that is not going to change. She wants to end it while they still like each other. He wants to know why she doesn’t love him anymore. She argues that she knows he loves her, but he doesn’t understand her. She needs that and she’d rather be alone. He says he loves her enough to work on it. Don’t throw what they have away. She vows she will always remember what they had, but she is smart enough to know it will never be more than that. She’s sorry, she needs to make a conference call now and dismisses him. He meet up with Alison again and bemoans that he can’t figure out what happened. Emily just wants to blow him off. Alison says she thinks maybe Dusty Donovan happened. She had a huge thing for him once……and if she thinks they have a second chance.

Dusty tells Lily that he thought she hated him. And when he died that she would go back to Holden. She said she did. She lived with him, she ate with him, she slept with him, but she missed Dusty with every breath. He says he would never do anything to hurt her, but she has to understand he had to find his son. Holden walks in and tells Dusty to keep his hands off of Lily, never touch his wife again. Dusty says he is not here to disrupt his marriage. Holden wonders when he’s going to leave then. Dusty reveals as soon as he can. He came back to see that Holden’s sister didn’t get into trouble for keeping his secret, and he appreciates Holden not saying anything either. Holden sneers that he didn’t do it for Dusty. He liked having him out of their lives and the next time he decides to disappear, he can do them all a favor and stay gone.

Holden and Lily return home only to find Lucinda there. She tells Holden that she and Lily have some issues they need to settle right now. Lily is in no mood to talk to her. She can’t believe her own mother would hurt her and her family this way. Lucinda justifies it by saying she was only trying to protect Lily. Lily responds with that Holden protected her. He thought she had killed Dusty and lied to the police. He put himself at risk. Despite Lucinda telling her there were four kids at stake here and yes she wanted to fix this, Lily doesn’t want to hear any more. It’s been this way her whole life. Lucinda Walsh thinks she knows what’s best….then she moves mountains, changes lives, makes people Lily loves disappear….and then expects her to be grateful for that. Well, it ends today. Lucinda explains that her part was miniscule. She did not ask Dusty to leave nor did she force him to go. Holden would like to know what really happened. Lucinda tells him that she did not know about this plan until after Dusty faked his own death. She knew about it because Dusty came to her for money to pay people off so he could leave town. He wanted to be with his son and Craig was threatening him. Lily tells Lucinda it wasn’t her decision to make. And what makes it worse, she doesn’t even realize she has done wrong. She wants her to leave.

Brad and Katie are hot and heavy when the doorbell rings. Katie says they have to get it as they didn’t park in the garage, so whoever it is will know they are there. Brad goes to the door without his shirt. It’s Spencer who can not close her mouth. It’s obvious she thinks Brad is so hot! She stumbles over her words about some ideas, but she will run it by him tomorrow.

Holden asks Lily how she is. It hurts him to see Dusty back in town and it really hurt to see Lily with him. He didn’t like the way he held her hand. Lily reminds him that is the way she feels too when she sees him with Carly. Holden reckons they both have a past to deal with. And that’s the trick, to keep it in the past. They kiss.

Dusty is released. No problem, he says staying within the jurisdiction, he has no place to go. Turning around, he spies Emily who asks if he needs a ride? At the hotel, he quips Lisa has them trained well. She didn’t even ask how he came back from the dead. Emily says if he wants to give her an exclusive for the Enquirer, people can read about it. He asks if that is the reason she came and got him so she could get an exclusive. She tells him she is a reporter, so if he ever wants to get that story off his chest, he knows her number. He’s gotten her out of a jam more than once, so consider this a payback. As she leaves, he grabs her by the arm and asks her not to go.

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