ATWT Update Friday 10/3/08

As the World Turns Update Friday 10/3/08


Written By Emma
Pictures by Suzanne

Lucinda toasts Brian for rescuing Emmaís land. They drink some champagne. Brian admits he knows nothing about decontamination.  Lucinda tells him he has nothing to worry about because he knows how to raise money to get the right company to get rid of the decontamination. Brian tells Lucinda that she inspires him. Lily walks in and tells Lucinda to stay out of her life.

Meg calls someone to try and get hold of Dusty Donovan. They tell her that they left the message that she was trying to get hold of him.

Lucinda asks Lily what crime she has committed now. Lily explains she saw Carly yesterday and that Lucinda  told Carly not to go to the benefit. Lucinda explains she thought it was appreciate because of how she behaved and treated Lily. Lily says she can handle her own marriage. Lucinda says she doesnít want to see her hurt again by Holden. Lily tells her sheís not 15 and she can handle Carly and to back off. Brian sticks up for Lucinda and says all mothers protect their children and as a mother Lily should know that. Lily tells Lucinda she knows she loves her but to stay out of it and that she would see both Brian and Lucinda at Carlyís club. Lily leaves and Lucinda asks Brian if theyíre having fun yet.

Jack knocks on Bradís door and Janet opens the door. Jack tells Janet he has her dress because Carly had her dress by mistake. Janet asks why she dropped her dress off at the farm. Jacks says Carly must of forgot. Janet comments its funny how exes keep fixing them up. Janet tells Jack sheís gonna go and put on her dress and to make himself comfortable.

Alison is getting ready for the party. Aaron comes out in a towel and starts kissing on Alison. She asks him if sheís gonna have to do her makeup again. And he says yes. Alison says theyíll be late for the party. Aaron replies so what. Alison says she doesnít want to disappoint his grandmother. Aaron says that his grandmother had to leave town. Alison replies it will disappoint his parents. Aaron says yesterday it was her studying and now itís the benefit and asks her why sheís making excuses not to make love.

Margo is looking for her earrings. Margo looks over and sees Emily in the room and asks what she is doing there. Emily says sheís looking for Casey. Margo says he doesnít want to see her. Emily says she needs to talk to him. Margo tells her its over and for her to deal with it.

Holden asks Meg whatís wrong. Meg says Margo threatened to have her arrested if she doesnít tell her who was there when James was killed. Holden says Jack told him that there was no way Margo could arrest her. Holden reassures Meg she didnít do anything wrong. Meg explains that she gave Dusty her word she wouldnít tell anyone that he was there. Holden says she knows she gave her word and that Dustyís still looking for Johnny but why should she be at risk?

Meg says she was close to Dusty once. Holden says Lily was close to him one time to and both he and Lily almost went to jail because of Dusty. He asks why does she feel she has to cover for Dusty. Meg says Dusty gave her a number of a private investigator in San Francisco and that she called him to get hold of Dusty. She doesnít know if Dusty got the message. She says sheís scared and she doesnít want to betray Dusty and she doesnít want to be arrest and is worried what that would do to her baby. She asks Holden what she should do. Holden says that one thing he wonít let her do is lie to Margo about Dusty. And if she wonít tell her the truth he will. He says thereís no way heís gonna let his pregnant sister go to jail. Lily walks in and asks whatís going on. Meg makes up an excuse thatís its hard with Paul and the hospital and they wonít allow her to see him. Lily understand and that sheís sorry. Meg leaves. Lily questions Holden if thatís all there was to it? Holden says isnít it enough and he leaves to go to Metro.

Margo is visiting Emily in the hospital. Margo says she knows that she tied her tubes even though Casey asked her not to. Emily says it was her decision. Margo says it was a selfish decision and now Casey sees Emily as a selfish person. Margo says Casey now says that you guys donít belong with each other. Emily says at least she wonít have to listen to Margoís any longer.

Aaron asks Alison if sheís still worried about the P.I.D. Alison says its serious and it means they will never have a baby and its all her fault. Aaron says they have other options. Alison asks about hormone shots. Aaron says yes and in vitro and they can even adopt. Aaron says their still newlyweds and they donít have to worry about that now. Alison says thatís not he was saying a couple of weeks ago.

Holden arrives at Metro and Carly is there. Holden explains he had to bring the brochures so he could put them in the bags before the guests arrive. Carly says she can help. Holden compliments Carly on how beautiful she looks.

Jack tells Janet she looks beautiful in her new dress. Janet says they have Carly to thank for the dress.

Holden admits it hard getting things back to normal. Carly agrees she feels she has to  prove herself to everyone. Holden says he wish he could help. Carly says that Lucinda was right she should make herself scare. Holden says no itís her place she should be there. Lily walks in says Holden is right she should be there and it was nice of her to host the benefit. Lucinda walks in and says look who didnít take her advice. Lily tells her mother to stop. Lucinda says she has an announcement to make when the guests arrive. Lily says is it a good thing. Brian assures her it is.

Margo asks Meg if she wants to make a statement on who pulled the trigger. Meg says she canít tell her something she doesnít know. Meg says that the party is important to her family and asks if sheís gonna harass her all night. Margo says no unless she wonít cooperate. Emily says Margo isnít happy unless she makes someone miserable and asks what she did. Meg says nothing she canít handle. Emily says she heard about Paul flipping out when his father was killed. Meg says she doesnít want to talk about and excuses herself.

Janet and Jack enter the room as Holden starts to speak. Holden he thanks everyone for supporting Project Greenup. He explains his mother Emma Snyder couldnít be there as there was a family emergency. Lily says that it is Emmaís wish to preserve the farmland as a protected green space. Lucinda interrupts Lily and says she has a special announcement to make. Lucinda says Worldwide Industries plans to sell back the land to Emma for $1. She goes on to explain than any funds will go to cleanup the contaminated land so it will be a nature preserve and a public park for Oakdale children. Lily thanks her mother. Lucinda says it wasnít her idea it was Brianís. Lily concedes that Brianís a good influence. Holden thanks Lucinda.

Aaron goes to Lakeview to find Aaron. The bartender says heís covering his shift. Aaron told him he was going to the benefit with her.

Alison says their signals must of crossed. Alison starts to leave and Chris tells her to wait. Chris asks if he can help. Alison says no one can. Chris tells her she canít keep it all bottled up inside. He asks her whatís wrong. Alison says she canít get pregnant and now her marriage is bad and says that should make him happy. Chris says he canít be happy when sheís miserable. And that she canít love Aaron as she still has feelings for him. Alison says not everything is about him. Chris says they belong together. And that she knows she should have never married Aaron.

Lily asks Carly if she needs help. Carly replies she does. Carly says she donated the champagne and hopes that helps people loosen up so they will donate some money.  Lily asks people if they would some champagne. Dusty walks in the room and says hi to Lily. Lily sees him and she drops the bottle and it breaks. Lily asks Dusty how is it possible. Dusty replies itís a long story. Holden asks Meg what Dusty is doing there because he said he would never show his face again. Meg says maybe he changed his mind cause of her. Lucinda says Dusty isnít suppose to be there. Dusty says to the crowd heís there to see Margo. He has some things to explain to the cops. Margo tells him to start talking. Dusty says he understands he has some question about James Stenbeck. Margo is surprised he was there. He says he was struggling with James when Paulís gun went off. Margo asks him if he was the one who was shot. Dusty says he was. But that the bullet only grazed him. He says that Meg Snyder is innocent. Margo says no sheís not as she didnít mention he was there. Dusty says thatís because he didnít want anyone to know he was alive and he swore her to secrecy. And he says if you need to arrest anyone arrest him. Margo says that sounds good and thatís what sheís gonna do.

Alison tells Chris she and Aaron had a fight. Chris says he understand her better than Aaron does. Chris says if she stays with Aaron she will never be happy. That she could be happier with Chris. Alison tells him to stop that itís not doing anyone any good. Chris tells Alison he got a job offer from the Global Health Association. That they want him to go back to Africa. Alison asks him if heís going. Chris explains they need doctors and nurses desperately. He says she could come with him. That he would help her finish her nursing degree. He says they could help people and they could make a difference. Alison says no and that she canít leave Aaron. Chris says yes she can that she can walk away.

Margo tells Dusty that they will take him to headquarters to get it all on record. They will start how he convinced everyone he was dead. Jack sees Dusty and asks Margo if she needs any help. Margo says no sheís got it covered. Janet asks Jack if heís okay. Jack says heís fine, but he forgets heís not a cop anymore. Emily sees Dusty. Margo tells Emily its official police business and tells her to get a life. Lily tells Lucinda she has to go with Dusty. Lucinda says she will not.

Alison says she canít leave Chris. She says it wouldnít work between them. That to much has happened between them. That they would end up screwing it up like they always do. Aaron walks in and asks Chris why he canít leave her alone. Chris tells Aaron he doesnít have a clue to what Alison wants.

Lily tells Lucinda she told her she canít tell her what to do. Holden tells Lucinda he will handle it. Lucinda tells him donít let Lily do something sheíll regret as Lilyís in shock. Brian asks Lucinda if they can go. Lucinda agrees. Lily wonders how Dusty could be alive. Holden assures Lily that Margo will get all the answers and fill them in. But they need to keep the party going. And he asks Lily if she can do that. Lily agrees.

Aaron asks Chris how he knows what Alison wants. Chris says Alison talks to her and he understands her. Aaron says heís a lot dumber than he looks. Chris says he thinks heís so dumb enough to think that a woman who slept with another guy the day before her wedding maybe married the wrong guy. Aaron asks what heís talking about. Chris says forget it and that it doesnít matter. Aaron says it does matter. And that heís not going to let him rumors around about his wife. Chris says heís not having the conversation.

Janet sympathizes with Jack being shut out as a good cop. Jack says they should go. Janet agrees.

Alison tells Aaron sheís been looking for him everywhere. She asks him not to be mad at her and they need to work things out. Aaron asks Alison how can they do that. Alison says they can stop obsessing what they canít have and to work on what they can have and just worrying about the future. Aaron says she can stop worrying about the future, heís just getting started. Alison asks what he means. Aaron says he has a question for him. He asks if she slept with Chris Hughes the night before their wedding. Alison is shocked. Aaron asks if thatís why she didnít show up at their wedding rehearsal. Alison asks why he would ask her that. Aaron asks her if sheís denying that. Alison says she canít believe what sheís hearing. And wants to know where this is all coming from. Aaron says he say her ex at the Lakeview. And when she left he had a conversation with Chris. Alison asks what he said. Aaron said Chris told him they had sex during their wedding rehearsal. And that either Chris is lying and he will beat his face in or that sheís been lying ever since they said I do. And he asks her which is it. Alison tells him Chris wasnít lying and that they slept together before the wedding. And that sheís sorry. Aaron says itís to late for that. Aaron leaves.

Margo tells Dusty she canít begin to tell him all the laws heís broken. Obstructing several police investigations, fraud, and staging his own death. She tells him heís looking at multiple felonies. Dusty says he broke the law and he had no choice. Margo asks him what he means. She says he had a choice. And it was premeditated. Everything was planned and executed. She asks him how he did it. She says she saw him after he died. She saw the corpse and there was an autopsy. Dusty says there was only an autopsy report. Margo asks who helped him. She said besides all the people suspected or accused of killing him. Evan Walsh confessed to his murder. She wants to know how he pulled it off. Dusty says Evan Walsh did try to kill him. But he was a step ahead of him, he replaced the lethal injection he was going to give with a new designer drug. Margo asks him what designer drug. Dusty says it stimulates death, that it stops your heart and your muscles go into rigor mortis. He was in a deep coma and than he was given an antidote. Margo wants to know who gave him the antidote. Dusty say he canít tell her who it was. Margo tells him sheís going to let him sit there and think about it. Sheís going to make a list of his crimes and that when he looks at the hard time heís going to do, heís going to wish he was dead again.

Holden tells Meg that at least they canít arrest her now. Meg says she didnít think Dusty would show up. Holden says its typical that Dusty says one thing and does the opposite. Lily overhears and asks Holden if he knew that Dusty was alive and he didnít tell her.

Margo tells an officer to call Memorial and get a copy of the autopsy report of Dusty Donovan. Emily sees Dusty. Dusty says she looks good. Emily calls him a name. She says sheís the one that found the body and she thought it was his fault and she was a suspect in his murder. And so were Lily and Holden. She says he made them all think he was dead and he just waltzed in the party tonight.  Dusty says he had to do it. He couldnít let Craig know he was looking for his son. Emily asks if it was worth it and if he found his son. Dusty replies no. Emily tells Dusty he put them all through hell for nothing. Dusty apologizes. Emily says sorry doesnít cut it. She walked in the room and he wasnít breathing. She tried to revive him. She thought he was gone. She thought she would never see him again.

Meg says Dusty made her promise she wouldnít tell anyone he was alive. And she gave him her word. Lily asks Holden what about him. She asks him when did he ever care what Dusty wanted. Holden admits he didnít want her to know. Especially, with all the problems theyíve had, he didnít want Dusty come between them. He didnít want to risk it. Lily say they promised never to lie to each other again. Holden apologizes and asks her to forgive him. Lily says she doesnít know if she can.

Alison walks up to Chris and asks how he could tell Aaron. Chris says he didnít mean for it to come out. Alison say he ruined the one thing she was counting to turn her life around. Chris apologizes and says Aaron pushed him too far. And before he could stop them the words left his mouth. Alison asks him if heís happy he destroyed his marriage and if heís happy. Chris says he never wanted to hurt her. Alison replies he did and if she ever had feelings for him they are now gone. She hates him for this.

Holden requests a song for Lily. Meg tells Holden good luck and sheís heading out. Holden says she needs to rest. Meg says she hopes they will be okay. Holden agrees and he asks Lily if she wants to go home. Lily tells him she wants to dance with her husband. Dusty walks up to them and says hello to Lily.

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