ATWT Update Thursday 10/2/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 10/2/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Emily’s office) Casey arrives with a spinach and egg white omelet for Emily and tells her it is a peace offering for their fight earlier. Emily is happy to see Casey because she thought he was still angry with her. Emily and Casey kiss for a few minutes then Casey tells her that he understands that she was scared but he is happy that she decided not to go through with the procedure. Emily tells Casey she listened to him but she had her tubes tied anyway. Casey is angry and tells Emily this is further proof that she never cared about him at all.

(Fairwinds) Meg talks to Barbara on the phone and tells her that she has been up all night because she is worried about Paul being alone in the psychiatric ward. Barbara wonders if she can go and see Paul but Meg explains to Barbara that they wouldn’t even allow her to see him and she is his wife. Meg tells Barbara that she is worried that Paul may never recover from what James did to him.

(Holden and Lily’s house) Holden tell Lily that Emma just called and asked them to host the benefit because Iva and Jason’s marriage is in trouble and she wants to go to Washington D.C to help her. Lily is sad and wonders if couples stay together anymore. Holden tells Lily he hopes they will stay together and they share a quick kiss. Holden wonders if Lily wants to host the benefit since it is at Metro and Carly will beat the benefit. Lily tells Holden it is hard to deal with Carly now but promises she won’t make a scene at the benefit. Lilly even tells Holden she will go talk to Carly and tell her that she won’t worry. Holden tells Lily to leave things as they are and tells her that he is going to see Meg. Lily tells Holden to give Meg a hug on her behalf because she has been through so much. Lily thinks that Meg would never have made it through everything if she didn’t love Paul so much. Holden thinks that Meg loves Paul too much for her own good and it is bad for her.

(Police Station) Dallas tells Margo that Jack was working as a private investigator for Paul on the island trying to find Meg so he may be able to fill in the holes in Meg’s statement.

(Farm) Jack and Janet come home and Janet tells Jack she is going to draw him a bath and turn down the bed so he can rest. Jack tells Janet he is fine he is just a little jet lagged but he feels fine. Janet gives Jack a bottle of water and insists that he drink it in order to stay hydrated. Janet goes upstairs to fix things for Jack and a few minutes later Carly arrives to check on how Jack is doing. Jack tells Carly that he is fine although he isn’t happy she left him on the island with Janet in order to avoid the subject of the two of them. Carly explains to Jack that she didn’t want them to fall back into the same pattern because even though it is comfortable in the end neither of them will be happy. Carly encourages Jack to give Janet a chance and take her on a date some place other then Al’s diner. Jack can’t believe that Carly is telling him this but Carly tells him she wants him to be happy. Carly tells Jack that Janet is a good person and could make him very happy f he gave her a chance. Janet comes downstairs and Carly tells Jack to relax and enjoy his recovery before she leaves the house. Janet wonders what is going on and Jack asks her to sit down so they can talk. Janet thinks Jack is going to tell her that he wants to reconcile with Carly so she tells him this and also tells him she understands he and Carly have chemistry. Jack tries to tell Janet that he wants her to be his date to the benefit tomorrow. Janet doesn’t let him get the words out. Jack is finally able to ask Janet on a date and she gives him a hug and says yes to his invitation. Jack gets a call from Margo asking him to come down to the station to talk about what happened with James Stenbeck. Janet wants to drive Jack to the station but he insists on driving himself to the station. Janet dies a happy dance about her date with Jack and then realizes that she has nothing to wear to the benefit.

(Emily’s office) Casey feels like Emily smack him in the face with her actions because he dreamed of having a child with her. Casey tells Emily that he is tired of being nothing more then a boy toy to her and he doesn’t want to play anymore. Casey tells Emily that he will never forgive her for what she has done to him by making this decision without giving a thought to how he felt about it.

(Carly’s house) Janet wonders if Carly encouraged Jack to invite her to the benefit. Janet also wants to know why Carly is pushing so hard for her and Jack to get together when she knows all she has to do is snap her fingers to have jack back in her life. Carly assures Janet that she doesn’t want Jack back because she finally realized that she can’t make Jack happy. Janet asks Carly where she can find an affordable dress to wear to the benefit. Carly allows Janet to wear one of the dresses that she designed if she likes it and if it fits her. Janet goes into the kitchen to try on the dress and Lily arrives to have a talk with Carly. Lily apologizes to Carly for treating her badly at Metro and promises to be civil to her at the benefit tomorrow. Lily makes it clear that this doesn’t change things between them at all. Janet comes out of the kitchen and Lily thinks that they make a cozy pair. Janet senses a tense situation and goes back to the kitchen so that Lily and Carly can talk to each other. Lily thinks that Carly is being nice to Janet because she is getting ready to move in on Jack again. Lilly reminds carly of when she helped her pick out lingerie while she hid the fact she was sleeping with Holden. Carly yells at Lily that she doesn’t owe her any more apologies so if she came here for a fight she is ready to give her one. Lily tells Carly that she will be civil to heart the benefit and won’t make a scene. Lily wonders if Carly approves of Jack and Janet’s relationship. Carly admits that at first she wanted Jack back but she finally realized that she can’t make jack happy so he should be happy with a good woman like Janet. Lily is at the door when Carly tells her that what happened with Holden was a mistake and her biggest regret is that her actions cost her their friendship. Carly tells Lily that she won’t be at the benefit because Lucinda doesn’t want her there. Lily encourages Carly to go to the benefit because once Lucinda and Luke both know she is okay with it they won’t mind. Lily leaves and Janet wonders if Lily and carly will ever be friends again. Carly tells Janet if they become friends again it will take a lot of work. Janet hugs

Carly to thank her for the beautiful dress and Carly tells her that she will make adjustments in the dress and bring it by her house later.

(Fairwinds) Holden arrives and finds Meg at the computer trying to figure out Paul’s illness. Holden tells Meg that the best thing for her and the baby is to leave Paul for good. Meg refuses to leave Paul because she loves him very much and he and the baby are her family now. Meg knows that Holden thinks that Paul has done nothing but hurt her. Holden tells her that she should have that happy motherly glow but instead she looks like she has been through a war. Meg tells Holden that this latest crisis was James fault and Paul had nothing to do with it. Holden reminds Meg about what Paul did to Jennifer because that was all Paul’s fault James had nothing to do with it. Meg insists that once Paul has recovered everyone will see what she has known all along that James is nothing like his father. Holden asks Meg to stay at the farm or with him and Lily but she says no because she will never abandon her husband.

(Police Station) Jack gives Margo the details of what happened on the island and how Carly saved his life. Margo wonders if there is a chance that he and Carly will reconcile and Jack says that won’t happen. Margo tells Jack that there are holes in Meg’s statement but he says that he doesn’t know what happened with Meg. Jack makes it clear to Margo that he can’t help her because he doesn’t work for the department anymore.

(Java) Emily gives Casey a muffin as a peace offering and then tells him that he is naive to think that they could have children together. Casey tells Emily that it isn’t naive to want to have a child with the woman he loves. Emily reminds Casey that he is almost a child himself to which he yells that he isn’t a child. Emily tells Casey to stop acting like a child and realize that this was best for both of them. Casey tells Emily that Margo was right when she said that he couldn’t trust her. Casey gets up and tells Emily that he never thought of her as old before but now she fixed things so that is all he can see.

(Fairwinds) Margo questions Meg about what happened and reveals that they found blood on the scene that didn’t match Paul, her or James so she wants to know who else was in the lighthouse with them. Meg tells Margo that Paul found her with James than he and James struggled for the gun and James fell from the ledge. Meg insists s there was nobody else with them in the lighthouse.

(Farm) Carly drops the dress off for Janet but Jack knows it is her subtle way of implying that Janet should move back in with him Jack tells Carly that he likes the new improved Carly very much. Jack tells Carly that he will make sure Janet gets the dress.

(Holden and Lilly’s house) Lily tells Holden that Carly misses their friendship and admits that she misses it too but doesn’t want to risk their marriage. Holden assures Lily that nobody not even Carly will come between them.

(Fairwinds) Margo gives Meg twenty-four hours to tell her the truth or she will put her in jail. Meg rushes to the phone after Margo leaves to call Dusty’s lawyer. Meg asks the lawyer to tell Dusty she is in trouble and doesn’t know what to do.

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