ATWT Update Wednesday 10/1/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 10/1/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At the Farm, Luke is writing on his computer when the door opens behind him; he turns around and is ecstatic to see Noah back home, as he kisses him.

At home, Janet is out of it as she talks with Liberty. Liberty hugs her when she realizes how sad she is. She thinks she should try to get out of the house. There is only one place she would like to be, and that is with Jack, but that isn’t going to happen.

At the hospital, Carly helps Jack with his drink because his hand is bandaged up. He wants to leave, but she reminds him that he needs to be monitored because he lost a lot of blood. He needs to get out of there to find out what happened to James, Jack responds. Carly tells him that she tried to get information about that, but no one was talking. Jack thinks that they will talk to him, but Carly reminds him that he isn’t on the police force anymore. He needs to sit back and get better.

At the Swan Down Cottage, Meg and Dusty are sitting there talking; Meg is surprised how soon they released him from the hospital. Dusty answers that is because Paul is a lousy shot. Paul didn’t mean to shoot him, Meg counters. He had to see the way Paul was being taunted by James. Dusty tells her that he already told the police he isn’t going to press charges. Meg is appreciative. He just hopes he doesn’t regret not putting Paul away when he had the chance.

At home, Lily goes to answer the door and finds Mike. She thought he was her mother. He would like to talk with her; he is not there to stir anything up; he was there to say something in person - goodbye.

Meg is checking on Dusty’s wound when he asks if she heard from Barbara. She said that Paul was better by the time they got to Oakdale, and she asked about him. He figured she would. She didn’t know what to tell her so she asked her not to say anything until it is safe. No one needs to know he is alive – not yet. Is this the real reason he didn’t want to press charges – he doesn’t want word getting out because of Johnny. The less people know the better. They hear Holden calling out to Meg from outside the room; Holden races in and is stunned when he finds Meg with a not-so-dead Dusty. He wants to know what is going on here. Meg and Dusty stare at one another.

Luke tells Noah how much he missed him. The feeling is mutual. Noah’s recount of his trip is interrupted by a call from Brian; there is a meeting at Metro. Noah is glad to see the two of them getting along better. Noah kisses him as they leave.

Mike tells Lily that he is headed back to Europe to work with Neal on some projects. Lily feels like she ran him out of town. She didn’t, but he admits that if things had gone differently between the two of them he would haven’t even considered Neal’s job offer. Mike understands how things went down after Ethan fell down the hole. He knows she needed Holden, and he knows how happy their kids must be now. Lily reminds him that the kids had grown to really care for him too. He is glad because he cares for them as well. Mike just wants Lilly to promise to be happy with Holden.

Dusty asks Holden for this not to go further then this room. He is asking him to keep quiet, an incredulous Holden asks. He doesn’t want things more complicated then they are. Holden yells that he faked his death – it doesn’t get more complicated. He did what he had to do. Dusty explains. He wants to know how and why. He is not going to put the people who helped at risk. He is trying to find his son. That justifies what he did, Holden asks. He is a father - what if someone took his son. He doesn’t want him to talk to him about family after what he did to his. That wasn’t his intention. Lily almost killed herself that night. Meg steps in wanting them to calm down, but Holden doesn’t want her to defend him after what he did. Meg explains that Dusty is the reason she is standing there right now; he put his life on the line and they owe him. Holden yells back that he owes him nothing and that includes his silence.

Carly comes back into Jack’s room; she spoke with the kids and told them he is fine. Jack is getting dressed; he just doesn’t feel comfortable in the gown, as Carly helps and the two lock eyes and stare at one another. Carly starts to turn around when Jack asks her to wait, as he smiles tenderly at her.

Liberty doesn’t get what Jack’s problem is. Janet tells her it is a person – Carly. Is he not over her, Liberty asks. When a person is in someone’s blood – it means they can’t shake them and the other person defines them and whoever is in the middle of them is looking for trouble. That never stopped her before. She guesses she grew up or she just doesn’t want her heart broken again.

Jack tells Carly that he has been thinking a lot lately… he has been thinking of her and of them. She always knows what he needs and when he needs it. Carly tries to stop him, but he needs to finish. She came after him because she knew, and she felt he was in trouble. Anyone would have come for him, Carly counters. She put her life on the line; she didn’t think twice and it isn’t the first, second or third time she has done that. He keeps asking himself why she keeps coming back and how she knows what he is thinking and how she finds him when he is completely lost. He is her true north, Carly states simply but dripping with emotion. He laughs and thinks it is more then that; he thinks it is a sign and they have been too disillusioned and in his case too stupid to see it. He thinks they should stop fighting this connection between them, go with it and follow it through all the way. Carly starts to say that if they do that, as Jack understands what that means, as Carly stares at him deeply. It is crazy, Carly thinks; he feels that way now because she has been there. She has given this argument to him 1,000 times. He just needed to believe it too, Jack answers. He almost died. He didn’t because she saved his life. She would do it again, but what he is feeling is not love but gratitude. He doesn’t believe that for a moment. His life has been turned upside down; he is out of a job he loves, and he is trying to get his bearings and then he sees her. He is grabbing onto her because she is safe. She knows she is not safe, Jack says laughing. Carly laughs too – that is true. He loves her and any doubt of that is gone, as Carly stares at him longing. He knows she loves him too. She does – it is like breathing; she doesn’t have to even think about it. What they had is the best thing she has ever had. So much has happened between them though and they are so different now. She looks into his eyes and she knows she is not what he needs – not anymore, as she starts to cry. Jack realizes she means that. Carly starts to answer when the nurse comes in. Jack would like a minute, but Carly tells him that she needs to make a phone call as she takes off quickly and Jack looks after her.

Janet sees Liberty sitting on the couch and tells her that she needs to get to school. Liberty lets out a big sigh, but Janet promises to pick her up so they can get a manicure and pedicure together afterwards. Liberty happily agrees to this. After she leaves the room, the phone rings and it is Carly. Janet assumes she is looking for Katie and Brad so she tells her that they aren’t there. Carly tells her that she wanted to talk with her; it is about Jack. She tells her about him being in the hospital. Janet writes down the information and yells to Liberty that they are going to have to take a rain check because trouble just found her. Liberty knows that means; she is going to go headlong into it. Janet tells her that sometimes you need to take the risk, as she worries about what she needs to wear.

Carly watches Jack through the hospital door window and sees him looking upset and staring out into space. She looks at him another moment before she sadly walks away.

Dusty is talking with the police on the phone. Dusty tells Holden and Meg that the investigation into James’ death has been called off. What about his shooting, Meg asks. That is called off too. Holden wants to know who shot him. Dusty doesn’t want to answer it so Holden is ready to go find the answers himself because he is tired of getting the run-around. Meg stops him and admits that Dusty and James were fighting and Paul had a gun; he shot at James but hit Dusty. Holden wonders if Paul is in jail. Meg tells him that Barbara took him back to Oakdale and the hospital. Thanks to Dusty he wont’ be prosecuted. Holden wants to leave, but Meg wants to say goodbye and then she will be out. Holden tells Dusty that if he decides to raise himself from the dead, he wants him to stay away from his wife. He stomps off and Dusty smirks for a fleeting moment.

Lily tells Mike that she will miss him. Lily wants him to keep in touch, but then realizes she shouldn’t ask that. She knows he will be fine. He deserves the best in life because he is wonderful. Mike tells her the same back, as they give each other a quick kiss and hug. Lucinda and Brian interrupt and Lucinda thinks that they should have closed the door if they wanted privacy. Lily explains that Mike is going back to Europe. Lucinda gives him a cursory goodbye and tells him that she is sure he doesn’t want to miss his plane. Mike heads off, and Lily is annoyed that she rushed him out. She didn’t want him to be late; Lucinda thinks now that her distraction is gone the road to Holden is much easier. Lily scowls – she and Holden are fine. Lucinda wonders about the other distraction. Lily assumes she is talking about Carly. Yes. She doesn’t have to worry about her because she made sure Carly will steer clear of Holden.

On the island dock, Holden and Carly bump into one another. She laughs dryly how she must be cursed after Lily demands that she stay away from him and then on some remote dock in the middle of nowhere they meet up. Holden chuckles. He is there for Meg, but it is a long story. She knows because she was there with Jack. Where is he? They are interrupted when the man on the boat tells them he will be right back. Carly asks how Meg is. She said she is fine, but he needs to get her alone. Where is she. He hopes putting this nightmare behind her.

Meg tells Dusty that she is glad this time she got to say goodbye. He is sorry for that. She understands why he did what he did. He thanks her for getting him out of the cage. Where is he going. He is going to head off to Asia to see if he can find Johnny. What about her. She is going home to be with Paul and soon her baby. She will be a great mom, but he wants her to think about if Paul is going to be the good father that her baby deserves. Meg tells him to stop; she understands, but Paul is not James. Dusty gives her a number for a PI in San Francisco, Ed Suzuki; he is the only person in the world who knows how to reach him. She thanks him and gives him a hug and kiss, as they stare for a moment at one another before she leaves.

Carly tells Holden that she is sure she is the last person that he expected to see there. Holden tells her that isn’t exactly true. She doesn’t know what he means, but he changes the subject to Jack. Is he ok. Carly explains that James lured him out there using Meg. He got hurt, but he is ok. Holden wonders if she was with him. Only when it mattered. She is heading back now, but Jack isn’t ready to be released. Holden doesn’t know if Jack should be left alone, but Carly tells him that he won’t be. Janet comes striding down the dock telling Carly that she is there, but she wonders if she should be the one with Jack and not her. Carly cuts her off; she wouldn’t have called her if she didn’t think she was exactly what Jack needed, as Holden stands there looking surprised by this in the background.

Back at Fairwinds, Holden hugs Meg and hopes she will be ok. She has to go over to Memorial. Holden thinks she should rest. Meg tells him that she isn’t going to leave Paul by himself. Holden doesn’t think that he will be allowed visitors. She is his wife and he needs to know that she isn’t going anywhere. He has no idea what James has put him through these past few weeks. Holden doesn’t think that since Paul had somewhat of a breakdown that he will just wake up and be over it. James is dead and for the first time Paul doesn’t have to live in fear. Meg heads off and Carly steps up and tells Holden that Meg is stubborn, but strong. Holden agrees – she is the baby after all. He wonders if she is ok because she was quiet on the trip home; is she second-guessing leaving Janet with Jack, Holden asks. No, she was right to do that, but something happened before that and she is sure she did the right thing to put an end to it, as she cuts herself off and tells Holden that it doesn’t matter. Holden wants to hear though. Carly continues - when she and Jack were out there, Jack and she relied on and needed one another. It brought back feelings and it would have been easy to fall back into the way things were before. What stopped her. They would have ended up the same way. It was good she resisted that then. She knows, but calling Janet and telling her that Jack needed her made it seem real and it hurt. Holden understands because if it were Lily, he is not sure he would have done what she did. He will give her a ride home. She asks if they can stop at Metro first because she doesn’t feel like going home to an empty house.

Jack is asleep when Janet walks in and touches his face. He moves thinking it must be Carly, but when he opens his eyes he sees Janet instead. He is surprised to see her and asks what she is doing there. She jokes about no happy hello. He must have dozed off, but he wonders what happened to Carly. Janet tells him that she called her and told her that she is who he needed now, as Jack leans back his head on the pillow and looks bothered by this.

At Metro, Lucinda, Brian, Lily, Luke and Noah are meeting about the Foundation’s benefit at Metro. Henry gave them a great deal for the night, as Luke and Lucinda worry about it being at a place where Carly owns. Lily assures them that it is fine and she wants the topic of conversation to move on. They agree, and then talk about raising money to turn the housing project into Green Space. Carly and Holden walk in, as Luke subtly excuses himself. He warns his father that Lily is there, but no sooner does he get the words out of his mouth does Lily see them. She frowns as she gets up and walks over to them. Holden and Carly brace for the worse, as Lily stalks up to them and demands to know what is going on because she thought she made herself clear when she told Carly to stay away from Holden.

Janet is babbling about all the stuff she brought Jack because she didn’t know what he would need. She seems oblivious to Jack’s downcast mood and lack of talking. She finally notices how out of it he is, as Jack apologizes. She tells him that she never should have come here.

Holden tells Lily that it isn’t what it looks like, but she sneers that it never is. Noah tells Luke that they should leave to give them some privacy. Luke is hesitant, but Lily wants him to go. A furious Lily wonders how long it took Carly to go back on her word – 2 days. Holden tells her that he and Carly bumped into each other by accident when he was out looking for Meg, who was taken by James. Lily is upset. He explains that Jack and Carly were looking for Meg and then Jack got injured. Lily wonders why she is with him and not Jack. Holden tells Lily that if she wants to yell at him then could she do it at home instead of there, as Lily agrees to leave with him. Holden apologizes to Carly before they head off.

At the hospital, Meg asks the doctor why her husband is so medicated. He didn’t even wake up when she was there. They are trying to keep him calm. She wonders if the situation was explained to him about how Paul had been emotionally abused by his father for weeks; she thinks if she could just take him home then he would do much better. The doctor tells her that he would just like to wait and see.

Dusty is at the house when a man knocks, enters and introduces himself as Nathan Jolly; he is with the Funeral home on the island. He wants to pass along his condolences and ask what he wishes to do with the remains. Dusty is confused – whose remains. James Stenbeck.

Lily and Holden arrive back home, as Holden starts to walk by Lily. She stops him because she wants to talk about this and because she is sorry.

Janet is talking to herself when she says that she never should have left Oakdale; she just got through telling Liberty that no one can resist Carly and then she calls and she comes running – she is stupid. She is going home to pretend this didn’t happen. Jack jumps up and tells her that he wants to explain because the last time they saw each other they weren’t on good terms so when he woke up and saw her there he was – Janet interrupts – disappointed. Jack answers surprised. He was hoping Carly would be there, Janet surmises. He will admit that he was a little hurt that Carly left without telling him, but he is happy that she is there. He is, a relieved but happy Janet answers.

Carly walks over to Lucinda and Brian, and Lucinda introduces them. She wants to offer her help in any way since her club is hosting the Benefit. Lucinda tells Carly that she realizes she likes to be hands on, but on the night of the benefit, she was thinking that she might want to be elsewhere. Carly wants to know if she is being kicked out of her own place. Certainly not. Carly tells Lucinda to ‘Go to hell,” as she smirks and walks away. Lucinda sits back down and tells Brian that Carly is being so touchy, as Brian jokes about that happening especially when their buttons are pushed. Lucinda wonders if she was too direct. Brain tells her that she knows best for Lily. When she was younger, she thought she knew what was best for her, but now she has no idea. However, she is so supportive of Holden and Lily after how long they have been together. She is older and wiser about their relationship - even after their infidelities. He can see wiser but not older, a flirting Brian responds.

Lily apologizes for going off on the two of them, but she gets this knee jerk reaction when she sees her, and she has to wonder if she is always going to be in competition with Carly. He understands – kind of how he feels about when Dusty was around. No. They were friends before anything else, and that is how it should have stayed. But it didn’t. Lily tries to explain that it has always been him and it is never going to change. Why is he bringing this up now, as Holden recalls walking in and seeing Dusty alive. He tells her that no one – Carly or anyone – can come between them again. They hug tightly.

The Funeral Director was instructed by James’ estate to find Dusty Donovan at this place. He is out of luck because Dusty is dead. He is sorry to hear that. What should he do with his remains. He can talk to his son because he could care less what he does with him. He wants him to leave now. After the man walks away, Dusty gets on the phone and tells someone to get him on the first flight out of there.

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