ATWT Update Tuesday 9/30/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 9/30/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Java) Susan waits for Emily to arrive and almost leaves thinking she has been stood up by Emily. Emily arrives and tells her mother she is having a minor procedure done and needs someone to drive her home from the hospital. Susan wonders if Emily is pregnant and Emily assures her that after today she won’t get pregnant again. Susan looks confused and Emily explains that she is gong to have her tubes tied. Susan asks Emily to seriously think about this because she might meet a man with whom she may want to have a child. Susan wonders what Casey thinks about her decision. Emily tells her mother that she doesn’t intend to tell Casey about it until she has done the procedure. Emily tells Susan she is not going to change her mind and heads to the hospital. Dani arrives when Emily is leaving and Susan tells Dani that Emily is having a minor procedure done today and she hopes that Emily doesn’t regret it in the future.

(Lakeview) Aaron answers a call from Dr. Schiller’s office confirming Alison’s appointment for today. Alison explains to Aaron that she is just having a routine check up to make sure that she is ready to have a baby.

(Hospital) Chris wonders why Alison is going to see doctor Schiller and Alison asks Chris to stay out of her business. Chris tells Alison he was only asking because he is concerned for her.

(Islands off the coast of Maine) Jack asks a boat owner if he can give him a ride around the island and the boat owner agrees to do it for free. Jack gets on the boat with the man and then the man grabs him from behind and starts choking him Carly arrives and screams Jack’s name several times and the man turns then throws Jack in the water. Carly dives in the water and finds Jack and drags him to shore. Carly performs CPR on Jack and once he can breathe he thanks her for saving his life. Paul finds Dusty and Meg sleeping in the lighthouse and points a gun at Dusty and demands that he take his hands off Meg. Dusty and Meg awaken and explain to Paul that James kidnapped them and brought them both to the islands. Dusty tells Paul that Meg found him in a cell inside James house. Paul refuses to believe either Meg or Dusty and wants to know why Meg left him for Dusty. Meg tells Paul that the only man she loves is him and she and Dusty are just friends. Meg tells Paul Dusty was helping her find her way back home to him. Paul thinks Dusty did this to him as revenge for what he did to Jennifer but Dusty insists that Paul leave Jennifer out of this because she has nothing to do with it. Jack asks Carly to help him get up because he has to find Meg. Carly is concerned about a deep cut on Jack’s hand that is bleeding but he says he is fine.

(Hospital) Dr. Schiller asks Alison general questions and then orders an ultrasound to make sure that she is healthy to have a baby.

(Islands off the coast of Maine) Dusty tells Paul that James that this is part of James trap for him and tells him to be smart and not fall into his trap. Jack and Carly arrive at the cottage and they start to look for Meg but James arrives with his men and hits jack over the head and drugs Carly. James orders his men to get them out of there and Jack and Carly awaken on a boat in the middle of the ocean. Paul cocks his gun ready to kill Dusty but Dusty reminds him he can’t kill a man who is already legally dead. Meg once again tells Paul she loves him but James arrives and tells Paul that Meg is lying and he should kill the man who took Meg away from him.

(Java ) Dani tells Casey that Susan told her Emily was having a minor procedure at the hospital today. Casey rushes to the hospital because he doesn’t want Emily to be alone for her procedure.

(Hospital) The doctor asks Emily to be sure she wants to have a tubule legation because the procedure can be reversed but the reversal operation has some risks. Emily tells the doctor she is sure what she wants to do and signs the consent forms. The doctor tells Alison that she has a condition called pelvic inflammatory disease caused by a bacterial infection passed on to her from multiple sexual partners who had a sexually transmitted disease. The doctor tells Alison the antibiotics used to treat the condition cause inflammation of the fallopian tubes, which makes it difficult if not impossible to have a baby. Alison runs out of the hospital room crying and Chris sees her and holds her and takes her to Java to talk.

(Islands off the coast of Maine) James tells Paul he is weak and pathetic if he believes Meg and calls Meg a whore. James tells Paul to shoot Dusty so Paul shoots Dusty in the shoulder. Dusty who is pointing his gun at James takes advantage of the distraction and turns and he and James struggle for the gun for a few minutes. James is close to the edge of the lighthouse window and falls through the window to the ground. Meg rushes to help Dusty and is relieved that the bullet only grazed his shoulder. Paul rushes down to check on James and demands to know why he has been testing him and torturing him and testing him all these years. James gasps for air and tells Paul that all these years he hoped he would be worthy to be a Stenbeck but he isn’t worthy. James dies and Paul screams for him not to die before he tells him what he wants from him.

(Hospital) Casey arrives before Emily’s procedure and she tells him she is having her tubes tied so she can’t have any more children. Casey tells Emily she doesn’t believe their relationship will last. Casey asks Emily not to have this procedure done if she loves him at all.

(Islands off the coast of Maine) Carly uses her favorite bandanna to stop the bleeding from Jack’s cut. Carly tells Jack she must love him more then her favorite bandanna. Jack tells Carly that he has been judgmental and hard on her and she still risks her life to save him.

(Hospital) Aaron looks for Alison and Dr. Schiller tells him about Alison’s condition.  She advises him to let Alison know that this won’t change their relationship.

(Java) Alison tells Chris what the doctor told her and that she never knew how much she wanted to have a child with Aaron until she knew she faced the possibility of not being able to have a child anymore. Alison tells Chris that Aaron deserves better then her and feels that this is her fault because she was a prostitute. Chris tells her that this isn’t her fault and it won’t change anything between her and Aaron because Aaron loves her. Chris tells Alison he feels sure that she will be a great mother someday.

(Hospital) Chris and Alison return and Aaron is upset when he discovers Alison talked to Chris about her condition before she talked to him Aaron screams for Chris to butt out of their lives and tells Alison they should go home and talk.

(Islands off the coast of Maine) Carly tells jack that he had a right to judge her and he apologizes to her for being so hard on her in the past. Carly and jack hold each other and smile when they hear the siren of a rescue boat. Carly and Jack get to shore and she calls Dallas from the ranger station. Carly tells Jack that Dallas told her James is dead and Meg is safe Barbara arrives with the police and ambulance. The police put James dead body on a gurney and Paul asks him if he is happy now that he did as he asked of him. Barbara is shocked but happy to see Dusty even with a gunshot wound to the shoulder.

(Java) Casey tells Dani that Emily was going to have her tubes tied because she has commitment issues but he hopes that he persuade her to change her mind.

(Hospital) Emily tells the doctor that she wants to go ahead with the procedure and has not changed her mind. Chris asks Alison’s doctor if she has a final diagnosis of her condition. The doctor tells Chris that he knows she can’t discuss another patient with him because he is not Alison’s doctor.

(Lakeview) Aaron assures Alison that this does not change their relationship and he still loves her very much. Alison blames herself for this condition and tells Aaron that him being nice to her is only making things worse.

(Islands off the coast of Maine) Paul and Meg don’t know what to say to each other but before Meg leaves to go to the local hospital she tells Paul she loves him very much. James ghost taunts Paul and tells him to answer his earlier question he isn’t happy with him yet because a real man would have killed Dusty instead of shot him in the shoulder. James warns Paul that now Dusty will take Meg away from him.

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