ATWT Update Monday 9/29/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 9/29/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At home, Brad comes home upset; he needs a Scotch he tells Janet, who is worried, by his demeanor. He confessed to Dallas; he also adds that they are wrong because confessions aren’t good for the soul. Janet is stunned. She thinks it is good that he was able to come home. He just thinks they are trying to figure out what to charge him with; they told him not to leave town. Janet wants to go defend him, but Brad thinks she should leave it alone. He had to do it because he messed things up with him, Katie, she, and Jack. Katie will be proud of him, Janet assures him. He needs some time with Katie to break it to her. Janet tells him that Katie didn’t come home last night. Brad becomes concerned.

In a hotel room in Chicago, Katie awakens thinking she is with Brad, but then realizes she is with Mike and freaks out; she thought he was going to wake her up when he was sober enough to drive. It apparently took all night, Mike answers groggily. Katie is beside herself; what is she going to tell Brad, she wonders out loud.

At Metro, Bonnie is anxiously waiting when for word from Derek when Carly comes in; she thinks she is Derek because she has been waiting all night for him. Carly shakes her head, as she tells her that she should never wait longer then 1 hour for a man or it gives him the wrong idea. Bonnie is sure he is in trouble; he called, said he was on his way and then never showed up. Carly reminds her that he works with James, but Bonnie reminds her that he gave up James. Carly thinks she should call the police. Dallas was no help to her. She needs to find him on her own.

At the station, Jack comes in and Dallas tells him that Brad came in and confessed. Jack is surprised, and he hopes that he goes easy on him. Dallas thinks that is generous since he doesn’t have a career anymore because of him. Brad may be a hot head because of his daughter, but he isn’t malicious. Jack getting a text – supposedly from Meg, interrupts their conversation. Dallas wonders where it was sent from. Jack says according to the text the reason they couldn’t find anything on Fire Island is because she is at a place called Mattamoi. Dallas wonders if this is for real.

On the beach, Meg and Dusty awaken. Dusty wonders how the baby is. The baby seems fine, Meg answers. Meg wonders if there is more food. He needs to head back to the house. Meg worries about him going back and getting caught. She needs to eat. She doesn’t want something happening to him because of her. She makes him promise to look for food nearby. They get up and Dusty sees a flag flying high on a hill. They figure they have to get up there because there might be someone there. Dusty sees some shells on the ground. Meg comments about spelling out Paul’s name in seashells in order to make herself feel better. Dusty doesn’t think it would be good for James to see that so Meg scatters them and they head off.

At the house, Paul runs into the house where Meg once was, but he finds no one and assumes that Derek lied. He kicks the side of the sofa in anger, as James walks in and wonders what he is doing there. Paul glares at him saying nothing.

At a lighthouse on the island, Meg and Dusty find their way to the top. No one is around and they realize it is abandoned. Meg thinks it is safe place to stay and Dusty thinks it is a good vantage point to see if anyone is coming. Dusty is sure James is soon to be coming after them. They need to get rescued soon.

Paul can tell that Meg was here. James tells Paul that he followed him here because he just got out of the hospital and shouldn’t be running around alone. Paul is sure that she was here because he saw her. James pretends to not know this place and wonders whom Paul saw her with. Dusty. James restates the obvious - that Dusty is dead. He is crazy if he thinks Meg is there to meet up with a ghost. Paul tells James that he is more determined then ever now that he talks like that. James wants him to look the place over to find any sign of her and then he is going to take him to a psychiatric hospital. Paul looks around in the bedroom while James follows closely. He picks up a pillow and remarks about how it is Meg’s perfume. He gets up and sees a locket on the floor. He recognizes it from being Jen’s. The only person that could have left it there is Dusty – they were there together.

Meg finds a box with a hot plate and some canned goods. Dusty offers to cook because he remembers her cooking. Meg sees that the light is not working and tries to fix it with a fork from the box. Dusty is disbelieving but Meg reminds him that she grew up on a farm and feels confident that she could fix it.

Bonnie wants to know why Carly won’t call Jack. He is tied up looking for Meg and he won’t take time out to look for one of James’ flunkies. She thinks because Carly is close to Jack he will do it. Carly doesn’t think so. Bonnie tries to remind her that if he helps with this then it may lead to him finding Meg. Bonnie hands Carly the phone telling her she will never know if she doesn’t try. She calls Jack to tell him that Derek disappeared and they think it has something to do with James. Jack tells her about the text message from Meg being at a place called Mattamoi. He can’t really talk because he has to figure out if the text is real or someone is setting him up. Carly wishes him well and hopes he finds and brings Meg home safely. Jack thanks her. She hangs up with him and tells Bonnie that it looks like they are on their own.

Katie is pacing around the room; she tells Mike he has help come up with something to tell Brad. He thinks the truth would work best. She doesn’t think going to Chicago with him, getting too drunk to drive and staying the night with him sounds too good. She is furious with herself because she gave Brad a hard time about acting like a responsible adult and then, she goes and does this. Mike teases her that it was responsible of them not to drink and drive. Katie calls the studio to find out if Brad is there, but he isn’t yet. She tells them that she won’t be in because she is working on a story in Chicago. After she hangs up, Mike thinks she should call home, but Katie now thinks she should talk with Brad in person. She can convince him not to be so mad in person, which involves a lot of kissing. Mike raises his eyebrows and tells her that he remembers those days. She wants him to hurry up and finish his coffee so they can leave. Mike tells her that he can’t drive anywhere with a headache like this. She wants to know why he is so hung over because she had the same amount to drink as him and she is fine, but she is suddenly racked with a bout of nausea and runs to the bathroom.

Brad is on the phone with the hospitals trying to find out if Katie was in an accident. Janet hangs up her cell phone and tells him that Katie called WOAK; she is in Chicago. A relieved Brad hugs Janet and then grabs his keys and heads out, but Janet reminds him that he isn’t supposed to leave town. If the police come by, she needs to stall them because he isn’t going to give up his last conjugal visit with his wife. He doesn’t even know where she is. WOAK keeps a hotel room there for shoots – he thinks she went there to cool off, as he heads out.

Meg and Dusty are eating the food they found. Meg still can’t believe that he is there; she went to his funeral. He thanks her for that. He had help, and he needed to keep Craig off his tail to find Johnny. He had a valid report that Johnny was in Bangkok, but he hasn’t spoken to anyone since then. They can’t figure out why James put them together or what he wants in particular with Dusty because they know he at least wants Meg’s child.

Bonnie hangs up and tells Carly that Lisa said Derek hasn’t been seen at the Lakeview since last night. Bonnie tells her that Derek was afraid of James. Has Henry heard from him, Carly wonders. Bonnie thinks that Henry wouldn’t be seeking him out after Derek had him locked in the wine cellar. Carly thinks that since that is the last place Derek was seen then they should head over there. How will they get in, Carly wonders. Bonnie assures her that she will take care of it.

Paul is telling James something isn’t right. James tells him that the evidence is in his hands. Paul looks at Jen’s necklace. Why would Meg come here to this island. To be with Dusty, James answers matter-of-factly. Why wouldn’t Dusty come to her, Paul wonders. Then he tells himself that she wouldn’t hurt their baby. She doesn’t seem to have a problem hurting her; he did disappoint her. Paul sits down. James reminds him that Dusty had people believe he was dead and arranged to have her brought there. Why would she do that. James tells him that Meg recognized that Dusty is more of a man then he is and couldn’t stay away. Paul jumps up and tells him to shut up or he will kill him, as he grabs him by the collar. He doesn’t want him dead because he needs help finding his wife and bringing her home.

Katie is holding a towel with ice on her head, as she lies down on the bed next to Mike; she has not been this sick – in forever. He seems to remember a few times she was this hung over. She is afraid she may get sick again, but Mike tells her that he ordered her ‘Katie’s sure-fire hung over remedy’ - a roast beef sandwich, chocolate milk and a diet soda. Katie is happy he remembered. He is going to take a shower while she eats and then they can head off. Once he leaves, there is a knock and it is Brad. Katie is stunned. Brad thinks she has been crying because the ice has melted down her face; Katie tries to explain, but Brad wants to tell her something. Katie again tries to tell him, but he stops her and tells her that he confessed about Leo. She is shocked. He needs to head back soon before they are looking for him. Katie kisses him and tells him how much she loves him. They are in the middle of making up when Mike makes a noise and comes out of the shower in a towel and awkwardly says hi, as Brad glares at him, then turns around to look at Katie, who looks very uncomfortable.

Derek is sitting in a chair in the wine cellar when he hears a noise and jumps up to hide. Bonnie opens the door and is happy to see him. Carly wonders why he is there. James locked him down there when he wouldn’t do his ‘errands’. He wanted him to look after Meg on Fire Island. Carly perks up – that is not right – she is at a place called Mattamoi; she sent Jack a text. Derek wonders if she can call him. Carly realizes it was a set up by James. Bonnie thinks that means Jack is far away from danger, as Carly is desperately calling Jack and he is not picking up. Derek thinks that if James is trying to get Meg out of the country then he might need to throw people off by causing a diversion, as they realize he is talking about killing a cop. Bonnie thinks that Jack would call for back up, but Carly nervously reminds her that Jack is not a cop anymore. He is still not answering. Bonnie thinks she should leave a message, as Carly does; Meg is not where he thinks she is; it is a trap because they found Derek; he needs to get out of there. Bonnie tells Carly that she is calling Dallas, as Carly tells her that she should say whatever she has to so Dallas believes her; she has to go find Jack.

Meg continues to try to fix the electricity to the light with the box of miscellaneous tools that they found. She is not having any luck when Dusty finds a gun wrapped up in a towel. They stare at one another.

James wants to go, but Paul yells at him to shut up because he needs to think, as he sits down. James pushes his buttons telling him while he is sitting around thinking things through, his impulsive wife, who apparently has fallen in love with Dusty, is making plans with him to leave the country. Paul keeps mumbling that Meg wouldn’t do that. Paul stands up, wondering where they are. James says it is a small island and he can find him. James taunts him more - Dusty has lost his wife and child and now he wants his wife and child; he should go fight for them. As he is going out the door, James tells him that he might need this, as he hands him a small handgun. Paul pauses for a moment before he takes it and heads out.

Katie tells Brad that she was angry and upset and needed to get away. Brad is annoyed that she would end up with her ex husband, who she has now apparently fallen into bed with. She tries to tell him that nothing happened. He is in a towel, Brad state the obvious. He just got out of the shower. Mike wants to say something, but they tell him to be quiet. He just confessed to something because she told him to be responsible and do the right thing and now he could wind up in jail… what about her taking responsibility. Mike interrupts to assure Brad that nothing happened; they got drunk and ended up having to spend the night – that is it. Katie pipes in as well about noting happening. He snaps at her to stop saying that. She was angry with him, she didn’t call him and instead spent the night with a man she used to love - that is something to him. Katie tells him that she is so sorry. It doesn’t make it all better, as he slams out the door.

Paul is running on the beach calling out for Meg. He walks by the shells that used to spell out his name.

Meg is able to finally get the power working, and the light starts to work. They are happy, as Dusty jokes that Emma would be proud. She wonders what they will do now. Dusty tells her that they are going to send out an SOS. He hopes someone will notice. Won’t James notice too, Meg worries. They will point it to the water. They have to take that chance. Dusty makes sure the gun is loaded, as he wonders if the gun will actual go off since it obviously hasn’t been used in a long while. Dusty promises that he will protect Meg at all costs, as she smiles.

Mike tells Katie that she needs to go home. She will stay in a hotel she has done it before. Didn’t Brad say he could be going to jail today. She is terrible wife; she always blames her husbands, Katie bemoans. She has been married a hundred times. She is to blame after everything she said to him. Does she love him, Mike asks. She loves him with all her heart. Mike wants to give her advice – she should go home. Katie stares at him for a moment before she hugs him, tells him that he is the best ex husband she has had besides Henry, as she races out the door.

Dusty is sending an SOS signal with the light and some cardboard, as Meg stands nearby. Meg is getting a pain again; she is overdoing it. Dusty wants her to lie down and rest. He takes her back to rest. She wonders if there will be any boats that see this. He doesn’t want her to worry. She signed those papers to give up her baby though. They aren’t legal – he won’t let James take her baby.

Paul is running up the beach still looking for Meg. He is wondering out loud what Dusty is doing with Meg. He sees the flag up high near the lighthouse that Meg and Dusty spotted and heads toward it.

Jack approaches a man on a dock by a boat; he asks if he is on Mattamoi. He is. Jack remarks about how remote it is. He wonders if he can hire the man to take him by boat around the island. The man tells him that he will do it for free. Jack gets into the boat where there is another man sitting. The man on the dock gets into the boat and looks at Jack strangely, as he stands behind him.

Brad is at home sitting on the couch with his head in his hands when Katie comes racing in the house. He stares at her. Is she in a rush because Mike is waiting. She came home by taxi – she isn’t with him. He wants her to make it quick because he doesn’t have much time. Katie jumps into his lap and kisses him. It isn’t going to work, Brad tells her. She thinks it will, as she kisses him more. He picks her up and then puts her back on the couch, as he tells her that it is too late. No. It is not too late; he doesn’t get to say that. She made that mistake with all her other marriages and she won’t do it with him. He angrily thinks she is simply not wanting to get another divorce. It is not like that; she wants to fight with him, make love with him, make mistakes with him and work on forgiveness with him, be happy with him, make babies with him. The only thing she doesn’t want to do is with him is for them to give up on one another. Brad stares at her for a moment before he tells her that he wants that too. They kiss each other passionately. The phone rings interrupting them, as Katie desperately wants him to ignore it. He stops and tells her that they need to face this together. He answers the phone, as a nervous Katie watches. Dallas needs him to come to the station right away. Brad tells him with no emotion in his voice that he will be right there. He shuts his phone without a word, as Katie looks at him knowingly and walks into his arms, as she silently cries and he hugs her tightly.

Dusty is standing by the light using the cardboard and light to send an SOS out when Meg shows up beside him again. He thought she was sleeping. She can’t stop thinking about Paul and what he must be going through. When they go back, will she go back to him, Dusty wonders. Why wouldn’t she, Meg asks. His father is a maniac. That is James and not him. He is full of petty jealousy that resembles James. She doesn’t want him talking about Paul like that in front of his family. What does she see in him. She loves him and he loves her and for a while she thought it would change, but it never does. It is her life, but he just thinks she deserves better, Dusty says.

Paul races up the stairs to the lighthouse. He stops when he is inside on the steps leading up to the top of the lighthouse where he takes out his gun and holds it in his hand.

Meg tells Dusty that he needs sleep too, so he should lie down with her. He thinks it might be too light to see the SOS yet. Meg tries to stay positive – maybe someone has seen it already and has gone for help. That would be nice. She can’t go to sleep unless he goes with her. He jokes about her blackmailing him. He agrees to rest for a few hours. They sit down with Meg resting her head on Dusty’s shoulder. Dusty keeps the gun nearby.

Jack and the man are driving around in the boat when Jack thinks there is nothing left to see. At the last moment, he asks what that other island is. The man tells him that is Fire Island and really nothing to see. Jack would still like to check it out. The man, who is standing behind him, grits his teeth, pulls out a wire and tries to strangle Jack with it. They struggle, as Carly comes racing down the dock calling out to Jack desperately. The man tosses Jack overboard, as Carly continues to call out to him. Jack goes into the water and soon Carly is jumping in the water from the dock when she sees Jack go under. She frantically swims towards him and drags an unconscious Jack towards shore.

At the police station, Katie and Brad are waiting in each other’s arms when Dallas comes in and wants him to check his statement and sign it. Brad gives it a cursory once over before he tells him that he will sign it because he just wants to get this over with and face whatever punishment he has coming. Katie sadly watches him sign the paper. Dallas tells him that he is lucky because there isn’t going to be any punishment. Katie and Brad are stunned and ask if they heard him correctly. Leo’s parents realized the extent of their son’s actions against Liberty and decided it could have been a lot worse and they decided not to reopen the case. Katie and Brad are stunned but thrilled. Katie realizes Dallas must have said something. He smiles; he just reminded them how lucky they are. Brad pushed Leo in the water, but he also saved his life; he is free to go. Brad wonders why he didn’t tell him this over the phone. Dallas stops smiling and tells Brad that Jack is a great detective and he had to give that up to protect him; he thought he deserved to sweat a little. He thinks he needs anger management classes. Brad thanks him. Katie and Brad hug tightly, as they realize he is actually free to go and their nightmare is over. They promise never to let anything come between them again.

Meg and Dusty are asleep on each other’s shoulders when Paul, gun drawn, comes up the stairs and sees them.

Carly drags Jack out of the water. She tries to rouse him, as he starts to cough and look toward the lake. She sees he is bleeding and is worried he got shot. He sees the boat coming around and pulls Carly down and on top of him telling her that they need to get out of there. The boat and men pass and Carly watches them, as she tells Jack that they are gone; she looks down at him to tell him that they need to stop the bleeding. She then sees that Jack has fallen unconscious again, as she desperately calls out his name holding onto his face trying to wake him up. He doesn’t move so Carly starts to give him CPR. She pleads with him to wake up and begs him not to die on her, as she continues to perform CRP on an unresponsive Jack.

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