ATWT Update Friday 9/26/08

As the World Turns Update Friday 9/26/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Brad and Katieís place) Jack arrives wondering why Brad wanted him to come over so quickly so Brad explains he wanted to do him a favor. Jack reminds Brad that the last time he did him a favor it cost him his job. Brad explains that he has been searching for a way to make things up to Jack for all that he did for him. Brad calls Katie into the room and tells her that he wants to make things up to Jack and then he hands Jack a check for twenty thousand dollars saying that it is half his savings but hopefully it will help make up for his lost pay. Jack is offended and tears up the check and leaves the house angry. Brad is confused and asks Katie why Jack is mad and Katie tells Brad that money canít make up for Jack sacrificing the job he loved to protect him. Katie also tells Brad that Jack is a proud man and if he knew his brother at all he would know he would never accept money from him.

(Islands off the coast of Maine) Dusty and Meg think they are seeing a mirage when they see a boat in the water. Meg is in pain and is having trouble walking so she tells Dusty she canít keep walking but Dusty encourages her to keep walking because once they get on that boat the will be home free.

(Metro) Bonnie talks to Henry on the phone and tells him he is in no condition to come in to work yet and he should rest. Bonnie assures Henry that she can make a good martini in fact some people say that her martinis are better then his martinis. Derek calls Bonnie to let her know that he is laying low because James will be angry with him when he finds out he talked to the cops. Derek makes it clear to Bonnie that he does want to see her again. Bonnie tells Derek to come by the club because there is no one there and she can make him a sandwich. Derek smiles and accepts the invitation and tells Bonnie he will be there in ten minutes.

(Fairwinds) Paul has a vision of Meg and Dusty walking on a beach and then when he awakens he finds an e-mail, which contains a picture of Meg and Dusty on a beach together. Paul calls Jack and tells him that he knows where Meg is because someone just sent a picture of Meg and Dusty together. Jack reminds Paul that Dusty is dead and wonders who sent Paul the picture. Paul tells Jack he has no idea who sent him the picture and even though Jack is skeptical about this he is determined to follow every lead to find Meg.

(Islands off the coast of Maine) Meg tells Dusty she canít get into the boat because she is in pain Dusty assumes she is having a cramp and offers to help her get into the boat. Dusty tells Meg that any sacrifice they make now will be worth it later. Meg tells Dusty she is not willing to lose her baby in order to escape from James. Dusty is shocked that Meg didnít tell him she was pregnant but she explains that given how he feels about Paul she didnít think it was a good idea. Meg tells Dusty that she is willing to go back to James house and stay there if she has to in order to keep her baby safer.

(Brad and Katieís house) Katie tells Brad that what he just did trying to give Jack money was a stupid move and insulting to Jack. Brad wonders if he has ever done anything right in her eyes and Katie tells him it has been a long time since he has done anything right. Brad wonders why Katie married him and she assures him that she married him because she loves him. Katie explains to Brad that when she first met him she didnít think that she could be with someone like him because he only cared about himself. Katie tells Brad that he grew up and changed and became a man that she could love. Katie also tells Brad that ever since the mess with Leo he has reverted back to only thinking about himself and she doesnít know if she can love that other guy. Brad is hurt because Katie loves him but doesnít respect him like she respects Jack and Mike.

Derek runs into James on his way to his car for his date with Bonnie and Derek tells James that Paul told the police that he thinks he is involved in Megís disappearance but the police have no evidence only Paulís suspicion. James wants Derek to go to the islands off the coast of Maine to look after Meg but Derek refuses saying that he promised him his job would be over once he got Paul out of that hole. James has one of his men knock Derek on the head and then they take Derek to the Fairwinds wine cellar.

(Brad and Katieís place) Mike stops by to tell Katie he is leaving Oakdale because the development project went bust. Katie tells Mike she had a fight with Brad and told him she wouldnít be there when he got home. Katie decides to go have a drink with Mike and forget about her troubles with Brad by acting as irresponsibly as Brad.

(Fairwinds ) Jack arrives to look at the picture and Paul goes to the computer and although he looks for the picture in every place on the computer it can possibly be the picture is gone. Paul can tell by the look on Jackís face that he thinks he made up the whole story so he shouts that he isnít making this up. Jack thinks Paul is tired and those pills probably werenít a good idea. Paul tells Jack it isnít the pills because he did see a picture of Meg with Dusty.

(Islands Off the coast of Maine) Meg gets another pain and tells Paul the doctor put her on bed rest and she shouldnít be walking around this much. Dusty apologizes for pushing her so hard but Meg says it isnít his fault. Dusty canít believe Meg would have a baby with Paul after everything he did and she assures him Paul has changed. Meg tells Dusty this baby is their hope and means everything to them. Meg tells Dusty to leave without her and then send help back for her but Dusty refuses to leave without her. Dusty tells Meg she gave him a chance to find his son and now he is going to give her a chance to raise her child without the threat of James. Dusty tells Meg that they are stranded there together and that is how they are going to leave together.

(Fairwinds) Paul does his best to persuade Jack that Dusty is alive but Jack has a hard time believing that Dusty would have any reason to fake his own death. Jack asks Paul to come to the station with him to look at Dustyís autopsy report.

(Metro) Bonnie leaves a message for Derek to cal her because she is worried that he is thirty minutes late for their date.

(Fairwinds wine cellar) Derek awakens with a headache and James tells him that since he refused to help him now he is going to be his prisoner until he figures out how to end their business relationship.

(Lakeview bar) Katie tells Mike that the fight she had with Brad made her see that she and Brad are very different people. Katie tells Mike that she was sure that Brad was the one for her but now she thinks she made a mistake.

(Police Station ) Dallas shows Paul Dustyís autopsy report but Paul insists that the report is wrong because Meg was in the picture with Dusty. Dallas wants to see the picture but Jack explains that the picture was sent anonymously and then disappeared off the computer screen. Paul can see by the look on Dallas face that he thinks that he is making up the story. Dallas encourages Paul to go home and get some rest Paul insists that he isnít crazy and throws the report at Dallas so Dallas pins Paul to Jackís former desk and reminds him there is a penalty for assaulting an officer. Jack asks Dallas to cut Paul some slack and not arrest him because he is tired and doesnít know what he is saying right now. Paul just keeps screaming that he isnít crazy Dusty is alive.

(Islands off the coast of Maine) Meg and Dusty return to the cottage and fear that James already knows they tried to escape and will be very angry with them. Dusty helps Meg sit on the couch and put her feet up he also tries to get Meg to eat something. Meg cries because she fears losing the baby and she is very scared. Dusty tells Meg she will not lose the baby because he will do everything he can to protect them.

(Lakeview Bar) Katie tells Mike she loves Brad and they are happy together as long as there isnít a crisis because Brad doesnít know how to handle a crisis. Katie tells Mike that Brad doesnít know how to make the crisis better and she doesnít know if she can live with him. Katie tells Mike that she canít even think about getting another divorce because then she would have to accept she is a failure at all relationships. Mike tells her that all her failed relationships have not always been her fault. Mike decides they should leave and go somewhere else to help Katie forget her troubles.

(Alís Diner) Brad tells Janet that he has messed up with Katie, Jack, and with her so he feels like he has failed three times. Brad feels like he has lost the respect of the people he loves. Janet tells Brad that sometimes you have to lose something in order to gain something that you believe in more. Janet tells Brad that Jack took the heat and lost a job he loved in order to protect his family. Janet tells Brad it couldnít hurt if he were more like Jack Brad wonders why he always has to be like Jack and he just canít be himself.

(Police station) Jack explains to Barbara that Paul had to be restrained because he is saying he got a picture on his computer that later disappeared of Meg with Dusty. Barbara tells Jack that James is torturing Paul again and he is behind everything. Barbara goes in the interrogation room and talks to Paul who tells his mom that he isnít crazy Dusty is with Meg. Barbara tells Paul she is going to talk to Jack so she can take him home. Barbara asks Jack to help her get Paul into a hospital right now.

(Islands off the coast of Maine) Meg tells Dusty that she canít escape with him and he says he doesnít know if they will survive if James returns.

(Alís Diner) Janet tells Brad that he should stop competing with Jack because he has already won because Katie chose him and not Jack. Janet thinks Katie just wants him to be the man she knows he can be.

(Chicago) Katie and Mike arrive at a bar and Katie decides to act like Brad and she and Mike have several rounds of tequila and get very drunk.

(Islands off the coast of Maine) Dusty tries to persuade Meg that they should escape now while it is dark and it will be harder for James to see them. Meg tells Paul she will only slow him down and besides she isnít willing to risk her baby.

(Police Station) Bonnie asks Dallas to help her find Derek who is missing and she is very worried about him. Dallas tells Bonnie he canít do anything until Derek has been missing for twenty-four hours.

(Fairwinds) Paul dreams that Meg is on the beach with Dusty and decides to leave with him so he screams Meg wait donít go with him stay with me. Paul awakens looks for the picture on his computer but canít find it. Paul hears a noise in the cellar and goes to check on it a few minutes after Paul goes down to the cellar the picture appears on his computer. Paul finds Derek in the cellar and Derek tells him that James has him prisoner since he refused to go look after Meg. Paul demands to know where Meg is and Derek tells him that he will tell him where Meg is if he gets him out of the cell. Paul tells Derek to give him the information or he will leave him in there until James returns. Derek tells Paul that Meg is in a place called Faro Island off the coast of Maine staying at Swans Down cottage. Paul leaves Derek in the cell because he thinks that Derek is lying to him. Paul thinks that Derek is giving him information James wants him to have so he tells Derek to let James know that he will find Meg and kill him.

(Java) Brad tells Jack that he intends to do the right thing and turn himself in so that he and Katie will stop thinking he is a self-centered loser. Jack tells Brad that he may be self centered but neither he nor Katie thinks of him as a loser. Jack assures Brad that Katie will be very proud of him for turning himself in to the police.

(Islands off the coast of Maine) Dusty tells Meg she should take some blankets because it gets cold by the ocean at night. Meg tells Dusty that he isnít listening to her she canít risk the life of her child. Dusty reminds Meg of what she told him that the baby means everything to her. Dusty tells Meg that the only way her baby will have a future is if they escape tonight. Dusty assures Meg they will go slowly and be very careful so Meg tells Dusty she is ready to make their escape.

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