ATWT Update Thursday 9/25/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 9/25/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Al’s Diner) Holden and the children have lunch at the diner and Holden is distracted when Carly walks in and quickly walks out when she sees Holden and Lily with the kids. Lily tells Holden to go after Carly because she knows he wants to do it but then she gets upset when Holden leaves the table to go talk with Carly.

(Old Town) Carly tells Holden he should go back to the diner and be with his wife and children and she explains that the reason she left was because she didn’t want to make things difficult for Lily. Holden tells Carly she shouldn’t feel obligated to leave every time she sees them because Oakdale is a small town and their children are cousins so they are sure to see each other. Holden tells Carly they should at least try to be civil to each other until things get back to normal. Carly tells Holden that things can never be normal between any of them again and sooner or later Lily will resent him for attempting to be civil to her.

(Police Station) Dallas tells Jack that Swan Island off the coast of main is mostly uninhabited and is used for a nature preserve so nobody could locate the house in Carly’s sketch. Dallas thinks Paul made all this up but Jack asks Dallas to keep looking since they have followed some strange leads in other cases. Paul arrives and gets very angry because Dallas won’t believe that his vision is true and also because he thinks that the police should stop working on all their other cases and concentrate on finding Meg. Paul grabs Dallas and is ready to hit him until Jack steps in and tells him to calm down or he will put him in a cell himself. Jack tells Paul that he needs to calm down and gives him a ride home to Fairwinds.

(Beach house) Meg thinks she is hallucinating and tries to wake Dusty up; once Dusty is awake, he calls her name. Meg is thrilled that Dusty is alive and gives him a small kiss. Meg wonders if its really Dusty and he tells her yes he isn’t dead. Dusty can’t remember how he got in the cage and doesn’t know why he is being held hostage. Meg tells Dusty that James is behind everything and is using her to get back at Paul because she is his wife. Dusty explains that he had help to fake his own death because the only way he could search for Johnny is if Craig thought that he was dead. Dusty explains to Meg that he tracked Dusty and Johnny to Bangkok an then the next thing he remembers two guys jumped him dragged him in an alley and beat him up. Dusty wonders what James wants with both of them and why he would bring Meg to Bangkok. Meg explains to Dusty that he isn’t in Bangkok he is in the United States in a beach house near thee Atlantic Ocean. Dusty tells Meg he doesn’t even remember getting on a plane and Meg tells Dusty that it isn’t a coincidence they are both there.

(Al’s Diner) Holden returns and Lily tells him they are ready to go and asks if he still wants to spend the day with her. Holden says yes and Lily tells Holden she wasn’t sure since he bolted so quickly out the door after Carly. Lily tells Holden that it hurts to see Carly and she isn’t ready to make nice with her yet. Lily tells Holden that she has reasons to forgive him but she doesn’t have to forgive Carly. Lily tells Holden she needs to know if he understands and is on her side. Holden tells Lily he is always on her side and the family heads home.

(Fairwinds) Jack brings home an angry Paul who insists that if they look for James, they will find Meg. Jack tells Paul there is no proof that James was in Oakdale. Paul tells Jack that he and Barbara both saw James and he was living in the wine cellar downstairs for a while.  Jack still doesn’t believe Paul. Jack wonders if Paul has some sedatives and Paul says he has some that Barbara gave him. Jack gives the pills to Paul and tells him to take them to get some rest and stay away from the station because he is making his job a lot harder. Jack promises to let Paul know if he has any new information about Meg.

(Beach house) Dusty tells Meg there is nobody here someone just brings him Thai food when he is sleeping. Dusty tells Meg he thinks he has been in the cage a few weeks. Meg wonders if Dusty has been doing anything to keep his muscles from suffering atrophy. Dusty jokes that he runs laps and then tells Meg he has tried to walk but he can’t because he feels tired all the time. Meg thinks they are drugging his food and Dusty agrees but tells Meg he is too hungry not to eat the food. Meg tries to find a way to get Dusty out of the cage but for the moment she can’t find a way out.

(Fairwinds) Paul looks at a picture of Meg and promises her that he will do whatever it takes to bring her home. James arrives and Paul grabs him and demands that he tell him where Meg is or he will kill him. James lies to Paul and says he has no idea where Meg is and then taunts Paul by saying Meg probably got tired of him and left him for another man. Paul refuses to believe that because he knows that Meg loves him very much. Paul goes to call the police to arrest James but when he turns to look for James he is gone.

(Lily’s house) Faith and Natalie want to take Ethan to the park and Holden and Lily makes the kids promise to look after each other before they head out the door. Holden tells Lily it meant a lot to Faith that they still trust her with Ethan. Lily tells Holden that Faith still blames herself for the accident. Lily tells Holden that faith blames herself for everything that goes wrong since they got a separation. Holden tells Lily that now Faith can just go back to being a kid. Holden wants to have some romance with Lily since the kids are gone but she tells him she doesn’t want guilt sex when they make love she wants it to be about her not Carly. Holden tells Lily that him wanting to make love had nothing to do with Carly and he wishes Lily would stop twisting his words. Holden thinks Lily doesn’t really want to work on their marriage and Lily says that isn’t true. Faith interrupts their argument and worries because they are fighting again. Faith asks Holden if they can go get ice cream before they go to the park. Holden tells Faith he will take them and wonders if Lily wants to go with them. Lily tells him that she wants to stay home and Holden says they will bring some ice ream back for her.

(Carly’s house) Lily arrives to thank Carly for all the help she have her when Ethan was missing and Carly says she is sure that she would have done the same for her. Lily tells Carly she isn’t sure of that but makes it clear that this doesn’t change things between them. Carly apologizes once again for hurting Lily so deeply and tells her she misses her friendship. Carly wonders what she can do to make things right again and Lily asks her to stay away from her family. Lily explains to Carly that it hurts to look at her and if she allows her and Holden to be friends she risks that they might have an affair again. Lily asks Carly to understand that she can’t risk losing her marriage. Carly calls jack and he tells her that the drawing was a dead end but he will let her know if she can be of further help. Carly tells Jack that the toast is ready for her sandwich and she has to go. Carly makes her sandwich but she is so distracted that she drops the sandwich on the floor and has to throw it away.

(Beach House) Dusty can’t believe that Meg married Paul and thinks that he and James are behind the kidnappings of both of them Meg insists that Paul has changed and he loves her very much and takes very good care of her. Dusty hears James coming and tells Meg to leave now. James returns from the store with everything Meg needs to have a healthy baby. Meg makes James return to the store for lactose free ice cream and cocoa butter. Once James is gone Meg returns to Dusty and breaks one of the cage bars and uses it to break the lock on the cage. Meg helps Dusty walk out and they both try to find a way to escape.

(Lily’s house) Holden returns from the ice cream shop and Lily isn’t home so Faith asks him if he and Lily were fighting earlier and he tells her that he and Lily have a lot to work out and sometimes they will fight but she shouldn’t worry because he is going to do what it takes to stay with Lily. The girls go upstairs to wash up and Lily arrives home and admits she went to see Carly to ask her to leave her family alone. Holden is upset that Lily talked to Carly without talking to him first and Lily says she was trying to save their marriage. Lily asks Holden to remember how he felt when she kept a box of D8usty’s things after he died. Lily asks Holden to imagine if Dusty was alive and living in Oakdale with them. Lily tells Holden that he asked her once to cut Dusty out of her life to save their marriage and now she is asking him to do the same with Carly. Holden tells Lily he can cut Carly out of his life but he worries that Lily won’t believe him. Lily tells Holden that he never lies and if he tells her he will cut Carly out of his life she will believe him. Holden thanks Lily for giving him a chance since he didn’t give her one after her affair with Dusty.

(Carly’s house) Carly tells Jack about Lily’s visit and she wonders why Lily can forgive Holden but she has to wear a scarlet letter the rest of her life. Jack explains that Lily is trying to save her marriage and seeing her around town right now hurts very much. Carly tells Jack he and Lily are both right but she feels like she has lost the chance at a new beginning and a best friend. Carly tells jack that Lily has her husband and family and she ends up alone.

(Fairwinds) Paul sleeps and has a vision of Meg with Dusty on a beach and mumbles that it is impossible because Dusty is dead.

Meg and Dusty get to the ocean and are disheartened when they don’t see any boats or people anywhere in sight.

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