ATWT Update Wednesday 9/24/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 9/24/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At home, Katie is awake on the couch wrapped in a blanket looking as if she is lost in her thoughts. She hears Brad approaching and closes her eyes pretending to be asleep. He comes over and kisses her on the head, as she pretends to wake up. She gets up and walks by him and into the kitchen; he wants to know what is wrong. She dodges his question by wanting to know why he hasn’t made coffee. He wants to know why she slept on the couch. She couldn’t sleep and didn’t want to keep him up. The doorbell rings interrupting them; it is Janet and she tells them sheepishly that she needs a place to stay.

At Java, Carly sees Jack sitting at a table; she remarks about how bad he looks; he doesn’t look like he has slept in days. He jokes that is the look he is going for. She thinks that he needs to go catch up on some sleep. He can’t go to the farm because Emma will know something is up and he hasn’t gotten a solid lead from the loan shark on where James took Meg. Carly tells him that he is coming home with her.

At an unknown place where James is keeping Meg, she awakens with a start when he walks into the room with a protein drink of fruit and vegetables. She tells him that if it is so good then he should drink it, as she tosses it on him.

At Fairwinds, Barbara comes in with a worried look on her face; has he gotten her messages because she is becoming frantic. He thinks he wins in that department because he just wants to figure out what happened to his wife and unborn child. Barbara tells him that he is not going to do Meg any good if he doesn’t act more rationale by getting some rest. He already let them down when he let James take them. Barbara promises that they will find him. Paul doesn’t think so because when has James ever been found when he doesn’t want to be.

At the hospital, Vienna comes into Henry’s room with a wide grin on her face and a bag in her hand. She kisses him and tells him that she is going to get him dressed so he can go home with her now to show him how much she missed him. Henry bends over to get dressed and Vienna coyly tells him to pack up the hospital gown too, as she eyes him seductively and Henry grins.

At the police station, Dallas is unimpressed by Derek’s knowledge of James’ whereabouts. Dallas assures him that he didn’t share much with him. Derek signs his statement and Dallas tells him that he is going to have him taken back to his cell when Bonnie asks to have a word with Derek. She thanks him for doing this; she thinks it will score points with the judge. Is it working on his lawyer, Derek asks. Bonnie says nothing before Derek is led away. Dallas comes over and wonders what that was all about. She tells him that Derek helped him and now she needs him to return the favor; he needs to get Derek out of jail. Dallas looks stunned.

James is wiping off the drink that is dripping down his shirt; he knows she is mad, but he doesn’t want her denying her baby the nutrients it needs. He doesn’t care what is best for her child Meg shoots back. He does because it is his grandchild. She needs to drink to keep her strength up. How does she know he won’t kill her. She has been listening to Barbara. She knows his history. He has changed. He just forced her to sign away her unborn child. Does he even care what could have happened to his own son, Meg snarls.

Barbara tries to give Paul a sleeping pill so he can rest, but he won’t take it. If he lets himself get run down, how will he help Meg an his baby when they really need him. Paul begrudgingly takes the pill.

Meg wants to know if James left Paul in the hole to die. He wouldn’t do that; he is alive. Meg doesn’t know if she can believe him. James thinks she would be able to feel it if he really weren’t alive. She does feel it and since he is alive then he will find out where they are. James warns her that she shouldn’t be so sure of that. Paul may try to find her, but he won’t succeed; he is not that clever. Meg yells that she wants to know what he wants. He wants her to deliver a strong healthy baby. Take her home then; just because she signed a piece of paper shouldn’t make him think she will let him take her baby. The paper was just a formality because she has no choice.

At home, Carly and Jack sit down on the couch to relax. She is worried that he is burning the candles at both ends. He just wants to find Meg and bring her home. Carly thinks he can’t avoid Emma forever; he will have to tell her something sooner then later. He just wants to be able to give her some good news. Carly quietly wonders if that is the only reason, he doesn’t want to go home. What does she mean, Jack asks. Carly tells him that Janet came to see her; she said things are over between them; is it true, Carly wonders.

Janet tells Brad and Katie that she messed up with how she handled things and couldn’t exactly ask Jack to leave his own family farm. Brad is sure that this will blow over because Jack is a good guy. Janet admits that it already did. Brad sees that as a good sign. He may have forgiven her, but he won’t forget it though. That makes it worse – Carly was right. Brad doesn’t understand. Brad tells Janet that Carly is not an impartial person. Katie wants to know what Carly said. She told her that if they asked Jack to go against what he believes then she will lose him forever – and that is what happened. Brad thinks that Jack will get over this at some point. Katie angrily asks Brad if that is his answer for everything; maybe not all of them are having as easy of a time getting over what they have done, as she stomps away and Brad and Janet watch her go. Janet tells him that Katie is right – everyone is paying the price.

Carly tells Jack that she likes Janet; she is what she is and doesn’t apologize for it; it is hard not to like that. He doesn’t know what to think or believe anymore. He can’t give her those assurances she needs even though she says she understands. Carly understands that he can’t make himself feel something he can’t right now. Jack shakes his head; it wasn’t supposed to be a relationship; they weren’t supposed to have strings, but it is his fault that it got complicated. Jack apologizes for telling her more then she wanted to hear. Carly gets up and walks away for a moment, as she reminds him they have never been good at personal boundaries. She pauses for a moment before she tells him that she is going to give him some advice. She looks back at Jack, who is fast asleep on the couch however. She mumbles to herself that he always knew how to shut her up, as she covers him with a blanket.

Brad and Katie come out of the room dressed and Brad tells Janet that he will give her money for a hotel. Janet asks him if she could just stay with them. There isn’t the room. She can stay in Liberty’s room. Brad doesn’t think that would work out because she is into her own space now. Katie, who is listening while making the coffee in the kitchen, tells Janet that Brad is right; she can’t stay in Liberty’s room. Janet looks down before Katie surprises – makes that stuns -both Janet and in particular, Brad, when she tells her that Janet can stay with her and Brad can stay on the couch. Brad wants to talk about it, as Katie tells him that they will on the way to work. She tells a surprised Janet to make herself at home, because she just put on coffee.

At the Lakeview, Henry and Vienna come home and are headed upstairs.  However, Bonnie interrupts them in the lobby to ask them a question. She needs them to come down to the police station. They wonder if the police released Derek already. No, but she needs them to go down there and tell them that they don’t want to press charges. Vienna assures her that they plan on pressing a lot of charges.

Paul is sleeping on the couch when he has a dream of seeing Meg by the ocean. He calls out to her, but she disappears. Then he sees a house and Meg looking through a small window. He calls out to her again and falls down right near a sign that has two swans on it, as he races to the house. Paul sits up on the couch eyes wide open.

Meg tells James that there is no way he is going to lay a hand on her child. James wants her to calm down because stress isn’t good for the baby. This child means so much to him because he made so many mistakes with Paul. This child will be worthy to succeed him – it will have the finest upbringing, the best schools and more money then he will ever need. He will be missing a mother and father though, Meg snaps. If she lets him take care of her then she will see. James turns around and Meg heads for the door and races out, as James watches after her.

Paul tells Barbara that he saw Meg. She was at the beach; he saw the house where James is holding her. Barbara reminds him that Derek told him that Meg was by they beach. This is one of his visions from before. Barbara worries that it might have just been a dream. Paul knows the difference; he has seen the house James is keeping her in.

Jack is asleep on the couch when his phone rings while Carly is doing some chores in the background. Paul tells Jack that he had a vision. Jack understands. He can describe the house in detail of where James is keeping Meg. He will be right over. Jack asks to go take a shower to wake more up. Anything he needs, Carly tells him.

Bonnie tries to convince Henry and Vienna to change their minds. He kept them in that cold warehouse and locked Henry in the wine cellar; he needs to be punished for that. James did that. Vienna reminds her that James may have given the order, but Derek carried it out. Bonnie reminds them that he took Henry to the warehouse and then he came back to help Henry and them. He deserves a second chance. Vienna thinks that she is there as if she is some desperate woman defending her man. Bonnie tells her that she is there as his lawyer. She doesn’t sound like it. Vienna wants her to admit that she is burning for Derek. Henry wants to know why it matters. Vienna explains that means she isn’t after him. Henry thinks that is something she doesn’t have to worry about at all. She wants to hear her say it. Bonnie finally says it. Will she help her now, as Vienna agrees and they all leave.

Brad and Katie are interviewing a woman about making amends. Katie is agreeing because she understands and Brad feels differently and they clearly are disagreeing over something that noone knows about – only they do. They snap at each other as they generally allude to what has been going on.

Jack thanks Carly for letting him crash. Carly tells him anytime he is welcome. They look at each other and Jack seems almost as if he doesn’t want to go, but he does and starts to head out. He turns around and asks Carly that if Paul were able to describe in detail what the house looked like that Meg was being held in, would she be able to draw it. She thinks she would since she did that for her design work. He asks her if she wants to come. She will do anything to help.

Meg is on the beach jogging calling out for someone to help her. She starts to feel a cramp and falls to her knees by a rock. James is standing there telling her triumphantly that as he told her there is noone for miles. He wants her to take deep breaths. She wants him to leave her alone. The cramp passes and Meg begs him to let her go. He can’t so she should make the best of it.

Jack tells Paul that Carly is here to help sketch. Paul is appreciative. Jack wants him not to get his hopes up because it may not turn out to be anything. Paul is adamant that it will. He starts to describe what he remembers.

Katie asks the woman about a hypothetical situation of someone bullying another person to get someone to do what they want. Brad sarcastically tells her that it is so hypothetical. The woman wants to understand details further. Brad tells the woman that the person that is hypothetically bullied has the right to say no if they don’t feel comfortable. Katie chimes in about that person going out of their way to make that other person feel like they need to do it. Katie and Brad realize they are out of time and the interview ends. Katie walks off and Brad goes after her.

Carly holds up the picture and Paul thinks it is amazing because it looks just like his vision. Jack is worried because even having this picture doesn’t narrow it down; it is just a house. Paul wishes he could give them a mailbox number, but he can’t. Barbara suggests he close his eyes again and try to get back the vision to think if there is more. Paul does just that.

Dallas is standing with Vienna, Henry and Bonnie; he thinks their statement is ridiculous about a practical joke gone awry. Dallas reminds them that if they tell the truth then they have a solid case against Derek. Henry, for a moment, mulls over if there would be a monetary gain, but then he sees Bonnie and Vienna glare at him and he tells Dallas that they told him the real story. Dallas can’t do anything more if they stick to theses stories. Vienna and Henry leave and Dallas takes Bonnie aside and tells her that he knows their statements were not true; he is worried about her. He shouldn’t be because she knows exactly what she is doing, as she leaves.

Barbara, Jack and Carly are standing nearby as they watch Paul close his eyes and try to recapture the image of the house again. Paul sees the house again; he opens his eyes suddenly and tells them that she is on an island. They all look pleased. Paul adds that there is something missing from the picture; he tells them about the sign with the swans on it. Jack thinks this will really make a difference.

Katie tells Brad that she can’t forget what he did to his brother. Brad tells her that he didn’t force Jack to cave in and tell Margo or to make Janet leave the farm. He asked Jack to hide evidence, knowing how much that would make him compromise himself, and then he burned the evidence with Janet making it worse. He did it for her and Liberty. She keeps telling herself that, but it isn’t working anymore; she adds that he did it for himself just as much. Does she want him to go to jail away and be taken away from her and Liberty. No, of course not. What does she want then, an emotional Brad asks. She wants him to go back in time and find away to change this so it doesn’t ruin as many lives, as she walks off.

At Katie and Brad’s, Janet is holding the phone in her hand obviously wondering if she should call Jack. Katie comes in and sees Janet is upset, but is too distracted because things are bad between she and Brad. Janet thinks that Katie and Brad need alone time. Katie tells her that what is going on isn’t about her. Janet knows it is because she asked Jack to do something that he didn’t think was right and she and Brad destroyed evidence. Jack cared too much about all of them and that is because he is a great guy. Katie agrees and worries if she is ok because she can see she has been crying. She should be laughing because it is kind of funny; Jack can’t stand dishonest people, but he won’t be honest with himself; she knows he still has feelings for Carly. Katie reluctantly admits that this thing that is between Carly and Jack is pretty hard to come between. Janet realizes many women have tried and all have failed. Janet tells her that she did the right thing because she left because Jack is too polite to kick her to the curb. Janet thinks it is easier to be angry rather then sad. Katie can agree. Brad comes home and Janet goes into the other room. Brad tells her that he hasn’t tried hard enough to make up for what he did and he is hoping she could help him with that.

At the station, Jack and Carly take her sketch to Dallas. They think this may be where James is holding Meg. Based on the sign outside the house, they did some research and think that this place is off of the Maine coast called Swan Island. How did they find out about this place. He shouldn’t ask, Jack answers. Ok. He will fax it to precincts in Maine and see what happens. Jack thanks Carly for all her help today; as Carly is about to leave, Jack stops her and asks where she is going. She is going home. He would like to give her a ride.

Paul is feverishly typing on the keyboard of his laptop. Barbara remarks how he hasn’t stopped since Carly and Jack left. He has to do something; he has to find out where James took his wife. Barbara thinks he needs to stop and rest, but Paul doesn’t want to hear it and tells her to leave. She tells him that she is just trying to help. Paul yells that she isn’t helping and he wants her to get out. She does and Paul sits back down at his laptop.

James reminds Meg that there is going to be several more months before the baby is born so they need to figure out a way to get along. She doesn’t see that happening. James takes out some keys and Meg wants to know where he is going. He has to go get some stuff. He doesn’t want her to leave because she might hurt herself and noone will be there to help her. He heads off and Meg immediately goes to the window and frantically tries to open it – to no avail.

Katie tells Brad that she can’t tell him what to do. She can because she is the best one to tell him what is right, Brad counters. That would be her making it right instead of him, Katie replies. He owes his freedom to a lot of people. He is grateful for that. She wants him to stop telling her things that he thinks she wants to hear and do something about it.

At home, Vienna is happy to finally be alone with Henry as she starts to kiss him. She apologizes for doubting him about his gambling. She should have gone to the police instead of trusting Derek. She kisses him again, as he winces in pain. They jokes, as he tells her that his agony is his ecstasy too right now.

At Java, Bonnie is looking over papers when Derek approaches her. He wants to thank her for getting him out of jail. She was just doing her job. Is that all he is to her. She hopes so. Bonnie explains that she just means she doesn’t want him in any other legal trouble. Does that mean she would consider seeing him under different circumstances. She doesn’t know; they will have to wait and see, as she heads off.

Jack drops Carly off at home and she asks if he wants to come in. He has to head back to the station to see if there is any headway on the picture. If they is, it is because of her. Carly laughs and joke about how she uses her incredible drawing powers for good. Jack tells her that they still make a great team. Carly agrees. He starts to leave and Carly stops him when she calls him ‘G-man’. He stares at her; she tells him to be careful out there. He tells her that he always is, as they stare at each other more before he leaves.

Paul is sleeping on his couch when he dreams again; he sees Meg unconscious on the beach. He rushes to her, and calls out her name when it appears she is not alive. He awakens with a start. He tells himself it was just a dream and not a vision, as he tries to calm himself down.

Meg is pacing around the room when she realizes she has a bobby pin in her back pocket. She tries to pick the lock but can’t. She tries another door and can’t and then another one before it finally opens. She opens the door to a darkened room with a cage in it. She approaches it slowly and realizes it is a longhaired disheveled looking Dusty inside. She quietly calls out to him, but his eyes are closed and he doesn’t move or answer her.

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