ATWT Update Tuesday 9/23/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 9/23/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Lakeview) Aaron and Alison walk towards the dinning room because Aaron has to work today. Aaron and Alison are kissing as they walk when they run into Casey and Emily. Emily and Casey are glad to see that Aaron and Alison are happy and invite them to have lunch with them. Aaron tells them that he wishes he could have lunch with them but he has to work today. Alison sits down with them and shares the news that she and Aaron are trying to have a baby. Casey thinks that is a great idea but during lunch Emily starts to give Alison a lecture on how she and Aaron just got married and she needs to finish nursing school before she considers having a child. Alison is distracted when Chris walks in and orders a sandwich for lunch. Alison goes to say god-bye to Aaron and gives him a kiss and whispers to Aaron in front of Chris that they will work on the baby project later.

(Carly’s house) Jack arrives and asks Carly to take the kids full time for a while because he is going on a private case. Carly asks Jack what the case is about because she feels she has a right to know if the father of her children will be in danger. Jack makes Carly promise not to say a word because it could put people in danger. Carly promises not to tell anyone and Jack explains that James has kidnapped Meg and he must go find them. Carly tells Jack that Emma must be worried but Jack says that he hasn’t told his family because he doesn’t want to make them worry any more since they have just gotten through Ethan’s accident. Jack asks Carly to go tells Janet he is going on a business trip and he will be back soon. Carly doesn’t want to get in the middle of his relationship with Janet. Jack tells Carly that he and Janet don’t have a relationship they barely know each other. Carly finds it funny that Jack isn’t scared to go after James but is afraid to talk to Janet. Jack explains that if he talks to Janet she will begin to ask questions he can’t answer and he will have to tell her about his case and she can’t keep a secret. Carly agrees that Janet can’t keep a secret so she tells jack she will talk to Janet. Jack gives Carly a quick kiss on the lips and tells her to kiss the kids for him. Carly tells Jack to please be careful and stay safe.

(Java) Bonnie tells Paul that representing Derek will be a conflict of interest since he committed a crime against her. Paul begs Bonnie to help him find Meg because the life of Meg and his child are at stake. Bonnie agrees to help Paul and represent Derek if he still wants her help.

(Farm) Emma tells Janet to stop cooking and take a break but Janet tells Emma that cooking makes her feel useful. Janet tells Emma that she is cooking to thank her for allowing her to stay at the farm. Emma admits that she has stolen some of Janet’s recipes and Janet admits the same thing to Emma. Emma advises Janet to give Jack time to work out some things in his life. Emma tells Janet that once Jack has worked things out in his life he will come back to her. Janet tells Emma that she hopes this is true but her hope doesn’t guarantee that Jack will come back to her. Mike arrives to tell Emma that he is going to make sure the work site is safe so there will not be any more accidents and then they will begin the project again. Emma tells Mike she is shutting down the project for good. Emma tells Mike that she never felt right about selling her family’s land and Ethan’s accident proved it to her. Mike pleads with Emma to talk to her family first before she makes a decision to shut down the project.

(Lily’s house) Holden and Lily are happy to wake up in each other’s arms again although they know they have some things to work out. Holden tells Lily that Ethan’s accident made him see that the only things that are important to him are his children and she. Holden and Lily are interrupted by a call from Emma who asks them to come to the farm so they can make a decision about the project.

(Police Station) Bonnie tells Derek that she will represent him but he says he doesn’t want her help anymore. Derek explains that he thinks that she is lying to him and Bonnie starts to walk out and then Derek asks her to represent him. Jack arrives and asks Paul if Bonnie has gotten anything out of Derek. Paul tells Jack that Derek hasn’t said anything to Bonnie. Jack tells Paul to be patient and give Bonnie more time. Janet arrives to confront Jack and tells him that she deserves respect and common courtesy when it came to telling her he was going on a trip. Jack excuses himself from Paul and leaves to talk to Janet.

(Farm) Holden and Lily arrive and Carly leaves so Holden asks if it is okay for him to talk to her and she says yes so he goes to talk to Carly. Holden tells Carly that he and Lily have decided to work on their marriage and Carly gives him a kiss on the cheek and wishes him happiness with Lily. Emma tells Lily that she blames herself for Ethan’s accident because she decided to sell her family legacy for profit. Emma tells Lily she is shutting down the project and Lily tells her Ethan’s accident isn’t her fault. Lily also tells Emma that she had every right to want a little extra money to enjoy herself. Emma leaves the room telling Lily once again that she will always blame herself for Ethan’s accident. Lily wonders what Mike will do now that the project is shut down. Mike tells Lily that he will probably leave Oakdale unless she gives him a reason to stay. Lily tells Mike that she and Holden have decided to give their marriage another try and Mike holds back tears as he wishes Lily every happiness. Lily tells Mike that he will always have a place in her heart because he made her feel beautiful and special during a low point in her life. Lily hopes that she and Mike can be friends and he tells her they will always be friends. Holden tells Carly that she got him through a very rough time in his life and he hopes they can be friends. Carly tells Holden that they have always been friends and that will never change.

(Lakeview) Emily and Casey arrive in their room, and Casey admits that all this baby talk has made him hot so they begin to kiss and start to make love but Emily stops because she thinks that Alison is making a mistake by having a baby so soon. Casey thinks Alison has matured and is married and it is perfectly natural that she should want to have a baby. Emily and Casey start to kiss again until Emily notices that Casey has not put on his condom so she stops kissing him. Casey asks Emily to live dangerously for once nothing is going to happen and if it does it doesn’t matter. Emily says it matters very much and Casey knows the rules no love making without a condom. Casey admits to Emily he would like to have a baby with her but since he knows he can’t change her mind he puts the condom on and they make love.

(Hospital) Alison demands that Chris stop stalking her and Chris says that Oakdale is a small town they are very likely to run into each other. Chris tells Alison he wasn’t stalking her and he thinks Alison is afraid to be near him because she loves him. Chris tells Alison that when they are close her hands shake and she starts to cry because she doesn’t want to say good-bye to him. Chris tells Alison he can’t forget about the night they shared and he knows that she can’t forget about it either. Chris leans in for a kiss and then Alison stops him and reminds him that Aaron can’t know about that night. Chris tells Alison that he would never tell Aaron about that night because it was a special night between them. Chris leans in for a kiss once again and Alison cries and asks Chris to leave her alone if he loves her at all.

(Police Station) Derek wants immunity from prosecution but Bonnie says that will be hard unless he agrees to give them a path to Meg. Paul asks Barbara if James is testing him again dating him to find Meg. Barbara tells Paul that she doesn’t think that James intends to bring Meg back because he sees the baby as a second chance to have an heir.

(Java) Jack apologizes to Janet if she has been feeling neglected by him but he must work out some things in his life and isn’t capable of being in a relationship right now. Janet tells Jack that things started going badly for them when she broke his trust about the evidence. Janet tells jack she realized today that Carly will always be first in his life and he should stop lying to himself and go back to her. Janet tells Jack she just isn’t the type of woman who can live with only a part of him. Janet gives Jack a kiss and tells him she hopes he will find happiness.

(Police Station Jack arrives and sees that Paul is angry and Paul tells him Barbara’s theory that James wants his child and that is why he kidnapped Meg. A policeman interrupts and tells them to come into the interrogation room because Derek is ready to talk about James.

(Farm) Luke, Lucinda and Brain arrive and Emma tells the family she wants to donate the land to the city and make it a nature preserve or a park for children. Brian suggests they have a benefit to raise funds for the project. Holden asks Luke to make sure that this new project doesn’t cause Emma any stress. Holden and Lily tell the family they are giving their marriage another try and they all celebrate with elderberry wine. Holden and Llly say good night to everyone and take Faith, Natalie and Ethan home.

(Police Station) Derek tells everyone that James probably took Meg to a beach house he has on the east coast but he doesn’t have specific details on the whereabouts of the beach house. Paul doesn’t believe Derek and Jack asks Dallas to send pictures of James and Meg all along the east coast. Paul is angry that all Jack is doing is sending pictures and tells Jack and Barbara that he is going to find his wife.

(Carly’s house) Janet arrives and tells Janet that she has won Jack and Carly laughs because she wasn’t competing with her for Jack. Janet tells carly that is the point she got Jack without even trying and she never had a chance against her. Janet tells Carly that she will always have a large part of Jack’s heart and since she can’t settle for part of Jack she broke up with him. Carly tells Janet that even a small part of Jack’s heart is better then any man in the universe and Janet encourages Carly to take her own advice.

(Lakeview) Alison arrives to ask Aaron to leave work early so they can work on the baby project. Aaron gets someone to cover for him and he and Alison leave to work on the baby.

(Lily’s house) Holden and Lily decide to have a family cook out and Faith tells them to try very hard to save their family. Lily tells Holden that Mike will probably leave town now that the project has shut down. Holden tells Lily that he told Carly that they were getting back together and she was happy. Lily wonders if they can make it this time and Holden gives her a kiss.

James does take Meg to a secluded beach house and welcomes her to her new home.  We see a closeup of a sign that has two geese.

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