ATWT Update Monday 9/22/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 9/22/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At the hospital, Alison watches through the window as Chris tends to Ethan while Lily and Holden stand nearby. Aaron walks up startling Alison, as she is watching Chris.

Inside the room, Chris is finishing up his examination and tells Lily and Holden that Ethan is fine, and can be released right now. Lily and Holden are elated.

At the Farm, Jack walks in to find Emma singing. Ethan is fine and will be coming home today; she is going to bring some food over. Emma tells Jack that because of what happened, she is going to put the farm project on hold for good.

Outside, Chris tells Aaron and Alison that Ethan is being released. They are happy, as Chris walks off. Aaron tells her that he needs to be with her family, and asks Alison to come home with him. She has to work, but she will come by later. Lily and Holden take Ethan home and heads off with them, as he tells Alison that he will see her after her shift. Once Aaron leaves, Alison follows Chris into the on- call room. She wants to thank him for saving Ethan’s life. He was just doing his job, as he starts to leave because he has to go feed Morty. Alison seems to want to keep talking with him so they talk about Morty. She wishes she could help with him again. She is welcome to come by right now. She would have to have someone cover her shift; she will see what she could do.

At Fairwinds, a bedraggled Paul comes racing in calling out for Meg, who is nowhere to be found. He calls her phone and gets no response.

Next to the Farm hole, Barbara screams to Mike about getting Paul out. He tries to explain that noone could have survived this last collapse. Paul just saved Ethan and now someone has to save him. Mike tells her that it is impossible to get to him now, but he will see what else can be done. Barbara gets a call – from Paul. She is ecstatic because she thought he was dead; they said he couldn’t have survived. He wants her to calm down; he is fine. She is overjoyed as she cries, but Paul is desperate to know where Meg is. She took her home as he asked. How is he getting a signal down there, she wonders. She needs to get to Fairwinds. She isn’t leaving until they get him out. He is at Fairwinds. Barbara is stunned by this revelation, as she starts to leave when she angrily tells Mike that Paul is alive. How is that possible, he asks. He just called her. He must have found a way out, but he didn’t tell anyone else. He just told her, Barbara snarls at him.

The housekeeper sees Paul all disheveled and asks if he is alright. He is fine, but has she seen his wife. The last time she saw her, Meg was with Barbara. The nervous woman wonders if something happened to Meg. Yes, Paul yells. She didn’t hear anyone else come or go because she was upstairs cleaning. She left her alone, Paul screeches and then orders her out. She leaves, and then Paul mumbles to himself wondering what James did to Meg. Barbara rushes in, as Paul thinks she is Meg at first. Barbara rushes into his arms. Paul explains that James engineered it all… Derek, Ethan - the whole thing. He had to get him out of the way to take Meg. Barbara exclaims in horror.

Emma says to Jack that she assumes Janet hasn’t left yet because she saw her make up still in the bathroom. It is quite clear they are having trouble though. He didn’t take her to work or does he usually come right back after. Is she the reason he left the force, Emma wonders. Is there anything she doesn’t know. Not when he lives in her house. He looks like his life is turned upside down. That is status quo this past year or two. He needs to change it though, he declares. Holden calls interrupting their conversation and tells Emma that Ethan is out of the hospital and asking for her. She will be right over. She asks Jack to join her, but he is going to take a rain check. She thinks he needs family, but he needs some alone time. As she is heading for the door, she tells him that when he first moved out to the farm after he split from Carly, he didn’t know how he would manage, but he did. It is because he has a strong heart that he will make it. She isn’t worried about him because he will be ok.

Barbara can’t figure out what James would want with Meg; he needs to call the police. They are useless, Paul explains. She thinks he should call Jack; he just resigned from the force; he is great detective and he has experience with James. He has nothing to lose, as Paul considers this and then goes to make the call.

Emma is visiting with Ethan, Lily, Holden and the kids. She has made a lot of food because she knew that they wouldn’t have time to do any cooking. They go to set up the food. When Lily is by herself, Holden walks over to her and asks how she is. She keeps thinking this is a dream and she is going to wake up and Ethan will still be trapped. Holden promises her that it is real. Lily sees Mike in the doorway and excuses herself to go talk with him. Holden looks sadly after her as she sees them kiss and hug.

At the Lakeview, Alison catches up with Chris outside his room; she got someone to cover her shift. She goes inside and scoops up Morty in her arms telling him how much she missed him. Chris tells her that he missed her more. They are on the floor close together when Alison stands up and tell shim that she had to come today because soon after she won’t have any extra time because she is married now. She stumbles through an explanation at times almost babbling about how good she and Aaron are and how he planned a honeymoon to Lake Michigan; she emphasizes again how great she and Aaron are getting along before Chris cuts her off and wants to know why she is telling him this.

Aaron walks over to Holden and asks how he is. Everyone is happy and safe under one roof. Lily is not though, Aaron offers. They made their decision and want each other happy. That doesn’t mean he has to like seeing her with another man. Aaron understands because he felt the same way about Alison; he wonders if that is why he got married so quickly.

Jack is at Fairwinds, as he is told the story from Paul; he wants to make sure that he didn’t talk with Emma or the rest of the family. No. They have been through so much, so he needs to keep them out of the loop for now. Jack asks him about how Derek was connected to James. He was supposedly the loan shark, but if they want to find Meg, they should probably talk with Derek. He met him through Henry. Jack thinks they need to find Henry and talk with him.

Holden asks Aaron if he only married Alison because he thought she would be with someone else. No, there is noone else. Holden reminds him that being married or having kids doesn’t mean that there won’t be someone else. They are living proof of that. Aaron kindly tells him that is not what he wants to hear right after his honeymoon. Holden understands. Mike is outside telling Lily that Paul was able to get out, but noone seems to know how he did it. He tells her that there is security posted around the area and the hole is boarded up. He wonders how she is. She is still shaken up. He will call her later, as Lily looks inside and sees everyone looking around. Faith, Natalie and Ethan want to go to the farm and Emma offers to take them all. Aaron thinks Holden and Lily need naps. They look at one another for a brief moment. Lily agrees to let Emma take the kids so she can rest. They all head out and Lily jokes with Holden about Aaron saying she needs a nap – does she look that bad, she wonders. She looks beautiful. He understands her not knowing how to turn off the switch after the adrenaline rush in the past few days. He will pick up the kids and take care of them when they are done at the Farm. She is not worried about that. He just meant that if she wanted to catch up with Mike, she could. Lily stares at him.

At the hospital, with his eyes shut, Henry hears the door and assumes it is Vienna. He tells her that he wants her to heal him. Jack announces himself, as Henry reacts with a deep breath and an annoyed huff; he sarcastically tells them that he is excited to see a cop and the spawn of James. Paul tells him that they need his help. The last time he needed help, he spent a long time locked in a wine cellar with his psychotic dad. He connected Paul up with Derek. He thinks that Derek was working with James against his will though. Jack explains how he is off the force so whatever he tells him will be off the record. Henry is surprised to hear this, but an antsy Paul tells them to discuss Jack’s career moves later. Jack needs to know how he hooked Derek up with Paul. It was a friend of a friend. Henry reluctantly admits that he can help out.

At the farm, Emma, Faith, Natalie, Ethan and Aaron are making cookies and arguing over the chocolate chips. Emma tells them that Ethan can have as many chocolate chips as he wants. Aaron jokes about how Emma will soon be ordering his kids around the kitchen. Emma hopes it won’t be too soon. Faith wonders if Alison is pregnant. No, Aaron admits, but he hopes to change that. Emma reminds him that this is why they call it the honeymoon stage; that is when couples get to know each other before they bring children into the mix. He and Alison have known each other since they were practically kids; he knows all there is to know about his wife.

Alison tells Chris that it is late and she should be leaving. She is all out of compliments about how happy she is, Chris sarcastically wonders. She didn’t mean to rub it in. She wanted him to know everything is working out. Why would he need to know that, Chris asks. He seemed to think she was making a mistake. After what happened in this room before the wedding, does she blame him, Chris wonders. No, as Chris approaches her, takes her into his arms and kisses her, as she lets him.

At Metro, Jack and Paul are talking with Bonnie. She tells him how Vienna and Henry tried to warn her about Derek, but she wouldn’t listen. Does she know where he lives. She asked him a couple of times, but he always seemed to change the subject. Jack wonders if his number is stored on her phone. She realizes it is and takes it out. Jack asks her to call him and ask him to meet her. He locked her in a warehouse and left her for dead. She didn’t want to have to see him again. Derek is their only hope. Paul asks her to do this to save his wife. She ripped into him the last time they saw each other. Paul pleads with her to apologize and say anything to get him over there. Bonnie relents and calls Derek. He answers saying he didn’t expect to hear from him. Does she forgive him. She wouldn’t go that far. He wouldn’t let anything to happen to her friends or her. Paul is in the background telling her to get him down there, as Bonnie covers the mouthpiece and Jack pulls him away. She thinks if she saw him that it might help. He is laying low. Metro isn’t open yet so he could come there. He tells her that he will see her in a little while. She hangs up and tells them he is on his way.

Holden tells Lily that he thought she might not have invited Mike in because of him. That isn’t why. He would have understood because he has given her a hard time, but he won’t anymore. She reminds him that he apologized before and she accepted it. He just wants her to go relax and know that the kids are safe with him. She would love to relax. She deserves it, Holden admits. She doesn’t want to leave. Holden thinks he understands and that he wasn’t thinking; he will leave her house so Mike can come there. He heads for the door. She tells him that she doesn’t want to be with Mike. Holden turns when he hears this. He wants to be here with her kids safe at their grandmothers and she wants him with her.

Derek shows up and Bonnie notes how fast he came. He doesn’t like to keep her waiting. Quickly though, Paul grabs him from behind and tosses him down on the bar where Jack appears from behind it trying to look casual with a straw stuck in the corner of his lips, as Derek asks Jack to get Paul off of him, as Jack smirks and tells him that he doesn’t think so. Paul demands to know where Meg is. He doesn’t know, Derek answers. Paul slams him down again on the bar, as Jack suggests the longer Meg stays missing, the angrier Paul will get. He already told him that he doesn’t know. Paul slams him down on the bar again. Jack casually takes the straw out from his mouth, gets down close to Derek and smiles as he tells him that Paul has Stenbeck blood running through his veins, so he thinks he might want to tell him before he kills him. Derek stares at him. Paul then pushes him into the wall. Derek tells him that he doesn’t know where he took him. Paul is screeching that James took Meg. Was he there when he took her from his house. He knows nothing, Derek yells back. He will kill him if he lies to him. Jack pushes Paul away and tells him that he is no good to them dead. Derek wants to leave, but Jack stops him and tells him that he isn’t going anywhere; he wants Bonnie to call Dallas and tell him that ‘Christmas is coming early this year’.

Vienna has brought a thrilled Henry a tin full of cookies – in case he has visitors; he can share. He already did because Paul and Jack came by to see him. She didn’t even know they were friends. They aren’t friends; James didn’t limit his kidnapping to them – Meg has been kidnapped too. Vienna is worried. Jack is no longer on the force, but his interrogation skills are still top notch. Vienna frowns- she doesn’t want him harassed. She kisses him, as he smiles widely. He apologizes for not being there to protect her. He did save her at the warehouse. She climbs into bed beside him; she is going to tend to him personally now.

Holden is unsure what she means, but he thinks after everything she has been through, she would want to stick close to home. She really wants to get out of her clothes and into a shower. He knows what she means. He could change there; she still has some of his clothes upstairs, Lily suggests. He doesn’t know. After all the times he fixed the showerhead, he deserves the right to shower in his own home. Ok, but she can go first, Holden relents. Lily smiles.

Emma wants to talk with Aaron about commitment; it takes a long time to really know someone. They should live together for a long time before they make that move. He will give Alison time to get ready, but when she is – he is ready to go, as he smiles.

Alison pulls back from Chris; she can’t. He didn’t force her to come here. She came to see Morty. What is she doing. She doesn’t know what she is doing. Yes she does. He doesn’t know why they didn’t get it right before, but they know what they want now. He kisses her, but Alison runs off telling him that it is too late.

At the station, Jack and Paul bring in Derek; Dallas leads him into the interrogation room to talk. Paul wants to go too, but Jack stops him. Let Dallas talk with him, he suggests. They will find James and make sure he gets what is coming.

Holden lets himself tentatively into Lily’s room as she is showering. He picks up her perfume and smells it. He opens a drawer and sees a picture of him and the kids inside tucked away. He hears the shower turn off and he quietly puts the picture back, takes his clothes, and heads for the door. He turns around to see Lily standing there dripping wet in a towel. They stare at one another. He is sorry; he didn’t meant to be in here when she got out. She is so exhausted and she didn’t want him to have to wait too long so she cut her shower short. She is going to lie down while he showers. Holden is about to go take a shower when he stops, turns and thanks Lily for keeping his clothes.

Alison comes home to the Farm, as Aaron is giving everyone cookies. Alison asks to speak with Aaron alone. As soon as they are upstairs, Alison grabs him, pushes him down on the bed telling him that she wants to make a baby – now, as she pulls off his clothes desperately.

Chris is pacing around his room thinking about Alison and he making love. He grabs his keys and heads out the door.

Bonnie comes into the station, as Jack wonders what she is doing there. She had a part in his arrest and she wants to see him when he is hauled off. Paul is about to head into the room when Jack stops him again. He needs to let Dallas do his job. Paul is incensed. He let his father manipulate him; he let Derek come into his life, threaten his family so James could play games with him. Jack tries to calm him down. Paul reminds him how he said he had Stenbeck blood running through him, as Jack tries to explain he was just trying to goad Derek. Paul tells him that it is true because he wouldn’t have any problem killing James right now if their paths crossed. Dallas interrupts them, as Paul demands to know if he said anything about Meg. He wants to speak to Bonnie. Bonnie wants to know why. Jack and Paul tell her to try to get him to talk to find out where Meg is. She finally agrees. Bonnie heads in and demands to know what he wants. He wanted to see her even though she set him up. Bonnie doesn’t want to hear it, as she heads for the door. He stops her; he wants her to be his lawyer.

Holden is buttoning his shirt, as he stares down at a sleeping Lily. He walks closer to her, and places his hand on her head and rubs her hair. He stops and starts to leave. She opens her eyes, reaches for his hand, and asks him not to go.

Bonnie tells Derek that he is warped. He needs a lawyer and she is good. She resigned and she can’t stand the sight of him. She still has her license though. There is a conflict of interest because she was a victim of his crime, she snaps. She wants him put away. She wouldn’t do that. Really, she shoots back. A good lawyer would have to give him the best defense possible. It is too bad because he will never find out.

Alison is desperately kissing Aaron. He tells her to slow down. She thought this is what he wanted. What changed her mind. What does it matter. He reminded her how she thought it was too soon just a little while ago. She doesn’t understand why he is on the fence now. He doesn’t want to pressure her. She wants him to stop talking and make love to her. Aaron kisses her passionately.

At the hospital, Chris tells the nurse he is back on duty because his plans fell through. He wants to do some good for someone.

Jack tells Paul that he will be back soon, but he has to do some things before they get started. Paul wants to know where he is going. He will be back, Jack promises, but in the meantime, he wants him to stay away from Derek because if he goes after him, he will wind up in a cell next to him. Paul asks him not to be long; he won’t be. Paul turns around and starts to head towards the interrogation room, but Dallas stops him; Jack is right about the cell. Bonnie comes out and tells Paul and Dallas that Derek is delusional because he wants her to represent him. Dallas laughs, but Paul tells her that she needs to do it. Bonnie looks at him shocked; he must be crazy too. This may be his only shot to save Meg. If he were going to say anything, their shot would be that he talks with his lawyer, Paul explains. He pleads with her not to walk away.

Lily tells Holden that he must be exhausted, and she thinks he should lie down with her. She moves back on the bed, as they stare at one another. Holden, staring at her, tells her how beautiful she is. They kiss, but Lily pulls back slightly and Holden wonders what is wrong. She smiles and tells him that she is so happy that he is home. Holden kisses her passionately, as they fall back on the bed.

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