ATWT Update Friday 9/19/08

As the World Turns Update Friday 9/19/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

At the site, Mike works his contraption and brings Holden out of the hole, holding Ethan in his arms. Lily sees the look on Holden’s face and Ethan’s limp body and assumes Ethan is dead. She screams and Holden awakens her, she was having a bad nightmare. They are still in the tent together and nothing has changed. They cling together in comfort.

Alison and Aaron lament to Emma they wished someone had called them so they could have come home sooner. Emma can’t even reassure them that Ethan is all right. They do have a little device they put down in the hole and they think they can kind of hear him and he’s okay, but they can’t be sure.

Derek checks on Henry who wonders how long he is going to be there or how he can sleep tied to a chair? Derek replies he will be there until Mr. Stenbeck thinks he is no longer a threat. He has to assure Henry again that nothing bad will happen to Vienna and Bonnie. They are still together and safe. Henry quips if they are together, then they are not safe. Indeed the girls wake up and are appalled they are huddled together. They spring apart and swear that what happened in this warehouse stays in the warehouse, nobody must know. They find some supplies, a can opener and some cans of corn. Both think it is awful but manage to share. Derek gets a phone call and immediately lets Henry loose and tells him he can even take him to Vienna and Bonnie.

Meg traipses around the apartment and calls out for Paul. Where in the hell is he? She tries to call him but only gets his service. At the site, Holden asks Mike what is going on and he explains the new rig. They need to test it first and make sure the ground is secure and safe enough to anchor the rig. Lily hollers down to Ethan and Paul answers. He taunts that he is doing Mike’s job as usual. Lily hugs Holden when she finds out Ethan will be all right.

Even though they are on the other side of the door and are happy to hear Henry, he cannot open the locked steel door and tells Vienna and Bonnie to hang on while he figures something out. Eventually he spies a gasoline can, a soda can and some rags and makes himself a bomb. He tells the girls that they will hear a big boom so run and hide. The door blasts open. Unfortunately Henry ends up unconscious on the floor and they rush to fawn over him. Derek suddenly appears. He says he heard the explosion so returned.

Meg is appalled to find that Paul is down in the hole and she hollers down and tries to communicate to him. She tells him that she loves him. Barbara begins telling an absent Paul that the money has come through and she has transferred the money to her account. James appears before her and assures her that Paul is passing his test so he won’t need her money. He will be a hero for saving the Snyder boy….if he survives.

Mike and crew hitch up the rig and lower a harness to pull Ethan out. They send down a walkie-talkie too so they can communicate with Paul. He puts Ethan in the harness and tells him to hang on for the amusement park ride of his life. He advises the crew to be careful and clear the walls as they look kind of shaky. Within minutes, Ethan is lifted out with barely a few scratches visible. They quickly check him over and pronounce that he is okay, but they want him to be looked at by a doctor. Meg and Barbara insist that they hurry and get Paul out. Barbara instructs Meg that she should think of the baby and go home to rest. But Meg won’t leave as long as Paul is down in that hole. Mike gives Meg the walkie-talkie and tells Paul to tell her to go home. Paul says he never thought he’d say this, but she should listen to Mike.

The crew will need a bigger rig to hoist a bigger person out. First attempt doesn’t work and the rig collapses and goes flying, sending mounds of more dirt down on top of Paul. He gasps and says his dry cleaning bill will be the pits, but he’s okay. He asks about the kid. Barbara sees Meg home and returns to the site. Paul shouts that this might be one time that Barbara can’t buy his way out of.

With Meg huddled on the couch, James appears to her and fills her in on how long he’s been here….and Paul knew it. She figures it out, the loan sharks, the money and all that led up to it was James’ doing? He nods yes, but it is almost over. She wants his assurance that Paul will be all right and he says she can do that. It’s going to be a lot easier getting him out than getting him in. But everything comes with a price and he hands her a document.

Derek informs the ladies that Henry is hurt and needs to see a doctor. They need to help move him to his car. Bonnie doesn’t want to be caught dead with Derek, but he reminds her she has no other options. He takes them to the hospital then wants to duck out. Bonnie rails that this is all his fault and he can’t leave them. She knows who he is now so he can’t hide. He doesn’t blame her for hating him and he’s sorry all of this happened. He really likes hers. She quips next time he better find a better way to show it. Never mind, there won’t be a next time! Henry mentions that it feels like someone dropped a piano on his head. Vienna kisses him and calls him her hero…Bonnie chimes in too. He wonders how they ever survived together that long. Bonnie stops short of calling Derek a hero for saving their lives, no medals for him. Henry doesn’t want to defend Derek but doesn’t think he had much of a choice. Bonnie is surprised to hear James Stenbeck is back. He should be locked up forever. Henry is not sure why he is back, but he won’t stop until he gets what he wants.

Chris allows Lily, Holden, Aaron and Alison to see Ethan. They want to take him home as soon as possible and Chris says he was dehydrated and he wanted to get his fluids up quickly and he gave him a mild sedative. He’ll be sleeping a lot in the next few days. But he’s a strong little guy and his vitals are good. Minutes later he’s not breathing and Chris blames himself for not seeing a small amount of dirt in his larynx.

James informs Meg that he wants her to sign the document for her baby. Paul is worthless and James needs an heir. She tells him that he is insane and throws the document down. He warns her not to insult him. Sign the document and he will save Paul and her son will inherit an empire.

Barbara communicates to Paul that they are hooking up the rig so it won’t be long now. Out of nowhere, Derek shows up in the hole. He explains to Paul that his father gave him instructions to a tunnel that he built and only he knew about it. Paul is seeing clearly now. His dad set all of this up and Derek helped him from the beginning to pay old debts. Paul decks him. Moments later the hole starts rumbling and shaking and caves in. The crewman tells Barbara there is no way anyone could survive that. Paul rushes into his home yelling for James…..then Meg and vows to himself that if James has hurt her, he will kill him.

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