ATWT Update Thursday 9/18/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 9/18/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Farm work site) Lily wants Faith to go to the farmhouse and get something to eat and some rest but Faith wants to stay until she can hear Ethan talk or move or something. Faith is also upset that the microphone is only a one way microphone and she can’t talk to Ethan. Faith insists on staying until she hears a sound from the microphone. Lily is upset that she hasn’t heard Ethan talk or make a sound in thirty minutes so she asks Ethan to talk to mommy so she knows he is okay.

(Fairwinds) Paul tells Meg not to worry because he will pay Derek the loan shark off and her only concern should be to take care of the baby. Meg tells Paul that she wants their marriage to be a partnership and Paul agrees her part of the deal is to take care of the baby and his job is to pay the loan shark and make sure he doesn’t hurt her or the baby. Meg wants to call Jack and ask for his help but Paul reminds Meg that if they call the police Derek will hurt her or the baby.

(Farm) Jack brings Carly to the house to eat supper because she has been at the work site all day and has not eaten lunch or supper. Carly feels uncomfortable and decides to leave until Jack reminds her that he has her car keys. Jack takes Carly’s hand and pulls her into the house and Janet tells them both that she has cooked all kinds of food for them. Carly thanks Janet but decides to leave because she doesn’t want to intrude and she pulls Janet aside and tells her that Jack needs her he just doesn’t know it yet. Carly also advises Janet to not let Jack go because she is good for him. Jack wonders where Emma is and Janet tells her that Emma is with Natalie trying to get her mind off things. Janet tells Jack to stop Carly from leaving and talk to her so Jack goes to talk to Carly on the porch. Carly asks Jack for her car keys so she can leave and she tells him that Janet is a good woman and he should let himself need her. Carly tells Jack she doesn’t want to cause problems between him and Janet but Jack says that she isn’t the problem between them. Jack explains that he has always been a cop and he has to figure out who he is now before he can be with Janet or anyone.

(Farm work site) A desperate Lily and Holden beg Mike to get Ethan out of there now and Lily cries thinking that Ethan is alone scared and hungry. Mike says no because they need to make sure its safe and they must wait for the right equipment to rescue Ethan. Holden tells Mike he has rope in his truck and he will go down and rescue Ethan himself. Mike tells him he could kill both himself and Ethan because he can’t put any weight on his sprained ankle. Faith runs into Holden’s arms and begs him not to go down there because she doesn’t want him to die. Holden assures Faith that he isn’t going to die and Ethan will be home soon. Lily cries and begs Holden not to go because if something happened to him or Ethan she couldn’t survive t. Holden agrees to wait for the equipment to get there that they need to rescue Ethan.

(Fairwinds) Paul wants to go down to the work site and help with Ethan but Meg persuades him to stay with her and tell her a story about his family. Meg wants to know about James because she had that nightmare about him the other day. Paul tells Meg to forget about James because it is the best way to stop her nightmares about him. Meg tells Paul that she knows he thinks that he is like him but he is nothing like James. Meg explains to Paul that James never would have risked it all to keep a promise and save her mother’s land. Meg tells Paul that he knows there are more important things then money and that is the difference between him and James.

(Farm) Carly cries because she can’t help her best friend Lily on the worst day of her life because of the mistake she made with Holden. Jack tells her she did help Lily by bringing the one-way microphone and making sure the crew has blankets food and coffee. Carly hopes that Holden and Lily realize they need each other and get back together. Jack wonders what would happen if Holden and Lily were to get back together and Carly tells him that she would wait for someone to love her and someone she can love with her whole heart. Jack tells Carly it will happen sooner then she thinks and Janet looks at Jack and Carly talking through the window.

(Farm Work site) Mike assures Lily that they will have Ethan out in a few hours so Lily tells Faith to go get something to eat with Holden and she will catch up to them in a few minutes. Lily goes to talk to Ethan but he still doesn’t make a sound and she continues to worry but she hides it well.

(Fairwinds) Paul waits for Meg to be asleep then he sneak out of the house to go to the work site. Meg who was only pretending to be asleep also heads out of the house towards the work site.

(Farm work site) Meg asks Lily if she has heard Ethan and what he was doing the last time she heard him. Lily says that Ethan was singing and he said mommy and daddy a few times. Meg tells Lily that if Ethan were sick or uncomfortable he would probably be making more noise. Meg’s words calm Lily and Meg persuades her to eat a granola bar. Meg asks Mike if he has seen Paul and he says he hasn’t seen him at all. Meg tells Mike that Paul borrowed money from a loan shark to pay for the land clean up and now the loan shark has threatened to hurt her or the baby if he doesn’t pay back the money. Mike tells Meg she should leave the house because Paul is dangerous but Meg tells Mike she loves Paul and is sure that he will find a way to pay back the loan. Paul listens to the conversation from his hiding place and smiles. Mike apologizes to Meg for interfering in her marriage and promises not to do it again. Meg gets a spasm, which she gets when she is tired so Mike takes her home.

(Fairwinds) Mike makes sure Meg doesn’t need anything before he leaves and Meg says she is okay Mike wonders if she has heard from Paul and says no but she is sure that he is off somewhere making things right for them.

(Farm) Holden and Faith arrive to eat and Carly tells Faith there is some great macaroni and cheese in there and she should go inside and eat some. Carly senses that faith needs to talk to Holden so she goes to get some blankets and pillows for the crew. Faith still blames herself for Ethan’s accident. Holden tells Faith its silly to worry about what should have happened. Faith asks Holden not to be angry with Mike anymore because the important thing is that he makes Lily happy. Holden promises Faith he will do his best not to be angry with Mike anymore. Holden sends Faith inside and Carly arrives and he tells her that Faith is right he has been an arrogant selfish Jerk to Lily. Holden tells Carly that Mike offered to go down and get Ethan but he said no because he was angry with him for dating Lily. Carly tells Holden that he wasn’t selfish he just wasn’t thinking straight because he was worried about Ethan. Carly suggests to Holden that he bring a tent, pillow and sleeping bag to Lily so she can sleep and still be near Ethan. Janet wonders if jack still loves Carly and he says that he will always care about her but he isn’t what Carly needs and Carly isn’t what he wants anymore. Carly overhears this conversation and smiles because she is happy for Jack but a little sad for herself.

(Farm work site) Holden thanks Mike for his help and apologizes for being so mad at him earlier Mike accepts Holden’s apology. Mike tells Holden and Lily that the equipment doesn’t arrive until tomorrow because the plane has bad weather. Lily cries because her son will have to be there all night. Lily realizes there is nothing she can do and Holden tells her they should wait to get the right equipment. Holden pitches a tent for Lily with a sleeping bag and some pillows. Lily tells Holden there is room for two in the sleeping bag. Lily and Holden admit they are scared and Hold each other as they wait to rescue their son tomorrow. Carly arrives with food for Holden and Lily but seeing them asleep holding each other leaves the food outside the tent. Paul ties a rope to a pole and lowers himself down the hole to look for Ethan and the gold. Paul shines his flashlight once he gets to the bottom and is happy to see Ethan. Paul gives Ethan some water and promises him that uncle Paul will get him out soon. Paul keeps looking around and is even happier to find the gold.

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