ATWT Update Wednesday 9/17/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 9/17/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

In a darkened hole, Paul is crawling up by a rope, as Ethan cries. He promises to come back for him, but he has to go. James is at the top with a cigarette lighter; he smiles sinisterly as he starts to burn the rope. Paul pleads not to do it; he awakens abruptly on the couch at Fairwinds.

At the site, Janet asks Jack if he wants coffee, but he pretty much ignores her. Carly walks over and admits that she has been where she is. Janet thinks he is just preoccupied. Carly admits that Jack just doesn’t know what his role is right now. Carly offers her advice – don’t try so hard because he will come back.

At the farm, Emma is telling Meg that they have to come up with a plan to get Ethan out. Meg promises it will be ok. It hasn’t been ok since she sold the farm – from contamination to sink holes. She could lose her son and grandson in the same day. It is as if she made a deal with the devil. Paul is not the devil, Meg snaps. She is not talking about Paul – she is talking about the real devil.

In the wine cellar, Derek comes to tell James that Meg is staying at the farm waiting for word on her nephew. James tells Derek it is time to put their plan in motion. Is he sure, Derek asks slowly. It is time for Paul to function in the real world.

In his car at a stoplight, Paul is surprised when Derek jumps in the backseat and grabs him from behind demanding to be repaid his money. Paul tells him that he is working on it; he hit a glitch. That is too bad because he ran out of time, as he opens his knife and holds the blade hard to his neck.

At the hole, Lily is reading to Ethan, but when Holden walks up, she tells him that she is worried that he hasn’t said anything in while. Holden thinks he has simply fallen asleep. Mike walks over and Lily wonders if the pulley system is done. Mike tells her it will be a little while longer; they have to test it first before anyone goes down. Holden cuts him off; he is going down now. Mike reluctantly agrees. Lily wants Holden to tell Ethan that she loves him. Jack pulls him aside; he wants Holden to rethink going down in the hole, but Holden is adamant; he already let his child down once because he wasn’t at the house when he should have been. Jack reminds him Lily and he had a misunderstanding. He is 4 years old and already been down there for 24 hours. Jack is worried because he hasn’t had any sleep. He should let Mike or he go down. Mike walks over and comforts Lily, as Jack pleads his case. Holden reminds him that he has 3 kids and Carly would never forgive him if something happened to him. Ultimately, it is his child; he has to do this. Jack pleads with him to be careful. Holden starts to tell him if something happens, but Jack cuts him off – that is not an option. He is right there with him.

Meg promises Emma that Holden will be ok. Does she want to go over to the site. No. She could help Lily. What is she supposed to say – is she supposed to be comforting – because she isn’t sure everything will be ok. The land is not cursed, Meg reassures her. She should have left the land intact, Emma counters. Who is she really blaming - herself or Paul. Emma starts to say Paul when Meg interrupts and tells her, despite what Mike said, Paul had nothing to do with this. This is the second time she has implied she is blaming Paul when she isn’t. Meg tells her that she is sorry because she is defensive when it comes to she and Paul. Is that all there is to this, Emma worries. Paul has worked so hard to save the farm; he has done nothing wrong Meg assures her.

Paul reminds Derek that he gave him the gold bar as a down payment; his mother just needs a few more days to get the money. Derek tells him that he is done waiting because he saw on the news that the soil is contaminated and now a boy fell down a hole and may die. Derek digs the knife into his neck further. They will get to Ethan, Paul answers. No one will ever want to buy a house on that site, so he has decided that he is going to go belly up in more ways then one. The light turns green and Derek forces him to drive. They arrive at the reservoir, and Derek ties Paul’s hands behind his back.

Janet starts to walk towards Jack, but Carly stops her – she should rethink going over there now to have a heart to heart. She just thought he would be thirsty because he is working so hard and worrying about Ethan. Carly tells her to give it a rest. Janet explains that she is just trying to make contact. He smiled at her earlier so he does respond sometime. Carly sarcastically tells her if she tries really hard to be good and do all the right things, then maybe he will nod good night to her. Janet looks down, as Carly apologizes for being in a foul mood. When Lily and she were close, Ethan was at her house all the time. Now she has to watch Lily, Holden and Jack go through this and she has to keep her distance. Janet empathizes for her. However, she just wants things to go back to the way they were with Jack. Carly tells her to be herself and Jack will come around. She is being herself. Carly answers that she is not; she is smiling and running around trying to feed and please him; she needs to dial it down a notch; he will come around. When, Janet nervously wonders. Eventually…. but Jack is worth the time he needs to take. Carly sees Holden alone preparing to go into the hole, rushes over to him, and tells him to be careful. He kept waiting for Lily to say that, but she didn’t; he thanks her for saying it to him though.

Luke and Lucinda arrive at the scene and rush over to Lily’s side. They wished that she had called right away. She didn’t want them to worry and she thought Ethan would be out by now. Luke wonders what his dad is doing with all the equipment on. Lily explains that he is going down in the hole to try to save Ethan. Luke walks away, as an emotional Lily tells Lucinda that she shouldn’t let Holden take this risk. Lucinda tells her that Holden is going to have to do more then that to redeem himself in her eyes. Lily races over and tells him that she has to say one more thing as everyone waits, but she hands him Ethan’s blanket. Holden promises that he will give it to him. Holden starts to be let down into the hole, and almost right away, it gives and the contraption collapses and Holden is hurled downward into the hole, as everyone watches in horror. Everyone yells for Holden, but the most emotional plea comes from Lily, as Carly and Mike notice.

Meg thinks she should go to the site, but Emma tells her that she couldn’t take it if the news were bad. She needs to stop blaming herself. If she hadn’t sold the property, Ethan would be ok. Holden is going to get to Ethan and it will be ok. Does she really believe that. What happened to the faith she normally has. It was selfishness that made her sell the land; she thought she had worked hard her entire life and now it has been nothing but one crisis after another. She feels it wasn’t an accident. Meg is adamant that it isn’t God’s plan to make her pay because she is putting herself first for once. She can’t help the way she feels.

Lily continues to call to Holden, but he doesn’t answer. Lily wonders why he isn’t answering; they have to get him out. Jack grabs the equipment and starts to put it on; Carly and Janet look upset. Mike tells him that he can’t go because he could fall and make it worse on Holden and Ethan. He can’t just leave him down there, Jack yells. Lily thinks she hears something, as she calls to Holden again. Holden calls out he is ok. He can’t see anything when Lily asks if he sees Ethan. The fall knocked out his light. Mike and Jack tell him that they are on their way down, as Carly and Janet look a little nervous.

James is looking over the wine bottles while a tied up and gagged Henry sits close by. Henry looks like he is trying to come up with a plan. Suddenly, he starts to breathe heavier and heavier. He sounds as if he is hyperventilating when James casually walks over to him and removes the gag. Henry thanks him. Has he developed an allergy to linen, a disbelieving James asks. He has asthma. He is lying. He just doesn’t want the gag in. Does he think he is a fool. He is in charge and no one will find out he is out of prison. He gets what he wants, and he does what he wants by any means necessary.

Carly watches intently as Jack and Mike make their way down the hole in tandem. Lily and Lucinda comfort each other, as Luke calls out to them to find out if they see his dad. They have him and need to be pulled up. They pull him out, as Lily thinks they need to get him to the hospital. He tells her that he is fine, but then he falls unconscious, as Lily calls desperately out to try to wake him up. Carly watches this.

Derek is rowing the boat out to the middle of the lake with a tied up Paul at his side. If his plan is to drown him, then it is not well thought out because he will never get his money. He screwed up because he has seen him around town, Paul adds. The police will start asking questions and Meg will remember. He will tell Meg personally. He wants him to leave Meg out of it. He is sure he has a hefty life insurance that will cover his debt. Paul pleads with him to give him one more day; he is really going to go to jail over a paltry amount of money or is he so sick that he enjoys this part. Derek leers at him; does he think he is doing this for fun. He grabs the cinderblock and rope that are attached to Paul and start to try to throw him in the water, but Paul assures him that he is not going down without a fight. They struggle for a while before Derek is able to throw him overboard along with the cinderblock, as Paul heads to the bottom of the lake. Paul is at the bottom of the lake when he sees a sharp anchor down there.

Meg tells Emma that she raised her to believe - even when things are hard. She believes that God is too busy to punish her. She is only trying to provide for her family. All the stuff that is happening is just stuff. God knows she is a good and decent person. Emma tells her that she has a beautiful and wise daughter. They hug, as Meg asks her to not be so hard on herself. She is going to find Paul, as Emma asks her to give her love to him. Meg leaves and Emma answers the phone. Luke calls her and tells her Ethan is still down in the hole, but Holden got hurt and is at the hospital...he is fine though. She wants to come, but Luke asks her to check on Faith and Natalie for his dad. She hangs up and thanks God for letting Holden be alright; she only hopes Ethan will be ok too. She adds for the record that she is strong, and she can take anything, but this is enough.

Lily asks Mike how long before they can send someone back down. Mike tells her that they aren’t sure there is enough room to support a pulley again because the hole has been compromised. They may have to tunnel to Ethan. Lily worries about how long that will take. It is not going to be quick, but in the meantime, they are going to send down food to him. Janet asks Lily if there is something of Ethan’s that he likes. Lily talks about his red backpack. Janet offers to go get it because she thinks it will help him to have something familiar. Lily tells Mike to put a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a juice box, an apple and cookies in the care package. Carly watches and then when Mike walks away, she stops him and asks if she can add something. If she hurries, he will wait.

Derek is back at the wine cellar; he tells James that what he had him do is really pushing the bounds of their agreement. He objects, James asks. To murder – yes. It is a challenge for his son, to see what he is made of. Did he give him any help. He only tied a loose slipknot and the water isn’t that deep there. That is not enough of a challenge for his son, as Henry watches.

At Fairwinds, Meg comes in calling out to Paul. She can’t find him, as she leaves the room. Paul walks in wet and muddy, goes straight for the bar, and pours himself a drink. Meg comes back in and wonders what is going on and where he has been. He doesn’t want to get into it, as he tries to joke about it raining. She has had it with him and his stories. She is not going to break because she is pregnant. He wants her to calm down. She wants the truth. Fine, he will tell her the truth as soon as he gets washed up. That is just an excuse to get more time to come up with another lie. Does she really want the truth. Meg nods. He almost died today. How, a overwrought Meg wonders. Someone tried to murder him today. Who. Paul instead asks her a rhetorical question of if she knows what kept him alive. The idea of coming home to hold and be with her. He promises to tell her what happened today and what led up to it as soon as he comes back down. He needs her more then ever now. A bit later, Paul comes downstairs and Meg immediately wants to know who tried to kill him. It all started with the clean up at the farm. The estimate to do that doubled and then tripled. He went to his mom for the money, but she didn’t have enough. He had to go to a loan shark – Derek. Meg realizes whom he is talking about; he drove her home from the hospital and he never said anything. He threatened to kill her, so he had to stay quiet. Meg is stunned, but then she turns and tells him that she is calling the police. He tells her that she can’t do that. Meg is surprised by the sound of his voice.

Derek tells James that Paul is upstairs and Meg is with him. He is glad to see his son survived their challenge. He is leaving because he has done enough of his dirty work, Derek answers. James quickly goes after him. He will stay, James orders. James wants to make sure Paul doesn’t tell Meg that he is there. What if he does, Derek wonders… will he cut off one of Paul’s hand next or break his kneecap. Derek wonders what kind of father he is. James advises him to be careful. He just wonders when he is going to be done torturing his son. When his son becomes a man, James answers coldly. He wants out of this now. Jakes reminds him flatly that he owes him. He knows. Henry is starting to pay closer attention to what is going on between James and Derek. He has done everything he asked. When will he be done. When he says. James smirks and walks away.

At the hospital, the doctor looks at Holden and tells him he is lucky to walk away with cuts, bruises and a sprain. Holden tells the doctor he has to get back to his son. The doctor understands but advises to take it easy. Luke leaves to get the paperwork going, and after he does, Jack jokes with Holden telling him to leave it to the professionals now. Holden segues into how he is no longer a professional – he wonders if he still doesn’t want to talk about why he left the force. No. Was it because of Carly and him, Holden asks. Jack shakes his head – he has no right to judge them. Why did he quit then. He messed up; he thought he knew who he was and then he did something he thought he wasn’t capable of and suddenly his life is different. Holden understands.

Lily is still talking to Ethan asking him to eat. Lucinda walks over to see how Lily is. Lily is worried that he is not eating. Lucinda is worried about her eating; she will keep pestering her until she does. Lily feels horrible that she left Ethan; she shouldn’t have made plans. Lucinda wants her to stop being so hard on herself. Carly races up to Mike and asks if he already sent the stuff down. He couldn’t wait any longer. She wanted to give him a monitor she had from Metro; it is one way, but it has a very sensitive microphone and Lily can hear every little noise Ethan makes. Mike thinks it is a great idea; he will send it down. Carly asks Mike not to tell Lily that it came from her because she doesn’t want to upset her further. Mike reluctantly agrees.

Paul tells Meg there is a good reason not to call the police. He thinks Derek wouldn’t hesitate to kill them both. Is he doing something illegal. Not really. Is he ever going to be completely honest with her. Shouldn’t they focus on Ethan. Why has he been at the site so much. He has a source that tells him that he can find the money that he needs to pay the loan shark back; he just needs her to trust him. She wishes she could, but she doesn’t know if she can; he gets involved with a loan shark that tried to kill him and threatened to kill her and he didn’t tell her. He could have died or something could have happened to the baby. It won’t. He is asking her to trust him, but he isn’t being completely honest because he won’t tell her who his source is; how is he getting the money. He just can’t tell her that. Meg glares and then tells Paul that she is packing a bag and going to her mother’s. Paul tries to stop her and when he does, she yells at him not to touch her; he has lied to her for the last time. Paul gets upset and yells about this is why he doesn’t tell her everything. He took his vows of marriage seriously, and he wonders if she did too. Of course she does, Meg softens. Then why does it feel to him like she is always ready to leave…. like she has one foot out the door… like she is waiting for him to make a mistake and slip up. She is waiting for him to lie to her, let her down or somehow disappoint her. He has to be 100% perfect 100% of the time or he loses her and now his baby; she is making him crazy. Meg looks affected by his words. Nothing would be worse then losing her; he knows she loves him. She does, a teary eyed Meg answers. She will love him forever, but… Paul interrupts her and asks her if she will stay married and love him for the rest of her life. Meg stares at him, as she cries and then rushes into his arms and hugs him tightly, as she exclaims God help her.

Derek walks over to Henry, who winces nervously. He is not going to hurt him; he is going to take the gag off. Henry wonders why he owes James. Derek says nothing. Whatever it is, it is not worth it; he can see he has mixed feelings about this. It can’t be fun working with a mad man – especially one that wants to hurt innocent women. Bonnie and Vienna are safe… a little uncomfortable but ok. Is he sure considering they are trusting the likes of James. He can tell it is eating at him. Derek puts the gag back on and tells him that it is none of his business.

At the hospital, Jack comes out of Holden’s room to find Janet there smiling nervously at him. She came by to see if there is anything she could do for Holden. No, the doctors said he is going to be fine. Janet admits to this attempt being about her seeing him and hoping that they can find a way to get things back to how they were, but she doesn’t know how to do that. Janet starts to get emotional, as Jack teases her about not crying because then he will cry and it will be a mess. She jokes that it would be cool to make a man cry… usually she only makes a man scream, yell and throw things. Is he going to stay mad at her. He isn’t mad at her – he is ashamed of what he did. It was brutal the way he left the force and when he looks at her, he sees the guy he used to be – he misses that guy. Janet smiles sadly; does that mean it is over for them. He just needs time to figure out who he wants to be. When he figures it out, she will be waiting, as a tear rolls down her cheek and Jack touches it. She wants him to know when she sees him, she sees the best guy she knows. Jack kisses her on the cheek and leaves.

Lucinda tells Lily that the town engineer is on his way. Lily thanks her, as Lucinda promises to get her son out of there no matter what. She needs to hold onto hope. She is trying, but she keeps thinking of how alone he must be. In the background, Mike is setting up the microphone equipment. Mike calls her over and wants her to hear something. She listens closely and hears Ethan singing. She exclaims happily that Ethan is singing. Everyone nearby is overjoyed. She thanks Mike with a hug for that and everything else he has done to help Ethan, as Mike looks at Carly. Jack walks up to Carly and tells her that he knows that was her idea, as she admits to it. She asks him not to tell Lily though, as Jack hugs her. Holden and Luke walk up just in time to see Jack comforting Carly and Mike comforting Lily; he turns around and smirks sadly to himself.

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