ATWT Update Tuesday 9/16/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 9/16/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(TV Station) Brad and Katie try to tape a show but Brad is distracted because he fears the police are going to come and arrest him for Leo’s accident. Kim calls cut and tells Brad to get focused on the show or they are going to have a serious talk. Kim tells everyone to take a five-minute break from shooting the show. Brad apologizes to Katie and whispers that he can’t concentrate because he is afraid that Margo is going to come and arrest him because Jack probably told her about him pushing Leo into the reservoir. Janet arrives and tells Brad that Jack didn’t tell Margo anything because Jack quit his job to protect him. Katie and Janet feel guilty that Jack had to quit a job that is his life to protect Brad. Brad feels that Jack was wrong to tell the truth and that there was no need for Jack to quit his job. Janet and Katie both remind Brad that Jack had to tell the truth because he is just a very good man who couldn’t live with a lie. Janet tells Brad that she wishes that Brad hadn’t pushed a person into the reservoir. Kim overhears the last part of the conversation so Katie covers by saying that they had a car accident yesterday and he got so mad at the person who caused it that he wanted to push him into the reservoir. Kim gets a call and returns a few minutes later and tells Brad and Katie to take a crew down to the site of the Snyder construction project because there has been some kind of accident there.

(Warehouse) Bonnie and Vienna split up and go to different sides of the warehouse to try to find a way to get out but there is no way out. Bonnie and Vienna decide to scream for help and after about five minutes of screaming they take a break. Vienna blames Bonnie’s thug boyfriend Derek but Bonnie wonders why Derek would do such a thing to them. Vienna and Bonnie don’t think Derek has a grudge against them so Bonnie figures out that Derek is trying to keep them from finding Henry although they don’t know why. Bonnie and Vienna are tired and they can’t control their temper so they begin to shove each other and get ready for a fight.

(Fairwinds) Henry demands to know what James did with Vienna and Bonnie but James asks him to be patient and wait and enjoy the hospitality. James tells Henry that he has been having a good time preparing gourmet meals for him and he hopes that he enjoys his lunch. Derek arrives and James takes him aside so Henry can enjoy his lunch. Derek informs James that Paul has a problem. Henry pleads with Derek to tell him the whereabouts of Bonnie and Vienna but he says they are fine and safe for now. Paul brings Meg a cup of tea and tries to persuade her to go upstairs and get some rest. Meg shows Paul a sonogram of the baby and tries to persuade him to stop blaming himself for the failure of the construction project and concentrate on their family. Meg wonders if Paul spoke to Dr. Michaels and he lies and says yes that his session helped him very much and he will schedule another session when he has time.

(Farm) Carly and Jack look down the deep hole to see if they can see Ethan but they can’t see anything and Carly hopes that the shoe she found doesn’t belong to Ethan. Lily and Holden search the property hoping to find Ethan then they get a call from Jack and rush to the site of the construction project on farm property. Holden and Lily identify the shoe as Ethan’s and Jack immediately calls emergency services for help. Lily cries and calls for Ethan and asks him to yell if he can hear mommy. Lily and Holden are relieved to hear Ethan say mommy and Lily assures her little boy that someone will be down to get him soon.

(Fairwinds) Meg goes upstairs to take a nap and James continues to pressure Paul to look for the gold because one gold bar is not going to keep the lone shark happy. James tries to grab the sonogram picture to look at it but Paul grabs it from him before he can see it yelling that he will never get his hands on his child.

(Warehouse) Vienna thinks that Derek is responsible for Henry’s disappearance and Bonnie agrees with Vienna for the first time.

(Fairwinds) Derek tells Henry that he doesn’t intend to hurt Bonnie or Vienna and Henry tells Derek he doesn’t trust him because he works for James. Henry throws his lunch at Derek who gets very angry because Henry ruined his expensive suit.

(Construction site) Holden asks Carly to go to the house and tell Faith and Natalie the news that they have found Ethan and they are doing everything they can to bring him home safely. Mike arrives and is shocked to find out that Ethan fell down the hole because he had covered the hole with very heavy boards. Mike starts to shore up the sides and bottom of the hole so it will be easier for someone to go down and get Ethan. Paul arrives and is told that Ethan fell down the hole and remembers that he took the boards off the hole and didn’t bother to cover the hole back up because he was in a hurry to meet Meg at the hospital. Paul apologizes to Holden and Lily and promises to do everything he can to get Ethan out.

(Fairwinds) Derek locks Henry up again and tells him to be smart and not make him lose his patience after Derek leaves Henry continues to try to pick the lock of the wine cellar.

(Construction Site) Brad and Katie arrive with camera crew and Jack advises Dallas to keep the press away. Brad and Katie promise Holden and Lily they will stay out of the way but the want to tell this story because the entire town cares about them and wants to help. Carly arrives and tells Holden that she told the girls that everyone is doing their best to get Ethan home safely. Carly brings Lily some water and Lily tells her to leave because she needs to concentrate on Ethan now. Carly agrees to leave but tells Lily she won’t stop trying to help because she loves Ethan too.

(Fairwinds) Paul tells Meg about Ethan’s accident and she insists on going to the construction site to be with her family. Paul sees its useless to argue with Meg so he tells her to go upstairs and get her jacket. Paul blames himself for the accident but James tells him to be a man for once and stop acting like a wimp. James advises Paul to cover his tracks and remove all evidence that he was there before Ethan fell. James tells Paul that if he is caught he should deny everything. Paul shouts for James to shut up and Meg catches Paul talking to himself because James sees Meg coming and hid so she wouldn’t see him. Paul tells Meg he was just thinking out loud and they both rush to the farm. . Henry gives James a glass of wine hoping to get him drunk so that he can then escape.

(Warehouse) Vienna draws a lipstick line on the floor and tells Bonnie not to cross that line. Bonnie and Vienna then get very cold so they hold each other to keep warn an they admit to each other that they are very scared that nobody will find them.

(Farm) Carly tells Emma the news about Ethan and also that Holden and Lily need her strength right now. Faith begins to cry and blames herself for not being a good big sister to Ethan so Carly tells her that she is the best big sister ever and she should pick out Ethan’s favorite books and read to him so that he knows his big sister is waiting for him when he gets out of the hole. Emma apologizes to Carly for the things she had said to her earlier and thanks her for soothing faith. Carly accepts the apology and tells her to concentrate on Ethan now. Faith , Emma , and Carly arrive and Faith goes to read to Ethan . Jack sends Katie to get a statement from Dallas and Brad tells Jack he shouldn’t have quit his job to protect him. Jack tells Brad he doesn’t have time to talk about this now and Janet arrives with food an three strong guys who are customers at the diner to help get Ethan out. Katie interviews Mike who tells the public that some excavation caused the deep hole and they are doing everything they can to get Ethan out. Mike sees Paul and accuses him of coming back to dig on the site when he was told not to do so and Paul tells Meg that Mike is trying to cover up his irresponsibility by shifting the blame onto him. Paul asks Meg to go home but she insists she isn’t leaving until Ethan is safe. Mike and Paul both offer to go down the hole and get Ethan but Holden says he will get his son. The men start to argue but Emma tells them Holden should go get his son. Emma leads the gathered crowd in reciting the 23rd Psalm.

(Fairwinds) A drunk James passes out and Henry grabs James' cell phone and tries to call for help. James gets out of his chair grabs Henry by the neck and pushes him down into the chair. James points a gun at Henry and tell him he is done being nice to him. James tells Henry that if he believes in God he better start to pray.

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