ATWT Update Monday 9/15/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 9/15/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

In their Lakeview suite, Aaron and Alison cuddle as they watch movies. Alison wonders if he minds that he didn’t have a real honeymoon without sleeping together. Aaron is understanding and says he will be patient; they will have a real honeymoon soon. Aaron goes to take a shower and Alison cleans up by putting the food trays out in the hall. She opens the door and Morty is there, as he races inside the room. Alison is happy to see him and wonders what he is doing there. Chris is behind him and answers that he misses her.

At the hospital, Dani asks the nurse to page Chris. The nurse tells her that he called in sick. Dani smiles coyly and tells her that she will go cheer him up because he is all alone.

Chris tells Alison that he ran away and made a beeline for her door to come see his ‘mommy’. Alison doesn’t think he should call her that anymore. Chris tells her how Morty is sad now that she isn’t around. Chris switches gears suddenly and wants to know if her marriage is going to make her happy. Alison tells him that it is too late for them and she wants him to leave. She hands Morty back and tells him that they can’t do this. Aaron comes out of the bathroom demanding to know what Chris is doing there.

At home, Janet comes to see Carly; she needs to know if she has talked to Jack. She hasn’t, Carly answers. Janet knows that Jack has a right to be mad. Carly reminds her that she was so sure that they were different. Carly reminds her that she burned evidence. Brad burned it, but it doesn’t’ matter, Janet adds. She needs to know if she has any idea where she thinks Jack might be or what he is doing. Carly tells her that her guess is Jack is at the police station admitting to destroying evidence. Janet interrupts - he didn’t destroy evidence. Carly tells her that it doesn’t matter because Jack takes responsibility for everything. She told her that, but she just didn’t listen. She can’t let his career be trashed because of her. That is a distinct possibility. The upside is Margo and he go back a long time. The downside, Janet wonders. Carly tells her that they shouldn’t got there.

At the police station, Margo asks Jack if taking the evidence was a deliberate act. Yes. He won’t point the finger at anyone else. He takes responsibility for the missing evidence in the Leo Morrissey case; he broke the law. She can’t look the other way, Margo says quietly. He knows; he is going to save her the hassle of suspending him because he quits, as he puts his badge on the table.

Janet and Carly are sitting on her couch when Janet says to Carly that she wouldn’t blame Jack if he never spoke to her again and then almost pleadingly, she looks at Carly and asks her if she thinks Jack will talk to her again. Carly smirks; does she want her to be kind or honest. She has her answer, Janet replies. Carly explains that she can only speak from experience because she doesn’t have a crystal ball, but there is a distinct possibility that Jack will never get over it. Janet thought as much. She told her that Jack has higher standards then the rest of them. Janet realizes Jack’s world is black or white, but she sees a million shades of black and white. Carly offers her advice – Jack is a ‘by the book’ man so she shouldn’t try to change him or she will lose him for good – like she did.

Margo tells Jack that they don’t need to be hasty. He knows the position he put her in. Margo answers Jack that it is not real hard to figure this out – Brad is in the middle of this; Brad must have been involved in Leo’s unfortunate accident, and he is trying to cover that up. Jack tells her since he is no longer on the force then he can’t have this conversation with her. Jack starts to walk out the door, but Margo stops him – she hasn’t accepted his resignation yet. She wants him to go through this with her. Margo starts to recount things as she sees it. Leo confessed to drugging and almost raping Brad’s underage daughter. They can come up plea bargain worse case scenario. There are extenuating circumstances. Leo could concede Brad’s act was excusable or justified. Jack counters that she knows one of her officers tampered with evidence though, and that can’t be plea-bargained away. He won’t let any of this fall down on her. He will sign a statement, and if he has to be charged with something so be it, but he is off the case and off the force. Margo frowns.

At home, Lily and Holden are asking Faith and Natalie about when the last time they saw Ethan. He was playing next to him with a ball. Lily remembers that Ethan was excited about the new calf at the farm. Holden thinks it is possible he could have walked over there since he has walked those fields with him many times; he will go check, as he starts to take off. Lily is going with him, but they want Faith and Natalie to stay behind and see if Ethan comes back. Ethan will be fine, they promise. Lily and Holden arrive at the Farm calling out to Ethan. No one is at home, as they race around calling out for him.

Margo stops Jack from leaving. He worked so hard; he has worked a lifetime to sacrifice for his family – with his pension and medical coverage. He is her best detective. He has no choice. She agrees that he messed up badly, but it doesn’t have to be a deal breaker. They have done it before. Ultimately, they have done the right thing even when family members are involved; she arrested Casey in the end. He loves her for offering but he, she and Hal would always do the right thing. Jack thanks her for everything. She is a true friend. He will understand if she has to prosecute; she knows where to find him. It has been an honor serving with her, as he hands her his badge slowly and leaves.

Aaron wants Chris out of his room; how did he get in there to begin with, Aaron wonders. His puppy ran away. Did he knock or pick the lock, Aaron sarcastically answers. Alison explains that she opened the door to put the food trays outside and the puppy got in. Aaron angrily reminds Chris there is a no pet rule. Chris wants him to keep his mouth shut and he will never bother them again. Aaron orders him out and slams the door behind him. He heads for the phone and starts to make a call. Alison wonders what he is doing. He is calling to report Chris has a dog; if Chris gets kicked out in the process, he won’t shed a tear. Alison grabs the phone away and tells him that she won’t let him do that, as Aaron stares at Alison, put off by her strong defense of Chris.

Carly and Janet are having a drink as Janet tells her she never should have put Jack in that position; she was so wrong. Carly tells her that the whole reason she is not with Jack is the same reason; they had the same battle repeatedly; she finally realized she is not the woman Jack needs. Janet thinks she is implying she isn’t either. That is only an answer for her to come up with. Janet heads for the door and Jack is walking in. He briefly says hello to Janet, but looks more at Carly; he tells her that she called it when she knew he couldn’t live with himself. Janet wonders what he did. Jack looks at Carly and tells her that he resigned. Janet and Carly are upset for him. Janet tells him that there must be something he can do – explain or make a deal. Jack is looking at Carly still when she answers Janet by reminding her that is what she has been trying to explain to her – that Jack tried to do what everyone else wanted and now he is the one that ended up paying for it, as Jack finally looks at Janet.

Lily and Holden meet back up in the kitchen; Ethan is nowhere to be found. Holden is upset now saying that she should have made sure that he got the message. She assumed he had. That is because she was so busy hitting the sheets with Mike to care. Lily shoots back that he didn’t get his message because he was too wrapped up with Carly. What is she talking about, Holden snarls. She saw him that with Carly all lovey-dovey right there. Holden is frustrated; Carly was looking for Jack and he was with her for all of 2 minutes. Lily apologizes and then starts to get upset, as she worries that she doesn’t know what she will do if Ethan gets hurt because of her. Holden apologizes too; he shouldn’t have said that, as he comforts her. Lily and Holden hug, as she cries.

Alison explains Chris didn’t intentionally try to crash their honeymoon. Aaron doesn’t think so; Chris is mad that they got married and he is trying to break them apart. He is her wife now and he has no right coming around… he or his little puppy. He can’t be jealous of a puppy, Alison laughs. Alison jokes that she will never look at another man or puppy again. She as the perfect way to get him to forget about Chris; she wants him to come back to bed.

Chris is telling Morty that they can’t drop in on ‘mommy’ like that anymore. There is a knock and Chris tells Morty that he thinks it might be Alison, but when he opens the door, he finds Dani instead. She tells him that she heard he was sick and she brought him some chicken soup. He thanks her and seems poised to tell her that he isn’t on the mood for company when she sees Morty and walks into the room cooing over him. Morty runs in the opposite direction though.

Alison is seductively kissing Aaron, but he thought she wanted to wait. She changed her mind and he is the only man she wants. Is she sure, as Alison tosses him down on the bed kissing him.

Holden and Lily are on each of their phones calling people; no one has seen Ethan. Faith runs in and worries that they haven’t found him yet. They admit when she showed up, they thought she found him. Faith explains that the neighbor is staying with Natalie and they are making calls; she wanted to be with them to. Lily promises they will find him; they need to figure out their next step though.

Carly paces, as Janet and Jack talk; he shouldn’t be punished for something they did, Janet tells him. Brad is the father of her child; she was trying to protect him. She should have known better though. He is sure Brad worked her sympathies. She shouldn’t have listened; it was stupid, selfish and wrong. He shouldn’t have asked her to hide evidence. He trusted her and she let him down, Janet answers. This is their problem and she wants him to go home with her and work on it with her. He can’t do that Jack answers quietly, as Janet, looks at Carly then back at Jack. She understands, and she wants him to take all the time he needs, as she slowly heads off.

Holden thinks it is time to call the police. Faith thinks means it is bad. It just means there are more people looking for Ethan. He is going to call Jack.

Carly and Jack are sitting on the couch drinking beers when Jack hears him phone ring. He sees it is Holden and wonders out loud what he wants. Carly jokes that he shouldn’t look at her. Jack doesn’t want to answer, but Carly thinks it might be important. Jack finally answers; Holden tells Jack that he needs a favor – Ethan is missing – can he help him out. Of course. Jack tells Carly. He has been missing for an hour and they think he must have wandered off. They have been checking all around, but they can’t find him. Jack tells him that he will meet him in a few minutes. Jack is heading for the door when Carly tells him that she is coming with him. Jack wonders if it is a good idea. Carly knows that Lily may not want to see her, but if one of their kids were missing, she would want all the people possible out looking. Jack realizes she is right and they race off.

Lily is sadly looking at a toy of Ethan's. What if he is lost; he must be so scared. Jack will put out an Amber alert, Holden assures her. Should they call Aaron, Luke, and Lucinda. He doesn’t want to worry them yet. They hear the doorbell. Holden goes to answer it. Lily goes to get a photo of Ethan for Jack. Holden, Jack and Carly walk in, as Lily isn’t too happy about Carly being there. Jack thinks the more people that are looking for Ethan the better. Carly chimes in that she is just there to help. Holden wants to know what to do now.

Alison and Aaron are lying in bed, as Alison looks out of it, but Aaron looks happy. He wonders why they ever broke up; he loves her so much. She loves him too, and she just wants to make him happy. Mission accomplished, Aaron answers. Is he done being jealous, Alison teases. Yes, he knows she isn’t into Chris or his dog. That dog was so into her though; it was like she was his long lost friend. He must have just sensed she loves dogs. Aaron wonders if they should get her a puppy. Alison is quick to say no, but adds with a joke that she has him as a pet. She teases him about a leather collar and leash. He didn’t know she was so kinky. There are a lot of things he doesn’t know about her, and then she realizes how close to the truth that is and offers that she means she wants to take a cooking class so they don’t live off of take out. She is getting domesticated, Aaron laughs. He won’t get her a dog then; how would she feel about a baby. Alison looks stunned, as she stares at Aaron.

Dani is trying to coax Morty out, but he won’t come out. She guesses he is just not into her. Chris slips when he says he doesn’t know why because he is into his ‘mommy’. Dani wonders what he means. He covers by saying that he likes girls. Dani smiles and suggests they talk about something different. She wants him to try the soup before it gets cold. When did he get sick? He just took a personal day. Is it because Alison married Aaron. He is taking her advice because Alison made her choice. She understands how he might not want to come out and play for a while – like Morty. Chris smiles – like Morty he can be enticed by a pretty girl and a treat. What is the treat, Dani wonders. He moves toward Dani – this kind of treat, as kisses her.

Alison is up out of bed; he is surprised by her shock. He just said that he wanted to have a baby after all, Alison answers. What is wrong with that. They don’t even have a place to live, Alison counters. They can stay at the farm because there is plenty of room. She doesn’t think it is such a great idea. It would be temporary so they can save up. Alison wants him to calm down because this suggestion came out of nowhere. She thought it was down the road. How far. After she gets her nursing license and they are more established. He loves being a part of a big family. She was part of a dysfunctional family though and she doesn’t want to repeat that. This is their chance to make it right though, Aaron answers. He just wants her to think about it.

Dani pulls back; this is a surprise. Does she not want to do this because he thought she did since she has been following him around. She does, but she didn’t expect this. She admits she has a crush on him, as Morty barks, as Dani jokes about even if Morty doesn’t like it. She doesn’t know if it is right considering where his head is. He can’t be with Alison and she doesn’t know if it is the right time for them. He wants to help her deicide, as he kisses her again. Chris pulls back this time and Dani wants to know what is wrong – maybe he is the one with the problem.

Lily, Holden, Jack and Carly are sitting on the couch going over how the girls were the last people to see Ethan. Jack wants to talk with them again. Jack suggests that Lily call Margo to have them put out an Amber Alert. Holden assumed that he would have done that already. Jack pauses for a moment before he explains that he resigned from the force today. Lily nods sympathetically and goes to call Margo. Holden wonders why Jack would do that. Carly steps in and suggests that they focus on Ethan and talk about that at another time. Holden shakes his head in agreement and heads over to stand with Lily, as Jack looks at Carly and silently gives her an appreciative look because she helped him out of that. Lily tearfully calls to report Ethan missing.

Alison tells Aaron that it is not practical right now – she wants to finish school and start her career. He understands that; she can do that and have a family too. She doesn’t think that leaves a lot of time for them. They both have to be on board, Aaron explains. She has a lot of things she wants to accomplish. He understands that. He is not saying this has to happen right now; he just wants her to think about having a big family someday hopefully soon. She wants to table this discussion and talk about it later – she has to head into work. Aaron tells her that he called Bob and asked him for time off so they could go on their honeymoon after all.

Chris tells Dani that it isn’t her; she is beautiful, smart and funny. He likes her too much to use her. He put someone in that spot before and he doesn’t want to do that again. She understands. He thinks it will take time. She agrees, and as long as they are friends then he won’t be using her. Down the road, then who knows, but he is too good of a kisser to let him go. He wishes he didn’t have so much baggage. Dani reminds him that Alison moved on and he will too soon.

Alison is surprised that he did all of this without asking her. That is why it is called a surprise. He booked them at a B&B on Lake Michigan. Alison doesn’t look too happy, but she tells him how wonderful of a husband he is. She will go pack a bag.

Jack and Lily walk back in and Carly asks if there are any new details; Lily tells her that they didn’t come up with any. Margo arrives with Holden. Margo is surprised to see Jack. He tells her quickly that he is there only as a family member. She is happy to see him no matter what the capacity. Margo asks who the last person to see Ethan was. Jack tells her that it was Faith and Natalie and he questioned them already, but if she wants to go over things with them again. Margo cuts him off; he is a great cop and she trusts his questioning techniques – what is his gut telling him. He thinks Ethan probably wandered off and no foul play was involved. Holden takes a call. A police officer walks in and tells them that a man in a van saw a child with a blanket. Lily is worried, but Margo tells them they will talk with him right away. Holden hangs up and tells them that a stable hand thought he saw Ethan in the field; he is going to check it out, as Lily wants to go with him. Carly and Jack head off separately to look for Ethan too. They arrive by the big hole in the ground where Paul was digging; Carly remarks that she hopes Ethan didn’t wander over here because it looks treacherous. They both look down, as Jack talks about how big of a drop it is.

Lily and Holden are calling out to Ethan, as they race through the woods. Lily sees Ethan’s blanket as they rush up to it. She picks it up thinking Ethan may have fallen asleep under it. He is not there, as she and Holden hug. Lily tearfully wonders where their son is.

Alison tells Aaron that she is going to go home and pack. He jokingly tells her to not pack a lot because he may not let her get dressed at all. They can always get busy making an Aaron and Alison Jr. Alison nervously jokes about him wanting twins now. Aaron smiles and kisses her. Alison heads out but just outside, she stops and looks upset before she heads off.

Dani is leaving when tells Chris to keep the chicken soup because it can cure anything – including a broken heart. Chris thanks her for being a friend. She stops at the door, looks back, and jokes about enjoying being friendly. They kiss, as Alison secretly watches. Dani leaves and Chris closes the door behind her. Alison walks up to the door looking nervous and almost as if she might knock. On the other side of the door, Morty is sniffing around the door. Chris picks him up and opens the door showing him that no one is there; it is just the two of them now, as he looks upset by this.

An emotional Lily tells Holden that she was sure they had found him. They will, Holden assures her; nothing bad will happen. Lily apologizes for forgetting along the way the things that are important; she wants him to promise her that they will never do that again. He promises. She needs to stay strong because Ethan needs them.

 Carly and Jack are looking around for Ethan's footprints to see if he was around the construction site. Carly sees Ethan’s shoe nearby and calls out to Jack. They both look at it and then at the gaping hole in the dirt, as if the worst-case scenario was just realized.

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