ATWT Update Friday 9/12/08

As the World Turns Update Friday 9/12/08


Written By Karen
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Meg asks Barbara if she knows what has happened to Paul. He was gone when she went to bed last night and isnít home this morning. She didnít even know he was gone until Mike came looking for him, and he isnít answering his cell. Just then, Paul walks in, and Meg rushes to his arms. Then she realizes how dirty he is and asks what happened.

At the construction site, Mike is told that the digging that Paul did caused so much structural damage that it was going to be impossible to fix. Mike wonders what the hell Paul was thinking.

Janet tries to reach Jack to find out how he is doing. Margo comes in to the diner and says that she is there to talk to Janet on official business.

Brad intercepts Jack and tells him that he told Margo that he wasnít going to pursue the case against Leo, which makes the case against Liberty dropped.

Carly goes to the farm looking for Jack but runs in to Holden. He tells her that she can still come to him if she has any problems, but she doesnít want to talk about it. They laugh over how pathetic it is that they canít stay out of their exís lives. Just then, Lily comes in and sees them laughing together through the window.

Holden tries to get Carly to stay for coffee while Lily calls Mike and berates him for standing her up at the tree. She tells him that he can make it up to her this morning, and he tells her that he will see her in a little while at the Lakeview.

Margo says she wants to talk about Leo. She says that Brad is making a big mistake in refusing to let Liberty testify in the case, and Janet says that she feels the same way. She says that she and Brad both just want their daughter to forget about this experience and move on with her life. Margo says that isnít going to happen, speaking from experience. She appears to have talked Janet into talking to Brad about agreeing to let Liberty testify.

Jack tells Brad that he didnít take the evidence for him and that he should never talk to him about that subject again.

Carly leaves the farm but leaves her cell phone. Holden sees the things on the porch, and they wonder if Lily came by and saw them. Holden says that it was probably Luke.

Lily comes back and wonders where the kids are. Faith says they are both playing. Lily tells Faith that she needs her to watch the kids a little longer (so she can go have a tryst with Mike). Faith says that she canít, so Lily calls Holden to see if he can come over.

Carly goes to the police station to see Jack. He says he doesnít want to talk to her unless it is about the kids. She threatens to say what she has to say right there unless he comes with her, so he does.

Paul tries to go take a shower, but Meg wants answers. He tells her that he was working on the site. Mike shows up and tells Paul that he should have stayed away from the site and that Paul has damaged it to the point that it needs to be condemned. Paul shrugs it off. Meg wants to know why he lied to Mike, but he says that he didnít go anywhere near the spot that he and Mike talked about. She still wants to know why he is covered in dirt, and he tells her that he fell. Meg tells him that she and the baby need him and that she doesnít want anything, including this project, to take him away from them.

Janet goes to the station to talk to Brad. Janet tells Brad that she agrees with Margo, and Liberty should be able to testify and stand up for her rights.

Carly takes Jack to Yoís for breakfast and tries to talk to him about the missing evidence. She tells him her theory that Brad was the one who threw Leo into the reservoir, and Jack covered up the evidence. She thinks that he, Janet, Katie and Brad are all in on it. She tells him that if he looks at her and says that he didnít do it, then she will believe him and not bring it up again. He canít say that itís not true. She asks him why he would risk everything for his brother when he wouldnít do it for his own son.

Brad tells Janet that he knows that it is really hard on Jack but to think of all the lives that would be affected if it came out that he was the one who pushed Leo in the water. Leo is fine now, and he doesnít think it will do Liberty any good . He sways Janet back to his side.

Jack says that he hates that he didnít do anything for Parker, but he says that if he had walked in on what Sam was trying to do to Carly, he would have shot him too. Carly tells him that he is too good a copy to have done that. She tells him that now that Parker is cleared, she can say that, as mad as she was, they wouldnít bend the law for Parker, and she also loved him for it because he is the one person that she can always count on to do what is right. She tells him that he canít keep this up because it isnít who he is and that if he doesnít do the right thing, he will never be able to live with himself.

Janet inadvertently mentions that the Ďstolení evidence still exists and that they owe it to Jack to actually destroy it by burning it. Janet tells Brad that there has been only one guy that she liked other than him, and that was Jack. When Brad kicked her to the curb, Jack was there for her, and when he had the chance to walk away, he didnít. ďWhatís your point ?Ē Brad asks. She doesnít want to lose Jack. You wonít reply to Brad. He will be grateful for what weíve done.

Carly tells Jack that he has to face the fact that he is hard-wired to be a stand-up guy. She asks him what he is going to do. ďDonít you know?Ē he answers. She says she will go with him, and they leave.

Barbara shows up at Paulís and berates him for not coming home last night. She asks for a word alone with Paul, so Meg leaves. Babs says that the reason he didnít come home was because of James. What she fears was going to happen is happening. James didnít come back to help him, he came back to drive him insane.

Lily and Mike meet at the hotel. He tells her that things went from bad to worse at the job site and that it is essentially condemned. She says she knows just the thing to take his mind off of things, and they head to the room to have sex.

Barbara tells Paul that she canít believe that he actually thinks that the money exists. Paul says it has to and he just needs to dig a little further at the farm. Barbara says that he sounds crazy, but he shows her the bar of gold that James gave him to give to Derrick to hold him off. Babs asks if Paul really thinks that, after everything his father has done to him, he really has a pot of gold waiting for him in the ground. Paul says that there has to be because his wife and child depend on it.

Natalie asks Faith when Dad is going to get there. Ethan asks the girls if they want to play, but they both shun him. Faith gives him a ball to play with and inadvertently leaves the door open.

Mike and Lily go at it in the hotel room.

Janet brings Brad the evidence. He convinces her, saying that if the evidence doesnít exist at all, then how could Jack be hiding it? He lights it on fire and throws it in the bin. Jack and Carly walk in, and Jack says that he needs the evidence back. Janet tells him that it is too late. Brad tells him that they burned the evidence. Jack rails at Janet, telling her that all he asked her to do was hold on to it, not destroy it. Brad figures out that Jack was going to use it against him after all. Jack doesnít know what he is going to do.

Faith is talking on the cell phone when Ethan chases the ball outside. Holden runs into Lily and Mike at the hotel. She asks him why he was there when he should have been watching the kids. He said that he left his cell phone at the farm and he leaves to go check on the kidsÖ.so Lily can finish what she was doing.

Paul tells Babs that Meg told him that he had become the kind of man that she would be proud to have as her childrenís father. He canít jeopardize that. Meg comes in as Paul is about to leave, and Barbara covers saying that they are going to see Dr. Michaels, which pleases Meg. After Barbara and Paul leave, Meg gets a call from her Drís office saying that she missed her appointment that morning and if she wants to come now, they have an opening. Meg leaves.

Paul goes out to his dig site. It has been boarded up. He curses at Mike and starts removing the boards.

Jack is livid with Janet. He said that he trusted that she would hold on to the papers (evidence) for him. He leaves, and Brad tries to console Janet, but she will have no part of it. Carly asks Jack what he is going to do, and he says that there is only one thing that he can do.

Holden comes to the house and asks where Ethan is. Faith says that he was just there, but Holden looks around and he doesnít appear to be anywhere in sight.

Lily feels guilty and says that she has to go home. Mike thanks her for the best morning that he has had in a long time and tells her that she didnít do anything wrong.

Meg calls Paul from the hospital and asks where he is. She wants to meet up because she thinks heís at the hospital, and he lies that he will see her soon.

No one can find Ethan. Faith figures that it is all her fault. Lily comes in, and Holden tells her that Ethan is missing. Ethan is at the dig site when a rock gets in his shoe and he takes it off.

Janet and Carly have words about the evidence situation. Janet thinks that Carly did it because she wanted to prove that Jack couldnít trust Janet. Carly leaves.

Jack is at the police station, and Margo comes in. Jack tells her that he took the evidence from Leoís file. Margo tries to cover for him, but he tells her that he stole it, hid it, and now it is gone. He tells her that it has been destroyed.

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