ATWT Update Thursday 9/11/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 9/11/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne
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(Farm) Mike wonders why Paul is driving a backhoe around the work site, and Paul orders Mike to get out of the way because it is his fault the project is behind schedule. Mike yells at Paul that he is the one that shut down the project. Paul explains that he promised Meg and Emma they wouldn't lose their home, so as soon as he finds what he is looking for he will leave the work site.

(Lily's house) Meg is worried because Paul isn't answering his cell phone, and Emma insists on taking Meg back home to rest. Emma goes to say good-bye to Lily, and Meg decides to go find Paul.

(Fairwinds) James tells Henry that his call to Vienna saved her and Bonnie's lives, and he also promises not to leave her (Vienna or Bonnie) unless they come looking for him. Henry wonders what would happen to Vienna or Bonnie if they came looking for him. James tells Henry that he wouldn't want to know what he would do to Vienna or Bonnie if they came looking for him.

(Metro) Vienna is convinced that Henry is in trouble because he sent her a message when he told her he was playing Blackjack, which he doesn't play. Bonnie tells Vienna that Henry is fine, and she should just accept that her boyfriend is a gambler. Derek arrives; Vienna asks for his help to find Henry because she knows that he is the type of person who can help her.

(Farm) Mike pulls Paul off the backhoe and they start to fight until Meg arrives and screams for them to stop right now. Meg is confused as to why Paul is doing digging holes in the land but assumes he is just under a lot of stress. Meg asks Mike to drive her and Paul back to Fairwinds.

(Brad and Katie's place) Brad and Katie arrive home from a brutal day of shooting at the studio and decide to spend a relaxing romantic day at home together. Brad tells Katie that he wants to celebrate the second chance at life he has, because of Jack's help.

(Police Station) Margo asks Dallas to get her the file with the new evidence on the Leo Morrissey case. Dallas goes to get the file and both he and Margo are surprised to discover that the evidence is missing. Dallas tells Margo that Jack was the only other person to look at the file besides him.

(Farm) Janet wonders what Jack was doing during Aaron and Alison's reception because she couldn't find him for a long time. Jack recalls kissing Carly after the wedding but tells Janet that Emma needed him to do something. Jack gets a call from Margo asking him to come down to the station. Janet has a gut feeling that Margo wants to see Jack about the Leo Morrissey case. Jack tells Janet not to worry because he gets calls like this all the time.

(Carly's house) Sage tells Carly that the wedding was beautiful, and if she and Jack got married again, she thinks their wedding would be more beautiful. Carly reminds Sage that her and Jack are not getting back together, and Sage says she knows, but its fun to imagine it could happen. Sage's words make Carly recall the kiss she and Jack shared at the wedding, and she decides to go talk to Jack about it. Carly takes a permission slip that Sage needs signed for field hockey, drops Sage off at the neighbors, and heads to the police station.

(Metro) Derek tells Vienna he can make some calls and find out where there is a game tonight. Derek asks for Bonnie's permission to make the call, and he promises her it won't mess up their date tonight. Bonnie agrees, and after Derek makes a phone call he tells Vienna that he found out there is a game at a warehouse on the waterfront. Bonnie, Derek, and Vienna head to the warehouse to look for Henry.

(Fairwinds) James brings Henry his lunch and informs him that it is a special kind of swordfish that can kill humans if not prepared properly. James asks Henry to take a bite of the fish, and Henry is happy that he isn't dead. Henry thanks James for the lunch and tells him that he is a very good chef. James leaves Henry to enjoy his lunch alone. Henry takes the knife from his plate and starts trying to pick the lock on the door but can't manage to open the lock.

(Brad and Katie's place) Janet calls Brad and Katie just before they are both are about to take a shower together. Janet tells Brad that Margo called and asked Jack to come down to the station. Janet tells Brad that her stomach is tied up in knots because she thinks it's about the Leo Morrissey case. Brad tells Janet not to worry so much, that Jack gets these calls all the time on his day off. Brad hangs up the phone and tells Katie about the call and she agrees with Janet. Brad and Katie both feel badly that they asked Jack to help them, but Brad reminds Katie he couldn't risk leaving her or Liberty. Brad and Katie go to take a shower and enjoy the rest of their day together.

(Police Station) Margo tells Jack that the evidence in the Morrissey case is missing and asks him when was the last time he saw the evidence since he was the last person to look at the file. Carly has arrived and is watching the heated discussion, looking intently at Jack's face. Jack acts offended that Margo is accusing him of taking evidence. Jack tells Margo that he didn't see anything special in the evidence and frankly he stopped caring about the case as soon as Parker was cleared of Liberty's attack. Margo is very surprised that Jack doesn't care that evidence is missing, so she demands that he find the evidence so she can close the case. Margo leaves, and Carly asks Jack why he has suddenly stopped caring about a case that he was so eager to solve two weeks ago. Jack tells Carly that Leo attacked Liberty and he deserved what happened to him, but Carly knows Jack isn't acting like himself. Carly tells Jack she thinks he is lying, but she has no idea why he is lying to her and Margo. Carly tells Jack she wants to talk about the kiss they shared, but he refuses to talk about that subject. Carly then gives Jack Sage's permission slip to sign, and after he signs the paper she leaves the station.

(Fairwinds) Mike, Meg, and Paul arrive, and Paul yells at Mike never to go near that work site again. Mike doesn't want to leave Meg alone with Paul when he is so angry. Meg tells Mike she can handle her husband, but before Mike leaves he tells her to call him if she needs any help. Paul tells Meg he hates Mike, and because of him the project is behind schedule. Paul tells Meg that he promised her and Emma they wouldn't lose their home, and now he feels like he isn't being a good husband and father. Meg tells Paul that with each day that passes she loves him even more and is surer that he will be a wonderful father. The baby kicks, and Meg and Paul share a brief moment of happiness as they feel the baby kick. Meg gives Paul a kiss and goes upstairs to lie down. James wonders how Paul intends to keep all the promises he is making without his help. Henry bangs on the pipes to try and get some help, and Meg hears the banging and goes downstairs to get Paul. James who is hiding from Meg goes downstairs to take the knife away from Henry and let him know he is very disappointed in him. Paul goes upstairs with Meg but doesn't hear the noise so he gives her a kiss and helps her get into bed. James tells Paul he can give him a little money to keep the lone shark happy until he finds the rest of the money. Paul gets in his car and heads to the work site.

(Brad and Katie's place) Carly arrives and tells Brad and Katie that she is very worried about Jack because he isn't acting like himself. Brad tells Carly to stop meddling in Jack's business because she isn't his wife anymore. Carly tells Brad and Katie that some evidence is missing in the Morrissey case and Jack and Margo were arguing about it. Brad tells Carly that Jack is happy with Janet and she should leave Jack alone.

(Al's Diner) Jack tells Janet that he feels sick to his stomach because he lied to Margo about the missing evidence. Janet tells him that he didn't like to lie to Margo because he doesn't know the whereabouts of the evidence. Jack tells Janet that he needs to think and leaves the diner. Carly arrives to offer Janet some advice about Jack. Carly tells Janet that if she is going to love Jack she needs to understand that he lives by a strict code of ethics and if he is asked to break that code even for a good reason it could lead to the end of their relationship. Carly tells Janet that is what led to the end of her marriage to Jack because she asked him to break the rules too many times. Janet appreciates Carly's advice but points out that she and Jack have a different relationship. Carly tells Janet that Jack won't change the way he is for anyone.

(Brad and Katie's place) Katie is upset that they are making Jack do something that is against his nature. Brad tells Katie that Jack is good at living in denial and that is all he has to do, deny everything.

(Warehouse) Vienna and Bonnie wait while Derek goes to find out about the game, and in the meantime Vienna kills a big bug with her shoe. Bonnie is upset with Vienna because she has missed the Bears game. Vienna and Bonnie go to look for Derek when they get tired of waiting for him and discover that he has locked them inside the warehouse.

(Fairwinds) Derek informs James that the ladies are in a safe place and Henry guesses that he is talking about Bonnie and Vienna. Henry is upset that James broke his promise to him. James says the ladies are fine and at least they are keeping each other company. Henry tells James he has no idea what he has done and demands to know why he has kidnapped him. James tells Henry he is just trying to help Paul.

(Farm) Katie finds Jack getting drunk and tells him Carly came by the house and told her and Brad what is going on at the station. Katie hates herself for getting Jack involved in this situation. Jack tells her what is done is done, and he doesn't want to talk about the subject again.

(Brad and Katie's house) Margo drops by to talk to Liberty about Leo, but Brad refuses to let her in the house. Brad tells Margo that he doesn't want to put Liberty through any more pain. Brad also tells Margo that he doesn't care what happens to Leo. Margo is confused and wonders why Brad doesn't want Leo to pay for what he did to Liberty.

(Fairwinds) Mike tells Meg that all the digging that Paul did uncovered some massive structural damage, and the project will have to be closed.

Paul is at the work site looking for the money and slips and falls into a very deep hole.

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