ATWT Update Wednesday 9/10/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 9/10/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At the Lakeview, a furious Vienna approaches Bonnie wanting to know what she has done with Henry.

In the wine cellar at Fairwinds, Henry is yelling for help when James comes in and assures him that no one can hear him. He brought him breakfast. Henry thinks he added Cyanide as a spice. James laughs and agrees when Henry doubts whether he can trust him. He can either survive or starve, James advises.

Vienna tells Bonnie Henry is not at the diner or Metro and he never came home; she has been calling him every 15 minutes. Bonnie snaps back that Henry probably left because of her jealousy. Vienna demands to know where he is. They end up getting into a shoving match, which leaves to a fistfight.

At Fairwinds, Paul is on the phone arranging to get a back ho out to the Farm. James causally walks in telling him that he is glad that he came to his senses. He will find his buried treasure if it kills him, Paul answers coldly. James wonders if a back ho won’t be too conspicuous. Paul explains that everyone is otherwise engaged today. Paul hears Meg calling for him and James heads out. Meg walks in dressed up. Paul wonders why she is dressed in a red party dress. She smiles coyly; they can’t miss Alison and Aaron’s wedding. Paul tells her that they aren’t going.

At the Farm, Jack walks in to find Emma and Janet getting the food prepared for the wedding. Emma goes upstairs to finish getting ready. Jack is out of it. Janet fishes for a compliment on her outfit and her food, but Jack is so distracted; he manages a compliment, as Janet thinks it is lucky that Brad and Katie are on location today and won’t be around. That way, he won’t have to think about the missing evidence. Jack doesn’t want Janet to mention that subject ever again, as he grabs the food and heads out. Janet looks worried.

At home, Carly tells Sage that she looks beautiful when she does a twirl in her dress for the wedding. Sage smiles widely. Carly jokes about the boys being sorry they missed the wedding now to play soccer. Sage wonders why she isn’t going to the wedding. Carly tells her plainly that she wasn’t invited.

At Lily’s, Holden and Luke come into see Aaron standing there in a white suit and gray tie; they wonder how he is doing. He is fine, but just having a bit of trouble with his boutonnière. Holden looks around casually as if looking for someone. He walks over to the door and looks out just in time to see Lily and Mike walking over to greet each other with a kiss. Holden discreetly with his head down heads back over towards Aaron. He wonders if he can do anything for him. He is fine. Is he getting cold feet. No, he even wonders what took he and Alison so long to get here; they are meant to be together forever.

At home, Susan, Emily and Dani are getting ready worrying about the ‘something old and something new’. Alison is getting ready in front of the mirror looking down. Susan wonders why she isn’t looking more enthusiastic – she is marrying the man of her dreams, as Alison remembers sleeping with Chris.

At the Lakeview, Casey is getting some sound equipment for the wedding when he bumps into Chris. He tells him what he is doing, as Chris wonders almost without thinking if the wedding is still taking place. Casey pauses and wonders why it wouldn’t be. Chris says nothing.

Alison apologizes for being out of it; the whole day is surreal. Susan assures her it is normal. Susan and Emily head out with Emily asking one last time if she is ok. Alison can only muster up a less then reassuring nod. After they leave, Dani tells her that she knows why she is feeling this way – it is so big to have that kind of commitment with one person. Alison agrees; commitment has never been her strong point. Dani thinks she might be making a mistake then and she shouldn’t marry Aaron, as Alison looks stunned. Where did that come from. Dani thinks she knows. Before they can get into anything more, Emily walks back in and wonders if everything is ok. They are fine, Alison answers confused. Emily asks Dani to go downstairs to see if when Casey gets there he might need help. Dani tells Alison to just be happy.

Casey wonders why Chris would think that. Chris explains that Alison just looked overwhelmed. Casey thinks he is crazy if he thinks that Alison is going to bail out on Aaron. He feels bad for him, but Alison is going to get married whether he likes it or not.

Meg explains that she has to be there because Aaron is her cousin. They should call the doctor. No, she will sit the entire time. She is going to finish getting ready. James comes back in taunting Paul a bit about having to come up with a lie quickly because he needs to get this done because his loan shark friend might hurt his wife and child. Paul glares before he leaves without a word.

At Metro, Bonnie and Vienna walk in angrily. Vienna is still demanding to know where Henry is or she will call the police on her. Bonnie tells her that she will file harassment charges. She will report her for kidnapping, Vienna snaps back. Bonnie thinks he is just out gambling. He would never let her worry like that; why wouldn’t he call, Vienna wonders.

Henry is pacing and when James comes back, he tells James that he will eat his breakfast so they can get on with this. He will never say a word – he promises. He needs to get out of there. James laughs. He will give him his freedom, but he has to earn it.

Bonnie tells Vienna that Henry will show up, but she has a date with Derek so she needs to leave. Vienna reminds her that Henry thinks Derek is not good news. She snaps back that Henry isn’t a good judge of character – look at her. Vienna wishes her a disaster of a date and stomps off, but then sneaks back in and hides behind the bar. Derek comes in soon, takes Bonnie into his arms, and kisses her.

Jack arrives at the wedding and talks with Lily and Mike, as they admire the arbor Mike made just for the wedding. Holden watches close by. After Lily and Mike leave, Holden approaches him and they say an awkward hello. Holden wonders if he thinks he deserves this. That is not what he thought, Jack answers. Holden reminds him that he has hardly said anything to him in weeks. He will never forget what he did with Carly, but he is trying to be less judgmental these days, so they are ok. Holden wonders what changed his attitude. Janet calls from across the yard wondering if Jack can help taste her gravy, as Jack leaves with a smirk.

Carly is dropping Sage off when she stoops to pick a flower; Sage tells her that it is ‘magical’. Sage explains that you close your eyes and when you open it, your true love will be in front of you. Sage hands it to Carly and leaves. Holden comes over to say hi. She was just leaving because she knows she doesn’t belong here. Yes, she does because he wants her to stay. She didn’t get an invite. Lily and he have come to an understanding. She is glad, but she is not dressed for a wedding. She looks perfect. Lily, Mike and Emma walk over and Lily says hello; she is glad she dropped Sage off. Holden tells them that he invited Carly to stay, but Carly quickly adds that she isn’t staying because it isn’t appropriate. She would like them to give Aaron and Alison her best, as she walks away.

Emily hands Alison her new wedding shoes as something ‘new’. There is something else inside. She sees tickets to Coldplay and a press pass. Alison is very appreciative and hugs her. Emily is not done – she has something borrowed and blue – as she hands her a garter. They all smile, as Alison continues to look tormented when she remembers sleeping with Chris. She starts to cry, as they wonder what is wrong. It is she; she doesn’t deserve any of this.

Casey is finishing up with the sound system, as Aaron is excited to go get the wedding started. Dani is frowning after he leaves and Casey wonders what is going on. Dani tells him that Alison slept with Chris yesterday and Aaron has no idea – so she has to tell him. Casey looks stunned.

Susan and Emily try to comfort Alison; she is marrying a wonderful guy, who is crazy about her. She has no idea because she has made so many mistakes. Susan tells her that is in the past and she has a right to a happy ending. She will see her downstairs – they don’t want to keep Aaron waiting. Emily asks Alison if there is something else, she needs to tell her. Alison pauses for a moment and then tells her that she is fine. Emily assures her that if she wants to get married then no one can stop her.

Casey tells Dani not to do this because she will ruin everything. Aaron needs to know the truth – she cheated on him. She will have to stay away from Chris after the wedding and that will work out for her, Casey reminds her. Dani guesses, as Emily interrupts. Dani tells then that she is getting a seat before the wedding starts.

Meg and Paul arrive and walk up to Emma, Holden and Aaron. Paul explains that he tried to get Meg to stay home, but she needed to be there to see her cousin get married. Meg tells Aaron that she is sure he and Alison will be happy. Paul goes to sit down and asks Jack how long this will take. Jack wonders what his rush is. He just wants to get Meg home. Dani comes in last minute and sits near Casey, who looks relieved. The wedding starts, as Ethan walks the rings down the aisle and then sits next to Lily. Natalie and Faith walk down next. Emily follows afterwards. Finally, Alison arrives looking sad, but then looks up and sees Aaron and smiles. Susan stands next to her and walks her down the aisle. The minister starts to talk when Chris arrives in the background watching unbeknownst to everyone. Dani sees him, gets up and walks over to him. Alison is making a mistake Chris tells her, as Dani ushers him off right before the minister asks if anyone has a just cause why these two people should not be married, they should speak now or forever hold their peace. Alison turns and almost looks out, as if waiting for Chris.

Henry and James take a seat and Henry wonders what they are playing, as James takes out a deck of cards. Gin Rummy. They might as well play Go Fish. If he wins then he will let him go. Yes.

Bonnie’s phone rings and she gets it; it is someone looking for Henry, as she leaves the room after excusing herself from Derek. There is a noise behind the bar and Derek goes to look and sees Vienna sitting on the floor. She does not see him.

Henry thinks because he won one game, he can leave, but James tells him that the game isn’t over yet. James gets a call from Derek telling him that they have a situation.

Paul supposedly gets a call while the wedding is going on; he tells Meg that it is work and it is an emergency so he has to go, but he will be back, as Meg and Emma glance after him. Aaron says his vows to Alison about how he knows they will last now because they learned about patience and putting the other person first. They also have loyalty and trust. He will love and be with her forever, as Alison starts to look upset. Holden glances over at Lily, who looks at him, which is noticed by Mike.

By his car, Chris asks Dani not to tell anyone that he was with Alison yesterday. His secret is safe with her, but she wonders if he needs company. He thinks he should just be alone right now.

Alison tells Aaron her vows; he was her first love; he deserves the best and she promises to be the woman he deserves and to be worthy of his love. The minister finishes the ceremony, as they say their ‘I do’s’. They exchange their rings next. Emma leans over to Meg and wonders if everything is ok. Meg just smiles strangely. The minister pronounces Alison and Aaron man and wife, as they kiss and Dani makes her way back and sits down. Everyone claps, as Alison and Aaron walk back down the aisle. Meg tells Emma that she is sure that whatever work problem it is, it will be fine. Emma is concerned that Paul left in the middle of the wedding.

Paul is in the back ho getting ready to dig up areas around the farm. Paul continues to dig and sees nothing.

Emma wonders if it has to do with the farm. Meg tells her that she will call him. Paul doesn’t pick up, as Emma wonders what that noise is suddenly.

Holden takes the girls to go get their pictures taken, as Lily sadly watches them walk away. Mike comes over and tells her that it is hard to just be her friend at this wedding. She tells him that they can slip out right before they cut the cake and meet up in between here and the farm under the big Copper Beach tree. He likes how she thinks.

Janet and Jack are talking with Alison and Aaron before they are called away to take pictures with everyone. Aaron pours Alison some cider to toast. Alison promises to make Aaron proud. She already did because he is so happy.

Carly is down by the pond holding the purple ‘magical’ flower Sage was gave her. She hears Sage’s words about closing her eyes and then opening them to see your true love in front of you. Carly lies back, closes her eyes.

Elsewhere by the pond, Lily arrives at the tree and sits down. She sees a patch of purple flowers and picks one, holds it up to her and closes her eyes.

Carly slowly opens her eyes and looks up to find Jack standing there staring down at her. Carly smiles.

James calls Gin, and Henry accuses him of cheating. He just gets the pleasure of his company longer. Derek walks up to James and they step outside. He tells him that they have a problem because he thinks Bonnie and Vienna are working together to try to find Henry; he thinks they need to take care of them. Henry yells from the door that they had better not touch either one of them. James tells him that he is going to take care of it.

Emma tells Mike that she sent Jack to the farm to find out what the noise is about, but he hasn’t come back; she was wondering if he could go check into it for her. Mike looks unsure because he knows Lily is waiting, but he finally agrees.

Jack wonders what Carly is doing out there. She is waiting for the reception to be over so she can take Sage home. He asks her what she is holding and she tells him how Sage told her that is was a magical flower that could somehow conjure up your true love. Jack smiles. He helps her up, as she loses her footing and Jack grabs her before she falls. They are in each other’s arms, as they stare at one another.

Lily opens her eyes, as she hears someone walking up expecting to see Mike, but she finds Holden instead. He smiles at her.

Luke toasts to the happy couple and then Alison and Aaron cut their cake, as the group watches. They both laugh and feed each other. Luke walks over to Emma and asks her where his dad went because he was supposed to make the toast. She doesn’t know; they seemed to have lost Lily as well.

Lily and Holden are sitting under the tree, as she admits that he was the last person she thought would be there. This was their favorite place as kids, as they reminisce. The both laugh over this. He asks her about the flower. She tells him the myth is that it is magical. He asks if it can turn them into two innocent kids again. Is that what he wants, a surprised Lily asks. He does… maybe, as they stare at one another.

Carly rubs her ankle, as Jack sits close by; she tells him that she was thinking about mistakes and the worst for her was losing him. They have all done things they aren’t proud of. Not him. Jack smirks – she of all people knows he is not perfect. At least he is making a new life for himself – he seems happy. He is getting there. Janet seems nice and if someone had to take her place in his life, she is glad it is someone like her, as Jack stares at her. He deserves to be happy, as she gets up. Jack stops her – she has something wrong there. What is that, as Carly stares. No one could take her place in his life, as he kisses her tenderly. Afterwards, Carly pulls back slightly and they look at one another.

Holden tells Lily that he wouldn’t want to go back to be a kid and make all the mistakes he did. She was thinking about what he said yesterday because just because their marriage didn’t work it doesn’t negate all the good in their life – like their kids and their wonderful memories. They were a great couple and she misses it. So does he, as he kisses her. Lily finally pulls back telling them that they need to get back. Holden helps her up, as she drops her flower and they walk off together.

Carly wonders why Jack came out there. He was supposed to be running an errand for Emma. He can drive her home. She is fine. He should get back to Janet because she is sure she would be worried. Jack heads off, as Carly drops her flower and watches him go.

Bonnie is bringing the bottles of liquor to the bar when she finds Vienna hiding. She wonders what she is doing there. She doesn’t trust her and she is sure that she knows where Henry is. If she is that worried about him, then why isn’t she out somewhere looking for him. Vienna’s phone ringing interrupts them. It is Henry, as Vienna is relieved and thrilled. Where is he, she wonders. A nervous Henry, with James right beside him, tells her that he is playing Black Jack. He went on a bender and is winning at Black Jack – on a Black Jack winning streak, he repeats again. She doesn’t think that is good. He doesn’t know when he will be home, but he loves her, as James takes the phone away from him. James tells him that he hopes Vienna bought it – for her sake.

Vienna hangs up and Bonnie tells her that she should feel better now that she knows Henry is ok and just gambling. Vienna tells her that it is the opposite because Henry doesn’t play Black Jack; he is trying to tell her that he is in trouble.

Mike races up to where Paul is working the back ho; what is he doing, he screams trying to be heard over the heavy machinery. Paul just stares at him.

Alison and Aaron are heading off, as people throw rice. Meg is nearby trying to reach Paul; she wonders why he isn’t picking up.

Jack walks over to Janet, who wonders where he has been and if he is ok. He is fine, as he watches Carly walk over and kiss Sage. She glances over at him before the two of them leave. Jack watches them go, as Janet uncomfortably watches him.

Holden and Lily are walking back to the wedding, as Holden thanks Lily for letting them have the wedding at her house. They are all still family. They stare at one another before she heads off. Emma walks over and tells Holden that they seemed very civil – what is going on. Nothing, as Holden smiles.

Chris is lying on his bed cuddling with his puppy, Morty. He tells Morty that he misses her, too.

Aaron carries Alison over the threshold, as they laugh. She tells him how much she loves him, but she has to tell him something. He tells her that he knows the wedding was rushed and if she isn’t ready to make love, then it is ok because just being married to her is all he needs, as they hug. Alison looks distraught.

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