ATWT Update Tuesday 9/9/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 9/9/08


Written By Eva
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Alison's wedding rehearsal goes on without her because Chris declares his love for Alison, and they make love. Alison later tells Chris it was all a mistake, and she intends to marry Aaron tomorrow. Susan sends Dani to look for Alison. She checks the hospital and then the Lakeview and sees Alison running out of Chris's room. Chris is chasing after her while he is only half dressed. Holden and Lily agree to stop sniping at each other and call a truce for Aaron's wedding. Casey and Emily decide they don't need to be married to have a solid relationship. Jack tells Brad they have footprints and fingerprints that will prove he was on the scene when Leo had his accident. Brad asks Jack to get rid of the evidence, and after hearing Liberty say how much having a father means to her Jack decides to hide the evidence. Jack takes the evidence to the farm and throws it away, but Janet asks Jack to give the evidence to her so she can hide it. He won't know its whereabouts so he won't feel guilty. Jack agrees and gives the evidence to Janet who tells him he did the right thing, but Jack still feels badly. Jack calls Brad to tell him he has nothing to worry about, and Brad and Katie breathe a sigh of relief.

(Police Station) Jack tells Janet that he is so stuffed from the lunch she brought him that he feels like he needs to take a nap. Janet cleans up and throws the containers in the garbage. Janet jokes that the cots in the back room are very uncomfortable, and Jack tells Janet they can take a nap together and gives her a kiss. Janet tells Jack that she would love to take a nap with him but she is helping Emma with the food, and she is making her famous apple-chipotle pecan pie. Janet gives Jack one more kiss and he walks her to the door. Dallas arrives and tells Jack they have new evidence in the Leo Morrissey case. Dallas hands Jack the file, and Jack doesn't look at all happy with the information he is reading.

(Lily's garden) Dani arrives to help with the preparations for the wedding rehearsal, and Lily is surprised that she has grown into such a beautiful young woman. Emily wants to talk to Casey because she can't stand that he is mad at her. Casey ignores her and asks Lily for a CD to make sure the sound system works. Emily tells Casey they have to talk. He tells her that he has to make sure things are perfect for Alison and Aaron's wedding because weddings are important, but she wouldn't know that since weddings are not important to her. Aaron, Susan and Emily wonder why Alison is late for the rehearsal and Emily pulls Susan aside and tells her that she thinks Alison is having second thoughts about the wedding.

(Lakeview) Alison cries a little and tells Chris she feels so overwhelmed by the wedding, and Chris thinks its because she doesn't want to get married tomorrow. Alison is offended by Chris's implication that she is making the wrong decision by marrying Aaron.

(Lily's Garden) Aaron gives Alison a call which goes to voice mail after a few rings, so Aaron leaves a message for Alison. Susan tells Emily not to even suggest that Alison isn't going to marry Aaron. It is bad luck.

(Lakeview) Chris tells Alison to answer the phone, but she tells him he has no right to judge her decisions. Alison tells Chris that she loves Aaron and is going to marry him tomorrow, but she sounds more like she is trying to persuade herself to marry Aaron.

(Lily's garden) Lily wonders why the outlet they plugged the stereo into isn't working. Holden arrives to tell Casey the switch is on a different circuit and explains where the circuit box is. So Casey goes to flip the switch in the circuit box. Lily tells Holden that he has to let her do things on her own because he doesn't live there anymore. Holden tells Lily that she can probably ask Mike for help because he is spending a lot of time at the house. Lily asks Holden if they can stop fighting and concentrate on making Aaron's wedding special for him. Holden aggress not to make remarks about Mike, and Lily promises not to keep reminding him that he doesn't live there anymore. Faith and Natalie arrive and go with Susan to look at the arbor and then take their places for the rehearsal

(TV Station) Brad and Katie are taping promotional commercials for the show.? Brad gets distracted when he sees Jack arrive, so he asks the crew to take a break. Jack informs Brad that he needs to find a good lawyer because they took footprints from the reservoir and they also have fingerprints from the public phone he used to call 911. Jack tells Brad that the prints will place him at the scene of the crime.

(Farm) Janet is very happy and tells Liberty that she and Jack have patched up their fight, and for the first time she feels she is in a mature relationship. Liberty is very happy for her mom, and Janet tells her Jack invited her to the wedding tomorrow. Janet tells Liberty that the crisis with Leo has brought her and Jack closer together. Janet feels that this crisis will also help Brad and Jack have a closer relationship. The ladies decide Janet needs a new outfit for the wedding because all her clothes show too much cleavage.

(TV Station) Jack goes over the details of the accident much like a lawyer would at a trial, in order to make Brad see that a jury will probably think that he felt guilty about what he did, so he saved Leo. Jack also tells Brad that the jury will know that he was very angry with Leo for what he did to Liberty.

(Lily's Garden) Susan is very worried, so Dani offers to go to the hospital and check and see if Alison is there. Susan thanks her for the offer and Dani heads to the hospital. Aaron gets a text message from Alison telling him she is sorry to be late but she is on her way. Aaron relays the news to everyone and everyone is happy the rehearsal will start soon.

(Lakeview) Alison starts to leave but Chris stops her. He asks her to stay because this is his last chance to tell her something important. Chris apologizes for questioning her decision to marry Aaron, and he won't do that anymore. Alison wonders why Chris cares so much how she feels and if she marries Aaron tomorrow. Chris quickly blurts out to Alison that he loves her. Alison is shocked and tells Chris that he only thinks he loves her because he can't have her. Chris tells Alison he was an idiot to let her go all those years ago, and he has always loved her very much. Alison reminds Chris that he left her for Emily and when he came back to town he used her as a rebound relationship when Emily dumped him. Chris tells Alison he messed up his second chance with her because he didn't realize that he had to earn the right to be with her. Chris tells Alison that now he realizes how special and important she is to him and all he wants is for her to love him and want him as much as he loves and wants her. Chris gives Alison a passionate kiss and then he stops, and then Alison grabs Chris and kisses him back. The two fall on the bed and start to undress each other.

(TV Station) Jack tells Brad and Katie that if a lawyer can prove premeditation, he could be facing attempted murder charges. Brad sends Katie to finish the promos. Once she is gone he asks Jack to get rid of the evidence against him. Jack tells Brad he can't do that, the best thing he can do is back up his story when he turns himself in to the police. Brad explains to Jack that he has messed things up his entire life, but now he has finally found the right woman and he is a good husband. Brad also doesn't want to leave Liberty who has been without a father for such a long time. Jack tells Brad to leave because he can't listen to him anymore. Katie gets worried when she sees Brad leaving and asks for permission to go home.

(Lily's garden) Casey doesn't think that Emily cares about his feelings. She tells him she does care about him, and they just need to talk. Susan and Aaron decide to go ahead with the rehearsal since Alison is very late. Emily substitutes for Alison and Holden is the minister. Holden doesn't say the right words according to Faith so she recites the words the minister is supposed to say to the bride and groom. Aaron and Emily hug instead of kissing and Emily welcomes Aaron to the family.

(Hospital) Dani asks a nurse and finds out Alison didn't come to work today. She then asks about Chris and is told that he got someone to cover his shift because he had something important to do.

(Lakeview) Alison gets out of bed startled, wondering why they did what they just did. She nervously tells Chris it was a mistake and puts on her clothes. Chris insists that this wasn't just sex, and they made love. Chris tells Alison that she should stop denying what she feels for him, and tell Aaron the truth. Alison tells Chris that she isn't denying anything, and she will marry Aaron tomorrow. Alison runs out of the room. Dani sees Chris who doesn't have a shirt on run after Alison.

(Brad and Katie's place) Brad tells Katie he asked Jack to destroy the evidence against him. Katie thinks it was wrong to put Jack in such a bad position. Brad agrees but tells Katie he didn't want to risk having to leave her and Liberty.

(Police Station) Liberty arrives to thank Jack for making Janet the happiest she has ever seen her in her life. Jack wonders how Liberty is coping with what Leo did to her. Liberty says she is tough and is doing fine but she felt worse for Brad who only wanted to protect her. Liberty tells Jack that it felt good to have a father to help her through this crisis. Liberty tells Jack she doesn't know what she would do without her wonderful dad and Uncle Jack in her life. She gives Jack a hug and leaves. Jack takes the envelope with the evidence and looks like he has already decided to get rid of it.

(Lily's Garden) Alison arrives very late, and Aaron says they already had the rehearsal, and it's okay that she missed it.

(Lakeview) Aaron toasts to Alison and tells her how much he loves her. She apologizes for eating the box of chocolate he intended to share with everyone for dessert but explains she was nervous. Alison tells Aaron she doesn't feel well and goes to the bathroom. Chris stops Alison in the hallway and once again asks her to tell Aaron the truth. Alison tells Chris there is nothing to tell.? Aaron arrives, and Chris watches Alison hug Aaron.

(Farm) Jack tells Janet that there is new evidence against Brad and that Brad asks him to get rid of the evidence. Janet wonders what Jack is going to do but Jack takes out the evidence and throws it in the garbage. Janet asks Jack to allow her to help him and tells him to give her the evidence so she can hide it. Janet thinks, "This way Jack won't feel so guilty because he really won't know where the evidence is. She won't tell him the hiding place." Jack takes the evidence out of the garbage and gives it to Janet. Janet tells Jack he did the right thing but he doesn't think so and goes outside to get some air.

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