ATWT Update Thursday 9/4/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 9/4/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Brad and Katie’s place) Brad has a nightmare that Leo grabs his foot and pulls him into the reservoir Brad screams and Katie holds him and tells him its okay because it was just a nightmare. Brad tells Katie once again that he never meant for Leo to get hurt he just wanted to scare Leo. Katie tells Brad she knows he didn’t want Leo to get hurt and advises him to tells jack the truth. Brad tells Katie he can’t risk going to jail and leaving her and Liberty for any period of time

(Police Station) Margo asks Jack how Brad and Parker are doing after the situation with Liberty. Jack explains to Margo that Brad is very apologetic for blaming Parker for Liberty’s attack. Jack also says that Parker is doing better since he spoke to Liberty on the phone and she told him how sorry she was that Brad and Janet assumed he attacked her. Margo is glad to know Parker is doing well and on his way too overcoming this latest crisis. Jack wonders how the investigation on the Morrissey case is going and Margo tells Jack they won’t know anything until Leo awakens from his coma. Margo suspects that the Good Samaritan who rescued Leo was trying to kill him and then changed his or her mind and rescued him. Margo asks Jack if he wants to work on the case but Jack refuses saying Dallas can handle the case. Margo also tells Jack that Leo’s father is pressuring the department to discover the person who caused the accident.

(Al’s Diner) Janet tells Liberty it is time that she has decided to move out of the farm because it is time she found her own place. Liberty wonders if moving out was Janet’s decision or if Jack kicked her out because they had a fight. Janet tells Liberty the decision was mutual and she was getting tired of all those people coming in and out of the house all the time. Liberty knows better because Janet told her she loved living at the farm because it was full of people. Liberty blames herself for Jack and Janet’s break up but Janet tells her that she is fine even though she doesn’t look fine. Janet covers her sadness by asking Liberty if she can get her something to eat Liberty asks for a cup of coffee.

(Police Station) Carly arrives to talk to Jack about Brad so they go into the interrogation room so they can talk to each other in private. Carly tells Jack she saw Brad sneaking into Leo’s hospital room. Jack wonders how Carly came to the conclusion that Brad was sneaking into Leo’s room and she tells him that he looked over his shoulder in both directions to make sure nobody was watching him. Carly also tells Jack that she heard Brad tell Leo that he was sorry. Jack tries to cover and tells Carly that Brad was probably telling Leo he will be sorry for what he did to Liberty. Carly can tell by the look on Jack’s face that he is lying and wonders why he is lying to protect Brad. Jack tells Carly that he knows that Brad can be a bonehead sometimes but he has a good heart and he would never intentionally hurt anyone. Jack asks Carly to not say anything to anyone about what she saw at the hospital. Carly agrees not to say a word to anyone just because Jack is asking her for a favor. Carly knows that Jack knows more then he is telling her about what happened to Leo so she reminds him what he has always told her that if he keeps a secret too long it always comes back to bite you. .

(Brad and Katie’s place) Brad tells Katie that he needs time to think about what he should do but Katie tells Brad that the guilt will keep eating away at him until he tells the truth.

(Lily’s place) Lily is startled by Holden’s sudden entrance into the house and she tells him that he should have called first or at least knocked on the door. Holden is also started by seeing Lily naked in the house with Mike and quickly leaves the house. Lily is embarrassed by what just happened and asks Mike if he wasn’t embarrassed by the incident. Mike tells Lily that he wasn’t embarrassed at all although he did feel embarrassed for Holden because it must be hard seeing someone you loved with another man. Lily feels like she has to go speak to Holden so she quickly gets dressed and catches Holden walking to his car. Lily asks Holden what he wanted to talk to her about but he tells her to forget about it because she is obviously too busy with her new boyfriend. Lily gets angry and makes it clear that she is busy moving on with her life and since Mike is now a part of her life he should get used to seeing him anytime he chooses to come by the house unexpectedly.

(Brad and Katie’s place) Jack arrives and asks Brad to tell him what happened with Leo at the reservoir. Brad figures out that Katie told Jack everything and is angry at first but Katie tells him she did it to protect him. Brad tells Jack what Katie already told him at the police station and he makes it clear that he only wanted to scare Leo he never meant to hurt him. Jack tells Brad he believes him and gives him an hour to go to the station and confess. Jack tells Brad he is facing assault or manslaughter charges depending if Leo lives or dies. Jack tells Brad that the charges have a minimum of five to ten years respectively. Jack tells Brad that when he comes to the station he will take his statement and pretend it is the first time he has ever heard it. Jack tells Brad that if he doesn’t come to the station in one hour he will come and get him.

(Campground) Brian, Luke, Noah, and Lucinda arrive for their mushroom hunt and Lucinda is surprised that two tents have already been set up. Brian explains that he arrived a few hours before he went to pick them up and set up the tents because he didn’t want Lucinda to wait in the hot sun while the men set up the tents. Lucinda smiles when she sees the two tents because she assumes what Luke is also thinking that she and Brian will share a tent while Luke and Noah sleep in the second tent. Luke isn’t happy that Brian intends to take advantage of his grandmother. Noah reminds him that if Brian and Lucinda share a tent and Brain keeps Lucinda busy then they can spend some much needed time alone together at night staring at the stars. Luke likes the idea and smiles and he and Noah are about to kiss when Bran interrupts and says it is time for a mushroom hunt.

(Outside Lily’s house) Holden is angry that Lily is throwing her relationship in his face. Lily reminds Holden she did nothing wrong because the children were at school and she was in her house with her boyfriend. Lily also points out that Holden was the one who slept with her best friend while his girls were close by and could have caught them together. Lily also warns Holden that she intends to invite Mike to be her date for Aaron and Alison’s wedding. Holden doesn’t want to talk so he storms off and gets in his car. Lily goes back inside the house to talk to Mike.

(Lily’s house) Lily tells Mike that Holden had the audacity to accuse her of throwing her relationship in his face. Mike suggests that maybe he shouldn’t go to the wedding with Lily because he doesn’t want to make things more complicated for her with her family. Lily thinks that this relationship is getting to complicated for Mike but he assures her that isn’t true he just wants to give Holden more time to adjust to their relationship. Lily gives Mike a few kisses and tells him that she won’t be able to go to the wedding without him. Mike agrees to go to the wedding as Lily’s friend and she promises to ignore him the whole time and not touch him. Mike smiles and tells Lily she better flirt with him or he won’t forgive her and then they kiss again.

(Campground) Brian puts a rug down on the ground in Lucinda’s tent so that she can have a few of the comforts of home. Lucinda also smiles when she sees a small table with a chair next to it and a vase with some flowers on the table. Lucinda is surprised when Brian tells her he is going to sleep in the men’s tent because a lady needs her privacy. Noah tells Luke he is going to Rome to shoot a movie for his class because a student dropped out of the trip. Noah asks Luke to go with him but Luke says no even though he would love to go but he has to work on the foundation and go to Aaron and Alison’s wedding. Noah and Luke tell each other they will miss each other and are about to kiss but Brian interrupts again and announces he is going to sleep in their tent. Once Brian is gone Luke tells Noah he is envois that he is going to spend a few weeks in Rome shooting a movie while he is stuck working with Brian for the summer. The group begins their mushroom hunt and Noah finds a mushroom so Brain decides to leave them alone while he heads back to their camp to prepare things for dinner. Lucinda and Luke are not having any fun so they want to go home but Noah reminds them that Brain put in a lot of time in effort making sure they were comfortable. Lucinda and Luke decide to look for one mushroom and then go back to camp. Lucinda finds a large mushroom but slips and gets painful brambles all over her. Luke, Lucinda, and Noah go back to camp and brambles to Lucinda’s side and gently begin helping her get rid of the brambles. Luke decides to give Brian the benefit of the doubt since he is being so kind to Lucinda.

(Snyder Pond) Holden and Carly find each other at the pond because they both need to think and Holden shares the details of his fight with Lily. Holden admits to Carly that he is angry that Lily can be with the person she wants in public and he can’t be with her. Holden tells Carly that he can’t stop thinking about her and he wants to have a relationship with her that will last a lifetime. Carly reminds Holden that they have tried that before and a relationship between them will never work because they have hurt too many people. Holden kisses Carly and tells her that the girls accept Mike with Lily and they will do the same with her. Carly reminds Holden that Mike didn’t sleep with Lily while she was still married to him. Carly thinks its best that they remain friends so Holden walks Carly to her car and she gives him a kiss on the cheek before she gets in her car.

(Police Station) Liberty arrives to ask Jack to try and give his relationship with Janet another try because she was the happiest she has ever been with him. Liberty explains to Jack that her mother isn’t used to hearing a sincere apology from a man and she is afraid of being emotionally hurt so she leaves before that can happen. Liberty tells Jack that if he was even a little happy with Janet he should try to get her back. Jack agrees and heads to Al’s Diner to see Janet.

(Brad and Katie’s place) Brad and Katie realize that Brad can’t spend the rest of his life running away. Brad gets a call from Leo’s private nurse who says he wants to see him. Brad and Katie head to the hospital to see Leo.

(Hospital) Margo arrives first and goes into Leo’s room to se him and doesn’t allow Brad and Katie to go into the room with her. Margo comes out a few minutes later and tells Brad he should go in to see Leo and hear what he has to say. Brad and Katie go inside the room and Leo apologizes to Brad for what he did to Liberty and Parker. Leo also tells Brad and Katie he can’t remember anything about his accident. Brad and Katie breathe a sigh of relief as they leave the room.

(Al’s Diner) Jack asks Janet to give their relationship another try but she says that she doesn’t want to risk disappointing Jack the same way Carly disappointed him. Jack tell Janet he understands he can be too hard on people and even Parker has pointed out he acts more like a cop then a father at times. Jack tells Janet he wants to learn how to cut people some slack and he thinks that she can be the one to help him by keeping him grounded. Jack tells Janet he is a better person with her then without her and he needs her in his life. Janet gives Jack a kiss while Liberty watches through the window before going home. Brad and Katie interrupt Jack and Janet and explain that Leo doesn’t remember the accident and Brad asks Jack to keep quiet about the accident. Jack isn’t sure he wants to obstruct justice until Janet reminds Jack this is a time he needs to cut his brother some slack. Jack agrees to keep quiet about Leo’s accident and gives Brad a hug.

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