ATWT Update Wednesday 9/3/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 9/3/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Al’s Diner) Henry tries to persuade Vienna to hire Bonnie back at Metro because she was very good at her job and he has no experience running a nightclub. Henry also points out that with Bennie’s help they would have more time to spend together. Henry manages to persuade Vienna to hire Bonnie back after he and Vienna have a few long kisses. Vienna does however have three rules Bonnie is not to come anywhere near her, If Bonnie does something that isn’t business related Henry is to tell her right away, and as soon as he learns how to run a nightclub from Bonnie she is fired. Henry thinks the terms are a little harsh but since he needs Bonnie’s help he promises to abide by Vienna’s terms.

(Java) Bonnie tells Derek that she has a lot of free time since she quit her job at Metro. Derek tells Bonnie he will be staying in town longer and would love to go out with her. Bonnie and Derek make plans to go out on a date tonight. Bennie’s conversation with Derek is interrupted when she gets a call from Henry who wonders where she is because he needs to talk to her. Bonnie tells Henry she is at Java so he heads over there to talk to her. Derek tells Bonnie he can’t wait to see her tonight and leaves so she can talk to Henry. Henry is about to walk inside Java when he overhears Derek on the phone telling someone that he put the fear of God into someone and if he lets him continue to pressure the person it won’t be long until he gets what he wants and his job will be done. Henry tells Bonnie to stay away from Derek. Henry tells Bonnie what he heard Derek say during his phone conversation and that he thinks Derek is dangerous. Bonnie refuses to listen to Henry’s advice and tells Henry she won’t stop dating Derek just because he took a conversation out of context.

(Al’s Diner) Henry tells Vienna he is concerned about Bonnie dating Derek, but she makes him promise to stay out of Bonnie’s business. Vienna thinks now that Bonnie has found her own man she will stay away from Henry. Vienna is so happy that Bonnie has found a new man that it puts her in a romantic mood and she and Henry begin to kiss each other.

(Fairwinds) Meg is tired of being on bed rest and wants to do something in bed besides sleep, so she and Paul begin to kiss. Paul stops and reminds Meg that the doctor told her to rest from any activity. Paul tells Meg he must do an errand and gives her a kiss before telling her to sleep. Meg tells Paul to hurry back because she gets very bored at home by herself.

(Lily’s house) Lily wonders if Alison has any plans for the wedding and suggests that she and Aaron should get married in the garden with an arbor. Alison says that is fine because all she wants is for Aaron to be happy. Lily calls Mike and says she will be over to the work site later because she has something to ask him.

(Hospital) Chris runs into his patient Mrs. Ward with his grandmother and says hello to her. Nancy explains to Chris that Mrs. Ward is heartbroken because her dog won’t be able to go with her to an assisted living home because they don’t take pets. Nancy also tells Chris that the social worker has made several visits to Mrs. Ward’s home and has never seen a dog. Mrs. Ward explains that Voldemort is shy around strangers but he does like Chris and his girlfriend. Mrs. Ward pleads with Chris to ask his girlfriend (meaning Alison) if they can keep Voldemort because she just won’t be able to be happy in her new home unless she knows her dog is happy. Alison arrives and Chris explains that Mrs. Ward thinks they are a couple. Alison smiles at the sweet lady as she asks if she and Chris would take care of her dog. Mrs. Ward doesn’t give Alison or Chris time to respond she just tells them the dog is under the bed and he is almost potty trained. Nancy then wheels Mrs. Ward away because they have arrived to take her to her new home. Chris and Alison find the dog in a basket under the bed of Mrs. Ward’s former hospital room. Alison tells Chris she can’t take the dog without first asking Aaron if he wants the dog. Chris says he would love to take the dog but the Lakeview doesn’t allow pets. Chris reminds Alison that the dog will probably go to a shelter and face the possibility of being put to sleep. Alison agrees to talk to Aaron about the dog after the wedding. Chris agrees to hide the dog at the hotel until Alison is able to talk to Aaron. Alison tells Chris she will go to the store and buy supplies for the dog and drop them by his room later.

(Lakeview) Aaron asks Holden to help him decide on a menu for the wedding reception since all the women on both sides of the family are busy. Holden tells Aaron that he knows nothing about reception food but he will do his best to help him. Aaron and Holden spend a long time tasting food but are unable to make any decisions so Aaron asks Holden if he can call Lily for help. Holden tells Aaron it is okay to call Lily for help.

(Farm) Lily asks Mike to build an arbor for Aaron and Alison’s wedding he agrees and tells her he will stop by her house later to talk about Ideas. Lily gets a call from Aaron and tells him she will be at the Lakeview in a few minutes to help him. Mike is walking Lily back to her car when they see Paul digging with a shovel. Mike and Lily both wonder what Paul is doing and Paul explains that he is taking a third soil sample to be tested by a third lab. Mike is angry with Paul for doing a job that has already been done and wasting his time. Paul insists he would rather be extra careful so the project would run smoothly. Paul leaves with Lily and explains to her that Paul should be raising the money they need to finish the project instead of wasting his time with a job that has already been done. Paul is very upset when he digs in the spot James Marked on the map and can’t find the money.

(Lakeview) Lily sees Chris and says hello and hears the dog that Chris has hidden under his shirt barking. Chris tells Lily he has a sore throat and quickly gets into the elevator. Lily arrives and Aaron leaves her and Holden alone to taste the food. Lily makes Holden taste some of the food.  She feeds it to him on a spoon, which is an intimate moment between them.  Aaron walks out into the hallway and sees Alison.  He tells her to come help Holden and Lily taste food for the reception. Alison hides the pet supplies and goes to the dining room with Aaron to taste food. Alison is more concerned about the dog then the reception food.  She tells Aaron she likes everything and that whatever he decides is fine. Aaron thinks Emma should make the food. Alison says that is fine and tells Aaron she must get back to the hospital. Lily leaves, since her help is no longer needed. Aaron wonders why Alison doesn’t care about any of the wedding plans. Chris plays with the dog as he waits for Alison to arrive with the food. Alison explains to Chris that she had to taste some food and she hasn’t had a chance to talk to Aaron about the dog. Chris gives Alison a key to his room in case she needs to feed the dog while he is at work. Alison asks Chris not to tell Aaron about the dog because she is afraid Aaron will get upset just because the dog is connected to him. Aaron asks Holden to be his best man and Holden accepts the honor. Holden tells Aaron he will go inform Lily about the change in plans for the food.

(Fairwinds) James sneaks into Meg's room and watches her sleeping and when she awakens and sees him he tells her she is dreaming and to go back to sleep. Paul arrives and Meg tells her about her dream and he tells her to forget about the nightmare. Paul goes down to the cellar punches James and warns him to stay away from Meg or he will call the police and report his whereabouts. Paul tells James he didn’t find any money and James explains that the money is buried so deeply he needs a backhoe to get it out. Mike arrives a few minutes later to tell him he won’t be going the work site for a few days because he is building an arbor as a gift for Aaron and Alison’s wedding. Paul pretends to be angry at Mike’s irresponsibility even though Mike assures him the workers can do the work without him for a few days. Paul tells Mike he is forcing him to close down the project until he can return to work. Paul also tells Mike that the workers won’t be paid while he is gone. James tells Paul that he couldn’t have handled the situation with Kasnoff better himself. James is proud because Paul is becoming more like him every day. Paul tells James to never compare them to each other or he will be sorry.

(Lily’s house) Lily sees a very dirty Mike waiting outside the house, so she suggests he come inside and take a shower, so they can spend some time alone as well as go over plans for the arbor. Mike agrees and the couple goes inside the house. Lily leaves some towels for Mike sitting on the toilet while he is in the shower. Mike pulls a fully clothed Lily inside the shower with him and they kiss for a few minutes. Lily has a towel around her head and a towel around her body as Mike who has a towel around his waist kiss. Lily stops and says she has to take their clothes out of the dryer but Mike pulls her into another kiss. Mike grabs Lily ‘s towel and is about to let it drop to the floor but they hear the door and Lily gasps as she turns and sees Holden.

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