ATWT Update Tuesday 9/2/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 9/2/08


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(Fairwinds) Paul talks to James in the wine cellar and wonders what James's hidden motives are and why he needs his help so much. Paul kicks James out of the house, and then the conversation is interrupted by a call from Barbara.

(Limo) Barbara tells Paul that Derek is holding her inside the Limo and wonít let her go until Paul pays him the money he owes him. Paul promises Derek he will give him the money tonight, but he must let Barbara go.

(Fairwinds) Paul hangs up the phone and reminds James he had better be gone when he returns from doing his errands. Barbara arrives looking for Paul and is stunned to see James is out of jail. James laughs and tells Barbara that she looks as beautiful as ever despite her recent illness. James also tells Barbara that she should know that jail couldnít hold him. Barbara tells James that after facing cancer she is no longer afraid of him.

(Lakeview) Paul tells Lucinda that he wants to sell her back the company that Craig took away from her. Lucinda reminds Paul that she isnít stupid, and he must have a good reason for wanting to sell her back the company right now. Lucinda tells Paul that he had his chance to sell her the company, and now it is too late. Lucinda begins to leave, and Paul stops her and admits he borrowed money from a lone shark for a good reason, and now he wants it back today. Lucinda tells Paul that he made this mess, and now he must get himself out of this mess.

(Fairwinds) Paul arrives and tells James that he will do whatever he asks in order to get the money to pay the lone shark and protect his family. Barbara pleads with Paul not to do this because she worked too hard to keep him away from his fatherís evil influence to watch him throw his life away, now. Paul explains to Barbara that for once in his life he is thinking of Meg and his baby before himself, and he must keep them safe. James gives Paul a map of the Snyder farm, and he says he has a lot of money buried on Snyder land. Paul figures out that when James found out that the land was contaminated he was afraid that people would dig and find his money, so he planned all of this to get his money back.

Katie calls Janet from the TV station and is very worried when Janet tells her that Brad isnít home. Janet promises to call Katie as soon as Brad returns home.

(Reservoir) Brad is very worried when Leo doesnít come up from the water and dives in to rescue him. Brad lays Leo on the ground and begs Leo not to die on him but after a few minutes of CPR Leo doesnít respond. Brad runs a little ways to get better reception on his cell phone. He calls 911 tells, and them Leoís location and asks for the paramedics to come right away. Brad runs back to Leo and continues CPR and is able to get a weak pulse from Leo a few minutes before paramedics arrive on the scene to help Leo. Brad hides from the paramedics, waits a few minutes until Leo is put in the ambulance, and then heads home.

(Brad and Katieís place) Liberty wonders if she should call Parker and apologize for the trouble she caused him. Janet advises Liberty to tell Parker how she feels because if he is her friend, he will accept her apology. Liberty asks her mother to sing her to sleep because since the attack she has been having trouble sleeping. Janet holds Liberty as she softly sings her to sleep.

(Carlyís place) Jack tells Carly he wants to stay there tonight because he knows Parker is still shaken up by Libertyís attack. Carly wonders if Jack is avoiding going home because he had a fight with Janet. Jack tells Carly he doesnít want to talk about his relationship with Janet at all. Janet arrives with a basket of fruit for Parker as a way to apologize to him. Janet apologizes to Jack for not believing him when he told her Parker didnít attack Liberty. Jack is still angry at Janet and refuses to accept her apology. When Janet wonders if they can talk about it later at home, Jack tells her he will be staying with his family tonight. Once Janet is gone, Carly tells Jack that she is used to him being judgmental to her, but he had never actually seen him be judgmental towards someone else. Carly surprises herself by defending Janetís upset state of mind after Libertyís attack and making Jack see that any parent would act that way after an attack on her child. Carly thinks Jack would act the same way if someone had attacked Sage. Carly makes Jack realize that he should have listened to Janet and not acted so harshly towards her. Carly smiles as she asks Jack to say two words she seldom heard during their marriage, "Youíre right." Jack smiles because he canít believe he is actually listening to relationship advice from Carly.

(TV Station) Katie is given Leoís phone number from an employee who had promised to get the number for Brad. Katie heads home with some questions for Brad.

(Brad and Katieís place) Janet wonders why Brad arrives home soaking wet, and Brad tells her to stop asking questions for Libertyís sake and goes to the bedroom to change clothes. Katie arrives home and wonders if Brad went looking for Leo, but he lies to her and says he went for a walk. Janet senses that Brad and Katie need to have a talk so she heads home.

(Farm) Janet packs her things and cries a little. Jack arrives and apologizes for being so harsh with her. Jack also tells Janet, he still wants to live with her and make their relationship work. Janet cries as she tells Jack that she realized today that she would never be able to live up to his high expectations. Jack gets a call from Dallas as Janet walks out on him, to tell him that Leo was found at the reservoir and taken to the hospital by paramedics.

(Carlyís house) Parker tells Carly he is afraid this latest ordeal may not be over for him. Carly assures him things are okay now but takes him to see Jack to get assurance from him.

(Hospital) Jack arrives at the hospital to question Leo, but Dallas informs him Leo is in a coma.

(Brad and Katieís place) Jack arrives to inform Brad, Katie, and Janet about what happened to Leo and asks Brad if he went after Leo because he was angry with him. Brad tells Jack that he didnít go after Leo at all. Jack and Janet both leave and after they are gone Katie wonders why Brad lied to Jack. Katie tells Brad that one of the TV station employees told her he was looking for Leo, so she called him on his cell phone to stop him but he didnít answer because he was at the reservoir. Brad explains all the details of the accident to Katie and assures her he didnít want to hurt Leo he just wanted to scare him. Katie advises Brad to confess to Jack and ask for his help, but Brad doesnít want to risk losing everyone he loves by going to jail. Brad gives Katie a kiss, tells her he loves her, and goes for a walk.

(Hospital) Dallas tells Carly to tell Parker to put this incident behind him. Because he was never arrested, the incident wonít go on his record. Carly sees Brad arrive and follows him to Leoís room. Brad enters and sits by Leoís bed and apologizes to him for causing the accident. Brad is unaware that Carly has overheard his apology to Leo.

Liberty calls Parker and apologizes for all the trouble she caused him and assures him she knew he would never hurt her. Parker tells Liberty that he believes her and accepts her apology.

(Police Station) Jack calls Dallas and asks him to get the tape of the 911 calls because something is very suspicious. Katie arrives, and despite Jackís advice not to say a word to him about Brad being involved in Leoís accident tells him all the details Brad told her. Katie pleads with Jack to help his brother and make it easier for him to confess because he is very scared. Jack wonders if Katie knows what she is asking him to do. Katie asks Jack to help Brad if he ever loved her at all. Janet also arrives to plead with Jack not to leave Liberty without her father. Jack makes it clear that as hard as this situation is for him is it is out of his control because he must do his job.

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