ATWT Update Thursday 8/28/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 8/28/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

Paul communicates with James via his laptop video cam. He tells James it doesn’t matter where he is as long as it is far away from him. James asks if that is any way to talk to his father? And then says it hurts when Paul says he never had a father. He wonders why he is still holding a grudge. Paul says he has had closure. He doesn’t think of James at all. That’s the way he likes it and he hopes James has a long and miserable life. Both of them laugh when James comments that Paul had better think of him and talk to him otherwise he will never see Barbara’s money again.

Janet rumbles around in Emma’s kitchen and tells Jack that he will love her grana carmello tartufo if she can just find a measuring cup. Jack tells her that he thinks his aunt re-arranged Janet’s kitchen arrangement. She retorts that she doesn’t blame Emma, she would hate it if someone re-arranged her kitchen…..if she had one. She says both Jack and Emma have been great about letting her stay there, but it can’t be forever so she needs to start looking for a place. Jack suggests they look together and then he wants to move in with her.

Katie and Brad breeze in and apologize to Kim for being late, family business, it will never happen again. Rolling her eyes, Kim says sure – she likes nothing better than paying the staff and crew to stand around and do nothing. The segment is about travel in Tahiti and Brad swears they can wing it without preparation. Kim doesn’t feel too re-assured about this.

Liberty pulls Parker by the hand as she skips into the woods. She finds a spot and tells Parker this is so much better, away from Leo, the loser. She comes on to him and Parker reminds her they should not be here alone. She questions whether he wants to kiss her or not. He doesn’t understand. First she just wanted to be friends and now this. She wonders why he is whining. He denies he is whining, he just doesn’t know what Liberty wants him to do. Throwing her arms around him, she sneers that maybe he can figure it out. He wants to know what is wrong with her. Likewise, she wonders what is wrong with him. She tells him to call her when he grows up and she goes floating off again.

Carly stops by Metro to help Henry, but he’s got it all under control. He brags that it is Bonnie. “She is to restaurant management what Tiger Woods is to golf. So relax, go home, play with the kids." Carly admits that her kids don’t need her so much at the moment. They have their friends and activities and even know how to make their own supper. And she finds herself with all this free time and she hates it.

In the dining room, Bonnie tells Derek that she was really surprised he called. She was not expecting to hear from him again. His intentions were quite clear last time, just not his schedule. He says he is sorry about that, he does travel a lot. He didn’t mean to be so mysterious. She dismisses it, she likes a mystery, it’s sort of romantic. He’s not sure he can share what his interest is in Oakdale. It might be a conflict of interest since it involves her client, Paul Ryan.

Paul and James play cat and mouse about the money. Paul wants to know if he has it and what does he want in exchange. James asks why would Paul think he had an ulterior motive. Paul retorts because he always has about six of them. James gasps and thinks it’s nice that he has his son’s respect. Enough riddles, says Paul, where’s the money? James thinks this is a chat they need face to face. He disappears.

Oh air, Brad snuggles up to Katie and says he could use some Tahiti romance right now. They are always working. In fact they didn’t even stop when they got married. They got married on the show and did not stop for a honeymoon. He suggests that since the audience was there for their honeymoon, they come along for the honeymoon – in Tahiti.

Janet is stunned that Jack so easily suggested he move in with her. He jokes it is easier finding one place instead of two. She chides he wouldn’t be the first guy to settle on this for convenience, a live-in cook and a sex toy. He quips that he loves her cooking and he also loves playing sex with her, but he’d like to think they have much more than that. She didn’t know they were going to do the commitment thing. He replies and if he knew he was going to be cross-examined he would have hired a lawyer. She tells him it’s his own fault for changing lanes without a signal. This is so out of the blue. She gives in and says she’d love to live with him. She is psyched that he asked. As he tries to kiss her, she comments that she thinks he is forgetting about something – the children.

Parker follows Liberty and she offers him her last bite of brownie. She isn’t sure why he came after her. He thinks she is acting ditzy. But if she wants to make out, he’s cool with that. He was never into the just friends anyway. She pushes him away and coos that the game is over, he lost, just go home to mommy. She’s acting totally spacey so Parker leaves.

Henry and Carly make a toast to independence in all it’s miserable, lonely, depressing glory. Carly determines that he has not heard from Vienna. She offers that Vienna is in Sweden not the North Pole. He answers she might as well be on Mars. She’s gone and he misses her a lot. He ponders, what is wrong with this picture. They are two good-looking, intelligent, charming people, so why are they having this pity party? He sighs that Vienna is his sun, the moon, the stars….the air that he breathes, the cream in his coffee….. Suddenly Vienna appears behind him and Carly whispers that she thinks his misery is about to end. He turns around and is mesmerized. He thinks he is hallucinating until he touches Vienna and figures out she is for real. She figures out that he is having a liquid lunch and he only does that when he’s really, really sad. She tells him she thought she was gone for good, but she could not live without him. They embrace and kiss. Carly takes one last gulp of her wine and bemoans that next time she is having what he had.

Bonnie tells Derek that officially she is out of the legal profession. It doesn’t seem to be a conflict of interest or a major ethical problem now to be a nightclub manager. And she’s hoping that Derek didn’t withdraw from the Snyder farm project over something she said. He tells her no. He’d read about the contamination problems in the paper and the risks are just too great. He asks if now she will go out with him. She replies that they are, they are having lunch. He tempts her with that he is much more mysterious and romantic at night.

Paul checks in on Meg and then dismisses her question that she heard voices by saying it was probably the TV. Now go back to sleep. As he attempts to contact James, Daddy dearest appears. Paul asks how he got in and James reminds him that it is his house. Paul threatens to call the police until James mentions Meg upstairs and not disturbing her. They are going to have a civilized conversation, then if he wants to call the police, fine. Paul tells him if he so much as makes a funny face at Meg, he will kill him. James assures him he is not going to harm the mother of a future Steinbeck heir. Yes, he knows she is pregnant and is in danger because Paul took money from a stranger. “Dumb, Paul, I taught you better than that.” In answer to Paul’s question, James says he wants to help keep Paul’s family out of danger. Paul repeats that he doesn’t need his help. He only wants back the money that James stole. James taunts “Au contraire.” Paul needs him now more than ever.

Henry and Vienna make up and she agrees with him and now understands why he wants more out of life than just running a diner. There’s no reason they can’t do both. They can juggle their schedules and she can hire more staff for Al’s and she can help him out here at Metro. He quips they are going to have so much more free time. With Bonnie, the place practically runs itself.

Janet states how can they teach their kids it’s wrong to be together if they are shacking up? Jack says if they want to live together when they are their age, then he won’t object. She’s just trying to do the right thing. He feels if they do what feels right for them then they can explain it to their kids. She grabs the newspaper and starts looking for places in the real estate section.

Katie is ecstatic over a honeymoon in Tahiti. Brad calls Kim on camera to get her approval and then kisses her when she does agree. Now they will have time for passion, romance and weird food! Kim agrees on one condition that they get to shoot some of their off-camera activities. Brad says that is okay as long as their bedroom is off-limits. “Oakdale Now, we’re going on a honeymoon.”

Liberty eats the last brownie then looks around for Parker. She thinks he is hiding in the bushes and watching her. She tries to get up but feels woozy and falls back on the ground. When Leo appears, she mistakes him for Parker. Anonymously, Leo calls Brad and tells him that his daughter is in the woods near a hiking trail with Parker. He’d better hurry, she’s in real bad shape. Brad and Katie go dashing off.

Carly is home only minutes before Parker and she asks about the picnic and he rushes to his room and doesn’t want to talk about it. Brad and Katie find Liberty. Looking down at herself with strap broken and clothes askew, all she can remember is being at the picnic and then being with Parker. They danced and then he tried to kiss her. She pushed him away. She doesn’t remember how her clothes got ripped. Katie tries to clam Brad down when he says he will kill Parker. Katie reminds him they don’t know what happened, but Brad thinks it is obvious. He huffs off and asks Katie to please take Liberty to the hospital.

Paul reminds James they have had more than just misunderstandings in the past. James has actually kidnapped people he loved. He even framed Paul for crimes he did not commit; even tried to kill him. James clenches his teeth and tells Paul that he would be dead if he wanted him dead. He should accept his help now. James says this is his last offer, Paul could at least be polite. He’s a guest and Paul hasn’t even offered him a drink or something to eat. They settle on a sandwich if that is what it will take to get rid of James. Meg wanders downstairs and is met by Paul with the sandwich. He mumbles that he’s irritated and talking to himself because the sandwich has no tomato and he knows she likes tomatoes on her sandwich. And when her stomach rumbles, he can hear it and when she is thirsty his throat gets dry. And when she’s tired, his eyes get heavy. He cajoles her into eating the sandwich, knowing all the while that James is around the corner looking in on them.

Vienna is beyond mad and tells Henry that she barely turned her back and he went and hired that witch, Bonnie. Henry tries to intercede, but Vienna won’t hear of it. It’s either Bonnie here or her, and the hair-pulling begins.

Janet and Brad are discussing places to live and she finds a three bedroom with kitchen and fireplace. He’ll take it, all he needs is a fireplace. All men are born knowing how to light a fire….then it’s up to them to find a woman who can put them out.

Brad pounds on Carly’s door, then demands to see Parker. He’s gonna kill him. He pushes Carly aside and bounds upstairs. She calls Jack and he leaves Janet to see what Carly needs. Brad snatches Parker off his bed and is rough with him as he almost punches him in the face. Carly is right behind and asking Brad what is the matter, what’s wrong with him? Parker has no clue what Brad is saying. He has done nothing, yet Brad wants to take him to the police station for what he did to Liberty to send her to the hospital. He raped her!

Paul insists that Meg go back upstairs, but she claims she is more comfortable downstairs with him. Henry has to psychically separate Vienna and Bonnie and declares they will work this out. He begs Bonnie to come back tomorrow. Vienna pouts that no matter how much Bonnie is helping him, she detests her and wants her gone. Henry will agree to anything she wants.

When they are alone, James thanks Paul for the nice sandwich and tells him that his new daughter-in-law is beautiful. Paul wants him to go now. A man of his word, James doesn’t. He’s concerned for his new grandchild. And the wine cellar will be a fine place to stay, it will give them time to mend their relationship. When Paul objects, James reminds him that he can have a chat with his new bride and tell her how Paul’s stupid mistake could put her unborn baby in danger. Wonder if Meg loves him enough to forgive that. He’ll have another sandwich.

Katie brings Liberty in and sits her down at the hospital. The nurse says they will need a drug test and a rape kit to determine just what might have happened. Brad shoves Parker into the police station and demands Dallas to lock him up for raping his daughter. Carly rushes into Jack’s place. Janet is squealing with delight that she has found the perfect place and they are on their way. She’s stunned when Carly says Brad hauled Parker away to the police station for raping Liberty. Brad was so out of control, but she thinks Liberty is at the hospital.

Janet rushes to Liberty’s arms at the hospital and Jack intercedes at the police station, trying to get Parker away from Brad who is still yelling accusations. Jack says he is going to talk to Parker first before he makes a statement. Carly tries to calm Brad down. Parker is his nephew, cut him some slack. Janet is concerned and wants to know if Liberty is hurting anywhere. Just her head, she says.

Jack wants Parker to tell him everything that he remembers. He has to be honest even if it’s embarrassing or he thinks his dad will be mad. That includes if Liberty was taking drugs or drinking. Parker relays how they went to the picnic and then he saw her at the pond. She just wanted to be friends, then she started acting weird, dancing all sexy and kissing on him. She got mad and walked off on her own. He followed her, but had no idea what to do. When he tried to kiss her and she pushed him away, he got mad and just left. He begs his dad to believe him, that was it, he went home.

Janet beats up on herself. She laments this was all her fault. She should have listened to Brad and kept Liberty away from Parker. They should have left, but she let her feelings for Jack cloud her judgment. Jack confronts Brad and tells him that Parker denied he did anything to hurt Liberty and he believes him. He says he knows Brad is upset now, and whatever happened, they will find out. Brad rails that they already know what happened. He listened when everybody said they were kids and just give them some space and it would work out. Well he’s not listening anymore. This time Parker is gonna pay for what he did.

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