ATWT Update Tuesday 8/26/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 8/26/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne


As the foursome (Brian, Lucinda, Luke and Noah, in Lucinda's living room) meander around, Brian remarks that he doesn't recall ever a time that the foundation strategy went that smoothly. Lucinda comments that she thinks they make a very efficient team and there shouldn't be any problems getting big business to contribute. Luke shoots a look to Noah and says well unless he does something inadvertently gay, gotta keep an eye on that. Brian reminds him that he has already apologized for that. Somehow Luke is still offended. Brian takes another stab by saying he was just trying to prepare Luke for what he might expect from the corporate world. Luke offers, "well, Brian, my grandmother's had a lot more experience than you in the corporate world. She's never had a problem with me being gay." Noah is all for getting psst this. Lucinda couldn't agree more and she is starving. She offers to treat them all to a bite.

At the hospital, Alison tells Susan that she thought Aaron's wound looked okay, but she wanted to be sure. Aaron quips that Alison didn't want to marry a guy who's going to fall apart on her. Susan repeats again that he is fine. Which is good since she has been taking calls about the engagement party tonight. They agree to go home and change clothes just after Alison meets with her biology teacher. A bouquet of flowers is handed to Alison. She loves freesias and they are so beautiful and she asks how did Aaron remember? When Alison leaves he tells Susan he did not send them.

Dani throws her arms around Chris and thanks him for her afternoon at the morgue. He gave her all the statistics she needed so now she owes him big time. He tells her not to worry about it, but she insists she wants to take him out to dinner tonight. When he tries to wiggle out, she says if tonight is not good, then tomorrow. Again as he tries to brush her off, he gently says that he likes her. She's interesting, funny and very pretty....She chimes in that he is not dumping her. They are just talking dinner here...a salad, entree, a couple of glasses of wine. He asks and after the wine? She smirks - first date, first kiss, first, second, third, fourth, fifth, maybe even six they have sex. Then he's allowed to break up with her, but he won't want to. She states she is that good. He chuckles at that remark, but tells her he is just trying to be upfront with her. He has feelings for someone else. She guesses he must be still carrying a torch for Alison.

Casey sneaks up on Emily and plants a big kiss from behind on her neck. She delights in the way he says hello. He quips he can say more than that, but he's starving. He'd like to go get something to eat. She nixes a burger at Al's as she has to go to the Lakeview for a party and she will have to change. He gets all excited until she gently tells him this is just family, she will have to go alone. He has a hard time understanding that they are really husband and wife, but now must go back into hiding their relationship. She doesn't want to fight about this, but he wants to know what is he now to her.

Aaron is bummed to find the flowers are from Chris when he reads the note saying "congratulations". He knows Chris will use any excuse to get close to Alison. Susan's beeper goes off so she thrusts the flowers at Aaron and tells him to take care of them, see him at the party, put this out of his mind. He manages to get Chris' cell phone number from one of the nurses.

Holden goes by Lily's and tells her it was quicker to swing by than to call. He needs to pick up the kids. Lily tells him they have other plans and he should have told her about tonight sooner. And he doesn't feel like he should have to compete with Mike for his kids. She reminds him the girls were thrilled the last time Mike took them out. She wonders if Holden is so threatened by Mike that he doesn't want them to have any fun. He denies that he is threatened and declares that Lily is so set on having "fun" that she refuses to see how Mike can hurt their children.

Luke begs off from the dinner as he just remembered that he has a party for Alison and Aaron to attend. Lucinda says she guesses she and Brian will just have to manage on their own. Noah knows that Luke is about to blow his mind over Brian, but reminds him they are going to have to learn to work together.

At the diner, Chris sits at a table with Dani but says he is not going to spill his guts about his love life, or lack thereof. She offers that is just not acceptable. If he won't go out with her, she at least has the right to know who has his heart. He replies that if he explains to her, then she has to drop it. It's complicated, but he's still interested in Alison. Funny, she thought Alison was otherwise engaged. He gets a text from Alison and starts to leave. Alison must not be as tied up as Dani thought. He tells Dani again that he's not trying to lead her on, but he's not available. But if she ever needs to get into the morgue again.....she knows - she will call.

Despite Casey's pleas, Emily tries to explain why he can not go to the party. They are not part of her fan club and him being along won't help. They argue when he declares that she is trying to break up with him. He huffs out and kerplops down at the table with Dani. He mumbles that she looks as down as he feels. She states she was just blown off by Chris Hughes, who still has a thing for Alison. Casey casually mentions that Alison is out of the picture now that she is engaged to Aaron. News to Dani, so a party tonight? She checks her messages and yes she is invited. She wants to know if Casey is going with Emily and then invites him to go with her as her date. He takes all of two seconds to say yes.

Susan and Emma hug and Susan laments she hopes she has not forgotten anything and everyone will attend. Aaron spies Alison entering and says the most important person is already here and he greets her with a kiss. Emily quickly greets Emma and remarks they are going to be family now. Emma gives her regrets for Paul since Meg is not feeling well.

Lily is livid that Holden would think that Mike would hurt their children. He warns her the last things the kids need in their lives is someone that Lily doesn't know will be there long and be in and out of their lives. Tonight is important, Aaron is their brother so he wants them to attend the party. Lily didn't know Aaron was engaged, but says she thinks that is important to so she will drop the kids by the Lakeview.

At the party, the families mingle, smooze and toast the grand occasion. Emma even has Caleb and Julie on the phone for Alison. Emily offers Holden some champagne and is pouring it when she spies Casey waltzing in with Dani. She spills the champagne.

Luke straightens Noah's tie and Noah remarks he remembers the first time, it was an historic occasion. The first time he'd worn a Windsor. They both chuckle and then seriously Noah says, "you know back then...I couldn't imagine a life with you.....and now I can't imagine one without you." Luke gives him a quick two kisses and says lucky him, it's only beginning.

As they enter the room, Casey tells Dani perhaps he shouldn't have come. (notice he's not changed, still looks like a teenager in his t-shirt and jacket). She says it is family, no big deal. Emily charges before them and declares that Casey is her......not husband as he proposes, but her lover. He'll buy that. Emily says she thought she told him not to come. Dani said then he disobeyed. He agrees, he couldn't help it, he's a bad, bad boy. Emily has a tip for Dani. Since she is new in town, "don't mess with my life." Dani counters with just lighten up, sometimes it all about having fun. Emily espouses then if Casey is going to have any fun, it's going to be with her! She grabs Casey by the arm and jerks him close and then totally away.

Lily drops the girls off and then runs into Aaron and they hug. She gives her congratulations. She's not staying since it is just family. He assures her she is family and he assumed she would be with his dad. He wants her to stay so she tells him she will make one phone call, then be in. She calls Mike and cancels their date.

Lucinda brags to Brian that this is the best burger in town. She's not into burgers but she loves the mushrooms. They're fresh and every time she comes, she just gorges. He admits they are good, but not as good as when you find them growing wild. He's horrified to learn she has never been on a mushroom hunt. He promptly invites her to come camping with him. It's a fantastic sport and a culinary delight. They'll pitch a tent and do some stargazing while mushroom hunting. She considers - mushrooming after stargazing. When is the last time she has had an invitation like that? They laugh when he says one mushroom hunt and she'll be hooked for life. Now he just wishes he could get Luke to believe in him again. She reminds him that Luke himself had a hard time accepting he was gay so naturally it's understandable that he would feel that way about someone who was not accepting. Brian assures her that he is. She knows that and is sure Luke will come around to believing that too.

Lily and Holden meet up at the party and have curt words. He tells her she doesn't have to stay, the girls are fine. She says Aaron is just as much her son as Luke is his. She wonders how he would feel if something huge happened in Luke's life and she never mentioned it to Holden. His only remarks was that he didn't want her to feel obligated. She's not satisfied with that apology.

Susan stops Chris just as he is to enter. She explains it would not be appropriate. This is a private party and he's not on the guest list. He conveys he is looking for Alison, and he doesn't think she would agree with Susan. Aaron spies him also and immediately announces he wants to make a toast - to his beautiful bride-to-be. Chris' face and all illusions fall. Aaron gives his toast of how he and Alison split several times, but always find their way back together and now they are engaged just as it was meant to happen.

Before they leave for the party, Lucinda drops by the farm and encounters Luke and Noah. So they really are going to a party and that wasn't just some excuse. She hopes Luke will give Brian another chance. He really is a good man and she enjoys him. In fact he is taking her camping. Luke believes Brian will do anything to get what he wants. Lucinda says poppycock, Brian is not playing up to her to get back in Luke's good graces. He just wants to give her a little adventure. And it's very protective of Luke to think this way, but Brian has nothing sinister planned. "He just wants to give me a little whimsy and I'm grabbing it." To Noah, he scoffs about the mushroom hunting. Something is not quite right. He wants to do a little more investigating, Hardy Boys style, do some research.

Natalie is happy that Alison is going to be her sister. Alison catches Chris before he leaves. Dejected, he says he got the message, she doesn't need to say anymore. She doesn't even know why he's at the party. He tells her that it's because she invited him. But he can send all the flowers he wants, but he'll never be the guy that she wants. Together they figure it out, he sent the flowers. She didn't know. She didn't text him, her fiancée must have thought this was the best way to humiliate him by announcing their engagement. Chris asks if this is what she wants and she replies it is what she needs.

She doesn't want to get into a fight at her party, but Alison berates Aaron for using their engagement party to get back at Chris. He agrees it was wrong, but Chris is so dense, he just wasn't getting it and wouldn't take no for an answer. He says he loves her and he meant every word he said in the toast. That wasn't made up just for Chris. Maybe he should have just looked him up and beat him up instead. She realizes he is not even sorry, and he won't apologize except that he is sorry that it upset Alison. But he doesn't understand. She is always saying she wishes Chris would leave her alone. Now he will, so problem solved.

Dani sits down at a table where Chris has laid out a hunk of money and is downing drinks. She coos his money is no good tonight, she saw him at the party and followed him here. She is not here to see him get drunk. She hasn't had dinner yet. He volunteers she wouldn't want what they call food here. She suggests they go someplace else. Oh, she can see it now. Those wheels are turning. He has a thing for Alison, but she is engaged so that's a wash. But sitting in front of him is this woman that he finds very interesting, and funny and very pretty. He smiles, she has a good memory. Yes she remarks, that is why she graduated at the top of her class. He asks if she can read his future. She thinks he is a reasonably bright guy and he'll realize that Alison has moved on. He says so he can wallow in his misery. She adds to inspire him to re-assess his dating options. She volunteers to get him another drink.

Luke explains to Noah that he's called every number on Brian's resume and no one has returned his calls. That is a little fishy. Aaron will understand if they don't go to the party. He has to find out more about Brian. Brian slips in unannounced and says if Luke wants to know more, all he has to do is ask. He heard Luke was checking up on him, so he's here to shed any light. He doesn't have a game, he really likes Luke, he likes Noah and he likes Luke's grandmother. And since he quit his other job and signed on with Luke, he does need the job. Working nonprofits doesn't make one rich. Luke smirks that sucking up to wealthy, older women is so much easier. Brian warns him that he should give Lucinda more credit than that. She's a brilliant business woman, fun and fascinating, and he wants to spend time in her company. And if Luke doesn't trust him, he and Noah can come along. Luke says great, they will.

Alison doesn't want to keep going round and round on this. She's not upset that Chris knows she is engaged. But Aaron is not acting like himself. He's acting like her old self. Whenever she wanted something, she would do something sneaky, even illegal to get it. But Aaron would never do that, at least he wouldn't in the past. He says he was just treating Chris the way Chris treated her. He lies all the time. She reminds him that is why she is marrying Aaron, not Chris. Holden and Lily and the girls interrupt as they are leaving and Lily invites Alison over any time, she'd love to visit. Aaron thanks her for changing her plans. She says family first. This does not miss Holden's ears.

Emma sees how Casey is acting around Emily and tells Susan perhaps it is none of her business, but are they........Susan explains they are married, but filing for an annulment. She adds that Casey is young, very young and he's a Hughes. She doesn't know what Emily was thinking. Emma agrees, she doesn't know why the wrong people are together and the right people are apart. But amen to Aaron and Alison who seem like a relatively healthy couple.

Luke calls Aaron and leaves a message that he had to miss the party, but they will do plenty of bachelory things between now and the wedding. He tells Noah today was such a total waste. He knows that Brian guy is up to something and he needs to figure out what it is. Noah says he likes him okay. He seems like a regular guy, not a gay-basher. He's been fine around them. Luke reminds him that Brian wanted him to go back in the closet and to sell out his morals just so they could get some money. Maybe he's done that before in the past. The mushroom hunt may be a challenge, but perhaps he will reveal more then. And those suckers can grow to be about six inches, so they joke what they will need to bag 'em - perhaps some grenades, some mortar, some tanks. Noah says but think how proud they will be when they have a giant stuffed mushroom head on their wall. Luke figures Noah must love him a lot to put up with all of this.

Brian and Lucinda both end up back at the office. She regales this is how she relaxes, by doing a little work. He says he's trying to impress his boss. They both laugh that she got caught, she bought some mushrooms. She says how happy she is and looking forward to their Sylvan adventure. She's surprised when he tells her that Luke and Noah are also coming along.

The party breaks up and Aaron thanks Susan for putting this all together. Casey asks Emily since she run his date off if he can go home with her. Emma gives Aaron a piece of advice - do not leave the party without making amends with Alison. That's the secret to a happy marriage later - to be able to make a sincere apology. He tells Alison it was a stupid trick. She tells him and so unnecessary. She loves him, she's marrying him.

Chris beats Dani at pool so she doesn't think he's had enough to drink yet. She'd like to get him another scotch. He replies he needs to call it a night, he has early rounds in the morning. She wants a re-match. She chides him for being so honorable, that is getting annoying. He says even if the circumstances with Alison has changed, his feelings have not. He tells Dani he will see her around.

Holden pays the babysitter and he and Lily reminisce over Aaron first coming to live with sullen he was and now look. They both deserve a pat on the back. Maybe the marriage could have been better, but they did great as parents. He misses that nightly routine and Lily says he can come over any time he wants. The kids love him and rightfully so. So they shouldn't spoil that. She extends her hand out and he shakes it - deal!

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